Instagram Search By Phone Number: Complete Guide [2023]

Updated on September 22, 2023

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Published June 20, 2023

Instagram Search By Phone Number: Complete Guide [2023]
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If you’re looking for the best guide on how to run an Instagram search by phone number, this is it. 🙂

As a social media manager, part of what you do is find the right Instagram users or influencers to collaborate with. Most social media managers limit themselves to traditional username-based searches.

You, on the other hand, can use a more out-of-the-box approach to increase your chances of connecting with your target users.

I’m talking about searching by phone number, of course.

This complete guide unveils the untapped power of leveraging phone numbers to unlock a treasure trove of potential collaborations for your clients. 

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • How to do Instagram search by phone number
  • Why doing an Instagram search by phone number does not always work
  • Nail Instagram content creation and publishing for your clients
  • Customers also ask
  • Know the best way to do an Instagram search by phone number

How to do Instagram search by phone number

Check out the best ways to find someone on Instagram by a person’s phone number below. 

1. Do an Instagram search by phone number via Discover People

Do you want to help your clients find out if someone’s phone number is linked to their Instagram profile?

Follow the steps below to use the awesome Discover People feature in the Instagram app.

Tap your client’s profile icon. That’ll take you to their profile.

Discover People feature in the Instagram app..
Image Source:

Tap on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines stacked together) in the top right corner of your screen. 

Tap on the hamburger icon.
Image Source:

Scroll down until you see the Discover People option close to the bottom of your screen.

If you don’t see the Discover People option, click Settings and Privacy

Settings and Privacy.
Image Source:

Select Accounts Center in the Settings and privacy menu and click on Your information and permissions

Click on information and permissions.
Image Source:

Select Upload contacts and choose your client’s Instagram account where the contacts will be connected and uploaded. 

Then, switch on Connect contacts to allow Instagram to start contact syncing and securely store contacts from your client phone’s contact book. 

The Discover People option should now show within the hamburger menu, and you can proceed. 

A prompt from Instagram asking to access your client’s phone contacts should display. Click Continue and let it do its thing. 

You’ll find a Connect Contacts option at the top of the screen, along with your client’s list of contacts.

If your clients did not give the app the necessary permissions yet, you’ll be prompted to do so when you click the button. 

Once you’ve connected your client’s device contacts to the Instagram app, check out the list of people to find Instagram accounts.

If the person you’re searching for has linked their Instagram account to their phone number, they should show up there.

Look for the social media profiles of the person you were searching for, then tap that follow button.

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2. Use third party tools to do an Instagram search by phone number

If you want to avoid the hassle of scouring your clients’ contacts, try a reliable third-party tool for doing a search by phone numbers.

Before you dive in, ensure you know what info you’re sharing with them (safety first). 

You’ll usually need the person’s first and last name. 

Once you have that covered, choose from these nifty third-party tools to look up users by their phone numbers:

  • BeenVerified. This bad boy provides a super detailed report with verified info about users. Plus, it lets you search using a phone number. Talk about handy!
  • PeopleLooker. Drop in any details you’ve got, like an email address, all the phone numbers, or a name, and watch the magic happen. It scours social media for additional juicy info.
  • Spokeo. Picture this—it’s a phone number tracking tool that reveals the secret connections between phone numbers and social network profiles. Pretty neat, huh?

Unleash your inner Instagram detective with these awesome tools, and you’ll be finding collaborators for your clients in no time. 

Whether you reach out to the top viewers of your clients’ Stories, find mutual friends, search through your client’s Facebook friend list, or use third-party tools, finding potential collaborators takes creativity, work, and the right tools. 

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Why doing an Instagram search by phone number does not  always work

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t get your hands on someone’s Instagram account by phone number.

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It happens when the person isn’t on your clients’ contact list.

Many businesses and brands can have their phone numbers listed with their Instagram URL, especially if they have a dedicated line for their operations.

But when it comes to regular folks like influencers or private users, they don’t always share their personal digits with the world (privacy matters). 

If your clients don’t know the person’s number, you’re not likely to find someone’s Instagram account using the Discover People function or the search bar.  

You can hit a dead end when finding someone’s IG profile using a number your clients already have.

It’s a tough break, but you can always send users a DM and hope for the best. 

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Nail Instagram content creation and publishing for your clients

Searching for potential Instagram collaborators for your client via phone numbers doesn’t always cut it. 

Want to know the secret sauce to attract future collaborators for your clients? 

Create and publish jaw-dropping Instagram content consistently.

This strategy alone has the power to make thousands of IG users flock to your clients’ profiles.

To do this, use our modern Social Media Management (SMM) platform—Vista Social.

Our platform has advanced, powerful features, from social media publishing to content scheduling and curating it with style. 

Plus, we’ll help you manage your engagements like a champ and provide you with killer analytics and reports. It’s a one-stop shop for all your social media wizardry. 

Check out Vista Social’s Instagram Business Management tools:

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  • Get the content calendar of your dreams to review and manage your clients’ scheduled IG content with zero hitches.

You won’t get bogged down with looking through a list of scheduled content, making it easier to check and review your clients’ posts before going live. 

Trust us; this bit is important if you want to avoid submitting an Instagram appeal form

Calendar view.

Instead of relying on phone number searches, unleash your creative genius through amazing IG content and watch the magic happen. 

It can be a surefire way to get those collaborators knocking at your clients’ virtual door, begging to be a part of their amazing journey. 

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Customers also ask

Get a load of these frequently asked questions:

1. Can you find someone’s Instagram from their Facebook account?


Connect your client’s Facebook account to Instagram, and their Facebook friends who are also rocking Instagram will show up on the Discover People list.

2. How do you spot fake Instagram accounts?

Some of the most obvious signs of a fake IG account are:

  • Inconsistent or copied IG Bios
  • Spammy-looking DMs
  • Random comments on posts
  • Promotes a product or service or offers money
  • Follows a random person’s account 

Be extra careful, though, since scammers are using verified accounts on Instagram and Facebook to dupe users

3. Can someone know your Gmail account from Instagram?

Your clients’ mobile numbers and email addresses are always private on Instagram. Account details are not visible to anyone except those with access to the accounts. 

Know the best way to do an Instagram search by phone number

Now that you have all the juicy insider knowledge on searching Instagram users by phone number, you’re ready to help your clients expand their network and score collaborations. 

Here’s a tip for leveling up your game even more: use Vista Social, your trusty sidekick, to create amazing Instagram content for your clients. 

Ready to take the plunge? 

Try Vista Social for free and discover how it can supercharge your efforts. 

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