How to Put a Link in Instagram Bio: Step-by-Step Guide

Updated on June 1, 2024

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Published January 23, 2024

How to Put a Link in Instagram Bio: Step-by-Step Guide
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Did you know that putting a link in your client’s Instagram bio can open up tons of opportunities for them?

For real…

Throwing in clickable links in your client’s IG bio is an excellent traffic booster since you can direct your IG followers or content viewers to your website.

That means you get more opportunities to engage, nurture, and convert your casual IG audience into paying customers.

Pretty awesome, huh?

Before you and your clients do the victory dance, however, you must learn how to put a link in the Instagram bio first—which we’ll cover in this guide. 🙂

Jump in as we cover the steps and tips to add a link to your client’s Insta bio. 

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • Why put a link in Instagram Bio
  • 4 Easy steps to put a link in Instagram bio
  • Tips to leverage the Instagram link bio to boost traffic
  • Post Instagram content effortlessly with Vista Social
  • Put a link in Instagram bio to boost traffic

Why put a link in Instagram Bio

Learning how to add a website link to your Instagram profile (or your client’s bio) has several benefits:

  • Lead followers to your central content hub. Your client’s bio link can be the train that takes your client’s audiences to their content, product, promotion, popular blog post, Instagram subscription offer, and other relevant website pages with one click.
  • Update audiences on the latest tea. Your client’s bio link can be a great way to share products, live event announcements, and special offer updates with their audiences.
  • Uncover a goldmine of data. Many link services offer analytics to help you track and analyze user interactions with your client’s Instagram link in the bio. You can gain insights into what works and what audiences love, allowing you to tweak and enhance your client’s Insta marketing game accordingly.

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4 Easy steps to put a link in Instagram bio

Including a link in your client’s Instagram bio can be as easy as pie with the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram app

Log into your client’s Instagram account and tap the profile picture icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

How to Put A Link in Instagram Bio1

Step 2: Edit the profile

Tap Edit Profile at the top section of your screen.

How to Put A Link in Instagram Bio2

Step 3: Add the link

Select Add link and tap Add external link.

How to Put A Link in Instagram Bio3

Copy and paste the URL ( in the designated field and include a title.

How to Put A Link in Instagram Bio4

Instagram lets you include a maximum of two links in the bio. 

Step 4: Save the changes

Tap the check (✓) button to save your changes.

How to Put A Link in Instagram Bio5

The link should now appear on your client’s Instagram bio.

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Additional step: Link to multiple URLs from the Instagram Bio

Instagram lets you add a maximum of two links to the bio page, but you can work around this by using Link in bio tools.

For example, Linktree for Instagram lets you add a URL in your client’s bio that branches out into multiple links.

It’s like a central hub for links to relevant pages, such as your client’s ecommerce product page, YouTube channel, podcast, etc.

This way, when users click on the Linktree URL in your client’s Instagram bio, they’ll be directed to a landing page housing the other links.

Convenient, right?

Follow these steps to use Linktree to add an Instagram link in the bio that connects to multiple pages.

  • Go to
  • Create your client’s Linktree account (if they haven’t yet) and choose a username for the custom URL. You can sign them up for a free account.  
  • Select Add New Link on the Admin page and add the URLs you want to link (up to five links).  
  • Click on Appearance to select a theme for your client’s Linktree—ideally, a design and color scheme that best represents your client’s brand. 
  • Choose from the options to encourage users to interact with the link or do this later. Copy the unique URL from the admin page or at the bottom of the popup. 
  • Go back to the Instagram mobile app and follow the steps above to edit your client’s profile. Paste the Linktree URL in the designated field.    
  • Save the changes, and you’re all set.

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Tips to leverage the Instagram link bio to boost traffic

Do you want to get the most out of your Instagram bio link? Consider the tips below.

1. Add the bio link to Instagram posts

Draw more eyeballs to your clients’ Insta bio links by including the URLs in their Instagram posts.

It’s one way of leading more people to your client’s Instagram bio link, boosting potential website and landing page visits and conversions.

But don’t just throw in the link in your clients’ posts without proper context.

Ensure that the link is relevant or related to the content, or the post can seem spammy—which can violate the Instagram Community Guidelines.

For example, if your client’s Instagram post is about their newly launched product, include the Insta in bio link to the product page’s landing page in the post captions.

Use Instagram filters and effects to draw attention to your client’s post and bio link.

2. Include a CTA

Add a Call-to-Action (CTA) with your client’s Instagram bio link so audiences know what to expect when they follow the URL.

Make the CTA enticing to encourage your clients’ audiences to click and explore more.

For instance, use a Tap to Shop CTA for your client’s link in the bio that leads to their product catalog page.

Weave in creative, fun, and clever Instagram bio ideas to make your client’s profile stand out and encourage clicks.

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3. Share the link in Insta bio on other social media platforms

Expand the reach of your client’s Instagram bio link by sharing it across other social media pages, including Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.

The more people know about your client’s link, the higher the chances of driving traffic to the URL’s landing pages.

And you know what that means—more opportunities to drive traffic, audience engagement, conversions, and sales.

4. Display the link in Instagram Stories

Don’t forget to share your client’s link in their Instagram Stories so it gets more attention (and click-throughs).

Use the Link sticker in Stories to add the clickable URL.

Throw in a compelling CTA to convince viewers to click the link.

You can include the bio link in your client’s Instagram Notes, but shorten it first since Notes has a limited character count.

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Post Instagram content effortlessly with Vista Social

Managing and scheduling your client’s Instagram posts has never been easier with Vista Social.

The modern social media marketing (SMM) platform’s core Instagram for business features help you:

  • Schedule your clients’ multiple Instagram posts for auto-publishing at optimal times with a few clicks. You can customize the post before publishing, scheduling, or saving it as a draft.
How to Put A Link in Instagram Bio6
  • Manage follower and audience interactions and conversations through a central social inbox, helping your clients foster engagement and build relationships. 
  • Plan, organize, and manage your clients’ Instagram and other social media posts, including scheduled content and drafts, via a collaborative content calendar. You can find content within your calendar easily by filtering based on the Status, Users, and Labels.
How to Put A Link in Instagram Bio7
  • Track and measure your client’s Instagram post performance with reliable reports and analytics.  

You’ll get all these features and more with Vista Social.

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Put a link in Instagram bio to win TONS of traffic

Inserting links into your clients’ Instagram bios can turn their profiles into powerful traffic-generating tools.

It transforms your IG marketing campaigns into a satellite, channeling your IG audience into your landing pages, new offers, product pages, etc.

Also, remember to leverage Vista Social to level up your Instagram marketing efforts and profile management.

Vista Social has many advanced SMM features that can put your social media marketing campaigns on steroids.

Create a Vista Social account now to experience the platform’s powerful social media features.

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