How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram [2024]

Updated on June 1, 2024

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Published February 23, 2024

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram [2024]
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Did you delete an Instagram message and instantly regret it?

Or did your finger slip and hit that delete button without reading the message? 

We get the frustration—and so do your clients.

The good thing is that the messages aren’t gone forever and your clients can still get them back.

After all, learning how to recover deleted messages on Instagram is pretty straightforward.

Continue reading as we cover the tips and tricks to recover your clients’ deleted messages on Instagram.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • Can you recover deleted messages on Instagram?
  • 4 Ways to recover deleted messages on Instagram
  • Common scenarios that lead to deleted messages on Instagram
  • Best practices for recovering deleted messages on Instagram
  • Additional resources
  • FAQs on how to recover deleted messages on Instagram
  • Level up your Instagram game with Vista Social

Can you recover deleted messages on Instagram?

While it’s not as simple as tapping an Undo button, you can certainly recover deleted Instagram Direct Messages (DMs),

Deleted Instagram messages are removed and will no longer be visible in your inbox.

But this only deletes the conversation on your client’s end, and the messages will still appear for other users in the conversation.

You can recover deleted IG DMs if you backed them up on Google Drive or iCloud.

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4 Ways to recover deleted messages on Instagram

Get your clients’ deleted Instagram messages back with the following methods.

1. Restore deleted Instagram messages from Data

Instagram keeps user data, activities, and chat messages on its servers.

If your clients downloaded their Instagram data before deleting messages, they can access the DMs from there.

Here’s how you can recover deleted messages from your client’s Instagram data.

Step 1: Log into the Instagram app

Open the Instagram app and log into your client’s account.

Go to the Profile page by tapping the profile pic icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram1

Step 2: Navigate to the user activity section

Tap the menu icon at the top right corner of your screen and select Your activity.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram2

Step 3: Create Instagram data files

Scroll down and tap Download your information.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram3

Follow the prompts to download your client’s information.

Select the Instagram profile with the data you want to download.

To download only your client’s messages, tap on Some of your information, and select Messages, then Next.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram4

You can download the data to your device or transfer it to Google Drive.

Next, specify the Date range, format (HTML or JSON), and media quality (High, Medium, or Low).

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram5

Tap Create Files to request the data for download.

Step 4: Download the data

When the file is ready for download, Instagram will notify you through the account’s connected email address (usually within 48 hours).

Important note: The downloadable file will expire within four days for security purposes. 

You’ll need to request another download if you miss that window.

You can also download your client’s data on Instagram web and follow the same steps above.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram6

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2. Use third party data recovery apps

Another way to restore deleted Instagram messages is through reliable third-party data recovery apps.

Deleted data, such as Instagram DMs, photos, videos, audio files, watch histories, and more, are not instantly removed from your device, with some remaining as cache files.

Data recovery apps can scan the system for not-yet-overwritten deleted files and retrieve and reassemble them to restore lost data.

The apps usually place recovered data into separate folders instead of restoring the files to Instagram and other apps.

Then, you can view, sort, and replace the data accordingly.

But don’t use just any data recovery app that claims to be the best.

Be careful, research, and read about the app.

Check and opt for a secure and reliable app that won’t leak your clients’ personal data or expose them to potential scammers.

Also, ensure the third-party app doesn’t violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

This bit is crucial since violations can get your clients’ accounts blocked, restricted, or suspended.

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3. Check the email linked to the Instagram account

If your clients turn on their email notifications for Instagram, they’ll likely see the deleted messages in their email inbox.

The catch is that this doesn’t always work, and you can’t recover the deleted Instagram messages from there.

If you try everything and the messages go “Poof!” even if your clients or the recipients don’t delete them, you can check the Instagram Help Center or contact support.

4. Ask recipients for a copy of the deleted messages

A practical option to get your clients’ deleted messages back is to ask the recipient.

You can DM the recipient and ask them to send you screenshots or copy-pasted or forwarded versions of the deleted conversation.

It’s not ideal, but it can work.

Look through your client’s Instagram messages or find the user with the Search feature and tell them what you need.

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Common scenarios that lead to deleted messages on Instagram

Instagram messages can get deleted due to the following reasons:

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😬 Accidental deletions. Accidents can happen when you or your clients unintentionally delete Instagram conversations only to later realize that the messages contained important information. It can also be tricky to navigate the Instagram Messages interface especially on devices with smaller screens. It can cause your fingers to slip and accidentally delete messages.  

🧼Cleaning messages. You can unintentionally delete messages  when spring cleaning and decluttering your clients’ Instagram inboxes. Be sure to double check everything before clearing up old messages so you don’t accidentally delta conversations you’d want to reference later. 

🤦Intentionally deleting and immediately regretting. A moment of anger or frustration can lead to deleting Instagram messages and instantly regretting it. The good news is there are plenty of ways to get those messages back. 

Content violations. Messages that violate the Community Guidelines can get flagged and deleted by Instagram. Any DM reported to contain hate speech, nudity, or harassment can get the boot. 

🛑 Spam attacks. No one likes a spammer, especially in their Instagram inboxes. If someone keeps sending your clients unsolicited or spam messages, Instagram’s spam filters can kick in and delete said messages. If not, you’re better off deleting those messages yourself. 

😵Account deletion. If you don’t backup your clients’ Instagram data and messages and their accounts get deleted, you’re not likely to get those messages back. 

💻Temporary glitches. Like many social media platforms, Instagram isn’t perfect. Technical glitches, while temporary, can happen and cause your clients’ DMs to disappear. Insta messages that disappear temporarily usually pop back in as soon as the technical issues are resolved.

Best practices for recovering deleted messages on Instagram

Check out these tips and tricks to help make recovering Instagram deleted messages less of a hassle. 

  • Act fast. Once you realize your clients’ important Instagram DMs have gone MIA, act quickly. The longer you wait, the harder it can be to retrieve deleted messages. 
  • Check the archive. Instagram has an archive that’s like a Recycle Bin where your clients’ deleted messages can go after they’re deleted. Go to your client’s profile > Menu > Archive. 
  • Manage expectations. Sometimes, you can’t recover deleted Instagram messages despite your best efforts. Tell your clients of this possibility while assuring them that you’re doing the best you can to get those messages back but don’t promise something impossible. 
  • Maintain regular backups. Make it a habit to regularly backup your clients’ important messages. This way, you won’t lose important conversations and information if the Instagram DMs disappear. 
  • Contact support. If all else fails, consider reaching out to Instagram’s Support team. Explain the situation and what you’d like to accomplish. 
  • Educate your clients. Help your clients learn about Instagram’s features such as the Unsend option and Archive. Doing so helps prevent accidental message deletions in the future. 

Additional resources

Amp up your clients’ audience engagement and marketing efforts on Instagram with these informative articles. 

FAQs on how to recover deleted messages on Instagram

Check out the burning questions about recovering deleted Instagram messages below.

1. Can you undelete Instagram messages? 

No, but you can recover them using the methods above.

The good news is that Instagram lets you restore content such as videos, photos, Reels, and Stories from Recently deleted in the Account settings.

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Content within Recently deleted gets automatically deleted within 30 days (24 hours for Stories that are not archived).

2. Are deleted Instagram messages gone forever?

If you didn’t back up your client’s Instagram messages before deleting them and any recovery attempts don’t work, then the DMs are likely permanently gone.

3. Can you recover deleted Instagram messages if the account is connected to Facebook?

No, since chats are not synchronized across Facebook and Instagram.

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4. Can you recover unsent messages on Instagram?

No, since messages your clients or the other user unsends get deleted from both ends and can no longer be retrieved. 

Your clients can try viewing the unsent message from another Instagram user from their device notifications if they didn’t clear or open it, but other than that, those unsent messages are long gone. 

5. What do I do if my Instagram downloaded data doesn’t have the messages I want to recover?

If your clients’ Instagram download doesn’t contain the deleted messages you wish to recover, they’ve likely already been deleted from the platform’s server. 

Your best bet is to try to recover them using a reputable third-party app that can search your device’s cache and retrieve deleted messages from Instagram.

6. Can I recover Instagram messages sent in Vanish Mode after they disappear?

Unfortunately, you can’t recover or see deleted messages sent in Vanish Mode since Instagram deleted them as soon as the recipient opened the chat. 

You can’t request them from your client’s Instagram download either since they won’t be stored in Instagram’s servers or your device’s cache. 

7. Can you mute Instagram messages?

Yes, you can mute messages from a specific sender or Instagram user by following these steps:

  • Tap the Messages icon () on the Instagram app. 
  • Select the Instagram chat with the person your client wants to mute. 
  • Tap on the Instagram profile name at the top of the message and select Mute. You can mute calls and messages from the person by sliding the toggle switch off.

The process is similar whether you use an Android or iOS device.

You can also mute messages from another user without opening the chat. 

Simply tap and hold the Instagram name as it appears in Messages and select Mute messages or Mute calls. 

Remember that muting someone’s messages, calls, Stories, and posts does not apply to Instagram Notes.

Your clients can still see the other users’ Notes on Instagram even if they won’t be notified if the person sends your clients a DM. 

8. Can you edit Instagram messages after sending them?


Instagram lets you edit Instagram messages within 15 minutes from sending them. 

Follow these steps to edit Instagram messages:

  • From the Instagram conversation, tap and hold the recently sent message. 
  • Select Edit (You won’t see this option if 15 minutes already passed). 
  • Edit your message’s text and tap the icon to update the message within the chat. 

You and the recipient will see an Edited label above the message you edited in the chat. 

Remember that:

  • The recipient may have already read the message before you can edit it. 
  • Edited messages that get reported will include the edit history in the report. 
  • Instagram doesn’t let you edit messages that include commands or mentions, but you can unsend them. 
  • You can edit each Instagram message up to five times (within 15 minutes after sending it).

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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram7

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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram8

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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram9

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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Instagram10

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