How to Find Instagram URL for Profile, Photos, Videos, etc.

Updated on September 11, 2023

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Published October 17, 2022

How to Find Instagram URL for Profile, Photos, Videos, etc.
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If you’re looking for your client’s Instagram URL, section #2 will show you how to find it in seconds.

Instagram links for profiles, photos, and videos aren’t just useful for finding content.

With the right strategies, they’re also powerful tools for branding, marketing, and content creation. 

Read until the end to learn how!

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • The Importance of your Instagram URLs
  • What is my Instagram URL?
  • How to find your Instagram URL on a desktop
  • How to find your Instagram URL on mobile
  • How to change your Instagram URL
  • How to get an Instagram URL to a photo or video?
  • Create a desktop shortcut with your Instagram URL
  • Use your Instagram URL for marketing: 7 tips
  • Instagram URL: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Spread your client’s Instagram like wildfire

The Importance of your Instagram URLs

Instagram URLs are important because they are direct links to your client’s business or brand profile. 

Sharing your client’s Instagram URL in email campaigns, social media posts, or website content, helps get more people to follow and check out your client’s Instagram page and what they have to offer.

Wait, there’s more. 

Instagram URLs are also great for keeping track of how your marketing campaigns are doing. 

You can measure engagement by tracking clicks, views, and likes on your posts. 

You can also use Instagram URLs to promote specific products or services by linking to individual posts that feature them or to your client’s website in their Instagram bio.

Instagram URLs are important for any Instagram marketing strategy. They can help you get more eyes on your client’s brand, build their following, and drive traffic to their website. 

Get those URLs out there and start seeing some results.

What is my Instagram URL?

Your client’s Instagram URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a unique link that points to their profile feed. 

By entering your client’s Instagram profile URL into a web browser, users will be taken directly to your client’s page with all the feed content loaded. It can also be used in hyperlinks, which can be embedded in images, buttons, and link anchor texts.  

How to find your Instagram URL on a desktop

The quickest way to find your client’s profile URL is to add their Instagram username to the official Instagram URL. 

For example, if your client is Canva, just use their username as an extension of the official Instagram website address like this:

How to find your Instagram URL on a desktop
Image Source:

If you’re not sure about your client’s username, or if you want to check another account’s profile URL, you can copy it from a web browser. 

On any browser like Chrome, Safari, or Edge, go to the Instagram website and search for their profile. Just enter their name (or the name of their company) and click on the correct profile.

Use Instagram search tool to find profile
Image Source:

As soon as their profile loads, your browser’s address bar should now contain their Instagram profile URL.

Browser address bar showing profile URLs
Image Source:

For agencies that manage multiple Instagram profiles, remembering all your clients’ usernames is next to impossible. 

That is, if you don’t consolidate your campaigns in a social media management platform like Vista Social

To get Instagram URLs through your clientele’s usernames, log in to your dashboard and look at the “Social Profiles” panel. 

However your mouse over the Instagram account you want to inspect. Vista Social will show you a pop-up window with that account’s Instagram username. 

Manage multiple Instagram profiles with Vista Social

How to find your Instagram URL on mobile

To find the Instagram account URL of the profile you manage on mobile, launch the Instagram app and log in. 

Launch the Instagram app
Image Source:

Go to their profile page by tapping their photo in the bottom-right corner. Their username should be visible on the upper-left side of their profile feed.

View Instagram user name.
Image Source:

Remember, Instagram URLs for profiles are always structured like this:

Once you find a profile’s username, just plug it into the format above. That’s the unique URL for their Instagram account. 

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How to change an Instagram URL

To change your client’s Instagram profile link permanently, a free option is to update their Instagram profile. 

This is useful if they want to completely rebrand or use a simplified version of their name on Instagram. 

Username change requests can be done through the Instagram app. 

Below are the steps to do this: 

Step 1: Launch the Instagram mobile app on your smartphone or tablet device.

Step 2: Log in to your client’s account. 

Step 3: head to their profile by tapping their photo in the bottom-right corner. 

Step 4: Tap the ‘Edit profile’ button below their Instagram user bio. 

Step 5: Tap the “Username” field and enter a new username for their account. 

Step 6: Get their new Instagram profile link with the updated username. 

Upon changing usernames, you have up to 14 days to revert the changes. If you decided to keep the new username beyond that period, other users may claim that username when creating a new account. 

It’s worth noting that Instagram username change requests are subject to approval for popular accounts. Once approved, the owner of the account—along with their followers—will receive a notification that mentions the new username. 

If your client wants to use an Instagram account URL that doesn’t include Instagram’s website address, use a URL shortener and customizer like Rebrandly

To customize Instagram links, fire up your Rebrandly dashboard and click ‘New Link.’

Customize Instagram links - Rebrandly dashboard
Image Source:

Paste your client’s Instagram profile URL into the “Destination URL” field. From there, you may specify your own domain and change the “slash tag,” which is the string of text that essentially replaces your client’s username in the URL. 

Customize Instagram links - Rebrandly
Image Source:

Tip: When creating a custom link, the tool lets you choose between your own, branded domain or Rebrandly’s domain. If you don’t have your own domain yet, Rebrandly lets you purchase one without leaving the link customization process. 

Once you’re happy with your custom link’s configuration, click ‘Create link.’ 

Rebrandly will show you a confirmation of the link’s successful creation. 

If not, your Rebrandly link slash tag may be already used by someone else. You can easily avoid this problem by using an original domain to create and share your own URLs.

Rebrandly - customize Instagram links
Image Source:

When done, use the buttons to the right of your custom link to share, open, or delete it. You may also generate a custom QR code that can be downloaded or shared online, which takes users to the associated Instagram profile with their phone cameras. 

Rebrandly is also useful if you want to share or cross-promote content on social media. 

For example, one of the ways on how to share a YouTube video on Instagram Story is to download and re-upload the content. Use the link sticker or share your branded link as a text overlay to draw attention.

How to get an Instagram URL to a photo or video?

To find Instagram post URLs, the easiest method is to use the desktop version.

On the Instagram website version, go to your profile and open the photo or video you want to share. The Instagram post’s URL will automatically appear on your web browser’s address bar.

Open photo or video using Instagram website version
Image Source:

Take note that this method also works with a mobile browser. Just access the Instagram website through any browser on your mobile device, repeat the steps above, and copy what’s shown on the address bar. 

How to get Instagram post URLs (Instagram app)

To find an Instagram post URL via the mobile app, launch the app and go to the Instagram profile page you manage. 

Simply tap their profile icon in the bottom-right corner to reveal their feed posts. Once there, look for the post you want to use and tap the ellipsis menu icon to show the settings menu.

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Reveal feed posts.
Image Source:

Tap the ‘Link’ button in the menu’s top row to copy the Instagram link to your device’s clipboard.

Show Instagram post URL
Image Source:

Feel free to share this Instagram link on your online content channels. This includes other social media networks, email, your blog, and so on. 

Sharing an Instagram post URL is useful in targeted content promotions. It will also help you get more views on your Instagram Stories—perfect if you use Instagram poll questions and other interactive stickers to generate engagement. 

Create a desktop shortcut with your Instagram URL

If your agency manages a lot of Instagram accounts, a convenient way to jump straight to their profiles is through a desktop shortcut. 

Create an Instagram profile shortcut with these steps:

How to create an Instagram link desktop shortcut on Mac

Step 1: Open your website browser and go to the Instagram profile you want to use. 

Step 2: Highlight the Instagram profile link in your browser’s address bar. 

Step 3: Click and drag the URL to your desktop.

Step 4: Rename the new shortcut file into something more memorable (i.e. “Client X IG Profile”). 

Tip: If you want to create an Instagram profile desktop shortcut on Windows, just drag the Instagram icon next to the URL in step #3.

Use your Instagram URL for marketing: 7 Tips

Managing Instagram URLs is useful for agencies with several Instagram marketing campaigns on their plate. 

A custom Instagram profile URL is a great tool for branding and marketing. It helps make your clients more recognizable and searchable on various online channels, including blogs, content syndication websites, and other social media platforms. 

Here are seven strategies to leverage your client’s custom profile URL: 

1. Add your client’s URL to your Instagram posts

Insert your client’s profile URL to Instagram photos and videos as an overlay to preserve the content’s marketing value regardless of where it’s shared. 

This may seem unnecessary for users who are viewing the content on Instagram. After all, your client’s profile will always be visible as the original content’s uploader. 

But if the content is shared by someone else on a different website, most users won’t look for the original uploader right away—if at all. 

Your client’s URL fills the role of a watermark that tells viewers who owns the content. More importantly, it shows viewers where to look if they want more. 

Tip: For agencies that use a graphic design platform, build a pre-defined template for Instagram drafts. This will save you a ton of time from manually entering your client’s Instagram URL into every design. 

2. Insert your client’s URL into infographics

If your agency also uses infographics for marketing, mention your client’s Instagram username to widen their social media reach. 

Infographics are great for making technical and data-driven data more digestible. And if you know how to make a reel with photos, repurpose and promote your infographic through Instagram as well. 

This strategy works better if your client has branded, identical usernames across social media.

3. Show your client’s Instagram URL on your website

Bring more traffic to your client’s Instagram account by sharing their URL on your website. 

A specific approach is to feature a “testimonials” section with positive feedback from your top clients. In addition to their name and position in their company, add your client’s official branded URL. 

If your agency also manages your client’s website, ensure their Instagram URL and username appear consistently where they matter, like: 

  • Social media buttons
  • “About Us” page
  • Contact page
  • Page footers

4. Mention your URL in author bios

Another place to put your client’s Instagram profile URL would be author bio boxes. 

This is not only beneficial when done to your client’s own website. If your agency also does content syndication or guest blogging, include your client’s Instagram URL in their designated author bios. 

Don’t forget to include their URL in every screenshot, photo, or data visualization you use in your posts. 

5. Spread your URL on other social networks

Maximize your client’s online presence by spreading their  Instagram URLs on other social networks. 

Instagram reels, for example, could do well on YouTube Shorts. Data visualizations, inspirational quotes, and design ideas also promote well on Pinterest. 

At the same time, take advantage of Instagram’s robust social media marketing features to bolster your client’s online presence. 

For example, you can promote new posts via Instagram reels, syndicate infographics as multi-page Instagram Stories, and so on. 

You can also include your client’s IG URLs across their other social media profiles, such as Facebook and YouTube to make finding their Instagram profile pages and feeds easier for audiences. 

6. Use a short and memorable URL

Try to use a short URL that’s easy for your client’s Instagram followers and audiences to remember and type in.

As mentioned, you can use a third-party URL shortener to do this. 

Remember not to remove your client’s identifier when shortening their Instagram URL or it defeats the purpose of keeping the profile or post link short. 

Keep the brand name in the URL so your target audience can easily associate it with your client’s brand.

7. Share URLs in your captions

Add your client’s Instagram URL in post captions to direct audiences to a specific profile or another post. 

Suppose you’re promoting your client’s giveaway by posting an in-feed photo or Instagram Story.

You can point participants to your client’s Instagram bio by including the URL in your caption so they can jump directly to the “Link in bio” details.  

Bonus tip: What to avoid when using Instagram URLs for marketing

Consider these fairly simple yet important “no-nos” when using your Instagram URL for marketing:

  • Don’t spam people with IG URLs. Nobody likes getting bombarded with IG links (or any web link) all the time. It’s annoying and can make people unfollow your clients faster than you can say “hashtag.” So, go easy on the links, okay?
  • Be honest. When using your Instagram URL for marketing, don’t try to trick people with clickbait or misleading headlines. Be real, be honest, and be transparent about what you’re promoting. Also, don’t use and old URL if you have new ones to avoid confusing audiences. 
  • Be ethical. Don’t use your client’s Instagram URL to promote anything illegal or unethical. It’s just not cool, and it can seriously harm your client’s brand reputation. Plus, you could end up facing some serious legal consequences. So, play it safe and stick to promoting things that are legit and above board.

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Instagram URL: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my Instagram URL? 

Your Instagram URL is simply (replace “yourusername” with your actual username). Another method is to visit your Instagram profile on a browser and copy the URL shown in the address bar. 

How do you copy your Instagram URL on iPhone?

Launch the Instagram mobile app on iPhone (or Android) and go to your profile to reveal your username. Alternatively, access the hamburger menu icon and tap ‘QR code’ to make it easier for other users to find your account. 

What is an Instagram profile link?  

An Instagram profile link takes users straight to a specific Instagram feed page upon clicking. This URL is tied to the account’s username, but it can also be masked using third-party link shortening or customization apps. 

Does a deactivated Instagram account still have a URL?


Once your Instagram account is deactivated, the URL for your profile, videos, photos, and posts are no longer functional. 

Reactivating your IG account will make the URLs functional again. 

Can blocked users view my profile through my Instagram URL?

Users you or your clients blocked can no longer view the profile page even if they have your client’s Instagram profile URL or link. 

Blocked users will get a “User not found” notification when they try to visit your client’s profile using the Instagram search option or the profile URL.

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