Top 8 Instagram Theme Pages Worth Following: Ultimate Guide

Updated on April 4, 2024

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Published March 1, 2024

Top 8 Instagram Theme Pages Worth Following: Ultimate Guide
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Never created Instagram theme pages for your clients before?

Don’t worry, we got your back… 😎

Start by drawing inspiration from stunning and popular Instagram theme pages.

That way, you don’t have to start from scratch, aaaaand you can validate to some degree that the theme you’re looking to emulate can yield great results.

(After all, if the theme of the profile you’re emulating is getting tons of followers and engagements, it tells you that the theme they chose could work.)

Get your dose of inspiration from these eight amazing Instagram theme pages to level up your clients’ Insta game.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • What are Instagram theme pages?
  • Best Instagram theme pages
  • Popular Instagram theme pages
  • Frequently asked questions about Instagram theme pages
  • Manage Instagram theme pages easily with Vista Social

What are Instagram theme pages?

An Instagram theme page is an account that focuses mainly on specific niches or topics, such as pets, fitness, business, and travel.

Insta theme pages also share curated content from other sources, including videos, photos, Reels, memes, and quotes that appeal to target audiences while creating a cohesive look and vibe.

These pages also offer the following benefits:

  • The pages are easier to start and grow since you don’t need to create original content for clients from scratch. 
  • The pages have the potential to gain authentic engagement since followers stay tuned because they like or are interested in the content your clients’ Instagram pages share. 
  • The pages offer many opportunities for monetization since it’s easy to weave in content for promoting products, services, and other accounts. 

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Best Instagram theme pages

Following a specific theme for your clients’ Instagram pages can be daunting.

After all, making your clients’ Insta theme pages shine takes more than just following one “template” for all their posts.

The trick is to find inspiration from the best Instagram theme pages, starting with the following.

1. Black and white theme 

If your client wants that minimalist and polished look for their Instagram page, a black-and-white theme can be your best bet.

The lack of vibrant colors can attract the viewers’ attention to the photo or video’s main subject while giving your client’s posts that timeless vibe.

Photographer Alan Schaller’s Instagram page is a classic example.

Instagram Theme Pages1

2. Transition theme

Consider a transition theme if your client isn’t set on a specific Instagram aesthetic.

Transition themes let you experiment with combining colors for every couple of images on your clients’ Instagram pages.

For instance, start with a black-and-white theme and introduce beige accents in the following image.

Then, slowly include another color to transition to your clients’ color theme seamlessly.

Birkenstock nails this by introducing blue in their beige Instagram photos to create that color transition effect on the brand’s page.

Instagram Theme Pages2

3. Minimalist theme

There is beauty in simplicity, whether in your clients’ Instagram Notes, posts, Stories, or pages—and your clients can exemplify this with a minimalist Instagram theme page.

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Beauty and skincare brand Minimalist showcases minimalism not just with their brand name but also their Instagram page.

Minimalist sticks to simple colors, subjects, backgrounds, and compositions. Your clients can emulate this to achieve that minimalistic Instagram theme page look and feel.

Instagram Theme Pages3

The simplistic theme draws the viewers’ focus on what your clients want to highlight. 

4. Bright color theme

Is your client’s brand personality all about fun and playfulness? Let it pop with a bright color Instagram theme.

Take it from Instagram user Sam Ushiro, whose Instagram page is filled with bright and vibrant colors that showcase her quirkiness and unique personality.

Instagram Theme Pages4

When used correctly, a bright color theme can draw a lot of attention, so give it a whirl for your clients.

5. Pastel color theme

One of the most popular choices for colorful yet less vibrant Instagram themes is pastel colors.

Artist, content creator, and influencer Marioly Vazquez’s Instagram page is a wonderland of visually appealing pastel colors and themes.

Instagram Theme Pages5

A pastel color theme can evoke certain emotions from viewers, such as cheerfulness, excitement, and childlike wonder, since they’re often associated with cupcakes, babies, and happy days.

Popular Instagram theme pages

Check out the famous Instagram theme pages your clients can emulate to hitch a ride on that popularity train.

6. Text theme

Text-focused Instagram page themes are great for motivational speakers and clients who want followers to focus on their message without the bells and whistles.

Get inspired by inspirational speaker Simon Sinek’s Instagram page, which is filled with little nuggets of text-only posts of wisdom.

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Here’s one inspiring post from Simon Sinek’s page:

“If we don’t understand people, we don’t understand business.”

Instagram Theme Pages6

7. Borders theme

Do your clients want to make their Instagram page themes more subtle but still easy to spot?

Borders are the key.

Here’s a cool mix of vertical and horizontal borders on one Instagram user’s page.

Instagram Theme Pages7

Borders can give your clients’ Instagram pages a more polished and cohesive look. 

8. Same filter theme

Another cool Instagram page theme is using the same filter for all or most of the posts.

Using the same filter can give your clients’ Instagram pages a more uniform look without making anything too obvious.

While using one filter across all your client’s Instagram posts won’t make much difference up close, it can make the feed look more cohesive when viewed as a whole on the app.

Summer Fridays co-founder Mariana Hewitt achieves this look on her Instagram page.

Instagram Theme Pages8

Whatever your clients’ Instagram page theme, ensure it fits their brands’ personality and goals.

Leverage theme pages to help your clients reach and connect with their target audiences in the platform they frequent.

Like what best-selling Author and Speaker John Lawson said

“Get in where you fit in and then focus on that platform.”

Also, since theme pages share curated content, ensure your clients’ posts don’t violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Doing so keeps your clients from potentially violating the rules and avoids issues that can get their accounts deactivated, deleted, or banned.

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Frequently asked questions about Instagram theme pages

Learn from these commonly asked questions about Instagram theme pages.

1. Do you need a Business Account to create theme pages on Instagram?


Your clients can create a theme page on Instagram, whether they have a Personal or Business Account

2. Can you monetize your Instagram theme page?


Your clients can make money from their Instagram theme pages via affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, brand collaborations, product or service promotions, or another side hustle strategy.

Your clients’ monetization opportunities can increase when their pages grow your audience and gain influence.

3. Do you need to post original content to your Instagram theme page?

While posting original content to your clients’ theme pages can help them stand out, it’s not always necessary.

Many Instagram theme pages thrive simply by curating content from other sources and creators.

Remember the golden rule: Always give proper attributions and ask permission to share other creators’ content to steer clear of copyright issues.

Failing to do so can get your clients’ accounts blocked, restricted, or deactivated.

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Manage Instagram theme pages easily with Vista Social

Managing your clients’ Instagram theme pages, profiles, and audience engagement has never been easier with Vista Social.

The modern SMM platform has everything you need to streamline your workflows, including the following features:

  • A Publisher that lets you connect your clients’ Instagram and other social media profiles and schedule original or curated content for auto-posting. You can schedule Instagram posts such as Reels, carousels, in-feed posts, and Stories.

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Instagram Theme Pages9
  • An AI Assistant powered by ChatGPT that instantly generates taglines and descriptions, including Instagram photo dump captions, based on your prompts.
Instagram Theme Pages10
  • A link in bio tool that comes with highly customizable landing pages called Vista Page. Create and customize your client’s landing page and add the URL to their Instagram profiles.

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Instagram Theme Pages11

Other Vista Social features to help you grow an Instagram theme page include:

  • A collaborative content calendar containing published, scheduled, and drafted Instagram posts
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • A social inbox for seamless engagement management
  • Social listening

Create your Vista Social account to see and try all the platform’s handy SMM features.

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