We are a passionate team of marketers, engineers and social media experts that have decided to build the last social media management platform that agencies and businesses will use.

About Vista Social

We are a passionate team of marketers, engineers, and social media experts that have decided to build the last social media management platform that agencies and businesses will use.

With so many social media solutions available, we’ve decided to deliver a modern product that is designed for social media as it exists today, not for social media of the last decade.

Core principles

Go beyond the basics

Anyone can create a simple publisher or a basic chart. Our goal is to turn your posts into a force that will deliver results. This means employing nuanced features of each social network to ensure superior results.

Privacy and safety above all

Keeping your data safe and accessible only to your team is key. There has to be no ambiguity of who has access to the data your manage. Strict adherence to the Right to be forgotten.

Simplicity is a friend. Complexity is an enemy.

It is easy to build features that are difficult to use. We are not looking for easy :) While we can’t make social media simpler, we can certainly make managing it easy and stress-free by finding ways to build simpler and more powerful features.

Support networks others won't.

Too many platforms are focused on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Instagram. Some would add Pinterest. How about Reddit? Vimeo? Our goal is to give our users the ability to have an awesome presence on any social media network.

Free version

We understand that not every initiative can afford to pay for an awesome social media management platform. This should not be a reason not to use the best product available.

Simple pricing

Pricing has to be simple. Just 2 plans - free and paid. No feature difference between them! The free plan is intended for those getting started but it does not mean they will not have all the features. We want you to grow! The paid version is just a per profile pricing model.

No per user pricing

No extra cost on how many users you can have on your team. We feel that it is unfair to charge larger teams more just because they are large.

Truly unbeatable pricing

Based on our research we will easily save our users 50% of their social media management platform cost. In some cases this number is even higher, especially if users are using more bloated, more entitled platforms.

Build and grow stronger relationships on social

Vista Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management with easy-to-use features like publishing, engagement, reviews, reports and listening.