How to Create a Poll on Facebook: A Complete Guide [2024]

Updated on June 4, 2024

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Published July 21, 2023

How to Create a Poll on Facebook: A Complete Guide [2024]
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If your Facebook marketing strategies show abysmal results, leaving your clients’ audiences uninspired and disengaged, you need to learn how to run Facebook polls.

Time and again, seasoned social media managers use Facebook polls to breathe life into their marketing campaigns. It’s versatile, easy to run, and doesn’t require much time to implement.

The best part is it hands down works!

If you want to learn how to create a poll on Facebook, this comprehensive guide is for you.

Let’s get right to it. 

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • What is a Facebook poll?
  • Benefits of creating a poll on Facebook
  • Steps and methods to create a poll on Facebook
  • Publish polls on Facebook effortlessly
  • Strategic and creative ways to use Facebook polls
  • Mistakes to avoid when creating a poll on Facebook 
  • Additional resources
  • Customers also ask
  • Create a poll on Facebook like a boss

What is a Facebook poll?

From a 30,000 ft. view, a Facebook poll is a feature that allows you to ask people questions or run surveys.

You can create a poll on your client’s news feed, Story, or even their Facebook business page.

It’s completely free.

You can come up with the question and some answer choices for people to pick from.

The cool part? Your clients’ friends and followers can easily pick an answer by clicking or tapping on the answer they like best.

Viewers can choose from the options you provided, or if you want, they can add their own answers.

You can set a deadline for when people can submit their answers.

Once that deadline is up, you can view the final result.

You’ll see how many votes each answer got and what percentage of the total that represents.

It’s a great way to find out what people think about your client’s brand, products, and services, or use polls to share something fun and silly to drive more engagement.  

Benefits of creating a poll on Facebook

Let’s review why Facebook polls are a great addition to your clients’ social media campaigns.

Find out what your clients’ fans and customers think 

Facebook Polls are like a megaphone to your clients’ audiences.

Viewers get to share their thoughts and opinions through your clients’ polls. You can use that to get to know their target audiences better.

Leverage this knowledge to supercharge your client’s marketing strategy and rock their social media game.

Boost audience engagement 

Facebook Polls are like the life of the party when engaging with your client’s audience.

People can’t resist participating and sharing their answers. It’s a golden opportunity to make your clients’ followers feel valued and heard.

Imagine these polls as the secret sauce that connects your client’s business with potential customers.

Encouraging your client’s audience to get involved can create a buzz on their profile, turning up the volume of their social media presence.

Get results at lightning speed 

Say goodbye to those old-school surveys that take ages to evaluate.

Facebook Polls are like instant surveys that give your clients lightning-fast results.

Your clients will know in a heartbeat how many votes each answer received and the percentage of voters who went for it.

You can flaunt those results on your clients’ profiles as soon as they come in. 

Steps and methods to create a poll on Facebook

Let’s get to the good part: creating a Facebook poll for your clients.

You can create Facebook polls for clients in the following:

  • Stories
  • Groups
  • Messenger

How to create polls on Facebook Stories

Creating a Facebook Story poll is a breeze with these steps:

Step 1: Open your client’s Facebook account

Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and log in to your client’s account.

Tap on the blue plus sign at the top of the Facebook page to create a new Story.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook1

Step 2: Create your client’s Story poll

Select the image or photo from your camera roll for your poll.

Tap the “Stickers” option.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook2

Select the Poll sticker.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook3

Create poll questions and customize the answers.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook4

Add photos, a relevant hashtag, background music, filters, your client’s Instagram URL (if you run the same poll on IG), and more.

Step 3: Publish your client’s Facebook Story poll.

Tap the Share button when you’re done, and your client’s Story should be published in seconds.

Users who view the Story can see the percentage of votes for each option; only you or your client can see the number of votes each answer received and who voted for what. 

How to create polls on Facebook Groups

Now let’s go over the steps to create a poll in your client’s Facebook Groups.

Step 1: Navigate to your client’s Facebook Group

Once logged in to your client’s Facebook account, tap on the profile photo on the menu and select Groups.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook5

Next, select the group where you want to run your client’s poll.

Tap on the poll option to start creating the poll.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook6

Step 2: Create the poll

Set up your client’s poll by adding the question and response options and images.

Turn on the option to post the poll anonymously if you want.
You can also schedule your client’s poll to auto-publish on a specific time and day, tag other users or a Facebook event, and include a feeling or activity like a normal Facebook post.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook7

Remember to follow Facebook post formatting guidelines and best practices to ensure your client’s poll gets the attention and engagement it deserves.

If your client’s group members are active on other social media platforms like Instagram, promote the polls to get more eyes and participants.

One of the effective Instagram Notes ideas is to mention your client’s Facebook polls on their IG notes.

Step 3: Publish your client’s Facebook Poll

Tap on Post when you’re done, and you’re all set.

Learn more about how to create or edit a poll in a Facebook Group here.

How to create polls on Facebook Messenger 

While Facebook doesn’t let you post polls on your client’s Events page or videos, you can still do so in Messenger group chats.

However, this is only available for group chats with two or more members.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the group chat

Once logged into your client’s Facebook account, navigate to the Messenger group chat where you want to create a poll.

Tap on the icon with four dots to view the Polls option.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook8

Step 2: Create your client’s Messenger Poll.

Tap on Polls.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook9

Enter your client’s poll question and answer options in the designated fields.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook10

You can also get ideas from the poll templates.

Tap on the dice icon to get more poll question ideas.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook11
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Step 3: Send your client’s Messenger Poll

Tap Send Question when you’re done, and your client’s poll will go live in seconds.

Don’t limit your clients’ polls to Facebook.

You can also create captivating Instagram poll questions to interact and engage with your client’s IG followers and audiences.

Ensure your client’s Facebook IG polls follow the platform’s community guidelines and restrictions.

It will save you and your clients from the hassles of submitting a Facebook and Instagram appeal form later.  

Publish polls on Facebook effortlessly

Our social media management (SMM) platform, Vista Social, is packed with essential and advanced social media publishing, management, collaboration, and analytics features to streamline your workflows and tasks.

For instance, you can schedule your client’s Facebook posts so you won’t need to publish them manually.

Talk about saving time and energy, especially when handling multiple social media accounts and clients.

You can schedule a Facebook Story (and Story polls) to auto-publish on your clients’ Facebook pages. 

However, auto-publishing Facebook Stories via Vista Social has several limitations. 

For instance, you can only auto-publish Stories for Facebook Pages, and you can’t use sounds, stickers, and other Facebook effects unless you manually publish the posts.

You can also set notification reminders if you want to manually post your clients’ Facebook Stories at the right time.

Once you download the Vista Social app, allow app notifications and log into your account.

How to Create a Poll on Facebook12

Select your client’s linked account and create and schedule the Facebook Story poll on the Vista Social web version.

When you’re done creating your client’s Story, go to the option that lets you choose your device (the phone you used to log into the Vista Social app).

How to Create a Poll on Facebook13

Schedule your client’s Facebook Story, and you’re all set.

When it’s time to post, you’ll get a notification on the device you selected like this:

How to Create a Poll on Facebook14

With Vista Social’s auto-reminders, you won’t miss publishing your client’s Facebook Stories and capture engagement opportunities like a boss.

You can create, schedule, and set notifications for your client’s other Facebook content. It’s super easy to learn how to schedule Facebook Reels with Vista Social.

Vista Social offers other awesome features, including the following:

  • AI Assistant to help you instantly generate and improve captions, taglines, and descriptions for your clients’ Facebook and other social media posts, including replies to post comments and Direct Messages (DMs). 
  • Link in bio tool with customizable landing pages with lead generation tools and elements, such as forms, payment options, calendars, videos, content, and more, to help your clients drive traffic and boost lead conversions. 
  • Hashtag tool that gives you relevant and popular hashtag suggestions within seconds. 
  • Content calendar to simplify planning, developing, and managing your clients’ Facebook and other social media content. 
  • Social Inbox with customer relationship management features to manage your clients’ Facebook Pages and Groups’ engagement efficiently. 
  • Optimization algorithms to automatically schedule your clients’ posts at times proven to generate maximum engagement.  
  • Bulk scheduling feature that lets you schedule multiple content quickly by uploading videos, spreadsheets, and images or linking RSS feeds.

Strategic and creative ways to use Facebook polls

Unleash your creativity and strategic genius with fun and informal ways to rock your clients’ Facebook polls.

Get Facebook poll inspiration from these ideas and tips:

Trendsetter showdown

Want to show off your client’s industry expertise and spark some friendly competition?

Create a poll that pits two hot trends against each other. Let your clients’ followers decide which trend reigns supreme.

It’s like a virtual fashion face-off but for the attention of your clients’ target audiences. 

Caption contest extravaganza

Inject some laughter and engagement into your client’s Facebook game.

Post a hilarious or quirky photo and invite your clients’ followers to come up with the wittiest captions. Let them vote for their favorite captions in a poll.

The winner gets bragging rights and a dose of viral fame.

Sneak peek madness 

Building anticipation for your client’s new product or service? Share exclusive sneak peeks or teasers and let your client’s audience decide which feature they’re most excited about.

Create a poll where they can vote for their favorite teaser or guess what the big reveal might be. It’s a great way to engage your client’s followers. 

Expert opinions 

Showcase your clients’ industry knowledge and engage their audience with a poll that asks them to weigh in on industry trends, predictions, or burning questions.

Let your clients’ followers feel like experts by giving them a voice and an opportunity to share their insights. Plus, you and your clients can gain valuable insights from audience perspectives.

Your agency can even leverage this tactic to engage potential customers, helping you learn how to get clients on Facebook


Tap into the storytelling skills of your clients’ audiences.

Create a Facebook poll that asks followers to contribute to an ongoing narrative.

Post a sentence or two of a story and let your clients’ followers vote on what should happen next.

Watch the story unfold interactively and collaboratively. It can do wonders for your clients’ engagement rates.

Mistakes to avoid when creating a poll on Facebook

Steer clear of these common pitfalls to ensure your clients’ make the most of their Facebook polls. 

  • Asking vague questions. Polls are meant to be quick Q&As, so keep your clients’ questions crystal clear. Vague questions can be confusing, leading to low participation and engagement. So ensure your clients’ Facebook poll questions are concise and easy to understand and answer, or audiences will skip and swipe away from the post. 
  • Ignoring your audience. Don’t run a Facebook poll just for the sake of it. Use polls to get your clients genuine engagement and responses. Also, ask questions about topics your clients’ followers care about or resonate with them to encourage participation. 
  • Not promoting your polls. Don’t let your clients’ polls get lost in the void of Facebook content and chaos. Spread the word and let your clients’ followers know about the poll. You can share it across other social media platforms, such as Instagram, and encourage others to do the same. The more eyeballs your clients’ polls get, the more responses and data you can gather, especially if the poll is market research in disguise.  
  • Forgetting the results. After your clients’ Facebook polls wrap up, don’t ghost their audiences. Share the results, discuss them with followers, and thank everyone who voted. It’s an excellent way to engage your clients’ audiences and show appreciation for their input, fostering a loyal community. 
  • Being too serious with the polls. Social media is mainly for entertainment, so lighten up your clients’ polls by injecting some fun and pizzazz into their Facebook polls. Throw in some personality into your clients’ poll questions, include fun emojis, and keep things light and breezy. Fun, light-hearted content is always crowd pleasers, which helps draw more attention and participation for your clients’ polls.  
  • Not reviewing your polls. Before hitting that Post button, check your client’s poll for mistakes. Ensure that there are no spelling errors and that the images (if there are) display properly. A little proofreading and pre-posting once over can save your clients from poor-quality polls and embarrassing typos.  
  • Ignoring timing. Posting your clients’ polls when their target audiences are most active boosts their chances of getting responses and engagement. Consider when your clients’ followers are active on Facebook and schedule the polls accordingly. After all, posting the poll at three in the morning isn’t likely to get those votes in. 

Additional resources

Check out these additional resources to elevate your clients’ Facebook content, marketing, and audience engagement strategies. 

Customers also ask

Check out the frequently asked questions about creating Facebook polls below. 

1. Why can’t I see the poll option on Facebook Messenger?

The polls feature in Facebook Messenger is only available for groups with more than two people. You can’t create a poll in a private chat.

Also, Messenger polls are not accessible in countries like Japan and a few European countries.

If the Facebook poll feature still doesn’t appear, you can troubleshoot by restarting your device, updating the app, or uninstalling and reinstalling it.

2. Can nonmembers vote on a Facebook Group poll?


Only Facebook Group admins and members can vote on polls.

If you’re not the Group admin and don’t see the poll option, it could be because the Group admins do not allow posting polls.

Remember to keep your clients’ Facebook polls respectful and compliant with Facebook’s community guidelines.

If you share the polls on Instagram, ensure they follow Instagram’s community guidelines, too.

3. How can you see the poll results?

Anyone (if the poll is public) who clicks on the poll after it ends can view the results.

The page admin can click on the number of votes to view who voted for each option.

4. Can you create polls on Facebook Live?


You can set up polls before or during your clients’ Facebook live videos and ask audiences questions in real- time.

Facebook Live polls can have two to four answer options, and you can create as many polls as you want.

Live polls on Facebook can only be launched after your client goes live, so you must set them up first and launch them during the live video.

5. Can you edit polls in a Facebook Group?

You can edit a poll you created on a Facebook Group before people started voting by clicking the More options icon.

Then, select Edit post and tweak the poll accordingly. 

Only poll creators and group admins can edit, add, or delete poll options at any time. 

6. Why can’t I see the option to post a poll on my Facebook Group? 

Some group admins don’t allow members to add a poll or post in a Facebook group, and you or your clients can’t change this if you’re not the group admin. 

Some admins may also require approval before you can post or add a poll on a Facebook group.

If you or your clients are the Facebook Group’s admins but can’t see the option to post a poll, you may need to do the following:

  • Refresh your page
  • Log out and back into the account and go back to the Facebook Group’s page
  • For mobile users, clear the app’s cache, restart your device, and uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app. 
  • Go to the Facebook Help Center for troubleshooting tips.

If all else fails, contact Facebook Support by reporting a problem.

Create a poll on Facebook like a boss

Harnessing the power of Facebook polls helps elevate your clients’ engagement strategies while gaining valuable insights from their audience.

Leverage polls to boost brand awareness, conduct market research or add an interactive element to your clients’ social media campaigns.

Create and publish your clients’ Facebook polls easily with Vista Social.

Try Vista Social for free to experience and explore how the platform can help you manage your clients’ social media accounts, content, and campaigns like a pro.

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