How to Get Followers on Facebook in 2024: Proven & Easy Ways

Updated on March 12, 2024

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Published March 12, 2024

How to Get Followers on Facebook in 2024: Proven & Easy Ways
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Mastering how to get followers on Facebook should be at the top of your agency’s checklist.

Afterall, Facebook continues to house billions of monthly active users.

With that many users, you can bet your family jewels that your existing and future clients are most likely on the platform.

If you fail to reach them because they aren’t your followers, you lose the opportunity to build relationships and market to them on Facebook.

That’s a big handicap for you, especially since your competitors are most likely winning your potential customers over on Facebook.

And so the question becomes…

How exactly can you get more followers in 2024?

That’s what this guide is all about.

Let’s dive right in.

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • How to get followers on Facebook
    • Tailor your Facebook content strategy to your target audience
    • Optimize your Facebook page
    • Engage and build your community
    • Establish a consistent publishing schedule 
    • Cross-promote across multiple channels
    • Explore various content formats
    • Consider running Facebook ads
    • Run giveaways
    • Track and measure analytics
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Step up your Facebook marketing with Vista Social

How to get followers on Facebook 

Spur your client’s Facebook follower growth using the strategies below.

1. Tailor your Facebook content strategy to your target audience

High-performing social media strategies are like pants—they need to fit the person they’re intended for. 

That’s why your Facebook content should be tailored to the followers you want to attract.

Here are some pointers:

  • Check the built-in insights tab. Visit your client’s ‘Audience’ report on the Meta Business Suite for a quick glance at their audience’s demographic data. This includes their age brackets, location, gender, and top-liked pages. 
  • Analyze competitor pages. Facebook comes with a benchmarking tool that will help you identify other businesses in your client’s space (not that you need any help identifying competitors). Analyze their pages and use their top-performing posts as fuel for your own content strategy. 
  • Run a hashtag search. Figure out what makes your target audience tick by running a hashtag search and looking at popular posts. Use tools like our internal Facebook hashtag generator to quickly discover hashtags that will reel in followers.
How to Get Followers on Facebook 1

2. Optimize your Facebook page

Now that you know your target audience, the next step is to work on your client’s Facebook page.

Make sure it’s the kind of page that the target audience would follow. 

Analyzing and borrowing ideas from competitors is a step in the right direction. However, it’s more important to inject your client’s unique brand identity and personality into their Facebook page. 

Let’s make it simple by focusing on one thing at a time:

  • Don’t overthink the name. Establish your client’s presence by using their official business name on their page. And, just like with an Instagram URL, personalize your client’s Facebook page URL to include their name or focus keyword.
  • Only use professional media. Whatever you do, avoid using stock photos as your client’s profile picture or cover image on Facebook. Use your client’s logo, face, or custom banner with informative elements to show users that you’re the real deal.
  • Share accurate business information. Be sure to use your client’s updated website URL, contact information, business address, and category. Highlight what you do and why it matters to your audience.
  • Use a Call-To-Action (CTA) button. Facebook allows you to display an “Action” button right below your client’s cover image. The CTA and link can be modified to align with your Facebook marketing goals, like “Sign Up,” “Call Now,” “View Shop,” and “Book Now.”
  • Add keywords to the right places. Use keywords to make your client’s page appear more often in Facebook search results. You can include keywords in their bio, profile name, and post captions.

Don’t worry — you’ll have everything above set up by paying attention to the “page health” section.

How to Get Followers on Facebook 2

3. Engage and build your community

You can’t generate followers on Facebook if you only use your client’s page as a content distribution channel.

Sometimes, you need to make the first move. 

Rather than waiting for engagement numbers to increase, go out there — participate in Facebook groups, react to other people’s posts, and share content from popular pages (while chipping in your two cents).

If you know how to create a poll on Facebook, you can also engage your audience en masse while extracting valuable insights.

How to Get Followers on Facebook 3
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Below are other ideas you can try to help clients engage their audience:

  • Run social media contests (caption contests, giveaways, etc.). 
  • Go live for a virtual Q&A session.
  • Write a first comment in each post to start conversations.
  • Build a group dedicated to helping leads and customers. 

4. Establish a consistent publishing schedule

Facebook followers come for value, but they stay for the content. 

Establish a regular posting schedule to reach more people and build your client’s Facebook following over time. 

It’s great if you can consistently publish fresh, original content from your client’s own website.

Alternatively, you can use our “smart publishing” feature to automatically curate and schedule posts from blog RSS feeds to news websites.

How to Get Followers on Facebook 4

5. Cross-promote across multiple channels

Your client’s brand is not just their Facebook page.

In fact, there’s a good chance they also have a presence on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Use their presence in these channels to promote their Facebook page and grow their follower base. 

If you can, build specialized content for certain channels. Make the most out of cross-promotions by learning (or relearning) important Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook post formatting practices. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Using the correct Instagram Reels dimensions
  • Adding custom thumbnails to YouTube Shorts. 
  • Breaking up text into paragraphs on Facebook.

In certain cases, a client may mistakenly link their business account with their personal account on different platforms. Be sure to learn how to unlink Facebook and Instagram or any other platform pairs to fix such issues.

6. Run an advertising campaign

Organically growing your client’s Facebook following takes time. And unfortunately for agencies, not all clients understand this.

That’s why Facebook advertising should be in every agency’s toolbox.

Unlike regular, organic posts, Facebook ads can put your client’s business in front of customers within hours, helping your client’s Facebook page gain instant traction.

Powered by Meta, Facebook ads will equip you with everything you need to run cost-effective advertising campaigns. Set a hyper-targeted audience, manage your budget, create native ads, and track analytics — without using a third-party ad management tool.

How to Get Followers on Facebook 5

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Facebook followers fast?

Running Facebook ads can help your client gain followers overnight. But if you want top-quality followers who are more likely to convert and stay long-term, you shouldn’t forget about organic social media marketing strategies.

Why are my Facebook followers not showing?

If your client’s Facebook page doesn’t show their follower count, their following list may be set to private. This can be easily fixed by adjusting their privacy settings within the app. 

What is the difference between friends and followers on Facebook?

Facebook friends are connections that you create via friend requests. Followers, however, can “subscribe” to your Facebook updates without needing your manual approval. 

Step up your Facebook marketing with Vista Social

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