What are the Best Times to Post on Facebook?

Updated on January 14, 2022

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Published January 14, 2022

What are the Best Times to Post on Facebook?
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If you are the one who creates and posts content on social networks, then you know that winning the audience’s attention means a lot. Today, social networks are a highly saturated market where you want to stand out and make sure that your content reaches the maximum number of people and gets more likes, comments, and reposts. 

Like it or not, Facebook should be part of your social media strategy, as it is your opportunity to reach a multi-billion audience. But for your strategy to be more successful, you should know when it is best to publish posts. When you publish content on Facebook at the right time, that is, when people are most active, the visibility of your content will increase, and it will stand out from the crowd. However, it is not easy to determine the best time to post on Facebook.

Here, at Vista Social, we have decided to dive into the topic to achieve high engagement and stay one step ahead.

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The Best Time for Facebook Posts in 2022

With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most extensive social network worldwide with 24-hour engagement levels. At first, it seems that specific posts work better accidentally. However, many companies carefully study and determine the proper time for posting, using built-in analytics tools and particular services.

While some analytics tools can be complicated and hard to use, Vista Social’s analytics allows you to collect and explore detailed data to measure results, demonstrate impact, and influence decision-making with no hassle. No more guesswork, just real numbers that show what is working and what is not.

Brands and their customers continuously adapt to the constantly changing conditions during the lockdown and new interaction models in social networks.

According to Sprout Social’s research:

The best days and times – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9 AM – 1 PM CDT.

The worst day – Saturday.

The information on the graph shows data for brands that sell consumer products. In narrower niches, the data may vary.

Facebook is suitable for promoting any global brand with an international strategy. Even though such an activity spread can frighten even with the volume of publication planning, considering the peak activity hours on Facebook will help optimize the content calendar.

How to Find Optimal Posting Time with Business Suite Insights

Each Facebook page is unique — with its audience in different cities and time zones. Therefore, searching for personalized posting time maximizes reach and engagement because it gives you more chances to attract an audience when your followers are online and active.

Facebook Business Suite was designed to optimize business management and simultaneously simplify interaction on multiple platforms. Business Suite Insights include detailed reports on the performance of each post and advertising on all connected pages. You can see the reach, engagement, and post-performance across Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

To access the tool, log into the Facebook business account, and you will be redirected to Business Suite automatically when you visit business.facebook.com on desktop. Business Suite is available for both desktop versions and mobile devices.

Using Business Suite Insights analytics, you can determine your audience’s periods of activity on Facebook and get an idea of the best time to post accordingly. 

The Best Time to Post on Facebook by Industry 

The day of the week is not the only factor that plays an essential role if you want to determine the best time to post on Facebook. The level of engagement in each industry is also crucial for working with social networks.


2020 has proved how important it is for the healthcare industry to be present on the web. Since the pandemic, many people have talked about the need to get the latest health news, and the easiest way to get it is through social networks.

Sprout Social emphasizes that medical institutions do not have to choose one particular day and post messages on Facebook throughout the week.

  • Perfect times: Monday – Friday at 11 AM
  • Perfect day: Tuesday
  • Worst day: Sunday

Media sector

Media companies and agencies cannot ignore changes in Facebook activity during the day. Otherwise, they risk losing audience engagement to even the most viral stories.

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According to Sprout Social, the best time for media companies to post successful posts on Facebook is between 6 and 9 AM. The reason is simple – most people wake up and scroll through their news feeds around this time.

  • Perfect times: Friday 7 AM, Tuesday 6 – 9 AM
  • Perfect days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Worst day: Saturday


Educational institutions can post on Facebook throughout the day until the evening. According to Sprout Social, schools, colleges, and universities can publish posts at any time, but it is advisable to do it in the morning – around 9 or 10 AM.

  • Perfect times: Wednesday and Thursday at 10 AM
  • Perfect days: Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Worst day: Sunday

Non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations rely on social media platforms, which can be very helpful for attracting public attention, promoting social interests, and increasing the number of donations. If a non-profit organization plans to publish posts at the right time, it will receive a high level of engagement and, as a result, more audience attention.

  • Perfect times: Wednesday 10 AM – 5 PM
  • Perfect day: Wednesday
  • Worst day: Saturday

Bars & Restaurants

No doubt, your restaurant’s profile is an effective tool for attracting and winning a new audience. Competent account promotion will give you a unique opportunity to master a new market, attract a new audience, and reach a new development level. Below we have listed the optimal times according to Sprout Social’s data. To determine your best posting time, check out your statistics and track specific hourly activity indicators for each day of the week.

  • Perfect times: Monday at noon, Friday 1 – 2 PM
  • Perfect day: Friday
  • Worst day: Sunday

Tech companies 

The tech giants mainly belong to the B2B industry, which benefits enormously from social media and, in particular, Facebook. Social networks help technology companies inform consumers about new products, and therefore it is essential for them to know when it is best to schedule a post.

  • Perfect times: Thursday 3 – 4 PM
  • Perfect day: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Worst day: Sunday


Facebook, along with LinkedIn, is the best social media platform for the financial industry. Thanks to Facebook’s diverse audience, it is easy to reach customers in different countries and keep in touch with them.

  • Perfect times: Wednesday 9 AM – 1 PM, Monday at 5 PM, Friday at 11 AM.
  • Perfect day: Wednesday
  • Worst day: Sunday

Now, with the information when the Facebook audience is most active, you can go ahead and schedule your posts to fit your best times. There are many reasons why you should schedule Facebook posts with Vista Social.

Draft posts for one or many Facebook Pages — upload videos, attach images from a Media Library, apply target and add tags. Quickly review and manage Facebook content from a central publishing calendar — quickly filter by tag, profile, and date. Learn more about how easy posting and scheduling are on Vista Social.


Today, if you want to succeed in social media marketing, you need to increase engagement in your social media profiles. Facebook is no exception. It is a social network where there is always a place to experiment with choosing the best time for posting, types of publications, and developing a content plan strategy for the community. By testing that, you can determine what kind of content and at what time it is better to post. In addition to statistics, the best rating for you will be the audience’s reaction. So, do not be afraid to experiment, analyze, and act.

Vista Social’s tools will be your great helper to exceed your goals. Sign up for free and unlock powerful features to manage your social media accounts like a pro.

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