6 Winning Facebook Best Practices to Boost Your Online Presence

Updated on May 10, 2022

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Published April 3, 2022

6 Winning Facebook Best Practices to Boost Your Online Presence
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While your social media strategy depends on your specific niche and target audience, Facebook is a great platform to be on. With roughly 2.91 billion monthly active users, a business page on Facebook is vital for every progressive brand today. Moreover, in the era of digitalization and the peak of popularity of social media, for small businesses, such a page can completely replace a corporate website.

While having a Facebook business page is a good start, you still need to go through the steps above to succeed. In intense competition, you should get the most of the world’s top social media network to promote your brand.

When you post content on Facebook, you strive to attract maximum positive attention from your audience and get them to interact with it somehow. But what exactly catches people and makes them share Facebook posts? We have compiled the list of the prioritized Facebook best practices to engage with the audience and grow your brand. Let’s go.

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6 Facebook Best Practices to Boost Your Brand

1. Engage with your audience right on Facebook. 

It may sound simple enough, but you could see many brands pasting the external links to the Facebook content. So there is no need to say that you should not expect much engagement in this case. On the other hand, the Facebook feed ranking algorithm will promote such posts when you keep people on the platform and engage them right there.

Any brand needs to be constantly in the information field and find ways to interact with its audience. So when crafting content for your Facebook page, make sure to include the following.

  • Fill your visual content with images, memes, and videos that keep interactions on Facebook.
  • Ask questions and encourage discussions. Even the simplest question can get into the audience’s mood and cause a good resonance.
  • Ask your followers to share their stories and experience. 

Note, it does not mean you should never use external links in your posts – use them wisely. Forcing your audience to leave Facebook regularly is not a good approach when talking about engagement. 

2. Connect with your followers through Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories are short user-generated photo and video collections that automatically disappear after 24 hours. The Stories format became popular thanks to the social network Snapchat, which Facebook has been following for the last time. Initially, Facebook introduced Stories on Instagram. However, stories have become so popular that they have appeared in the primary asset – Facebook itself.

Facebook Stories use your mobile device’s camera in the Facebook app, which allows applying funny filters and adding visual geolocation tags to the photos and videos. Publishing Stories on Facebook will enable brands to bypass the Facebook algorithm and grab the followers’ attention.

Moreover, Stories encourage users to respond quickly to content. They cannot save a message, postpone it until tomorrow, or respond later. Everyone must act here and now. This feature is an excellent opportunity to tell its story and make Facebook marketing honest, open, and trusting.

3. Give preference to positive and inspirational content.

Prioritize light and positive content that makes you closer to subscribers and creates a friendly atmosphere. For example, tell your audience how the manager poured coffee on the keyboard or something similar. Let the audience laugh with you. 

Note that you should be careful with jokes on specific topics. In pursuit of hype, some brands and bloggers make mistakes that can threaten to lose their reputation. If there are concerns that your humor may hurt someone’s feelings, it is better to leave the joke inside the team and come up with another engaging post.

For inspirational content, feel free to use personal success stories, motivational tips, and checklists, arrange Q+A sessions to engage with your Facebook audience. Also, find optimal posting time considering the peak activity hours on Facebook.

4. Video content is always a good idea.

The recipe for good video content marketing is simple. Use different types of video content to achieve specific goals. You can use Facebook Live video for streaming from various events, organizing a Q+A session, or presenting a new product. Educational videos work great to show a solution to a problem or some concept that people in your field encounter most often. Invite people to your “home” with the help of Facebook Stories. By showing the team and their daily duties in front of the camera, you show the truly human face of your brand and share values – this always allows people to get one step closer.

All social networks have their unique language for videos – particular technical and audiovisual aspects have proven to be effective on Facebook. For example, add an introduction slide for your video, stick to the appropriate aspect ratio (1:1 or 9:16) for mobile devices, and add captions.

5. Use Facebook messengers to be in touch with your audience 24/7.

You do not have to be a marketing guru to predict that the deep involvement of modern users in social media will continue to have a significant impact on the service industry. Bad is the company whose management sees a one-way communication channel in social networks to promote goods and services only. Like any other social media platform, Facebook is a powerful communication channel with the consumer.

With the help of Facebook Messenger, you can promptly answer customer questions, work with loyalty, and resolve any customer-related issues. Moreover, some brands try to automate the communication process, for example, with the help of chatbots that help customers automatically answer the most frequent questions. As a result, social networks and messengers are increasingly used as the primary sales and customer service channel every year.

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6. Analyze your Facebook performance.

One of the most critical topics in digital marketing is analytics. It is the area of collecting, organizing, presenting, and understanding your users’ and customers’ data. This information will help you draw correct conclusions and make marketing decisions that meet your business goals.

The good news is that Vista Social offers excellent analytics tools – simple, intuitive, customizable, and fully automated reports that quickly tell you what is working. Gather paid, and organic insights for one or many Facebook Pages to measure fan growth, analyze engagement, and track post-performance. You will understand industry averages within one easy-to-use system and directly compare competitor data to your own.

A Few More Tips to Increase Engagement on Facebook 

Let’s say you follow the recommendations above, but your engagement level is far from perfect. So here are a few quick tips you may find helpful to improve your reach and engagement. 

Publish content with a focus on education.

Instead of direct advertising, brands are sharing educational content on Facebook. For example, cosmetic brands shoot video makeup lessons. Sports brands tell you how to choose the right running shoes. Grocery chains share recipes for healthy lunches.

Try to find a perfect balance between industry expert content and the one entertaining your audience. Any helpful advice suggested in a friendly manner will add your Facebook page more scores.

Stick to the publishing consistency and frequency.

The audience craves consistency, and when the frequency of your posts provides it, it is good. So, how often should you post on your Facebook business page?

If you are looking for a secret formula to find the exact answer to this question, we will have to disappoint you: best practices vary depending on the industry and the type of company. In addition, a lot depends on the preferences of your audience. 

Check out the research on the best time for Facebook posts in 2022 and stick to the consistency and frequency that work for your specific brand.

Respond to your followers’ comments. 

Effective communication with your brand’s customers is one of the fundamental aspects of boosting engagement. Give your followers personalized replies and ensure talking to them like humans.

In addition, you should maintain a professional front and your brand voice, reply quickly, and move private conversations to Direct.

Leverage your brand advocates.

Marketers have long concluded that the presence of “brand advocates,” people who influence other people, positively affects results. Brand advocates are ordinary people who speak positively about the brand or their positive experience with the brand.

Videos with the unpacking of the order, text reviews with photos, and other types of content that attract attention and inspire trust can be reposted on Facebook. Ensure using brand advocacy to receive an easy engagement on Facebook.


We hope that all the tips given in this article will help you increase your audience on the social network and make your Facebook page successful in terms of marketing effectiveness and user engagement. Post regularly, work with your target audience and strive to involve them in what is happening. Play with your content and track analytics to ensure you are on the right path.

Vista Social’s Facebook integration includes publishing, reputation, response management tools for Pages and Messenger, and rich analytics. So do not hesitate to get started for free and gain access to powerful social media management features.

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