How to Save Instagram Story with Music this 2024

Updated on March 20, 2024

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Published January 19, 2023

How to Save Instagram Story with Music this 2024
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Learn how to save an Instagram Story with music in minutes.

Although Instagram has a built-in feature for saving and downloading Stories, it doesn’t include audio tracks embedded via the “music” sticker. 

Check out the tips below to learn how to save Instagram Stories with the music intact.

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Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • How do you add music to an Instagram Story?
  • How to save Instagram Story with music?
  • How to Save Instagram Story with Music via Screen Recording
  • How to save Instagram Story with music to your Highlights
  • How to save Instagram Stories with music (without posting)?
  • How to save music for future Instagram Stories?
  • How do you delete saved music on Instagram?
  • How to use music in Instagram Stories to boost engagement
  • Bonus tip: Best practices when adding music to Instagram Stories
  • Customers Also Ask
  • Liven up your Instagram Stories with music via Vista Social

How do you add music to an Instagram Story?

Use the music sticker to easily add songs to your Instagram Story straight from the app. 

Create a Story using the Instagram app, tap the ‘Sticker’ icon, and select ‘Music.’

Use the music sticker to easily add songs.
Image Source:

A faster and more effective way to use songs for Instagram Story is to use Vista Social’s trending audio recommendations. 

On Vista Social’s publisher, add the video you want to use, and tap the “three dots” icon in the thumbnail. Select ‘Pick sound’ to reveal trending audio suggestions to spice up your Instagram videos. 

Find trending audio suggestions.

Use the search bar under the ‘Trending sounds’ tab to look for specific songs. Otherwise, select one of the recommendations below and click ‘Apply sound.’ 

Select one of the recommendations.

Generating audio recommendations shortens the time it takes to plan and create Instagram content. This lets you focus on other tasks, like coming up with questions to ask on Instagram Story, analyzing your data and analytics, monitoring your competitors, etc.

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How to save Instagram Story with music?

To save an Instagram Story with music (that you have uploaded), open the Story using the Instagram app, and tap ‘More.’ 

Save Instagram Story with music.
Image Source:

Tap ‘Save’ and select ‘Save video’ (or ‘Save Photo’ if your Story is an image). Your Story will now be saved in your gallery. 

If you added music to your Story via a sticker, this method only saves the video or image without sounds. But just like how to share a YouTube video on Instagram Story, there’s a tool for everything., for one, lets you download the full Story with the music included.

On their website, enter the username of the account with the Story you want to save and click ‘Download.’ 

Download the full Story with StorySaver.
Image Source:

Answer the CAPTCHA question and wait for to pull up the account’s Instagram Stories. When done, find the Story you want and click ‘Save as Video.’ 

Save as video.
Image Source:

If the video played in a new tab, just right-click and select ‘Save Video As’ (or a similar option). 

Learning how to get an Instagram Story download with music is useful if you need to create compilations or collages. For this, you just need to know how to add multiple photos to Instagram Story or videos. 

If you simply want a copy of someone else’s image Stories, screenshotting them should do the trick. And if you’re wondering, “does Instagram notify when you screenshot a Story,” the answer is no—you can screenshot publicly shared Stories completely anonymously. 

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How to Save Instagram Story with Music via Screen Recording

Another way to save an Insta Story video with music is by screen recording it. 

The process is pretty similar for iPhone and Android devices. 

Important note: Not all Android devices have a built-in screen recording feature. However, you can download a reliable screen recording app from the Play Store.

Follow these steps to save Instagram Stories using the screen recorder tool or app. 

  • Open the Instagram mobile app on your device. 
  • Find the Story you want to save, whether it’s on your client’s profile or another user’s Instagram account. 
  • Start screen recording. For Android devices, swipe down to display the Quick Settings menu and select the Screen recording icon. If the feature isn’t there, add the screen recording option from your device’s Settings to your Quick Settings menu. For iOS devices, go to your control center and tap the Screen Recording icon. If the screen recording option isn’t visible, you may need to customize your control center from the device settings.
  • After starting your screen recording, play the Instagram Story with the music you wish to save. Make sure the screen recording captures the video and audio. 
  • Once the Story ends, stop your screen recording. It will save your recorded video and its background music to your device’s gallery. 
  • Go to your device’s gallery or video folder to find your saved screen recordings.

How to save Instagram Story with music to your Highlights 

You can save your clients’ Instagram Stories to their Highlights. 

This way, viewers can still see your clients’ Stories after the 24 hours are up,

Adding your clients’ Stories to Highlights technically saves them to the app since they will automatically get moved to the Archives—and yes, the background music is saved with the Story.

Follow these steps to save Instagram Stories with music to Highlights.

  • Open the Story you want to add to Highlights.
  • Tap the Highlight button at the bottom of your screen. 
  • You can add the Story as a new Highlight or add it to an existing one so they show in one Story Highlight. 
  • You should now see the Story in your client’s Highlights section on their Instagram profiles or bio. 

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You can also share Stories as posts on your clients’ Instagram feeds.

Open the Story you want shared on the feed and tap the three-dot icon on the bottom-right corner that says More.

Select the Share as post option. Instagram will save Stories as Reels when you share them as in-feed posts.

Instagram will remove the background music that was added through the Music option or Sticker in Stories.

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But you can add the same music (if it’s available) or a new one when sharing the Story as an in-feed post.

Once the Story has been shared on the feed, you can download and save it to your device’s gallery or local storage.

How to save Instagram Stories with music (without posting)?

Save Instagram Stories with music directly from the app before you post them. 

Here are the steps to do it: 

  • Step 1: Run the Instagram app and create a Story. 
  • Step 2: Use the music sticker to add a song to your Story. 
  • Step 3: Before posting the Story, tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner. 
  • Step 4: Tap ‘Save’ and your Story draft will be downloaded to your gallery (with the music intact). 
Save story draft in Instagram.
Image Source:

How to save music for future Instagram Stories?

Use these steps to save music via the Instagram app for future Stories:

  • Step 1: Launch the Instagram app and create a new Reel.
  • Step 2: Select a photo or video (from your gallery or via the Instagram camera tool). 
  • Step 3: Tap ‘Audio’ in the main toolbar (left side). 
  • Step 4: Look for the song you want to save and swipe to the left. 
  • Step 5: Tap the bookmark icon to save the song on Instagram. 

This method saves music to your Instagram music “collection.” 

As such, you don’t have to search for the same songs over and over again whenever you want to use them. 

Instagram music “collection.”
Image Source:

Note that it’s not the time to pick between Instagram Reels vs Story. You can only save music to Instagram from the Reel editor, not from the Story editor. 

Saving music to your Instagram collection lets you create Stories and Reels faster. Just make sure you use the right Instagram Story size and dimensions to display your content properly. 

How do you delete saved music on Instagram?

Follow these steps to delete music saved in your Instagram collection: 

  • Step 1: Open the Instagram app and create a new Reel. 
  • Step 2: Select a video or image from your gallery. 
  • Step 3: Tap ‘Audio.’ 
  • Step 4: On the music selection page, tap ‘Saved.’ 
  • Step 5: Look for the music you want to delete from your collection. 
  • Step 6: Swipe to the left and tap the bookmark icon to remove it from your collection.

How to use music in Instagram Stories to boost engagement

Music can turn your clients’ Stories from zero to hero. 

Check out these tried and tested tips to leverage music in Instagram Stories to boost audience engagement. 

  • Add music to interactive Instagram Stories to make them more engaging. For example, you can create polls and use fun music as background to encourage followers to participate. You can even make your client’s poll about music, like using an instrumental version of a song and asking viewers to guess the title in the poll. 
  • Make behind-the-scenes Stories more exciting and vibrant with a piece of cool or trendy background music. 
  • Use music to highlight specific product benefits and features. You can even create a catchy jingle with short product demo Stories to capture the viewers’ attention (and get the tune stuck in their heads). That will surely help your clients stay top of mind with their followers. Consider sharing the Story on other parts of your client’s profile, such as their Instagram broadcast channel
  • Take your clients’ storytelling up a notch by adding music to enhance their Insta Stories. The right background music can evoke emotions and captivate your clients’ audiences, turning their Stories into short storytelling masterpieces. 
  • Sharing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) series? Spice it up with some low-key background music. For instance, you could use background music to signal the move to the next topic or question. It’s a subtle way to keep viewers entertained and on the edge of their seats. 
  • Run contests or challenges centered around music and share them in your clients’ Instagram Stories. For example, you could ask followers to post a dance challenge using a specific song in their Stories. It’s a fun and effective way to encourage followers to share User-Generated Content (UGC) while fostering community engagement. 
  • Leverage music to build hype around your clients’ special offers and events. Create teaser videos with catchy or trendy music and share them in your clients’ Stories to spark interest and entice viewers to learn more. You can also include music to draw attention to special announcements in Stories, such as your client’s rebranding initiatives and their name change on Instagram.

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Remember to keep your clients’ Stories compliant with the Instagram Community Guidelines and avoid potential violations that can get their accounts blocked or deactivated. 

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Bonus tip: Best practices when adding music to Instagram Stories

Here are some quick tips when including music in your client’s Instagram Stories:

  • Use the Instagram music library. Instagram has a vast library of licensed music you can choose from. The library includes various genres and popular songs and ensures you can use music in your client’s content without getting flagged for copyright violations.
  • Consider the mood and tone. Choose a song that fits the mood and tone of your client’s story. If it’s a fun and lighthearted moment, pick a song that matches that vibe. If the Story shares a serious moment, choose a more somber or reflective song.
  • Keep the music volume in check. Ensure the music volume is not too loud, overpowering, or distracting. It should be loud enough to complement the visuals and create the desired atmosphere but not so loud that it overshadows your client’s content.
  • Add lyrics and subtitles. If the song has meaningful lyrics that relate to your client’s story, consider adding subtitles or lyrics to the content to help audiences understand the meaning behind your choice.
  • Use stickers and GIFs. Instagram provides a range of stickers and GIFs to add to your Stories, including music-themed stickers, which can help enhance the visual appeal of your client’s Story.
  • Preview before publishing. Before publishing each client’s Story, preview them to ensure that the music and visuals work well together and convey the desired message.

Learn from these best practices to help you create engaging and visually appealing Instagram Stories that effectively use music to enhance the overall viewing experience.

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Customers Also Ask

How can we save Instagram Story with music in a gallery?

Ways to save Instagram Story with music: 

  • Use (or a similar website) to download an Instagram Story with music. 
  • Save your Instagram Story draft to your device before posting. 
  • Save your own Instagram Story with its original sound intact (through the “More” menu). 

How can I save my Instagram Story with music in iPhone?

You can save your Instagram Story with music using or by saving the draft before posting it. Alternatively, use the built-in screen recorder tool to capture Instagram Stories instantly.

How do you save audio on Instagram 2024?

Find the audio from the Instagram Reel editor, swipe to the left, and tap the bookmark icon to save it. Use saved audio tracks for future Instagram Stories and Reels.

Can you add music to an Instagram Story after posting it?

You can’t add music to already published Stories since Instagram doesn’t offer options to edit a Story. 

Your only option is to download the Story, delete the original post, and re-upload it to Instagram Stories with music.

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