How to Share Threads on Instagram: Step-by-Step Guide

Updated on April 10, 2024

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Published April 10, 2024

How to Share Threads on Instagram: Step-by-Step Guide
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You better believe it… If you don’t learn how to share Threads on Instagram, your clients will miss out on countless opportunities to engage and reach new people.

According to the latest Instagram Threads statistics, Threads is becoming popular for users who prefer a more text-based social media platform.

But why limit your clients’ posts to Threads when you can easily share them on Instagram and get more eyeballs and engagement?

Sharing your clients’ Threads posts on their Instagram accounts is easier than you think with this ultimate guide.

Continue reading for the walk-through.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • Why share Threads on Instagram?
  • Ways to share Threads on Instagram
  • Supercharge your Instagram content strategy with Vista Social
  • Additional resources
  • FAQs on How to share Threads on Instagram
  • Share Threads on Instagram for more engagement opportunities

Why share Threads on Instagram?

Sharing your clients’ Threads on their Instagram pages offers the following benefits:

  • Boost engagement. Threads posts can spark more intimate interaction and engagement with followers since the platform is designed for starting and joining conversations. Sharing your clients’ Threads posts on Instagram extends that engagement to wider audiences. Think more likes, shares, and comments. 
  • Build authenticity. Threads is all about establishing genuine connections and authenticity. Showcasing these posts on your clients’ Instagram helps reinforce the brand values they established with Threads followers.
  • Grow followers. Threads is relatively new, so not everyone knows about it yet. Posting your clients’ threads on their Instagram feeds lets followers know they’re on Threads. It can encourage followers to jump on the Threads train, check out your clients’ Threads profiles and content, and follow them on the platform. That’s one way of increasing your clients’ Threads followers. 
  • Content variety. Adding Threads posts to your clients’ regular Instagram content can help spice up their feeds. It can break the monotony and give your clients’ audiences something fresh, enticing them to interact with your content. 

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Ways to share Threads on Instagram 

Reposting your clients’ Threads to their Instagram Stories and feeds is incredibly easy with the following methods. 

Share Threads on Instagram through your mobile device

Open the Threads app and log into your client’s account.

To share a Threads post to Instagram, go to the post and tap the Share Icon below it.

How to Share Threads on Instagram1

Choose where you want to share the post.

You can add the post directly to your client’s Instagram Story or share it on their IG feed since their Instagram is linked to their Threads accounts.

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How to Share Threads on Instagram2

If you share the Threads post on your Instagram Stories, you can customize it like a new Story on Instagram before publishing it.

For instance, you can add stickers, music, background colors, etc.

Your clients’ Threads and Instagram audiences may not be the same, so customize the Threads posts accordingly to ensure they appeal to and resonate with IG followers.

Remember these wise words from William Butler Yeats

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”

You can also send Threads content via Direct Messages (DMs) to Instagram or Facebook Messenger friends.

The process is pretty similar on Android and iPhone but with slight interface differences.

Share Threads on Instagram through your desktop

You can share your clients’ Threads posts on their Instagram pages using a web browser on your desktop.

Go to and log in to your client’s Threads account.

Open the Threads post you want to share to Instagram and click the Share Icon below.

How to Share Threads on Instagram3

Copy the thread’s link or embed code.

How to Share Threads on Instagram4How to Share Threads on Instagram4

Open your client’s Instagram account and create a post.

Paste the thread link or embed code, customize the post, and publish it on Instagram.

How to Share Threads on Instagram5

And there you have it. That’s how easy it is to share Threads on Instagram.

You can also discover Threads and creators you’re following, including the posts you’ve liked. Share their posts to your clients’ Instagram feeds (with proper attribution to the original creators).

Remember that your clients’ Threads and Insta posts should adhere to Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

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Proven violations can get your clients’ accounts restricted, blocked, or deleted by Instagram.

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Also, remember to maintain the quality of the content you share across your clients’ Threads and Instagram profiles.

Take it from Milton Hershey, who said…

“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.”

Supercharge your Instagram content strategy with Vista Social

You can’t schedule Threads posts yet since Instagram is still working toward making Threads compatible with scheduling tools via an API.

However, you can automate publishing your clients’ Instagram and other social media content.

Leverage Vista Social’s sophisticated social media management features.

The platform has all the handy features you need to speed up and simplify your workflows.

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The tool includes optimal publishing time recommendations.

How to Share Threads on Instagram6

With the Instagram Planner, you can simplify planning and sorting your clients’ upcoming posts.

Drag and drop the posts to re-arrange them and achieve the look your clients want for their Instagram feeds.

How to Share Threads on Instagram7

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How to Share Threads on Instagram8

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How to Share Threads on Instagram9

Vista Social offers more amazing features, including:

  • Social Inbox for seamless engagement management
  • Reports and analytics to measure and analyze content performance and audience engagement
  • Free hashtag and username generators
  • Content calendar to simplify content planning, development, and management

Additional resources

Get more juice from your Instagram marketing and audience engagement initiatives with these related articles.

FAQs on How to share Threads on Instagram

How do I know if someone on Instagram is also on Threads?

You can check the user’s Instagram profile to see if their Threads badge is displayed under their IG name.

If the user’s IG profile doesn’t show their Threads badge, you can go on Threads and search for their username.

How do you hide posts on Threads?

Open your client’s Threads account and go to the post you want to hide.

Tap the three dots on the upper right corner of the post.

Click Not interested, so the post stops showing in your client’s feed.

Can you automatically share your Threads posts on Instagram?

You can’t automatically share Threads posts to your client’s Instagram account – which means you must manually share the post from the feed on Threads.

Share Threads on Instagram for more engagement opportunities

Don’t miss out on opportunities to widen your clients’ reach, boost engagement, and grow followers by sharing their Threads posts on Instagram.

Amplify your clients’ Instagram content strategies and engagement efforts on other social networks with Vista Social.

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