How to Remove Threads From Instagram w/o Losing Your IG Profile

Updated on March 30, 2024

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Published March 30, 2024

How to Remove Threads From Instagram w/o Losing Your IG Profile
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You’re not a fan of IG Threads.

You’re looking to remove it, but you’re paranoid it might delete your client’s IG profile.

You thought of leaving it as is, but you’re concerned about privacy concerns, clutter reduction, etc.

Friend, you are not alone…

Many social media managers and IG profile owners have considered removing their IG Threads but have delayed doing so for fear of accidentally deleting their IG profiles.

We’ll fix that issue right now.

Continue reading this guide to learn how to remove Threads from Instagram without losing your IG profile.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • Why you may want to remove Threads from Instagram
  • Ways to remove Threads from Instagram
  • Develop and plan Threads content with Vista Social
  • Additional resources
  • Remove Threads from Instagram with ease

Why you may want to remove Threads from Instagram

Removing your clients’ Threads account from Instagram isn’t always ideal, but there can be valid reasons, including the following.

  • Low engagement. While data shows that Threads has 130 million users, many users haven’t joined Threads, and many would rather stay on Instagram. It can lead to your clients’ content getting lost in the Threads void without significant engagement, making them rethink their decision to stay on the platform. 
  • Limited audience reach. If most of your target audiences aren’t on Threads, your clients are unlikely to reach them on the platform. Your clients may want to focus on reaching audiences on a platform they already frequent, such as Instagram, and get off Threads. 
  • Time and effort drain. Managing another social media profile and its content on top of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more can take a lot of time and effort. Your clients may be better off spending their resources on content strategies that will likely get them higher returns than spreading themselves thin to keep up with Threads.

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Remember to thoroughly discuss with your clients their reasons for wanting to opt out of IG Threads.

Point out the pros and cons, especially the potential engagements and business they could miss out on if they ignore Threads.

According to Jeneration PR and Profitable PR Pros founder Jennifer Berson

“Instagram Threads seems like it’ll just get bigger and bigger. As a PR pro, you need to decide if you want to use it to reach new media contacts or if it’s a trend to pass on.” 

…so help your clients not to take this decision lightly.

Ways to remove Threads from Instagram

You can remove your Threads profile without losing your Instagram accounts using two main methods: Deactivating and deleting your Threads profiles. 

1. How to remove Threads from Instagram by deactivating your Threads profile

You can “turn off” your client’s Threads account by temporarily deactivating their profiles.

Deactivating means your clients’ interactions and posts won’t be visible on the platform until you reactivate your Threads profile. 

However, deactivating your Instagram account will also deactivate your Threads profile. 

Follow the steps below to deactivate your clients’ Threads account on a desktop.

Start by going to and logging into your client’s Threads account. 

Next, click the menu icon at the top-right corner of your screen and select Settings.

How to Remove Threads from Instagram1

Click the Account tab and select Deactivate or delete profile.

How to Remove Threads from Instagram2

Select Deactivate Threads profile. 

How to Remove Threads from Instagram3

Finally, confirm your choice by clicking Deactivate. 

Deactivating your clients’ Threads profile on an Android or iPhone (iOS) device is pretty much the same.

Open the Threads app and log in using your client’s username and password.

Tap the profile picture icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen to go to the Threads profile page.

How to Remove Threads from Instagram4

On the profile page, tap the menu option at the top-right corner.

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How to Remove Threads from Instagram5

Tap the Account icon and Deactivate or delete profile.

How to Remove Threads from Instagram6

Tap Deactivate Threads profile and confirm your choice to complete the deactivation process.

Instagram Threads only lets you deactivate your profiles once a week.

Important note: If your client turned on sharing to the fediverse on Threads, the platform will turn off sharing from your client’s profile. It will request that other fediverse servers delete the profile and content from their servers.

Deactivation won’t delete your clients’ Threads data or affect their Instagram accounts.

You can get further assistance deactivating your profile from the Instagram Help Center.

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2. How to remove Threads from Instagram by deleting your Threads profile

If your clients want to stay away from Threads permanently, they can delete their profiles.

If you delete your Threads account, it won’t impact your Instagram profile.

You’ll need to wait 30 days for your clients’ profiles, content, followers, and likes to be permanently removed from Threads. After the 30-day period, you can no longer retrieve this information.

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Consider the following before deleting your clients’ profiles:

  • For security reasons, the platform can’t delete Threads users’ profiles. You must log into your clients’ Threads accounts and request deletion. 
  • Consider downloading your Threads information before deleting the profile. 
  • Your clients must wait 90 days to sign up again (using the same Instagram account) after their Threads profiles are deleted. 
  • The Threads profile and content deletion process can take 90 days from when requested. Also, copies of your clients’ information can remain in backup storage after 90 days for recovery purposes in case of errors, data loss events, legal issues, harm prevention efforts, and terms of use violations. It means your clients’ Threads data may remain publicly visible despite already submitting the request for account deletion.

If your client’s Threads account gets blocked or deleted for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines, they’re not likely to be allowed to sign up again using the same Instagram account.

Your client will likely need to create a new or different Instagram creator account to sign up for Threads again.

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Deleting your clients’ Threads profiles follows the same steps as deactivating accounts, except for the last few steps.

  • To delete your client’s Threads profile on a desktop, go to their profile by clicking the menu icon . 
  • Click Settings > Account > Deactivate or delete profile. 
  • Click Delete profile.
  • Follow the prompts and click Delete Threads profile.

Follow these steps to delete Threads without losing Instagram profiles on an iPhone or Android device.

  • Launch the Threads mobile app and log into your client’s account.
  • Tap the profile icon in the bottom right to go to your client’s profile.
  • Select the menu icon at the top right corner. 
  • Tap the Account icon > Deactivate or delete profile. 
  • Select Delete profile at the bottom. 
  • Follow the prompts and select Delete Threads profile. 

Develop and plan Threads content with Vista Social

The API to allow scheduling and auto-publishing Threads posts isn’t available yet.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t leverage sophisticated social media management platforms like Vista Social.

For now, you can use Vista Social to plan and develop your clients’ Threads content with these features:

  • A content calendar that simplifies planning, sorting, and managing your clients’ social media posts. If you plan on sharing the same content on Instagram and Threads, you can create Instagram post drafts and save them in the calendar.
  • An AI Assistant for instantly generating taglines, descriptions, and captions for your clients’ Instagram posts, saving you time and energy.
  • A link in bio tool that includes Vista Pages, which are mico websites and landing pages that you can customize for your clients’ brands, products, services, and lead generation efforts. 
  • Free hashtag generators so you won’t need to search for trending and relevant hashtags manually.  

Additional resources

Do you need more resources to amplify your clients’ Threads and Instagram marketing efforts? These resources and related articles can help.

Remove Threads from Instagram with ease

Removing Threads from Instagram won’t delete your information and profiles, and the process is easy with the steps, including tips and tricks, in this guide.

While disconnecting Threads from the Instagram app isn’t always practical, the process is straightforward enough when your clients want to do it.

If your clients want to focus more on Instagram, you can use Vista Social, a robust social media management platform, to supercharge your efforts—from content scheduling to reporting and analytics.

Get all these features and more when you create your Vista Social account.

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