How to Get Notes on Instagram [2024]: Easy Fixes & Steps

Updated on December 7, 2023

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Published August 2, 2023

How to Get Notes on Instagram [2024]: Easy Fixes & Steps
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You might be wondering…

Why on earth doesn’t Instagram Notes appear on my client’s accounts? 🤔

I promise you. You’re not the first to ask.

You’ll find that many IG users don’t have any notes plastered on their IG chat profiles, and some are oblivious about how to enable the feature.

So how do you slap on those Instagram Notes for your clients and fix them when they don’t work?

This guide covers all that and more.

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • How to get Notes on Instagram
  • How to mute Notes on Instagram
  • How to delete Notes on Instagram
  • How to troubleshoot and fix Notes on Instagram
  • Manage multiple Instagram client accounts with ease
  • People also ask
  • Get Notes on Instagram to boost engagement

How to get Notes on Instagram 

One of the new sharing features on Instagram is Notes.

It lets users share thoughts with followers through short, 60-character text and emoji posts.

Notes appear on the IG chat profile photo as a thought bubble and vanish after 24 hours.

You can post fun and captivating IG Notes to help your clients connect and engage their audiences better.

Create your client’s first Instagram Note with these steps.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile device

Launch the Instagram mobile app and log in to your client’s account.

Tap on the Messages profile icon at the top-right corner. 

how to get notes on instagram

Select your client’s profile pic icon at the top. 

how to get notes on instagram 1

Step 2: Write your client’s Note

Tap on the “Share what’s on your mind” field and enter your client’s Note.

Ask catchy questions, share exciting ideas, or write something silly—anything enticing that gets your client’s followers to respond and interact.

You can say, “Got any suggestions for aesthetic Instagram filters?” or “Hit me with your best puns.”

how to get notes on instagram 2

If you’re learning how to add a collaborator on Instagram for clients, you can use Notes to spark interest or start conversations around your clients’ collaboration posts. 

Step 3: Share away

Tap Share when you’re done.

You can share your client’s Notes with their followers or Close Friends (if they have an existing list).

Your client’s IG Note should now display at the top of their chat profile photo icon. 

how to get notes on instagram 3

Your clients’ followers can see and respond to the Instagram Note within 24 hours.

Want to help your clients start a conversation with followers?

Reply to their followers’ IG Notes. The conversation will only be visible to you and the other user.

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How to mute Notes on Instagram

You can mute Instagram Notes from other users, like muting posts and Stories for your clients.

Navigate to the user profile your client wants to mute.

Tap on the Following drop-down and select Mute.

Swipe on the Notes switch to mute it, and you’re all set.

how to get notes on instagram 4

Follow the same steps and switch off the Unmute option if your client wants to see the muted user’s Notes again.

A more direct way to mute Instagram Notes is to tap and hold the user’s Note in the chat or messages page and select Mute notes.

how to get notes on instagram 5

View your client’s muted Notes by tapping the hamburger icon on your client’s Instagram profile page and selecting Settings and Privacy. 

how to get notes on instagram 6

Tap on Muted accounts, and you’ll see the list of Instagram users on mute, including which options (Posts, Stories, and Notes) are muted. 

how to get notes on instagram 7

How to delete Notes on Instagram

You can only post one Instagram Note for clients at a time, but you can replace the Note within 24 hours.

For instance, you can replace your client’s previously published Note with a shorter version like “Got any photo dump captions?”

All you need to do is go back to your client’s Note in Instagram chat, tap on the Note, and select Leave a new note or Delete note. 

how to get notes on instagram 8

How to troubleshoot and fix Notes on Instagram

The Instagram Notes feature isn’t available to all countries.

However, if your clients are in countries where Instagram Notes is available, but the option still doesn’t show up, do a bit of troubleshooting.

Start with these easy fixes to get the Notes on Instagram for your clients. 

1. Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram mobile app

Besides turning the mobile device off and on again, try uninstalling and installing the Instagram mobile app.

For iOS devices, you can offload the IG app, which deletes its data and refreshes the cache while keeping all your client’s app-related documents and settings.

Offloading also forces the app to update to the latest version, which can help fix the problem.

While each device’s interface can vary, the basic steps to offload the IG app on an iPhone are similar.

Follow these steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and tap General. 
  • Select iPhone storage, where you’ll see all the installed apps on the device and the storage they take up. 
  • Scroll and select Instagram and tap on Offload App. Once it’s done, tap Reinstall App. 

Go to the app in your Settings or tap and hold the app on your home screen for Android devices.

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Select Uninstall. Once uninstalled, go to Google Play Store, enter Instagram in the search bar, and install the app.

The IG app should be updated with the reinstall, and if it worked, Notes should now be available for your client’s account.   

2. Update the IG app

The Instagram Notes feature can go AWOL sometimes, but a simple fix often works: updating the app.

Go to the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android), search for Instagram, and tap Update if available.

After updating, open the Instagram app, and if all goes well, the Notes feature should now be ready on the app’s Messages page. 

3. Switch on Activity Status

You won’t see Notes on your client’s Instagram account if their activity status is off.

Check if your clients’ activity status is off or on by going to their Instagram profile page and tapping the hamburger icon at the top-right corner.

Tap Settings and privacy, scroll down, and select Messages and story replies.

how to get notes on instagram 9

Tap on Show activity status and switch on the Show Activity Status option slider.

how to get notes on instagram 10

Go to Messages to check if Instagram Notes are visible and available for your client. 

4. Use a Professional Account

If the steps above don’t work, consider switching your client to a Professional Instagram account and going back to a personal account.

Go to your client’s Instagram profile page and tap the hamburger icon in the upper-right corner.

Tap on Settings and privacy, and under For professionals, select Account type and tools. 

how to get notes on instagram 11

Tap on Switch to professional account and select Continue. 

how to get notes on instagram 12

Follow the prompts and tap Done, then OK. 

how to get notes on instagram 13

Go back to Messages and check if Instagram Notes is available.

To switch your client back to a Personal account, return to Settings and privacy.

Scroll down, tap Creator/Business tools and controls, and select Switch Account Type.

Switch your client’s account back to a personal account.

If this troubleshooting tactic worked, the Instagram Notes option should still be available on your client’s Messages.  

5. Get help from Instagram

When all else fails, contact Instagram Help Desk to get assistance from their support team.

Go to Settings and Privacy on your client’s profile page, scroll down, and tap Help under More Info and Support. 

how to get notes on instagram 14

Select Report a Problem.

Instagram will tell you to go back to the page where the issue happened and shake your phone to capture it.

You can also turn off this option and tap Report a problem to submit the issue the usual way. 

how to get notes on instagram 15

Describe your issue, such as Instagram Notes not showing on your client’s account, and upload a screenshot.

Send the report and wait for Instagram’s response and resolution.

Besides reporting a problem, you can go to the IG app’s Help option to get assistance for other issues, such as submitting an Instagram appeal form

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People also ask

Below are common questions that IG users ask about Instagram Notes.

Will people get an alert when I upload Instagram Notes?

Instagram users won’t be notified when you post your client’s Note, but they can see when the Note is up. 

Can you see the users who viewed your notes?


Unlike Instagram Stories, you and other users won’t see the followers who viewed your client’s Notes.

How can you tell if a message is a response to my Note?

Instagram will tell you if the message is a reply to your client’s Note by displaying “User X Replied to your Note” above it. 

Get Notes on Instagram to boost engagement

Don’t take the IG notes feature for granted. Use it to improve your audience engagement and generate more leads and sales for your clients.

Also, remember to bolster your social media marketing initiatives using a reliable social media management platform, such as Vista Social.

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