How to Find Deleted TikTok Videos | Step-By-Step Guide [2024]

Updated on December 7, 2023

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Published September 24, 2022

How to Find Deleted TikTok Videos | Step-By-Step Guide [2024]
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Learn how to find deleted TikTok videos using this step-by-step guide.

In this post, we cover several crucial points you absolutely need to know when managing your client’s TikTok accounts.

Things like:

  • How to get back deleted TikTok videos
  • How to keep backups of TikTok videos
  • How to find saved drafts on TikTok
  • Tips to keep your TikTok videos from being deleted
  • How to find deleted TikTok videos: FAQs
  • Repurpose deleted videos with Vista Social

Table of contents

How to get back deleted TikTok videos

TikTok doesn’t have a built-in feature that lets you view or recover deleted TikTok videos from the native app.

However, you can still recover deleted TikTok videos from the device they’re uploaded from. 

If your client is having trouble finding a deleted video, guide them with these instructions: 

1. Go to their device’s photo gallery app

Modern smartphones all have a photo gallery app where all images and videos are kept. 

For Android devices, look for the ‘Gallery’ app or something similar. On iPhones, this is simply the ‘Photos’ app.

Go to device’s photo gallery app.

2. Find the TikTok folder

Use the device’s photo gallery app to find the TikTok folder where all uploads are saved automatically. 

The easiest way to do this is to use the search tool and enter the keyword “TikTok.” 

By default, Android saves your uploads under a folder called “TikTok.” On iPhones, just tap ‘See all’ to view all saved TikTok videos.

Find the TikTok folder.

3. Look for the TikTok video you deleted 

Find the deleted video from the gallery and repurpose it as you wish. 

Spice it up by incorporating TikTok quotes, experimenting with new hashtags, or using a different music track. 

Testing new strategies is the best way to perfect your TikTok marketing strategy—and that will help you learn how to become a TikTok influencer.  

If you can’t find the TikTok folder, make sure you’re checking the device used to upload the original video. Also, check your gallery app’s “recently deleted” folder to check if the videos are there. 

If none of these work, the device’s TikTok app may have the “Save to device” feature disabled, which means you can’t recover deleted TikTok videos this way.

TikTok tips to remember if you want to restore deleted videos

Before restoring a deleted TikTok video, ask your client to clarify the reason why it was removed. 

They might have deleted the video to avoid violating TikTok’s community guidelines. Or, they may have found the content irrelevant or misaligned with their brand voice. 

As a rule of thumb, only restore deleted videos as per your client’s request. You can also restore videos if they were accidentally deleted. 

Other than that, here are three additional tips to remember  

  • Look at popular TikTok questions to make repurposed content more engaging. 
  • Re-schedule TikTok posts at optimal times using Vista Social
  • Cross-promote TikTok videos on other social media platforms. 

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How to keep backups of TikTok videos

Saving backups of TikTok videos on your device is a healthy habit for active TikTokers. 

Make this the standard in your agency if you handle client TikTok campaigns. 

The manual method is to save your client’s videos manually to your device. 

Fire up the TikTok app and go to your client’s profile page.

Go to your client’s profile page.
Image Source: TikTok app

Open the video you want to save. Open the three-dot menu to the right and then tap ‘Save video.’

Tap to save Tiktok video.
Image Source: TikTok app

That’s it—the video is now saved to your device’s camera roll. 

Double-check to see if TikTok videos are automatically saved to your device from the post editor. 

When creating your post, scroll down and tap ‘More options.’ From there, enable the ‘Save to device’ toggle and you’re done.

Enable toggle.
Image Source: TikTok app

If your client already has a huge library of TikTok videos you want to back up, you can save their videos in bulk using

This is a more efficient method than saving your TikTok videos one by one. 

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On your dashboard, go to “Connections” and click ‘Add a New Connection.’ Select ‘TikTok’ from the list of options when they appear.

Select a connection
Image Source:

Configure your TikTok connection by giving it a name and signing in via the pop-up window. Repeat the same steps to connect your Google Drive account to have both services linked to

Connect both TikTok and Googe Drive to
Image Source:

Next, go to “Workflows” and click ‘Create a New Workflow.’

Create a workflow with TikTok as your source and Google Drive as the destination. Be sure to select ‘Upload Video’ as your workflow action and create a new folder to make your videos more searchable on Google Drive. 

Click ‘Done’ to finish your workflow and get back to the dashboard.

Follow the instructions to create workflow
Image Source:

On your “Workflows” page, look for the workflow you just created and click ‘View Content.’

Switch the toggle to ‘Auto’ to automatically upload your TikTok videos to Google Drive. To manually choose which videos to back up, use the ‘Publish’ button next to the content.

Click buttons to backup
Image Source:

Why do you need to keep TikTok backups? 

First, it makes it easier to recover TikTok deleted videos in the future. 

If you’re wondering how to get my TikTok videos back after being banned (or, if your country bans TikTok), saving posts to your device is also a foolproof solution. 

How to find saved drafts on TikTok

Figuring out how to get 1,000 followers on TikTok requires a lot of trial and error. 

TikTok drafts come in handy for this purpose. 

By saving posts as drafts, you can compare different editing techniques and tactics side by side. 

Drafts can also be used to implement an approval system between you and your client. Rather than posting or scheduling TikTok posts yourself, save them as drafts and have your client give the final go-ahead. 

To find saved drafts on TikTok, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the TikTok app. 
  2. Go to your client’s profile page. 
  3. On their feed, tap “Drafts” in the upper-left corner of their profile grid. 

For more TikTok marketing tips, read our guide on how to get more views on TikTok after posting

Tips to keep your TikTok videos from being deleted

Prevent your client’s TikTok videos from being intentionally or accidentally deleted with these tips:

  • Keep backups of your client’s TikTok videos. It’s always a good idea to save a copy of your client’s TikTok videos to your device, cloud storage, or even an SD card. This way, even if the videos are accidentally deleted from TikTok, you still have a copy of the deleted video. You can easily retrieve and restore deleted TikTok videos for clients.
  • Be careful when deleting videos. If you must delete a video, ensure you select the correct content before confirming the deletion. Double-check the video thumbnail and the video description before hitting the delete button to save your team and clients the headache later.
  • Follow TikTok’s community guidelines. Ensure your client’s videos comply with TikTok’s community guidelines to avoid getting flagged and removed by the platform since you can’t recover deleted videos. The common reasons for video removal include nudity, hate speech, and graphic violence.
  • Avoid copyrighted content. TikTok has strict rules around copyrighted content. Avoid using copyrighted music or other materials in your client’s videos unless you have obtained permission from the owner.
  • Enable the “Save to Device” feature. Turn on the “Save to Device” option in the TikTok settings to automatically save your client’s videos to the device’s camera roll. It lets you keep copies of the videos even if they are removed from the platform.

Consider following these best practices to help ensure that your client’s TikTok videos remain safe and secure from accidental or intentional video deletion. 

Also, consider implementing an approval process before your team can delete TikTok videos to avoid accidental deletions and disasters.

How to find deleted TikTok videos: FAQs

Can you find deleted TikToks? 

Check your device’s gallery app and search for the “TikTok” folder to see if your TikTok posts are saved there. Regularly create backups of your TikTok videos to easily restore deleted or lost videos in the future. 

When you delete a TikTok video, is it gone forever?

Yes—deleted TikTok video files are removed from the app permanently. Only backups that were automatically saved or manually created will remain. 

Can you get back deleted TikTok drafts? 

TikTok drafts that were deleted through the native app are lost permanently. Consider uploading posts privately instead to make drafts downloadable before deleting them. 

Will I lose my drafts if I delete my TikTok account?


Uninstalling the TikTok app from your client’s device will delete all the saved drafts. 

Uninstalling the app can be necessary if the app keeps crashing for instance. 

However, remember to ask clients to save the TikTok drafts in the device’s internal memory before uninstalling the app so you have backups and don’t lose the drafts.

Repurpose TikTok deleted videos with Vista Social

Recovering TikTok deleted videos is easy to do, especially if you practice creating backups of your TikTok content. 

Make the most of the content you salvaged by re-publishing them through Vista Social. 

You can schedule posts at optimal times, get hashtag suggestions, promote them on other social media platforms—and more. 

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