How to Go Viral on TikTok: Actionable & Easy-to-Follow Tips

Updated on February 21, 2024

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Published February 21, 2024

How to Go Viral on TikTok: Actionable & Easy-to-Follow Tips
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Going viral on TikTok opens doors for your clients.

Lots of doors…

Massive ones, too…

Their follower count could skyrocket in mere days.

They could get collaboration requests from other famous TikTok users, further fueling your client’s growth.

Or, if the planets reeeeaaally align, your clients could start getting phone calls from prospective clients for their services.

Pretty sweet, huh?

And so, the question becomes, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a framework for creating TikTok videos that will likely go viral?”

With such a framework in your arsenal, you’ll be sought after by brands and TikTok users who’d like to reach stardom.

Here’s the deal…

We’ve analyzed TikTok videos that have gotten TONS of engagements and found they share some similarities or a common denominator of sorts.

That’s what we’ll cover in this guide.

If you follow the tips we’ll detail below, you’ll learn how to go viral on TikTok.

Let’s hop right in. 🙂

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • Tips on how to go viral on TikTok
  • Examples of videos that have gone viral on TikTok
  • A not-so-secret weapon for going viral on TikTok that seasoned SMM use

Tips on how to go viral on TikTok

While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for going viral, there are time-tested tips to boost your clients’ chances of rising to TikTok fame.

Become familiar with the TikTok algorithm

Generally, TikTok’s algorithm curates content for users’ For You Pages (FYPs) based on interest and engagement with watched videos.

Essentially, the TikTok algorithm shows users the type of videos it “thinks” the viewers will like or enjoy.

To get a shot at going viral, learn how the TikTok algorithm works to create content that it will likely put at the top of the list of people’s FYP pages.

This way, your clients’ videos have a higher chance of getting their content in front of their TikTok audience—boosting views, likes, comments, and shares.

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So, how does the TikTok algorithm decide which viral videos are worthy of a place in users’ TikTok FYPs?

It bases its ranking system on these three main factors:

  • User engagement. TikTok’s algorithm looks at the number of users who liked, commented, and shared your client’s video or followed their creator account.
  • User interest. The algorithm considers how long TikTok users spend watching your client’s content, whether viewers watched until the end or left in the middle of the video. 
  • Creativity. TikTok’s algorithm has a soft spot for creative videos with some pizzazz, such as relevant hashtags, trending sounds, and engaging captions. 

Reel in viewers with a strong hook

Viewers who stick to the end of your client’s videos are more likely to engage.

So, how do you make viewers stick?

Capture their attention within the first three seconds of your client’s video.

Create a strong hook that sparks viewer interest while setting the tone and topic of your client’s content with these tips:

  • Start the video with something catchy or something that sparks curiosity. 
  • Throw in a pain point or two. Make the first three seconds of the video count with a promise to offer a solution or something valuable. 
  • Give viewers a quick preview or flash before and after snippets to get viewers excited about the rest of the video.

Use trending sounds

Data shows that 88% of TikTok users consider the sound on the platform as key to the overall app experience.

Piggyback on popular music and background sounds to help your clients’ videos get their shot at TikTok fame.

Trending music can be like hashtags, helping your clients’ videos be more discoverable and visible.

You can find trending sounds through TikTok’s search function.

You can also use social media management tools like Vista Social. It has a built-in library of curated and updated trending audio.

Create your clients’ posts, find trending sounds to include or upload your audio, and schedule the post for auto-publishing all in one platform.

How to Go Viral on TikTok1

Another option is to go to the Sounds section in the TikTok video editor and find trending songs under Discover.

Add the right hashtags

TikTok’s algorithm considers hashtags as one of its ranking signals.

Simply put, including hashtags in your client’s video descriptions, whether original content or duets and stitches, makes it easier for the algorithm to put the content in front of audiences most likely to engage with it.

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Balance a mix of branded and relevant hashtags to help boost the potential of your clients’ videos to reach more people and go viral.

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Hop on the TikTok app’s Discover tab to check out trending hashtags or use hashtag tools.

For instance, Vista Social’s free AI hashtag generator tool instantly gives you popular and relevant hashtag options based on your network, language, topic, and keywords.

How to Go Viral on TikTok2

Keep your TikTok hashtags between three to five for each post.

Remember to keep your clients’ hashtags and content compliant with the TikTok Community Guidelines to avoid potential issues.

The same applies to your clients’ reposted content.

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Examples of videos that have gone viral on TikTok

Check out some of the most viral TikTok videos below.

Totouchanemu 360-degree dancing video

Creator Totouchanemu’s version of the Dance to the Stay by Justin Bieber and Kid LAROI song currently has more than 45 million views.

How to Go Viral on TikTok3

The 360-degree drone shot and the silly dance to a popular song made for an entertaining video.

Adrian Chateau Wiles Bark at your dog video

Adrian Chateau Wiles jumped on the “Bark at your dog” viral video trend and gained over 40 million views and 50,000 comments.

How to Go Viral on TikTok4

Her dog’s reaction to the challenge was hilarious and sparked funnier comments from other TikTok users—making the video go viral.

Goofy dog vids like this prove that jumping on trends with hilarious results can make you a TikTok star (this was the creator’s first TikTok video).

Khaby Lame banana video

Who knew that silently mocking needlessly complicated “life hacks” could turn you into a star on a video platform overnight?

That’s what happened to one of the most popular TikTok creators, Khaby Lame.

The creator shot to TikTok fame for the response video like the one below, where he silently mocks the overly complex process of peeling and preparing a banana (a knife was involved… for peeling a banana).

How to Go Viral on TikTok5

The content isn’t one of those dance videos. It’s simple yet funny, unique, and creative—with the video gaining over 37 million views and 300,000 comments.

A not-so-secret weapon for going viral on TikTok

You need to post consistently on TikTok to go viral.

What’s the best tool for the job?

Vista Social.

The modern social media management platform has all the essential TikTok management tools to plan, create, manage, and schedule your clients’ posts and profiles seamlessly.

Vista Social helps you with the following:

  • Creating and scheduling your clients’ TikTok and other social media posts for auto-publishing. Link your clients’ profiles and upload the video to Vista Social, customize the post, and set an optimal auto-publishing schedule for maximum engagement. The platform’s AI assistant can instantly generate engaging captions for you.
How to Go Viral on TikTok6
  • Plan, organize, and develop your clients’ TikTok content efficiently with the collaborative content calendar. The calendar contains all your scheduled, published, and drafted posts. If your client’s TikTok video published via Vista Social gets deleted, you can find a copy in the calendar or the media library. If your client deleted their TikTok account, you’ll still have a copy of their posts if uploaded to Vista Social.

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How to Go Viral on TikTok7

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  • Generate leads and traffic with the Vista Social link in bio tool. You can use Vista Page, a mini web page built into your clients’ TikTok and other social media platforms’ profiles, to make customizable links in bio and landing pages for your clients. You can set up the feature to get appointments, collect payments, track clicks, etc.
How to Go Viral on TikTok8

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Vista Social offers more robust features, from engagement management tools to content performance reporting and analytics.

The platform offers an AI-powered TikTok name generator to help you come up with new unique usernames quickly.

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Take your shot at going viral on TikTok

There is more to going viral on TikTok than merely staying consistent in your publishing schedule.

You need the right strategies, tools, and creativity to go viral on TikTok.

Set your clients on the path to TikTok fame with the tips and tricks in this guide.

Amplify your efforts with Vista Social.
Start your Vista Social account and explore more of the platform’s sophisticated social media management features.

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