How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram: Complete Guide

Updated on February 28, 2024

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Published July 17, 2023

How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram: Complete Guide
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Learning how to add a collaborator on Instagram is dead easy.

And in this guide, we’ll show the exact steps to do it. 🙂

The best part is we’ll give you more info on what exactly a collaborator is, why adding a collaborator is important, creative tips and ideas for IG collab posts, and so much more.

Essentially, this is the ultimate guide you’ll need to learn how to add a collaborator on Instagram.

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • What is an Instagram collaboration post?
  • Why add a collaborator on Instagram?
  • 3 Steps to add a collaborator on Instagram
  • Simplify creating and publishing content for Instagram collab posts
  • Here’s how to accept Instagram Collaborator Requests
  • 5 Creative ideas and tips to use Instagram collab posts
  • Customers also ask
  • Get a collaborator on Instagram with ease

What is an Instagram collaboration post?

Back in Fall 2021, Instagram dropped the “Collabs” feature that lets a post appear on two users’ profiles at the same time.

It opens up another way for users, brands, and creators to connect with new audiences and ramp up engagement. Such a feature allows accounts to co-author Reels and Instagram feed posts.

Here’s the lowdown: User One creates a post and then invites User Two to join in as a collaborator. 

Once User Two accepts the invite, the post appears on both users’ profiles. 

It’s like tag-teaming the post, sharing all the likes, shares, and comments that come their way.

BTW, whether you’ve got a private or a public account, you can add up to three collaborators through Instagram collabs in a post or Reel.

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Here’s the catch: Collabs only work for regular feed posts and Reels. 

Unfortunately, your clients can’t team up on Stories, the Shop tab, or anywhere else.

If you want to weave in Stories to draw more attention to your client’s collab content, you can create a Story that points your clients’ followers to the post. 

Make your client’s Story engaging and compelling. Throw in some eye-catching photos or fun Instagram poll questions.  

But who knows? 

Instagram can also sprinkle some collab magic in those areas in the future.

Find out new ways to collaborate and create with Reels here.  

Why add a collaborator on Instagram?

Instagram collabs for your clients’ accounts on Instagram offer several benefits.

Let me share with you the top 3:

1. Boosts engagement like crazy 

When your clients team up with someone and share a post, it’s like multiplying their chances of hitting the engagement jackpot. 

We’re talking about more likes, comments, saves, and shares flooding your clients’ way, almost like an engagement bonanza.

A sky-high engagement rate means your clients’ followers love their content. 

When Instagram catches wind of that, its algorithm does a happy dance and starts showering your clients with serious rewards.

Engagement is the name of the game, and when your clients do Instagram collabs with other creators, all parties get to cash in on the action. 

2. Expand your client’s reach

The Instagram Collabs feature can be your clients’ golden ticket to expanding their reach and getting discovered by new people. 

Imagine this: with just one killer collab content, your clients can grab the attention of a whole new audience, bringing more eyeballs to their content.

Collaborating with a top-notch creator is like throwing open the doors to a world of potential customers. 

3. Collaboration is a breeze with less hassle

Instead of going back and forth, posting the same thing on both profiles, Instagram’s got your back.

Say goodbye to duplicate posts.

You can now streamline the entire process and hit that post button once, saving you a ton of precious time.

With the power of collabs, you can track the performance of your clients’ joint masterpieces without bothering collaborators for those pesky analytics. 

You’ll know how your clients’ collab posts rock the Insta world, all from their accounts.

Once you learn how to add a collaborator on Instagram, monitoring metrics becomes straightforward. You can independently track the necessary analytics without requesting the data from your collaborators.

And here’s the cherry on top: your clients and their collaborators can easily keep an eye on the comments and questions pouring in, all in one convenient place.

Joint control of IG posts = easy peasy collaboration.

Instagam collabs FTW!

4. Get more followers

The latest updates to Instagram’s algorithm have made visibility tougher for everyone. This is true for every user, whether you’re a big-time influencer or a newbie on the scene.

This is where the IG collab post feature is handy to boost following effectively. Teaming up with a maximum of 3 other brands is a great way of quickly drawing a crowd to your profile.

3 Steps to add a collaborator on Instagram

Adding Instagram collaborators is easy enough with the steps below.

Step 1: Upload your client’s content and tag a collaborator

Upload your client’s Instagram feed post or Reel from your device’s gallery. 

Go to the share option and tap “Tag People” for the Instagram collab feature.

Tag a collaborator.
Image Source:

Step 2: Invite a collaborator 

Tap the “Invite collaborator” option on the “Tag people” page.

Invite a collaborator.
Image Source:

Search for the Instagram users your clients want to collaborate with by entering their usernames.

Remember that your client’s account must be public to invite collaborators who don’t follow your client. 

Step 3: Share your client’s post

Select the collaborator’s account and share the post with the usual works. 

Include photo dump captions (if your client’s photo is part of a carousel post), relevant hashtags, emojis, and more. 

The Instagram collab feature includes an Edit collaborator option. 

Use this to replace a collaborator before publishing your client’s post.

Edit collaborator option.
Image Source:

The potential collaborator will get an Instagram collab request in their DMs. 

Your client’s post won’t appear until the other user accepts the request. 

Note: Instagram’s collab feature doesn’t allow more than one collaborator for each collab post at a time. 

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Simplify creating and publishing content for Instagram collab posts

Creating and publishing awesome collaboration posts on Instagram just got easier. 

Say hello to Vista Social, the ultimate Social Media Management (SMM) platform that lets you manage your clients’ social media accounts like a boss.

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And check this out: Vista Social’s Instagram Planner is a game-changer.

Its drag-and-drop features let you easily create stunning Instagram Stories, Reels, collab posts, and other in-feed content for your clients.

Vista Social's Instagram Planner.

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Vista Social’s got you covered with its epic Canva integration. 

It’s like having a creative wizard by your side, offering customizable templates perfectly sized with the required Instagram Reels dimensions.

Canva integration.

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With Vista Social, you can create Instagram drafts for peer and client review. 

That’s not all. 

Vista Social’s approval workflow is a total lifesaver. It helps streamline your collaboration and keeps your clients in check with legal compliance. 

Avoid violating community guidelines, risking bans for your clients, or submitting an Instagram appeal form.  

Check out the awesome Instagram management features that Vista Social brings to the table:

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Here’s how to accept Instagram Collaborator Requests

If you’re added as a collaborator, here are two easy steps to accept the request:

#1, When someone requests to collaborate with you on a news feed post or Reels, just check your messages and you’ll find the collaborator requests there.

#2, Simply hit “accept” to share the content with both audiences.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing your collab posts hit skyrocket reach and engagement like crazy.

5 Creative ideas and tips to use Instagram collab posts

Looking to kickstart your clients’ Instagram Collabs journey? 

Check out these rad ideas to ignite your creative fire and make your clients’ first post a knockout:

1. Launch products

If your clients are about to drop a brand-new product or throw an epic event, an Instagram collab post is the perfect way to spread the word like wildfire. 

The collab Instagram post by curvesathome and byseanbrown below is a good example.

The collab Instagram post by curvesathome and byseanbrown.
Image Source:

Collaborate with another creator or build a rad brand to amplify your client’s reach.

You can also cross-promote on a secondary Instagram profile to double your client’s exposure. 

2. Promote your client’s brand

Go beyond sharing your client’s Instagram URL to promote their brand. 

Leverage influencer marketing. It can be the secret sauce for your clients to gain serious social proof. 

Data shows that 33% of Gen Z consumers purchased a product based on an influencer’s recommendation. That’s a whole lot of trust and potential customers.

To drive serious traffic to your client’s website, join forces with a creator who perfectly vibes with your client’s target audience.

Find someone who speaks the language, understands their interests, and rocks the socks off your clients’ potential customers.

Collaborating with the right creator lets your clients tap into the influencer’s loyal following and get your client’s business in front of new audiences.

3. Start a trend or challenge

Who doesn’t love a good challenge or trend? 

It’s the perfect recipe for creating serious buzz and getting people talking. 

An Instagram collaboration post lets your clients reach their followers while drawing a whole new crowd who can join in on the fun and share it with their friends.

Your clients can team up with awesome creators and create a collab Reel that kicks off a viral-worthy challenge. 

The challenge can be anything, from practicing self-care, showing off dance moves, or trying wacky fashion styles. 

A creative Instagram collab post with the right influencer can be your client’s ticket to double the engagement, enjoyment, eyeballs, and followers.

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4. Host giveaways

Giveaways are the ultimate collaboration party with other brands or creators. 

They’re super fun, a piece of cake to participate in, and they seriously boost your client’s engagement levels. 

Who doesn’t love free stuff, right?

Materialkitchen’s giveaway with Stick With Me Sweets is a classic example.

Materialkitchen’s giveaway with Stick With Me Sweets post.
Image Source:

But here’s the secret sauce: If you want to showcase the awesomeness of your client’s product or service, teaming up with an expert is the way to go. 

An expert’s stamp of approval adds a big ol’ dose of legitimacy and trust to the mix. It’s like having a VIP guest at your client’s giveaway party.

And hey, let’s not forget the best part: more audiences mean more fun (and double the hype when there’s free stuff on the table). 

5. Support a noble cause

Supporting a cause on Instagram is like giving your client’s brand a big ol’ heart and showing the world what it stands for. 

It’s all about humanizing your clients’ brands, sharing their values, and raising awareness for something that truly matters.

Team up with an expert, a kick-ass creator, or an organization passionate about the cause or topic your client supports. 

Your clients and their collaborators can shine a spotlight on the cause, grab attention, and inspire others while sparking meaningful conversations and making a real difference. 

Customers also ask

The people of the internet have spoken, and these are their burning questions:

1. Can you add an Instagram collaborator after publishing the post?

Unlike tagging, adding collaborators to your client’s Instagram posts is a pre-publish party. 

Once that post is in the Insta-sphere, you can’t go back and add the collaborator.

But if you want similar reach and engagement that you’d get from a collaboration feature, here are a couple of workarounds.

Ask the “would-be” collaborator to repost the content on his or her feed. 

This is the best workaround when trying to collaborate with a brand but forgetting to add them as a collaborator. 

One of the easiest ways to get more reach for your content is to ask the account user you’d wish your client wanted to collaborate with to repost the news feed content (photo or video) or Reels on his/her account and tag your client.

Technically, it isn’t the same how to add a collaborator on Instagram, but you can still leverage their audience.

Tag the “would-be” collaborator on newsfeed posts or Reels.

This approach will direct your audience to your collaborator’s page. Instagram collab post-publish isn’t available; asking would-be collaborators to share your clients’ posts will make it visible to their followers.

If you forget to include your client’s collaborator in the first go-round, delete that post, gather your collab crew, and hit that publish button again. 

This time, ensure your client’s collaborator is in on the fun. Currently, Instagram has no option to add a collaborator after publishing a post; this might change in the future.

We’ll keep you informed if any updates surface on this.

2. Why is the Invite Collaborator not showing?

There can be a few reasons behind this sneaky disappearance:

  • The invite feature might not have graced your client’s Instagram account yet. Sometimes these cool features take a little longer to arrive at the party. Consider updating your Instagram app or uninstalling and installing it.
  • The person your client is itching to collab with sets their “Who can tag you” option to “No one.”
  • You try to collaborate with a private account.   

3. Do you need a public Instagram account to post collaboration content?

You can only add collaborators who don’t follow your clients on a public account. 

Collab posts are like the life of the party, and they prefer to hang out in the realm of public accounts. 

Also, your client’s collaborator must open the invite notification and accept the collab request for the content to shine bright on their profile grid. 

Get a collaborator on Instagram with ease

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge and know-how, adding an Instagram collaborator for your clients should be a breeze. 

Embrace the opportunity to bring fresh perspectives, expand your clients’ reach, and create amazing content that captivates your clients’ audience.

Help your clients collaborate, connect, and conquer Instagram with amazing creators. 

Simplify and streamline creating, managing, scheduling, and analyzing your clients’ Instagram collaboration posts with Vista Social. 

Try Vista Social for free to explore its nifty features and functionalities to supercharge your SMM tasks. 

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