26+ Best, Popular Instagram Filters & Effects that SMM Agencies Use

Updated on June 4, 2024

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Published July 11, 2023

26+ Best, Popular Instagram Filters & Effects that SMM Agencies Use
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Want to know the Instagram filters and effects that SMM agencies use to win millions of followers?

We got you covered!

Finding the perfect Instagram filter that captures the essence of your client’s brand while engaging their audience isn’t always easy.

There are a myriad of elements you need to consider. From the industry your clients are operating in, their brand image, audience pain points, etc.

The good news is we’ve made it easier for you.

This power-packed blog post contains the ultimate collection of 26+ best and most popular Instagram filters and effects that social media managers and agencies live and die by. 

Wave goodbye to the pain of endless scrolling and unlock the secret to captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression on your clients’ audiences. 

Let’s go. 

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • What are Instagram filters and effects?
  • Top 26+ Instagram filters and effects for SMM agencies
  • Publish Instagram photos quickly and easily
  • Customers also ask
  • Find the perfect Instagram filters and effects for your clients

What are Instagram filters and effects?

Effects and filters on Instagram are magical tools that make your clients’ photos and videos pop and look cooler.

You can add effects and filters to change how your clients’ photos and videos appear by adding various colors, tones, and special effects, creating specific vibes and styles.

Each filter has its special mix of colors, brightness, contrasts, and other stuff. 

People love using filters to make their images look amazing and keep a consistent theme on their IG profiles and sometimes the themes on their web pages that people see when they click on your clients’ Instagram URL

Besides filters, Instagram gives you more fun options to play with through effects.  

Effects are like interactive overlays that you can add to your clients’ photos and videos.

You can put virtual objects, animations, masks, stickers, and more in your clients’ images or videos. 

The right IG filter and effects are a great way to achieve the visual style your clients want. 

Top 26+ Instagram filters and effects for SMM agencies

Let’s dive into the popular, fun, and creative Instagram filters and effects your agency could use for clients. 

1. Retro 

The retro look is making a comeback.

Get your clients’ photos to rock that retro vibe using Instagram’s editing tools to adjust the picture’s contrast, saturation, and more. 

You can apply retro effects when posting the images as Instagram Stories, like the Neon Frame III by IG below. 

Neon Frame III
Image Source: Instagram.com

Retro filters can give your clients’ Instagram posts and Stories that vintage vibe, taking their followers on a groovy trip down memory lane.

2. Black and white

A classic black and white filter can be perfect for your client’s photo if they want to give off an elegant and ageless vibe. 

Choose from Instagram’s Moon, Willow, and Inkwell filters and apply them to your client’s photo before posting. 

Inkwell Filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

You can adjust the filter’s intensity by tapping it again and moving the slider left or right.

3. Cartoon

Turn your clients’ photos into illustrations for that animated, fun effect. 

Instagram offers tons of cartoon effects, from Disney-style to 3D cartoon filters. 

3D cartoon filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

Click on the effects icon, look for the cartoon effects you want, apply, and post your client’s photo. 

4. Light and color overlays

Playing around with your clients’ photos’ lighting and colors can add drama or highlight what your clients want to emphasize.

You can find light and color overlays via Instagram’s available effects when creating a new post or Story for your clients. 

Instagram’s Light Leak IV effect is a classic example. 

Light Leak IV effect
Image Source: Instagram.com

5. Fantasy and sci-fi 

Want an out-of-this-world vibe for your clients’ pictures? 

Check out some of the awesome fantasy-inspired meta-world effects. 

The glitch effect below makes your clients’ photos look trippy and futuristic. 

Glitch effect
Image Source: Instagram.com

6. Mood

The right frame or mood can jazz up your clients’ Instagram pictures, whether they want to give off a chill, indie, fun, cinematic, soft, or fall mood. 

Mood - Summer Days filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

Choose a photo and look for “mood” effects on Instagram’s Effects gallery. 

Apply the mood effect you or your client want, and you’re all set. 

7. Paris

Give your clients’ Instagram photos or Reels that Parisian flair with Paris filters and effects. 

Paris filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

When creating your client’s IG post, swipe left on the photo and find the Paris filter to apply it. You can also use Paris effects from the Effects library. 

The Paris filters and effects can give your clients’ photos a romantic, nostalgic feel. 

Remember to follow the required Instagram Reels dimensions to ensure your clients’ content shows correctly and at their best quality.    

8. Kodak  

The Kodak effects can remind your clients’ followers of old-school cameras and pictures.

Kodak effect.
Image Source: Instagram.com

Capture those perfect moments and give off nostalgic vibes in your clients’ photos with the Kodak effects. 

9. Seasonal and holiday 

Add Instagram filters that show your clients celebrating seasons and holidays designed for each special event.

For instance, you can apply fall, summer, and spring Instagram effects and filters to your clients’ photos or use New Year’s, Holidays, Valentine’s, and Mother’s Day filters. 

You can even use Instagram filters and effects to highlight events like Diversity Month. The effect below rains down various colors to signify diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Month effect
Image Source: Instagram.com

Seasonal filters and effects can be a great way to keep your clients’ photos trendy, fresh, and relevant. 

10. Sparkle

Add some pizzazz to your clients’ IG photos with the sparkle filters and effects. 

Sparkle effect
Image Source: Instagram.com

Choose from many of Instagram’s sparkle effects and filters to make your clients’ posts shine. 

11. Selfie and makeup

Help your clients level up their selfie game with mind-blowing Instagram filters and effects designed for selfies. 

The filters can turn selfies into masterpieces with a few taps, making your clients look like superstars. 

Look at the side-by-side photos showing the before and after applying an Instagram selfie filter. 

Selfie and makeup effect
Image Source: Instagram.com

The filter makes instant enhancements, from removing fine lines to adding subtle makeup to the subject. 

12. Aesthetic

Want to sprinkle some magic on your clients’ Instagram feeds? 

Use aesthetic Instagram filters and effects. 

Elevate your clients’ visual content with dreamy hues, vintage vibes, and enchanting effects that make their posts pop like never before. 

From whimsical pastels to creative frames, these filters can turn simple photos into creative, artistic visual content. 

Aesthetic effect
Image Source: Instagram.com

Include text, music, stickers, photo dump captions, and other elements to help make your clients’ aesthetic photos shine. 

13. Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram filters and effects can transport your clients’ followers into a new dimension. 

From playful animations to mind-bending illusions, these filters and effects create jaw-dropping, interactive experiences that can hook your clients’ audiences. 

Augmented Reality (AR) Instagram filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

Using AR filters can be a great way to engage your client’s audiences, helping them connect better with audiences and grow their following. 

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14. Funny 

Hilarious Instagram filters and effects can be the secret recipe for viral-worthy content for your clients. 

From goofy faces to outrageous distortions, they guarantee endless giggles and share-worthy moments. Your clients’ followers can’t resist hitting that share button.

Remember not to overdo it. 

Strike a good balance between funny yet still professional. Add context while keeping your clients’ content on-brand. 

Funny filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

Funny IG effects and filters can show that your clients don’t take themselves too seriously, helping them better relate and connect with their followers. 

15. Trending

Jump into the latest trending filters and effects on Instagram.

It’s a great way to keep your clients’ IG photos fresh and even viral-worthy.  

For example, use a Barbie filter in your client’s photo to share excitement over the upcoming Barbie movie. 

Barbie filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

Using the filter, you could post several photos of your client’s team as Barbie characters and highlight their roles or skills. 

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This way, your clients can show off their team members while getting on the latest trends, drawing more eyeballs and engagement to their content. 

16. Games

Make your clients’ content fun and interactive by applying game effects. 

Popular ones include guessing games and “Which type or character are you?”

Game effect - Disney
Image Source: Instagram.com

The effects are often fun and silly and sure to draw laughs from your clients’ audiences. 

You can even throw in Instagram poll questions to make your clients’ posts more interactive and engaging.  

17. Blur 

Add a touch of mystery and allure to your clients’ Instagram posts using the blur filters and effects on Instagram.

These magical filters create an air of enchantment, blurring backgrounds and highlighting the main focus. 

Blur effect
Image Source: Instagram.com

From dreamy bokeh to soft glows, blur filters and effects give your clients’ visual content an ethereal vibe. 

18. Bokeh

Bokeh filters and effects can transform ordinary image backgrounds into a dreamy wonderland of mesmerizing lights and soft focus. 

Bokeh filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

Bokeh effects and filters add a touch of whimsy and allure to your clients’ photos—from twinkling fairy lights to radiant orbs. 

Use bokeh to help your clients’ IG posts capture attention and ignite curiosity. It can make their feed shine like a starry night. 

19. Vibrant colors

Make your clients’ Instagram posts pop with vibrant colors. 

Use IG filters and effects that bring out vibrant colors in your clients’ photos.  These dynamic filters are like a color explosion on your screen. 

They can turn ordinary visuals into eye-catching masterpieces, from electric neon to bold gradients. 

Check out these two photos with and without a vibrant effect. 

You can see that the photo with the vibrant effect looks more defined, with colors that appear more vivid. 

Vibrant colors effect
Image Source: Instagram.com

20. Trippy

Another way to make your clients’ Instagram photos more unique and eye-catching is by using trippy effects and filters. 

These mind-bending filters can transport your clients’ followers to a psychedelic wonderland, like the water reflection effect below. 

Trippy effect
Image Source: Instagram.com

From kaleidoscopic patterns to mesmerizing visual distortions, trippy effects and filters can spark curiosity and create an unforgettable experience for your clients’ viewers.  

21. Food  

Make your clients’ food photos look mouthwateringly delicious with food Instagram filters and effects.

These flavorful filters are like seasoning for your clients’ visual content, enhancing colors and textures and tantalizing taste buds through the screen. 

Food filters and effects can make every dish look drool-worthy—from vibrant foodie palettes to crispy close-ups. 

Here are two photos with and without a food filter:

Food filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

As you can see, the photo on the right looks more vibrant and appetizing with the Food effect.

22. Clarendon

Clarendon is the ultimate Instagram filter champ, ruling the IG filter game. 

Why? Because it adds brightness and highlights and brings out vibrant colors with some shadow magic. 

Clarendon filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

And let’s not forget that Clarendon conveniently pops up as the default filter right after Normal. 

No wonder it’s the top dog in the filter kingdom.

23. Gingham

Ready to take your clients’ audiences on a trip down memory lane? Say hello to the Gingham filter, the ultimate throwback choice. 

Originally reserved for videos, this vintage-inspired gem lets you channel the past in your clients’ Instagram photos. 

Gingham filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

It’s like stepping into a time machine and bringing a touch of nostalgia to your clients’ feeds.

24. Juno

The Juno filter adds serious warmth to your clients’ photos and makes colors pop like fireworks. 

It’s the jack-of-all-trades of Instagram filters, perfect for any situation you throw at it. 

Juno filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

Whether you capture landscapes and portraits or want to make your clients’ brunch pics sizzle, Juno’s got your back.

25. Valencia

The Valencia filter adds a cozy touch to your client’s Instagram photos. 

The filter injects warmth like a ray of sunshine, giving your clients’ pics a yellowish tint that’s oh-so-inviting. 

Valencia filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

The Valencia filter also adds a subtle fade, giving your clients’ shots that nostalgic old-school flair. It’s like capturing memories from a sun-kissed dream.

26. X Pro II

The X-Pro II filter is like a Photoshop technique on steroids, boosting contrast, warming colors, and adding a badass vignette effect. 

It’s the filter that screams “look at me!” and adds a touch of edgy flair to your clients’ IG photos. 

X-Pro II filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

27. Slumber

The Slumber filter on Instagram is all about that subtle magic.

It’s like a virtual spa day for your clients’ pictures since it softens images and adds a hint of dreamy hues. 

Slumber filter
Image Source: Instagram.com

Choose the best Instagram filters and effects that enhance and present your clients’ photos how they want. 

Photos will get more focus on Instagram, so help your clients stay ahead with captivating and stand-out filters and effects. 

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Customers also ask

People’s burning questions about Instagram’s popular filters and effects include the following:

1. Why is the Instagram Story filters option not showing?

Give Instagram permission to use your camera and microphone. These filters need those features to work their magic. 

If this doesn’t work, try closing and opening the Instagram app again, updating the IG app, or uninstalling and installing it. 

2. Can you download Instagram filters?

No, since Instagram filters are strictly in-app goodies. 

Instead, you can save or bookmark your favorite filter or effect to easily find and apply them to your clients’ photos. 

3. What is the best filter and effect for Instagram photos?

There’s no one-size-fits-all winner.

With a plethora of options at your fingertips, you get to play the filter field and find the perfect match for your client’s photo.

Start with the top Instagram photo filters and effects from this guide. 

Find the perfect Instagram filters and effects for your clients

You now have the secret arsenal to find the right filters and effects to create stunning visual content for your clients. 

Whether you’re going for a vintage vibe with Gingham or adding fun and silliness with cartoon effects, there’s a filter for every mood and style.

Experiment, have fun, and let your creativity soar as you find the perfect filter and effect that will make your clients’ Instagram profiles shine. 

Supercharge handling multiple Instagram accounts from your clients with Vista Social. 

Try Vista Social for free to see how the platform can streamline your SMM workflows.

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