Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile? [2024]

Updated on February 28, 2024

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Published May 9, 2023

Can You See Who Views Your Instagram Profile? [2024]
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Instagram users have TONs of burning questions.

For example: can you see who views your Instagram profile?

Perhaps you’re eager to know because you want better audience insights.

Or you just want to optimize the content you publish for your client accounts.

Whatever the reason, let’s answer the question once and for all…

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • Can you see who views your Instagram profile?
  • How to analyze your Instagram audience
  • Can you see who views your Instagram Stories?
  • Other ways to obtain more information about your Instagram audience
  • Can you see who views your Instagram videos?
  • Customers Also Ask
  • Get closer to your audience than ever with Vista Social

Can you see who views your Instagram profile?

The short answer is, no—you can’t. 

Data privacy is one of the hottest topics on the internet in recent years. And, evidently, a lot of people believe that peeking into someone’s Instagram feed should be a private affair. 

So, how do marketers and advertisers tailor their strategy if they can’t identify who’s interested in their brands?

Four words: aggregated statistics and insights

Rather than focusing on individual account data, you can analyze data on users that view your (or your client’s) Instagram page as a whole. This provides valuable insights into the demographics you should be targeting on Instagram for maximum returns. 

If you look at the big picture, you’ll uncover things like: 

  • What topics should you talk about?
  • Which content types should you use?
  • How should you communicate your message?
  • When should you publish posts for maximum exposure?

To answer these questions, let’s move on to the next section.

How to analyze your Instagram audience

No matter the circumstance, there’s no Instagram appeal form for revealing who has seen your page. But you’re free to analyze your audience anonymously through analytics. 

Here’s how: 

Using the Instagram Insights reports

If you want to know more about your audience, the built-in “Insights” report on the Instagram app is a great place to start. 

On the Instagram app, head to your profile page and tap the hamburger settings icon in the top-right corner. 

From the Instagram settings page, tap ‘Insights’ to generate your Instagram insights report. 

Tap 'Insights' to generate report.
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The Insights report overview starts with three of the top metrics that matter in Instagram marketing: 

  • Accounts reached: The total number of accounts that saw your content, including posts, Reels, Stories, and videos (Instagram drafts don’t count). This metric tracks views from both existing followers and non-followers. 
  • Accounts engaged: The sum of all users that interacted with your Instagram content. This covers actions like comments, likes, Story replies, shares, and saves.
  • Total followers: “Total followers” measures the number of followers you gained throughout the selected time frame. A quick comparison of your current follower growth and that beyond the reporting period is shown just under “Overview.” 

To help you track growth, each metric includes the percentage of growth or decline during the specified reporting period. 

You’ll find this number below the metric totals. 

Report overview.
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Okay—this looks helpful and all, but how does it help me get to know my audience better?

If you tap ‘Accounts reached,’ Instagram unpacks a handful of valuable information about all the users that viewed you. 

This includes: 

  • Gender breakdown 
  • Top age ranges
  • Top cities
  • Top countries 
  • Follower:non-follower ratio

At the bottom of the report, you’ll find your top-performing posts, Reels, and Stories based on reach. This is useful for improving your Instagram content strategy. 

Using Vista Social’s reporting tools

Proficiency in Social Media Management (SMM) tools is a great way to make your social media manager resume stand out or strengthen your agency’s value proposition.

And, when it comes to SMM platforms, none come close to the value Vista Social provides.

To analyze your Instagram audience with Vista Social, go to ‘Reports.’

To analyze your Instagram audience with Vista Social, go to 'Reports.'

Select the Instagram account you want to manage under “Social Profiles.” Next, click ‘Run report’ in the top-right corner and select ‘Run report’ from the context menu. 

Run report.

In the report selection window, click ‘Social media performance.’ This will allow you to monitor aggregate user engagement metrics for a linked Instagram business account. 

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Just be sure to select ‘Instagram reports’ in the drop-down menu at the top.

Scrolling down, you’ll find several Instagram performance metrics like followers over time and your total number of published posts. But if you need to analyze your audience, look below the “Engagement” section. 

Here, you’ll find key data like:

  • Total engagement (likes, comments, messages, mentions, and clicks) over the specified period
  • Total number of impressions and users reached. 
  • Top hashtags that generated user interactions. 
Performance report.

How do you use these insights? 

The plan is simple: test new Instagram marketing strategies and revisit your metrics to spot improvements or performance declines. 

For instance, you can play with various Instagram Reels dimensions, compare your results, and fine-tune your strategy over time. 

As for the hashtags and interactions section, the takeaways should be pretty self-explanatory. 

Simply handpick your top hashtags and keep them in your strategy while using new ones along the way. Experiment with hashtags in photo dump captions, Story text overlays, stickers, and so on.

Bonus: Vista Social automatically tracks the times Instagram users spend browsing your posts. This lets you build an effective posting schedule for maximum content reach. 

Just remember that direct publishing with Vista Social only works with Instagram business accounts. A personal Instagram account, on the other hand, has very limited access to these features. 

As for user analytics, you need at least an Instagram Creator account for that. 

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How to check who viewed your Instagram Stories

Although you can’t see who viewed your Instagram profile, you can check who viewed your Instagram Stories. 

Here’s the thing: Story views don’t necessarily lead to Instagram profile visits. But they still let you gauge your overall reach and follower activity. 

To check who viewed your Instagram Story, tap your profile photo and swipe up. This displays your real-time Story viewers list. 

Remember that you can still see who viewed your Instagram Story up to 48 hours after posting (24 hours after it expires). After which,if you save your stories as Highlights, you can still check the number of views and who interacted with it.

Also, if notifications are getting too noisy for you since you’ve got a ton of followers and interactions, you can always switch the Instagram quiet mode on.

This way, you can avoid the distractions and be able to focus on creating content and optimizing your IG marketing campaigns.

In the meantime, you might want to learn how to save Instagram Story with music to get more engagements and views and squeeze more mileage out of your content. 

Other ways to obtain more information about your Instagram audience

Check out the tips below to make the most out of Instagram audience insights:

Can you see who views your Instagram videos?

Whether you post a video or a photo on Instagram Story, it follows the same rule. You can see the view count and the list of viewers within 24 hours after the story is live.

However, when you post videos as Instagram Reels or regular video posts, the rules are a little different.

On an Instagram post you won’t know specifically who viewed your Instagram posts, but you will be able to check how many people watched it. Each IG user counts as one view, regardless of how many times they played your post.

On IG reels, you still can’t see who viewed your Reels, but it tracks the number of times the reel was played.

Customers Also Ask

1. Can you see who viewed your Instagram profile?

No—Instagram doesn’t reveal who viewed your Instagram profile.

2. Can someone see that I viewed their Instagram Story if we are not friends?

Yes, Instagram will always show who viewed someone’s Story regardless if they’re followers or not.

3. Can you see how many times someone viewed your Instagram page?

Yes, it’s possible to measure how many views your Instagram page gets with the right tools. Vista Social, in particular, provides an in-depth report that includes your account’s reach and impressions. 

Get closer to your audience than ever with Vista Social

With the right tools and strategies, you can’t track your audience’s behavior and develop high-performing Instagram marketing strategies. 

Vista Social gives you crucial insights about your audience through its robust analytics and reporting features. It also helps you manage all your conversations in one place and build a publishing schedule tailored to your target audience. 

Help your clients dominate Instagram today with a free Vista Social account!

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