TikTok Challenges to Generate Engagement: New Ideas for 2024

Updated on June 1, 2024

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Published February 8, 2024

TikTok Challenges to Generate Engagement: New Ideas for 2024
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Do you want to use TikTok challenges to boost your clients’ engagement rates?

You’re in the right place.

Generating TikTok audience engagement is no easy feat.

After all, your clients compete with countless other brands, influencers, and creators for your target audience’s attention—making it that much harder to get the attention of your audience.

The secret sauce?

Use TikTok challenges.

A fresh TikTok challenge can be just the ticket to get audiences to interact with your client’s content and brand, boosting views, likes, comments, shares, mentions, and follows.

Let’s dive into new TikTok challenge ideas tha can get audiences engaging with your client’s content and brand in no time. 

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • What are TikTok challenges?
  • 5 TikTok challenges to boost engagement
  • Seamless TikTok content management and publishing with Vista Social
  • Increase engagement with TikTok challenges

What are TikTok challenges?

TikTok challenges allow creators to throw down and encourage other users to hop on an epic discussion or activity.

Essentially, a TikTok challenge is a video that entices viewers to do something interesting, exciting, or fun based on a theme or activity, such as:

  • Showing a talent
  • Showcasing how to use a service or product
  • Using filters
  • Lip-syncing with a trending audio or music
  • Dancing and performing skits

Popular TikTok challenges can also be recreations or interpretations of the original video.

Brands, influencers, and business-focused users leverage most TikTok challenges as interactive campaigns that entice audiences to participate and engage.

The goal is pretty simple: Leverage TikTok’s unique features and creative content to create a ripple effect across viewers to ultimately drive more views, engagement, and even sales.

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5 TikTok challenges to boost engagement

Ready to get the lowdown on the TikTok challenges that can level up your client’s audience engagement game?

Start with these top five engagement-boosting TikTok challenges.

1. Branded hashtag challenges

Branded hashtags can do wonders for your client’s discoverability and visibility—and they can do more when used with TikTok challenges.

Data shows that TikTok branded hashtag challenges get an average engagement rate of 17.5%, making them excellent content to engage audiences.

Create branded hashtag challenges that can skyrocket your client’s TikTok popularity and engagement with these tips:

  • Use catchy branded hashtags (Think the Beyoncé of hashtags) that are impossible to ignore. Keep your client’s branded hashtag short and to the point. For instance, you can use #vistasocialperks if the TikTok challenge is for creators to share videos of them enjoying the free time they get from using Vista Social’s social media management platform.
  • Showcase User-Generated Content (UGC) gold. Ask your client’s TikTok challenge participants to use the branded hashtags in their videos. It’s the perfect opportunity for your client’s content to reach more people’s For You Pages (FYPs), boosting their reach, visibility, and engagement opportunities. 

Need help coming up with catchy branded hashtags? Use Vista Social’s free AI hashtag generator.

Share some details, and the tool will instantly generate hashtags for you.

TIkTok challenges

2. Interactive challenges

Create interactive TikTok challenges that entice audiences into participating.

Check out these interactive TikTok challenges that can boost engagement:

  • Stitches. Create challenges encouraging TikTok users to stitch onto your client’s video and keep the narrative going. For instance, if your client runs a small arts and crafts business, people can stitch your client’s DIY project fail video with their own. 
  • Duets. Besides Stitches, your clients can also start TikTok challenges where other users can duet with their videos. For example, fitness brands can challenge audiences to duet their workout routine, turning their content into interactive fitness fun. 

Don’t forget to announce your client’s contest. You can even briefly mention the contest in your client’s TikTok bio.

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3. Contest challenges

TikTok contest challenges are challenges that allow participants a chance to win a prize.

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Run TikTok challenges doubling as contests to encourage audience interaction and engagement, such as the following:

  • Caption challenge. Get audiences involved in creating video captions or TikTok quotes for your client’s content and turn it into a fun challenge. It can expand the reach of your client’s content while enticing your target audience to interact with the post. 
  • Product feature showdown. If your client has a new product to flaunt, challenge users to showcase the item in the most creative way. The most creative content, from funny demos to an unboxing slideshow, wins and gets a prize. It’s a great way to showcase your client’s product while engaging audiences. 

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4. Collaboration challenges 

Spice up your client’s TikTok challenges by bringing in influencers. 

Influencers have established followers and reputations. Your clients can tap into the influencers’ clout to get more eyeballs and engagement on their content and TikTok challenges.

Create collaboration challenges with influencers such as:

  • Tag team takeoffs. Double the fun and engagement opportunities by running tag team challenges with TikTok influencers. For example, influencers create a TikTok video of creative ways to use your client’s product to kick off the challenge. 
  • Challenge fusion. Combine challenges by doing a mash-up of your client’s TikTok challenge with influencers’. For example, influencers known for making TikTok challenges about silly songs can start the challenge of creating short jingles of your client’s brand tagline.

5. Trend riding challenges

Ride the trend wave by creating a version of a popular TikTok challenge.

Popular challenges are familiar and fun, making audiences, especially young people, more likely to watch and engage with your client’s videos.

Your clients can jump into the following viral TikTok challenges:

  • Nostalgia challenge. Create videos that entice viewers to jump into the nostalgia train. For example, your client’s challenge can be posting a video showcasing how their product grew and developed, from the initial prototype to the current version. 
  • Meme madness. Incorporate memes into your client’s TikTok challenges to throw in some humor and make them relatable. For instance, you can share office drama memes and encourage viewers to share their own versions.    

While it’s great to jump into the latest TikTok challenges, like the cha cha slide challenge, remember to stick to the rules.

Never promote dangerous TikTok challenges, such as the Benadryl challenge. Keep your clients’ challenges and content compliant with the community guidelines.

Trust us: Failing to comply can land your clients in hot waters and get their accounts banned.

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Seamless TikTok content management and publishing with Vista Social

Effectively generating audience engagement means regularly posting content, including TikTok challenges.

Plan and schedule your clients’ TikTok and other social media content and manage multiple profiles efficiently with Vista Social.

The social media management platform’s main TikTok management features can help you:

  • Schedule your client’s TikTok posts for auto-publishing. Link your client’s profile, upload the video, customize the post, set an optimal posting schedule, and you’re all set. 
TIkTok challenges
  • Easily plan, develop, and manage your client’s social media posts, including TikTok drafts, with a centralized content calendar.
TIkTok challenges
  • Organize your client’s scheduled posts based on how you want them to look on their feed using the drag-and-drop TikTok visual planner. 
TIkTok challenges
  • Track, analyze, and gain strategic audience engagement insights with the TikTok analytics feature.

Vista Social has more features to offer.

For instance, the platform has a unified social inbox for seamless engagement management and workflows you can generate for efficient content review and final video or post approval.

You can also store your client’s videos, images, and other assets in Vista Social and find them easily in the multimedia library.

If you accidentally delete your client’s TikTok post, you can find and repost the video via Vista Social.

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Increase engagement with TikTok challenges

TikTok challenges can be total game-changers for your clients’ audience engagement.

Know the best TikTok challenges to get more eyeballs on your clients’ content and generate tons of views, likes, shares, comments, follows, and sales.

Take your TikTok content and profile management workflows up a notch with Vista Social.

Create your Vista Social account to explore more of the modern SMM platform’s robust features.

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