Are Your YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views? Here’s Why…

Updated on June 1, 2024

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Published December 27, 2023

Are Your YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views? Here’s Why…
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Are your clients’ YouTube Shorts not getting views?

You’re not alone.

After all, a vast number of YouTube Shorts are uploaded daily.

With such intense competition, it’s no surprise the YT Shorts you create for your clients are getting ignored.

The good news is that we are here to help you.

In this guide, we’ll show you why your clients’ YouTube Shorts aren’t getting any views, and some tried and tested tips to help you overcome the challenge.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • 8 Reasons for YouTube Shorts not getting views
  • Anatomy of YouTube Shorts videos that get tons of views
  • Boost YouTube Shorts views with Vista Social
  • Solve the mystery of your YouTube Shorts not getting views

8 Reasons for YouTube Shorts not getting views

That zero in your client’s YouTube Shorts view count can be caused by the following.

1. Using the wrong format

YouTube Shorts must be short, vertical videos that run for 60 seconds.

If your clients’ Shorts use horizontal videos, viewers will likely skip them altogether because they look smaller, especially on mobile screen displays.

Your best bet?

Stick to the recommended vertical YouTube Shorts (and TikTok) format with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

This way, your clients’ videos will display at their best quality.

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Also, consider keeping your client’s Shorts videos under 60 seconds to cater to viewers’ short attention spans. The sweet spot is typically within 15 to 30 seconds.

Avoid using too much of the video’s limited time by including unnecessary details that can hurt engagement and increase bounce rates.

Show the video’s benefit or hook within the first three seconds to reel in viewers and get them to stay.

Using a vertical format with the recommended YouTube Short specs and keeping your clients’ videos short and sweet gives the content a better chance of attracting more views.

2. Not gaining favors from the algorithm

If your clients’ videos don’t “win over” the YouTube Shorts algorithm, they’re not likely to get more views.

Not gaining favor with the YouTube algorithm can be caused by many things—from low-quality content and audience engagement to incomplete metadata.

So if your clients’ Shorts have missing descriptions, tags, and titles, YouTube’s algorithm isn’t likely to understand and recommend the content to the right audiences.

It can drag down YouTube Shorts views and lead to low engagement rates, indicating to the algorithm that your clients’ videos are not worth watching.

Help your clients’ YouTube Shorts score brownie points with the algorithm by including complete metadata and relevant keywords in the videos’ titles.

You can also encourage engagement by adding CTAs that ask viewers to share and like your clients’ videos.

Other effective tactics include maintaining a regular posting schedule to increase the content’s visibility and boosting views.

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3. Missing out on the hashtag action

Hashtags help make your clients’ YouTube Shorts more discoverable and visible, increasing their engagement opportunities.

However, hashtags only work if you use the right ones correctly.

For example, ensure your clients’ YT Shorts hashtags are relevant to the content and don’t have typos.

Also, stick to the YouTube Community Guidelines and don’t go overboard with the hashtags.

Too many keywords can make your clients’ videos seem spammy—leading to potential violations and penalties.

Failing to use the right hashtags won’t help your clients’ Shorts reach their target audience. It also won’t help your clients’ videos win over the algorithm.

Research trending and relevant keywords to use as YouTube Shorts hashtags.

The keywords should give viewers a good idea of your clients’ Shorts content.

You can include popular and niche-specific hashtags to keep them relevant while widening the content’s reach.

Keep the hashtags between three and five per post.

The more relevant and trendy your clients’ Shorts hashtags are, the higher the chances of them becoming more visible and attracting more views.

4. Creating content that is not captivating or engaging enough

Most YouTube viewers can shift their attention and lose interest fast.

If you want your clients’ Shorts to turn heads and get viewers to watch until the end of the video, you must make the content captivating enough.

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Ideally, your clients’ YouTube Shorts should capture the viewers’ attention within the first few seconds.

This way, you can entice viewers to watch until the end and increase engagement and retention.

Besides a killer hook, ensure you create top-quality YouTube Shorts content.

Create visually appealing, well-edited content with a clear message.

Use high-quality production software and equipment, such as cameras, microphones, or a good smartphone.

Weave in humor and use storytelling techniques to keep viewers engaged and interested in your clients’ videos.

Create a storyboard to help map out your clients’ YouTube Shorts content.

Take it from award-winning copywriter and digital marketing consultant Han Lung, who believed that…

“A video without a storyboard is like a house without a foundation.”

Include trending and catchy music to evoke the right emotions and set the tone and mood of your clients’ Shorts.

5. Sharing content that does not resonate with target audiences

Creating YouTube Shorts content that your clients’ target audiences are not interested in isn’t likely to get them more views.

After all, viewers will more likely watch videos that entertain, inform, or resonate with them.

The key is understanding your clients’ target audiences’ needs, interests, and preferences.

Doing so helps you tailor your clients’ YouTube Shorts videos to their audiences’ needs and create content that resonates with viewers.

YouTube Shorts that resonate with audiences help evoke an emotional connection with viewers, increasing watch time, views, and engagement.

6. Failing to stand out from the competition

Competition on YouTube is fierce, with videos and content creators popping up like daisies daily.

With over two billion users on the platform, standing out and establishing your client’s brand voice and YouTube presence through videos and Shorts can be challenging.

The best way to beat the competition and get YouTube famous? Implement creative strategies and create unique YouTube Shorts content.

For example, you can include funny elements and unique storytelling techniques to make a stand-out YouTube Shorts video for your clients.

These can also freshen up your clients’ Shorts and get their views from zero to a hundred, thousand, or million.

7. Not promoting the YouTube Shorts videos 

In an ideal world, your clients’ YouTube Shorts go viral overnight without any promotions.

It’s too bad that it rarely works out that way in real life.

The reality is that most YouTube Shorts and long videos need some form of promotion, or they won’t get enough views or any views.

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Find strategic and creative ways to promote your clients’ YouTube Shorts so they reach target audiences.

You can share the videos across other social media platforms, such as your client’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

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For example, you can share a YouTube video on Instagram Story.

It’s an excellent way to get your clients’ existing followers to tune in to their Shorts videos, racking more views.

It also helps widen the videos’ reach, boosting their visibility to a broader audience and engagement opportunities.

8. Not enough time has passed

It can take some time for your clients’ YouTube Shorts views to take off.

One reason is that YouTube often tests your clients’ Shorts with various audiences to determine which viewers find the content most engaging.

The whole thing can take days or weeks, so give the videos time to gain traction.

Your best bet is to wait it out.

If enough time has passed, but your clients’ YouTube Shorts still don’t have views, review the content, description, tags, and more for potential issues.

You can always contact YouTube support or go to the platform’s Help Center to get answers and solve the issue.

Anatomy of YouTube Shorts videos that get tons of views

No one-size-fits-all formula exists to create YouTube Shorts videos that will rake in significant views.

But there are key elements you should adopt to get more views on YouTube Shorts, including the following.

A captivating title and thumbnail

Create YouTube Shorts titles that stop users on their tracks and spark curiosity.

You can include relevant keywords in the Shorts’ title to give viewers a good idea about the video’s content, encouraging clicks and views.

Also, design a visually appealing thumbnail that gives viewers a sneak peek into what the video is all about.

Use top-quality images or screen captures for your clients’ Shorts thumbnails and include bold, readable text.

Remember to use the correct YouTube Shorts thumbnail size.

Doing so ensures that the thumbnails display clearly and properly, especially on smartphone screens.

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An effective introduction

Your clients’ Shorts introduction should catch the viewers’ attention and make them stick to the end of the video like glue.

Include a captivating hook, whether a question, an interesting fact, or something that creates intrigue.

Also, consider introducing the video’s subject or your client’s brand early in the video to help establish a connection with viewers.

Compelling video content

Your clients’ YouTube Shorts videos must offer something valuable or resonate with target audiences to attract viewers.

Identify your client’s target audiences and create content that addresses their interest or needs, whether the video aims to entertain, educate, inspire, or offer a unique perspective.

As businessman Mike Henry once said

“We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following.”

Top-quality production 

Poor video and audio quality can ruin your chances of getting more viewers.

So ensure high audio and video quality by investing in decent equipment, such as a microphone, camera, and lighting.

Also, use reliable video editing tools to polish the look of your clients’ YouTube Shorts videos.

Edit the video accordingly by adding creative and engaging transitions and effects.

Remove unnecessary pauses and other parts that don’t add value or distract from the video’s main message.

Engaging elements

The more engaging your clients’ YouTube Shorts are, the higher their chances of attracting more viewers.

Make your clients’ videos more engaging by including interactive elements.

For example, include Calls-to-Action (CTAs) encouraging viewers to comment, like, share the content, and subscribe to your client’s YouTube channel.

You can also ask questions to encourage viewers to comment and give their two cents.

Don’t forget to respond to the comments. It can help your clients better connect with their audiences and subscribers while fostering a sense of community. 

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A clear concept

Your clients only have a few seconds to get their YouTube Shorts’ point across, so keep the content focused and simple.

This way, viewers immediately know what your client’s video is about, helping them decide quickly whether to stay or swipe away.

Write a YouTube script to outline the introduction, body, and end, including all the essential elements.

A clear video concept helps ensure your clients’ can convey their videos’ main message before viewers lose interest or leave.

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YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views1

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YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views2

When you’re done, set the time and date to auto-publish your client’s YouTube Shorts.

You can view all your content drafts, previously published content, and scheduled posts in the content calendar.

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You can also visit your client’s YouTube account to see the published Shorts.

YouTube Shorts Not Getting Views5

Planning, scheduling, and publishing YouTube Shorts videos and other social media posts can be a breeze with Vista Social.

Vista Social includes other handy SMM features, from engagement management tools to AI features that can instantly generate posts and hashtags.

The platform can also recommend the best time to post via its optimization algorithms on YouTube Shorts and other content.

Solve the mystery of your YouTube Shorts not getting views

Use the points in this guide to uncover why your clients’ YouTube Shorts are not getting views and to remedy the issue.

Also, harness the power of Vista Social to supercharge managing and scheduling your clients’ YouTube Shorts, channel videos, and other social media content.

Get started with Vista Social to supercharge your YouTube marketing initiatives now.

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