How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts [2024]

Updated on October 26, 2023

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Published October 21, 2023

How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts [2024]
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I kid you not; learning how to get more views on YouTube Shorts isn’t rocket science.

At this point, you must have already read or seen somewhere online how other users are raking in tons of views and winning new subscribers using simple yet tried-and-tested YouTube marketing strategies.

And if you’re being honest, I’m sure you’re itching to learn the framework they’re using to achieve nauseous heights of success through YouTube Shorts.

Don’t worry…

We’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll share proven strategies you can implement immediately to get more views on YouTube Shorts.

Like what you’re reading so far?

Then continue reading mi amigo!

Table of contents

What you’ll learn

  • What is YouTube Shorts, anyway?
  • Is YouTube Shorts worth it?
  • The importance of getting more views on your YouTube Short videos
  • How to get more views on YouTube Shorts to grow your YouTube channel
  • Why your YouTube Shorts video isn’t getting more views
  • The one SMM tool that can get you more views on YouTube Shorts
  • FAQs about getting more views on YouTube Shorts
  • Dominate YT now. Get bajillions more views on YT Shorts

What is YouTube Shorts, anyway?

YouTube Shorts are, well, short, vertical YT videos. 🙂

The video’s maximum length is 60 seconds, and they’re meant to compete against TikTok’s short videos.

YouTube Shorts stay on your channel. They won’t disappear unless you delete them. (Unlike how YouTube Stories disappear after seven days.)

Is YouTube Shorts worth it?

“According to Google, YouTube Shorts crossed over 50 billion daily views.” (Source:

The figure is a dead giveaway of why you should push your clients to pursue the YouTube platform as a marketing channel, especially YouTube Shorts.

If your clients aren’t creating YouTube Shorts, they miss out on the potential of getting their slice of the proverbial 50-billion-daily-views pie of YouTube Shorts.

Your client doesn’t want that, of course.

And neither should you allow your clients to miss out on the potential views, especially when your client’s competitors are most likely “bathing” themselves with views, leads, and sales by publishing YouTube Shorts.

In fact, according to Stuart Dredge,’s Head of Insight…

“…artists who were ‘active’ on Shorts – defined as posting weekly – saw more than 50% of their new channel subscribers coming from Shorts on average.”

So the question becomes… Do you want more subscribers to your clients’ YouTube channels?

Do you want your clients’ view counts to skyrocket?

And do you want more people to know about your clients?

You answered “Yes,” didn’t you? 🙂

TL;DR: Publishing high-quality YouTube Shorts videos is most definitely worth it. Your clients’ competitors think so, too. And if your clients knew the number Google shared about YT Short’s daily views, the whole 50 billion bit, your clients will want to take their slice of the pie.

The importance of getting more views on your YouTube Short videos

As a social media marketer, you know the importance of getting more views on YouTube Shorts.

However, your clients, people who run businesses (and do not necessarily spend more time on YouTube marketing), might not readily understand the importance of getting more YT Shorts views.

Here’s a list of benefits you can share with them about getting more views on YouTube Shorts:

1. Grow your subscriber base.

The more views your clients get from their YouTube Shorts, the more chances they get to convert audiences into actual subscribers, not just casual viewers.

Of course, as your clients’  subscriber base grows, it becomes easier to nurture a community interested in watching your clients’ videos and, potentially, buying from them down the line.

2. Increase your engagement rate while investing less.

Despite the cost-effectiveness of creating YouTube Shorts videos compared to long-form videos, your clients still get a lot of oomph! as far as increasing their engagement rates.

Because YouTube Shorts are only 60 seconds tops, most viewers aren’t reluctant to watch them.

Short videos are great foot-in-the-door content since they’re cheaper to make and pack a lot of punch when generating more views.

“Longer videos and higher production values naturally lead to increased costs. Streamlining your production workflow can certainly help decrease expenses. But you’re likely to find that the minimum cost of a long-form video that fits your brand standards can only go so low.”

Anna Sonnenberg, Author at Social Media Examiner

3. Attract the desired audience.

Not all views are created equal. Some YouTube views come from people within your clients’ target markets, while some come from random people who don’t intend to pay for your client’s services.

You want to attract the former, of course.

Since YT Shorts content is much cheaper, it increases your wiggle room to experiment and uncover the perfect video content that will attract the right audience.

How to get more views on YouTube Shorts to grow your YouTube channel

There is a framework or list of things you can look into when creating shorts that arouse viewers’ curiosity, which get viewers hooked.

Below are tips to make your clients’ YouTube Shorts performance reach exhilarating heights.

1. Loop ‘em

Sandy Beeson, Writer at, wrote…

“Loop your video: One clever way to keep viewers watching is to take advantage of the fact that YouTube Shorts videos automatically loop. You can find inventive ways of making your videos go back to the beginning from the end to keep your audience hooked!”

Sandy’s advice is golden for improving viewer experience and increasing the view duration of your clients’ videos.

Looping the videos makes it much easier for your clients’ viewers to rewatch them since they don’t need to click the play button.

Many people like rewatching interesting content, such as emotional videos, and looping makes this easy.

2. Use relevant hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags to your clients’ YouTube shorts makes them more visible to your audience.

Remember that YouTube Shorts hashtags are searchable. This means that if YT users search using a certain hashtag, the YT Shorts that contain that hashtag will be displayed on the search results.

3. Insert the relevant keywords

Inserting relevant keywords into your clients’ Shorts tells YouTube what your videos are about.

It helps YouTube’s algorithm to deliver your clients’ videos to users who may find them relevant.

For instance, if your client’s video teaches people how to temporarily deactivate Instagram, include the phrase “temporarily deactivate Instagram” in the video description.

Doing so increases the chances of your video appearing in the search results.

4. Add trending music

Do you want to make your clients’ Shorts more engaging?

Add trending music.

Imagine watching two YT Shorts. The first has entertaining trending music, while the other has no background music.

Which do you think is more engaging?

Which do you think will have a better view duration time?

It’s the video with the background music, of course.

When your clients’ videos perform well, YouTube’s algorithm will show them to more users, boosting opportunities to get more views and engagement.

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5. Leave comments

Encourage others to engage and leave comments on your clients’ Shorts by adding your own comments.

Whether you add a new comment or reply to an existing comment made by one of your clients’ viewers, it helps improve the YouTube Short’s performance.

Comments act as social validation of sorts.

Those hesitant to watch your client’s video could be swayed to watch if they see it’s gotten TONS of comments and engagements.

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6. Use an eye-catching thumbnail

Thumbnails are crucial since they’re one of the first things viewers see before they click your clients’ Shorts.

Just like headlines are uber-important since they dictate whether internet users will click a certain link and read the article, so are thumbnails.

If your clients’ thumbnails are eye-catching and intriguing, it can influence YT users to click and watch the Shorts content instead of scrolling through it.

7. Learn from other high-performing Shorts

Viral Shorts videos are popular for a reason.

Find out what gets popular videos tons of views and engagement and weave them into your clients’ Shorts content—adding trending audio or doing a dance challenge.

Start by looking at the top three or five trending Shorts videos with the highest views and engagement.

The rule is to emulate and not copy competitor content, or your clients run the risk of violating the community guidelines and getting their accounts banned.

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8. Err toward the fun and exciting side

Adam Hayes, Head of Content at Wyzowl, couldn’t have said it better…

“Get creative! Inject some personality into your titles and descriptions to keep viewers hooked — think of them as a witty elevator pitch for your video. Remember YouTube’ algorithm doesn’t rely solely on crawlers – it also uses human signals.”

While YouTube Shorts are micro-videos, and people are less resistant to watching them than investing countless minutes or hours watching long-form videos, it’s still worth pointing out that you’re competing with other publishers.

If your videos don’t have a fun, exciting feel, and your competitors invested time and effort to make them exciting, they’ll get the clicks while you get nothing but cricket sounds.

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Why your YouTube Shorts video isn’t getting more views

If you’re wondering why your clients’ YouTube Shorts don’t attract more viewers, it could be due to the following reasons. 

1. Not enough content

There are millions of Shorts videos on YouTube.

You can’t just create a handful of Shorts for your clients and expect them to blow up.

Your clients stand a better chance of getting more views and engagement when they regularly publish fun, engaging, and stand-out Shorts videos.

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The more Shorts videos you can push out, the higher the chances of your clients’ content landing on the YouTube Shorts’ top shelf.

Upload high-quality Shorts content to help your clients’ videos gain momentum and increase engagement and views.

Need inspiration for your clients’ YT content? Check out these YouTube Shorts ideas

2. The YouTube Shorts need more time to take off

In a perfect world, your clients’ YouTube Shorts will go viral once uploaded, becoming an overnight sensation.

However, in reality, it can take some time for your clients’ Shorts to gain traction and take off.

The YouTube Shorts algorithm will test your videos with your regular audience, then those in the Shorts section.

If the videos perform well with a specific audience, the algorithm will continue showing your clients’ Shorts to similar audiences—and this is where it can start to gain momentum.

If you’ve done everything you can to optimize your clients’ Shorts, but it hasn’t gotten more views in a few days or weeks, give the algorithm more time to work its magic. 

3. The Shorts videos are too long

Believe it or not, a 60-second YouTube Shorts video can still be too long for many viewers.

Here’s the general idea: If your client’s Shorts take up the entire 60 seconds, chances are high that the video has unnecessary fluff that doesn’t engage viewers.

It can increase your client’s video drop-off rates while decreasing audience retention—and the algorithm is less likely to promote the content to more viewers.

The trick is to keep your clients’ Shorts videos compact and concise.

For instance, create Shorts that can convey the main value or message within the first ten seconds to help reel in viewers quickly and make them stay.

Avoid adding unnecessary elements and content to stretch out the Shorts.

If it isn’t crucial or doesn’t add to the video’s value, scrap it and keep everything short (see what I did there?) and sweet. 

4. The YouTube Shorts are not engaging enough

If your clients’ YouTube Shorts can’t capture and hold the viewers’ attention, chances are your videos won’t get more views.

Instant gratification is the name of the game.

So, if you want your clients’ Shorts to hold their viewers’ attention, you have to make the content worth their while right from the get-go.

The trick is to reel in viewers within the first three to five seconds of your client’s video and make the rest of the remaining seconds count.

Ensure the Shorts video gets right to the point.

If the video tells a story, add a hook to keep audiences engaged from the start, then deliver on the video’s promise.

Another way to capture the audience’s attention is to show and not tell.

Explaining something can take a lot of time, but showing it through actions, animations, etc., helps get the point across faster while making the viewing experience more fun and interesting.

This way, viewers are enticed to click, watch your clients’ Shorts to the end, and even convert into subscribers.

5. Tagging Shorts videos incorrectly

Adding the #Shorts tag doesn’t guarantee explosive numbers of views for your clients’ videos.

But throwing in #Shorts in the video description can prompt YouTube’s algorithm to pick up your clients’ video and show it to more viewers.

Besides, there’s no harm in correctly tagging your clients’ YouTube Shorts videos, so you’re better off including #Shorts in the description.

Remember, it’s #Shorts or #shorts, and NOT #Short.

6. Using the wrong Shorts format

YouTube Shorts are intended to “compete” with TikTok videos, with the same short-form format designed for mobile displays.

Viewers will likely see less of the video if your clients’ Shorts are in horizontal format. Or, the video can look too small with plenty of wide open screen space.

You must use the correct video size and format for YouTube Shorts—vertical with a 9:16 aspect ratio.

Using the correct YouTube Shorts size and format specifications, such as shooting vertical videos, helps ensure your clients’ videos display at their best when viewed on the YouTube app.

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7. Lacking promotion

Even the most amazing YouTube Shorts videos can struggle to get more views if not promoted correctly.

Aggressively promote and share your clients’ Shorts across other social media platforms. For instance, you could share a YouTube video on Instagram Story.

It can widen the content’s reach, boosting your clients’ opportunities to engage more people.

Your clients can also collaborate with other content creators on TikTok and Instagram to cross-promote content on various social media channels and tap into each other’s following.

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The one SMM tool that can get you more views on YouTube Shorts

Planning, creating, managing, and promoting your clients’ YouTube Shorts, regular YouTube video content, and other social media content isn’t a walk in the park.

After all, there’s a myriad of things you need to consider to run a successful marketing campaign, such as optimal publishing times, scheduling, analytics, etc.

That’s why you need a reliable Social Media Management (SMM) platform to streamline and supercharge your workflows and ultimately get your clients’ YouTube Shorts more views and engagement.

One such tool is Vista Social.

The modern SMM platform makes publishing your clients’ YouTube Shorts uber-easy with its sophisticated post-scheduling feature.

Upload your client’s 60-second or less video through their linked profile in Vista Social, add the details and the #Shorts in the title and description, and set your preferred posting date and time.

While you can’t change the Shorts’ thumbnail due to YouTube limitations, Vista Social ensures the right YouTube Shorts thumbnail size displays when publishing the video.

How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts1

Vista Social also lets you schedule your clients’ YouTube channel videos for auto-publishing.

You can schedule single posts or bulk posts or add a post to a queue of scheduled posts for auto-publishing.

It helps you save time and effort, especially when clients have limited YouTube Shorts fun.

Select the linked client profile where you want to publish the YouTube post and add a description or caption, including hashtags, mentions, emojis, links, and more.

How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts2

No time to come up with engaging descriptions for YouTube videos?

Vista Social has you covered with its AI assistant.

Provide details, and the AI assistant can instantly generate fun and compelling captions for your client’s post.

The AI tool makes creating anything from taglines to Instagram photo dump captions quick and easy.

How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts3

You can also enable link Shortening and UTM defaults, add customer parameters, and save the settings for future use.

How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts4

Next, customize your client’s post by selecting whether to save it as a draft, add it to a queue, schedule for auto-publishing, or publish it now.

You can also set your preferred settings, such as making the post viewable publicly and enabling the embeddable and notify subscriber options (among others).

How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts4

You can schedule other non-YouTube content for auto-posting, including Facebook posts, TikTok videos, and Instagram Reels and Stories.

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Leverage Vista Social’s optimization algorithms to automatically schedule your clients’ content to auto-publish at times proven to drive audience engagement.

The feature saves you from using other tools or manually looking for the best times to post on YouTube Shorts.

If the post needs client review and approval before going live, save it as a draft.

Your saved drafts, including the previously published and scheduled posts, are in the content calendar.

How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts5

Vista Social’s other handy YouTube management tools include:

  • A social inbox to help you manage subscriber conversations and nurture relationships. This way, your clients won’t miss comments, messages, or audience engagement opportunities.
  • Track and benchmark your clients’ YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram content performance through analytics insights. These can help measure your clients’ audience engagement and fan growth. You can leverage this and your YouTube Studio data to get actionable insights to improve content performance.  

FAQs about getting more views on YouTube Shorts

Get answers to the commonly asked questions about raking in more YouTube Shorts views.

Do YouTube Shorts rewatches increase views?

YouTube considers videos that users play for more than 30 seconds a view.

If the video is less than 30 seconds, YouTube counts it a view if it plays its entire duration.

So yes, rewatching videos can boost views. If the video is replayed 50 times, it counts as 50 views.

Does deleting YouTube Shorts impact views?

Yes, since any likes, comments, views, and other engagement associated with the deleted videos will also be lost. 

How many Shorts should you post to get more views?

The consensus is to post two or three times daily to help boost views on your clients’ Shorts videos and grow their channels.

It can be intimidating for small creators, but a robust SMM tool can help.

Dominate YT now. Get bajillions more views on YT Shorts

A viral Shorts video can catapult your client’s YouTube channel and brand to fame.

While this can be challenging, your clients can achieve it with the tips and tricks in this guide.

Boost your client’s chances of getting more YouTube Shorts views using a modern SMM platform like Vista Social.

Try Vista Social now to see the platform in action.

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