12 YouTube Channel Ideas for 2024: Ultimate List

Updated on October 5, 2023

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Published October 5, 2023

12 YouTube Channel Ideas for 2024: Ultimate List
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To help your clients dominate YouTube, you must bring together several amazing YouTube channel ideas.

After all, the YouTube channel direction or idea you choose is crucial since it serves as a compass of sorts for all future YT videos you’ll create.

For example, if you opt for a more generalist direction, you can post a wide variety of video content, from tips and satire to news-type videos.

However, if you opt for a more specific direction—a channel that focuses on reviews, for example—then you must limit the type of videos you create to reviews to stay on brand.

One direction isn’t necessarily “bad” per se; they just have their advantages and disadvantages.

And so the question becomes…

What type of YouTube channel should you and your client pursue?

I’ve put together this guide to help you answer that question.

I’ll share several YouTube channel ideas that you can choose from.

Table of contents

What you’ll learn

  • YouTube channel ideas for e-commerce
  • YouTube channel ideas for SaaS
  • YouTube channel ideas for gaming
  • YouTube channel ideas for real estate
  • Streamline your YouTube video publishing 
  • Common questions about choosing YouTube channel ideas
  • Turn YouTube channel ideas into reality

YouTube channel ideas for e-commerce

Some of the best and most popular YouTube video ideas for e-commerce include the following:

1. Product demos

Did you ever buy something because you saw how handy or even fun it was to use?

One minute, you’re just watching how a robot vacuum works, and the next thing you know, it’s straight to your basket, and you’re already checking out the item.

That is the power of product demos.

Include product demos showcasing your client’s products in action, including how they can answer their problems and improve their lives.

Nespresso’s CITIZ&MILK machine demo is a classic example.

YouTube Channel Ideas1

The product’s easy-to-use features were showcased and showed how you can instantly get a nice warm cup of coffee with a press of a button.

Get more eyeballs on your clients’ channels by sharing their product demo videos across other platforms, such as sharing a YouTube video on Instagram Story

2. Testimonial videos

Share testimonial videos of customers talking about why they love your clients’ products.

Testimonials highlight real-life experiences with your clients’ products, fostering trust and credibility with potential customers.

Satisfied customers can share their personal experiences with your client’s product or do on-the-spot reaction videos for more authenticity.

3. Product spotlight 

Product spotlight videos focus on the product’s tangible aspects, such as how it looks and feels and the materials they’re made from.

For instance, your client’s video can include zoomed-in shots of the product’s size, shape, and colors.

Remember to use the correct YouTube video size to ensure optimal video quality.

Product spotlight videos help potential customers better understand your client’s products, enticing them to buy.

YouTube channel ideas for SaaS

Check out these time-tested YouTube channel ideas for Software-as-a-Service companies.

4. Tutorial videos

One of the best ways to promote SaaS is to show viewers how the software works.

For instance, you can create how-to videos that walk viewers through your client’s software and highlight its unique benefits to customers.

If the software offers multiple features, you can break down the tutorial videos into smaller chunks, focusing on each feature.

Social Media Management platform Vista Social’s tutorial video on YouTube below is a great example.

YouTube Channel Ideas2

The tutorial provides step-by-step visual and audio instructions to help users add external calendars to their Vista Social accounts, which is one feature of Vista Social’s toolkit.

The videos help educate your clients’ potential customers while highlighting their products’ features and benefits.

5. Explainer videos

Create SaaS explainer videos that explain your clients’ products to help potential customers understand their value and how they work.

Explainers can be engaging and funny videos that can be more exciting than plain text product descriptions, making them great additions to your clients’ YouTube channels.

Plus, explainer videos offer viewers value, which can put your client’s content in a good light in the eyes of the YouTube algorithm.

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6. Troubleshooting videos

Troubleshooting videos can be similar to tutorials.

The difference is that troubleshooting videos focus on walking viewers through the “fixing” process.

You can include comprehensive, easy-to-follow YouTube videos that help customers fix or DIY the issues they face with your client’s software.

With these walkthrough videos, customers can go to your client’s YouTube channel and get help promptly instead of waiting to hear from your client’s support team.

Remember to include hashtags to boost the video’s visibility. For instance, include YouTube Shorts hashtags in your clients’ short, vertical videos.

YouTube channel ideas for gaming

Take inspiration from the YouTube channel ideas for gaming companies below.

7. Game review videos

A lot of gamers want to know if a game is worth their time and money before buying.

Your clients in the gaming industry can address this need by creating a YouTube channel focused on game reviews, like the channel below.

YouTube Channel Ideas3

Some of the popular gaming-related YouTube channel ideas your clients can leverage include:

  • Playing a bunch of similar games and doing comparison reviews
  • Going through an entire game and highlighting the pros and cons 
  • Sharing the top X favorite games your clients previously reviewed
  • Unboxing videos or gaming equipment and tech
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Your clients can boost engagement by asking viewers what games they want to see reviewed next on their own YouTube channel.

8. Live streaming

Live streaming video games is another popular YouTube video idea for your client’s channel because it allows real-time engagement.

It helps your clients connect with potential subscribers since it can make viewers feel like they’re part of the gameplay.

Plus, there’s the bonus of viewers learning from your clients as they progress through the game, which can boost engagement and subscriptions.

Unlike other platforms like TikTok, YouTube is perfect for live streams since it can accommodate longer videos.

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9. Gaming news

Creating a YouTube channel focused on sharing gaming industry updates helps establish your clients as reliable sources of information.

For example, your clients can share details and personal opinions on highly anticipated games and upcoming releases.

It’s a great way to stir excitement among viewers, encouraging them to subscribe to your clients’ channels.

Need more gaming news ideas for your clients’ channels?

Check out their YouTube comment history to see the other channels they interacted with and potential updates from them.

YouTube channel ideas for real estate

Want to help your clients working in the real estate industry develop a successful YouTube channel?

Start with the following content ideas.

10. Virtual house tours

Attract viewers to your clients’ YouTube channels by sharing virtual house tours.

Your clients can post high-quality virtual house tour videos and highlight unique and essential home features, like the real estate YouTube channel below.

YouTube Channel Ideas5

Include 360-degree views and drone shots to give viewers an immersive experience. 

11. Home maintenance videos

Besides showcasing properties for sale, another great YouTube channel idea is to share maintenance tips.

It helps your clients establish credibility and authority while connecting and engaging with potential buyers.

Your clients’ YouTube channel content can include:

  • Home maintenance hacks, such as painting glass windows with glue to make them opaque and offer more privacy without shutting out natural light. 
  • A myth-buster series that focuses on debunking common home maintenance myths, like unclogging a drain with motor oil.  
  • Short skits about DIY-ing home repairs and the hilarious mishaps that can happen highlighting the importance of hiring professionals in certain situations.

Your clients’ videos don’t always have to be too serious. Add some fun and add elements to make them human and relatable.

After all, most viewers will steer clear of a “faceless YouTube channel” because it can seem impersonal and stiff.

12. Home renovation inspiration videos

Your client’s YouTube channel can be all about home renovation ideas and inspiration.

They can share content, including YouTube Shorts ideas, about the following:

  • Doing renovations on a budget. 
  • Before and after renovation videos of homes from real people
  • Tiny house hacks to add more storage without ruining the aesthetics or crowding the home
  • The journey from massive collections of household items to minimalism 

Whatever your clients’ industry or focus, their channels will likely succeed when they give viewers valuable, original, and engaging content.

Also, their channels should follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines to ensure that their content is above board.

Streamline your YouTube video publishing 

Creating a YouTube channel is relatively easy—managing and publishing content is, especially when handling multiple clients.

The good news is that Vista Social’s features let you plan, manage, and publish your clients’ social media profiles and content efficiently.

It can simplify your SMM tasks—from letting you schedule content in bulk to automatically setting the correct YouTube Shorts thumbnail size.

The platform’s YouTube management tools for business allow you to:

  • Schedule your clients’ YouTube videos for auto-publishing on their channels, saving you time and effort. You can also schedule your clients’ posts for bulk publishing.
  • Publish content at optimal times with the platform’s optimization algorithms. You’ll get suggested publishing times and dates, such as the best time to post on YouTube Shorts.
  • Develop and stay on top of your clients’ scheduled posts and drafts easily with a collaborative content calendar.
YouTube Channel Ideas6
  • Manage your clients’ YouTube channel subscribers and comments seamlessly with a centralized social inbox.
YouTube Channel Ideas7

Vista Social offers more features, including an AI-powered hashtag and captions generator, approval workflows, and URL tracking for search traffic monitoring.   

Common questions about choosing from YouTube channel ideas

How do you pick the right YouTube channel name?

Here are some quick tips to nail your client’s YouTube channel name:

  • Keep it simple yet professional
  • Make the name memorable
  • Consider the target audience
  • Include powerful keywords
  • Use the brand’s name

How much can you earn on YouTube for every thousand views?

YouTube pays an average rate of one to two dollars per 1,000 views, which can vary depending on many factors. 

Can you trademark YouTube names?


YouTube channels are considered entertainment services and protected by trademarks. You can trademark a YouTube channel logo, slogan, or name to promote the channel.

Turn YouTube channel ideas into reality

Help your clients jumpstart their YouTube success by choosing from the YouTube channel ideas shared in this guide.

Don’t downplay the ideation stage of your YouTube journey.

Be meticulous about which YouTube channel direction to pursue since it has long-lasting implications for your YouTube initiatives.

Also, remember to streamline your social media management and YouTube content publishing for clients with Vista Social.

Create a Vista Social account now to harness the power of a modern and sophisticated SMM platform for busy social media managers.

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