Funny Things to Comment on Instagram that Agencies Can Use to Generate Views

Updated on March 2, 2023

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Published March 29, 2022

Funny Things to Comment on Instagram that Agencies Can Use to Generate Views
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Having funny things to comment on Instagram is an underrated tactic that agencies can use to generate loads of views and audience engagement.

After all, humor is a universal language.

When you make your client’s audience smile, you make them more receptive to your client’s content.

The best part is, you don’t need to pay or sign up for truckloads of IG tools to pull off this strategy.

You can just use Vista Social to automate the first comments to your client’s posts.

Doing so lets you get conversations going around your content.

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With that out of the way, let’s talk about funny Instagram comments that will boost your campaign’s engagement.

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Table of contents

Funny things to comment on Instagram to generate engagement

First things first, remember that funny comments only work for certain situations. 

For regular users, there are no holds barred when it comes to funny comments. It’s always appropriate to leave funny comments on posts by good friends, family, and workmates. 

But for marketing agencies, you need to take your client’s branding into consideration. 

Most brands will give light-hearted comments a go signal. This is especially true if you’re managing a youthful brand or individual influencer.

Bigger and more serious brands, however, may prefer to keep things strictly professional.

The bottom line is, make sure your client greenlights the strategy before you start handing down funny comments. 

If they do, then congratulations—you have permission to turn their brand into the coolest kid in the block!

Without further ado, here are some of the best funny comments for Instagram:

Funny responses to your audience’s comments

Getting comments from followers is generally a good sign. Keep the momentum going by sending witty responses that make your clients look more approachable on Instagram. 

Use any of the comments below at your own discretion. 

Most comments are for positive feedback, while others are more specific to certain situations. For example, some comments are perfect for frequent commenters who don’t follow your client’s page. 

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Check them out:

  • “High five, [Follower Name]! ✋”
  • “We wholeheartedly accept and are deeply humbled by your wonderful comment. Here’s a tomato: 🍅 “
  • “Thank you, perhaps you’d like to hit ‘Share’ as well? Sharing is caring, [Follower Name].” 
  • “There’s more where that came from. Just follow our page and see the magic!”
  • “Want to see something better? Check out our page and click the link to our website. No ads—we promise!”
  • “With comments as great as this, I feel like fainting on my keyboarfggggghhhhhhjjhghghh…”
  • “Thanks, [Follower Name]. For every like and share, our boss will do one squat. Honest!”
  • “Unfortunately, we’re fresh out of funny comments. Do you accept virtual high fives? ✋”
  • “Thank you! And no—this isn’t an auto-generated response. Hello, fellow quality human being! 🤖”
  • “Awesome, [Follower Name], and thanks for the awesome feedback! Upon checking, you haven’t followed us yet. Hmmm? 🤔”
  • “If we’re running a contest about the best funny comments for Instagram, you’d win a million bucks. But we don’t… so… 🤣”
  • “Glad you liked it, we have the best followers in the world!”
  • “Good to see you again. Hopefully, you’ll follow our page next time!”
  • “Thanks, fam. Just doing our jobs.”
  • “Much obliged! Yeah, our products were that awesome when we woke up.” 
  • “Thank you, the only thing nicer than your comment would be if you followed the page as well. We aim to please 🤣”
  • “You just won comment of the year! For your reward, here’s a cookie. 🍪” 
  • “Thanks, but we’re nothing compared to your awesomeness. 😉” 
  • “Thanks for like and comment, [Follower Name]. You just made our day.”
  • “That’s what we do, [Follower Name]. Follow us and we’ll show you the meaning of AWESOME.” 
  • “Thank you for your kind words. Your comment will be another picture framed on our boss’s desk.”
  • “That’s the best comment so far. Want to be our best friend?”
  • “Thanks, [Follower Name], we try to keep it real.”
  • “Thanks, you should teach classes on Instagram commenting. We’ll attend for sure!”

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Short comments for quick likes

In some cases, you need to start the conversation yourself. 

Perhaps you’re reaching out to an influencer or simply want to treat followers like best friends. Whatever the reason, you need to write as if you’re about to leave comments on friends pic posts.

If you know the importance of influencer marketing, you’d give these comments a try:

  • “Watch out, world.”
  • “Please stop, we can only take so much awesome photos in one day.”
  • “Mind. blown. 🤯”
  • “Our jaws are literally on the floor right now. (Seriously, send help)”
  • “As soon as we saw this amazing pic we knew it’s going to be awesome.”
  • “Been waiting for a post like this my whole life. Thanks!”
  • “When you’re tired of being awesome, let’s be friends forever.”
  • “This is the post that the world wanted and needed.”
  • “Not enough good comments to show how much we appreciate this!”
  • “Nice good life you have. Can we be a part of it?”
  • “Let’s build a real friendship around this random comment. What say you?”
  • “Fire as always.”
  • “Just dropping by to say great job.”
  • “None of our best friends are as cool as you.”
  • “Best Instagram post to date.”
  • “Why isn’t this the most viewed Instagram video?”
  • “This work puts historically-great artists to shame.”
  • “Wonderful pictures as always, teach us, master.”
  • “Hey, you’re breaking the internet.”
  • “Funny captions? Does a penguin count? 🐧”
  • “Me, your friend deserves a follow-back.”
  • “Respond to this and you’ll get a million more likes, I think…”
  • “Where do we sign up?”
  • “Hey [Influencer Name], we’re huge fans—and not the spinning kind.”

First comment ideas

If you want to leverage automated first comments, don’t just inject hashtags. You can also try the following to get more responses:

  • “Whoever writes the best funny comment wins a virtual hug!”
  • “You know what, let’s get comments on this picture ASAP. First 10 comments win a special prize!”
  • “The top funny comment will get a top-of-the-line, brand spanking new, over-the-top virtual high five. Don’t miss your chance!”

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Miscellaneous funny comments  

Before we wrap things up, here are a few more funny comments for the road:

  • “If we sign up, can we do a professional photoshoot with you? You can’t hide from us forever!”
  • “Hope my best friend doesn’t see this, but, you’re actually my favorite person.”
  • “Us: *comments on friends pic*, you: *ignore*. Notice us, please?”
  • “Does this come with freebies? A quick mention would be nice! *hint, hint*”
  • “We wish we had more cute Instagram comments to say, but your comments are just breathtaking.”
  • “Did you know? You can find friends by simply clicking “follow” on Instagram?”
  • “We could be best friends if you just follow these step: 1) head to our page, 2) click ‘Follow.’ It’s that easy!”
  • “Would love to see your reaction next time, [Follower Name].”
  • “How on earth do you come up with such wonderful pictures?”
  • “We don’t always leave comments on friends pic on Instagram. That means this is extra awesome.”
  • “We have a job opening for the position of best friend. Care to apply, best friend? *Pretty please*”
  • “Want to be our best friend? Close friend? How about distant friend? Just connect with us, please. 😭”
  • “Gosh, I hope our funny comments are enough to get your attention. If not, like, follow, and send us a DM. Let’s work it out!”
  • “There aren’t enough funny comments out there to show you how much we appreciate your support. Thanks!”
  • “Show us how you take a great photo ASAP and we promise to sign up!”
  • “We’re still wondering how you can come up with amazing posts like nobody’s business.”
  • “We thought we’re commenting on a friends pic on Instagram, but we noticed you don’t follow us. What’s up with that?”
  • “Thank you, we’ll have your comment printed and have the picture framed in our office.”

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Other tips to maximize Instagram engagement

Apart from writing funny comments for Instagram, below are a few other tips that will help you boost audience engagement:

  • Try bulk scheduling: Bulk scheduling lets you plan and automate posts in advance. This will give you more time to engage users through comments. 
  • Ask questions on Instagram Stories: Another way to spice up your user engagement strategy is to ask questions. Start with the best questions to ask on Instagram story, like “what do you hate about our products?”
  • Share other users’ posts: Sharing an influencer’s post is another opportunity to appear in their notifications. This won’t instantly turn you into best friends, but it’s a great way to kickstart your relationship. 

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Put it all together on Vista Social

It doesn’t matter if you’re reaching out to your crazy friends or potential influencers to help your clients win more business. Humor will definitely make the connection stronger.

To manage your client’s profiles better, use Vista Social.

The platform allows you to automate first comments, bulk schedule posts, track user engagement, and more. Start a free account today.

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