101+ Best Instagram Marketing Tools for 2024

Updated on January 26, 2024

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Published September 7, 2022

101+ Best Instagram Marketing Tools for 2024
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This massive guide contains the best Instagram marketing tools perfect for social media marketing agencies or single users.

We included a whopping 101+ tools that solves whatever Instagram marketing needs or gaps you’re trying to address; from doing menial, repetitive IG marketing tasks to finding one-word Instagram captions.

We categorized the list of IG tools using these categories:

  • Best Instagram marketing tools for agencies 
  • Best tools for Instagram scheduling and management
  • Best tools for Instagram photo editing
  • Best tools for Instagram analytics 
  • Best tools for Instagram Stories and Reels
  • Best tools for Instagram influencer marketing
  • Best Instagram tools to find relevant hashtags
  • Best miscellaneous Instagram tools
  • Additional Instagram tools for agencies

Let’s get started…

Table of contents

Best Instagram marketing tools for agencies 

To help you find what you need, we grouped the Instagram tools below under categories like scheduling, photo editing, analytics, and hashtag research. 

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Best tools for Instagram scheduling and management

1. Vista Social

Instagram Marketing Tool: Vista Social

Vista Social is an all-in-one social media management platform that lets you schedule posts, track conversations, analyze user engagement analytics, and more.

Use it to create an automated posting schedule for your Instagram marketing strategy and maximize the visibility of your content.

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Feature highlights: 

  • Instagram posting schedule suggestions (based on audience behavior)
  • Manage multiple accounts on social media, review websites, and online communities
  • Instant hashtag suggestions 
  • Font customization tool 
  • Built-in image editor 
  • Vista Social also integrates with several social media platforms, such as TikTok, Facebook, LI, etc.

Price: Vista Social has a free version. Our paid version, the “Standard” package, costs $39 per month. You can add 8 social media profiles in our Standard package.

2. Planable

Instagram Marketing Tool: Planable
Image Source: Planable.io

Streamline the content development and publishing processes with Planable.

It features a beginner-friendly social media calendar complemented with a scheduler, an approval system, and team collaboration tools for agencies. 

Feature highlights:

  • Accurate post previews for the scheduler
  • One-click post approvals 
  • Mobile approval app for clients

Price: Starts at $13 per month for one workspace per user

3. Combin Scheduler

Instagram Marketing Tool: Combin Scheduler
Image Source: Combin.com

The Combin Scheduler is a desktop app that features a lightweight, intuitive interface for post scheduling, image editing, hashtag management, and so on. It works like an interactive calendar that lets you schedule and publish Instagram posts on one page. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Supports bulk Instagram Stories uploading 
  • Discover trending hashtags 
  • Customizable image sizes and post aspect ratios

Price: Beyond the free, limited version, pay for Combin for as little as $15 per month

4. Preview

Instagram Marketing Tool: Preview
Image Source: ThePreviewApp.com

The Preview app is a certified partner to Instagram that will help you plan your posts weeks or even months ahead of time. Rearrange the order of your scheduled posts to manage what your profile feed will look like. 

Feature highlights:

  • Complete image editing tools with filters
  • Hashtag group management and analytics
  • Collaborate with your team on Instagram campaigns

Price: Starts at $6.67 per month for the complete suite of features

5. Hopper HQ

Instagram Marketing Tool: Hopper HQ
Image Source: HopperHQ.com

Hopper HQ is designed to help you breeze through your Instagram content creation and scheduling tasks. Get hashtag suggestions, edit your images, create Reels, use automatic posting, and more. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Bulk edit a collection of images in one fell swoop
  • Use audience insights to fine-tune your Instagram content strategy
  • Upload visual assets from your device or cloud storage

Price: Starts at $19 per month for one social set (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok)

Best tools for Instagram photo editing

6. Canva

Instagram Marketing Tool: Canva
Image Source: Canva.com

Use Canva for professional-looking graphics using a drag-and-drop interface. Compose your designs using text, shapes, vectors, ready-to-use assets, and a host of effects. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Countless templates to speed up content creation
  • Create simple animations
  • Various integrations for generating QR codes, product mockups, and more

Price: Canva Pro starts at $12.99 per month

7. Snapseed

Snapseed is a surprisingly powerful photo editing app for Android, iOS, and iPadOS. Use professional tools like tonality curves, white balancing, and the “HDR Scape” filter to create eye-catching images for Instagram. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Advanced image editing features
  • Save edits as a reusable template
  • Free to use

Price: Free

8. Photoleap

Photoleap provides several one-click effects called “QuickArt,” creating professional-level visuals for marketing and advertising. You can also use templates created by the community of professional creators. 

Feature highlights:

  • Ready-to-use QuickArt effects 
  • Community-driven template library
  • In-app design and creator discovery 

Price: Depends on the country you’re in, but it should be around $4.99 per month

9. Picsart

Picsart is a popular creative platform loaded with features for editing images and videos. Remove backgrounds, add text overlays, apply photo effects, build collages, and more. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Image and video editing features
  • Marketing, social media banner, and card makers
  • Various templates for printables and social media

Price: Picsart Gold starts at $11.99 per month

10. Pixlr

Pixlr lets you design graphics from scratch, edit or enhance images, and build visual assets in one click. It’s also useful in creating animated images for Instagram feed posts and Stories. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Thousands of ready-to-use design templates
  • Animation presets for easy animated projects
  • Premium fonts, filters, and effects

Price: Full access starts at $7.99 per month

Best tools for Instagram analytics

11. Analisa.io

Instagram Marketing Tool: Analisa
Image Source: Analisa.io

Analisa.io is an AI-driven TikTok and Instagram marketing tool for analytics. It unveils hashtag data, profile performance metrics, follower demographics, content engagement metrics, and more. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Campaign reporting for agencies
  • Historical data analysis
  • Influencer relationship management

Price: Premium features are unlocked at $69 per month  

12. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media reporting solution for agencies that use real-time data. Use it for Instagram marketing tasks like competitor research, influencer marketing, and brand monitoring.  

Feature highlights: 

  • Hashtag, campaign, brand, and influencer reporting
  • Export reports in XLS and PDF formats
  • Track campaigns on all social media platforms

Price: Quote-based

13. Awario

Awario is a brand monitoring platform that lets you connect with prospects, address common customer issues, discover user-generated content, and find the best questions to ask on Instagram. It also includes in-depth analytics to help optimize and grow your client’s Instagram account. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Influencer analytics
  • Multiple language options
  • Filters and sorting tools to prioritize mentions

Price: The Awario Starter plan costs $39 per month 

14. BrandMentions

Track brand mentions, hashtags, and competitors with BrandMentions. The platform also features real-time social media analytics, trend discovery, and influencer relationship management. 

Feature highlights:

  • Monitor audience sentiment
  • Comprehensive online presence monitoring
  • Track any topic or brand

Price: Starts at $99 per month for up to two users

Best tools for Instagram Stories and Reels

15. KineMaster

Instagram Marketing Tool: KineMaster
Image Source: KineMaster.com

KineMaster makes it easy to create compelling video content with templates, advanced editing features, and a full-on visual asset store. Projects can be saved, shared, and imported by other KineMaster users, perfect if you’re working with a team.

Feature highlights: 

  • Edit videos in 4K resolution
  • Create high-quality videos with up to nine layers
  • Active and helpful community for beginners

Price: Remove KineMaster watermark for $4.99 per month

16. VEED

VEED is a cross-platform video editing tool that lets you add text, subtitles, voiceovers, and filters to your client’s Instagram Stories or Reels. Leverage its branding tools to manage reusable assets for different clients

Feature highlights: 

  • Quickly add logos and other branded elements 
  • Automatic video subtitles
  • Comes with a desktop browser version

Price: Starts at $18 per month

17. VCSO

VCSO is a photo and video editing tool with agency-level features. The editor grants granular control over your video’s appearance—or you can use professional presets to quickly create publish-ready Instagram Reels. 

Feature highlights:

  • Video presets created by professionals
  • VSCO Spaces community for creators
  • Collage and montage creators

Price: Starts at $7.99

18. Clips

Create entertaining Instagram Reels, Stories, and video posts with Clips. This iOS and iPadOS exclusive app takes full advantage of Apple’s camera technology to create spot-on Augmented Reality (AR) effects, Memojis, and 360-degree scenes. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Advanced AR effects
  • Unique effects and filters
  • Optimized for modern Apple devices

Price: Free for supported Apple devices

19. Quik by GoPro

The Quik app is developed specifically for GoPro users. Seamlessly import your photos and videos from your device and use straightforward editing tools, like playback speed control, filters, and trimming. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Auto-sync videos with the selected music track
  • Import assets from GoPro and other supported devices
  • Unlimited cloud backups

Price: Starts at $9.99 per year

20. InShot

InShot is a user-friendly video editing app for iOS and Android devices. In addition to effects, filters, and stickers, use the app to split and stitch clips together for your Instagram Reel. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Cut out the middle parts of your video
  • Audio library and effects for vloggers
  • Social-media-like interface

Price: Remove watermark and ads for $3.99 per month

21. Funimate

Create colorful videos with stickers, overlays, text effects, and animations with Funimate. You can also experiment with 3D effects and keyframe effects to give Instagram users something fresh. 

Feature highlights: 

  • In-app video editing community
  • Transition and animation effects
  • Intro and outro animations

Price: Starts at $6.99 per month

Best tools for Instagram influencer marketing

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22. Upfluence

Instagram Marketing Tool: Upfluence
Image Source: Upfluence.com

Upfluence is the go-to influencer marketing platform for online brands. It features a suite of tools for influencer discovery, analysis, relationship building, and management. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Track and process influencer payments
  • Run product seeding campaigns
  • Bonus eCommerce tools

Price: Quote-based

23. Aspire

Aspire has a network of over 100 million influencers on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. The platform is built to help agencies and brands build long-term, profitable relationships with talented and popular influencers. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Manage content creation projects
  • Free influencer marketing toolkits
  • Influencer marketing campaign analytics

Price: Quote-based

24. Storyclash

Storyclash uses a different approach to influencer discovery. Rather than metrics like followers and monthly views, you can find influencers that match your client’s brand based on their existing content. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Advanced influencer content tracking
  • Influencer marketing reporting
  • AI-powered influencer matching engine

Price: Starts at €499 per month 

Best Instagram tools to find relevant hashtags 

25. All Hashtag

Instagram Marketing Tool: All Hashtag
Image Source: All-Hashtag.com

All Hashtag is a free tool that generates relevant hashtag ideas that are ready to be copied and pasted. Simply enter a keyword or topic and choose between “Top” or “Live” to reveal viral hashtags for Instagram

Feature highlights: 

  • Easily copy-paste hashtag lists
  • Uncover hundreds of hashtag ideas in seconds
  • Find similar hashtags and keywords

Price: Free

26. Keyword Tool

While Keyword Tool wasn’t initially designed as an Instagram tool, the developers added a hashtag search feature for Instagram and Twitter. The tool generates hundreds of hashtag ideas along with metrics like average CPC, total search volume, and number of posts. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Quick and straightforward hashtag search
  • Includes useful hashtag metrics
  • Search for Instagram accounts using keywords

Price: Starts at $69 per month

27. Top Hashtags

Top Hashtags is a simple hashtag search tool for Instagram that provides hundreds of ideas for anything from post hashtags to Instagram Reels hashtags. Filter results to reveal all relevant hashtags or only show popular ones. 

Feature highlights: 

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Generate hashtag suggestions from a snippet of text
  • Unlimited hashtag ideas

Price: Free

Best miscellaneous Instagram tools

28. Bitly

Instagram Marketing Tool: Bitly
Image Source: Bitly.com

Bitly is a leading link shortener that can help you create clean and compelling descriptions for your Instagram posts. 

Price: Starts at $8 per month

29. Search Quotes by BrainyQuote

Get shareable quotes for post descriptions, Instagram poll questions, image quotes, and more with Search Quotes

Price: Free

30. Repost App

Effortlessly repost existing Instagram posts using the Repost App while giving proper credit to the original owners. 

Price: Free or $4.99 per month to remove the repost mark and ads

Additional Instagram tools for agencies

31. Adobe Photoshop Express. Take the professional photo editing features of Photoshop into your mobile device. Photoshop Express Premium starts at $4.99 per month. 

32. Lefty. Find and discover top-tier influencers for your agency and clients. Lefty costs $590 per month with a free trial upon request. 

33. Traackr. Use the power of performance data to launch successful influencer marketing campaigns. Traackr is available on a quote-based pricing basis. 

34. Word of the Day by Merriam-Webster: Discover new, catchy words that can be turned into one-word Instagram post captions. Word of the Day can be used for free on the Merriam-Webster website.  

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35. TikTok video editor. Use the distinguished TikTok video editor to create show-stopping content for Instagram Reels. TikTok’s video editor is free on their app. 

36. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed. Showcase your client’s Instagram feed directly on their website. The Smash Balloon Instagram feed starts at $49 per year. 

37. iMovie. Leverage professional video editing features on your macOS device for free. 

38. Trollishly. Beef up your Instagram engagement numbers with on-demand followers, views, likes, and more. Trollishly packages vary depending on what type of engagement you need. 

39. Boomerang. Create looping videos that will keep Instagram users hooked. Boomerang is baked into the Instagram platform. 

40. Phlanx Instagram Engagement Calculator. Analyze potential influencers by showing metrics like engagement rate, interactions per post, and followers. Phlanx costs $35 on a monthly plan.

41. PhotoGrid. Create Instagram collages using videos and static images. PhotoGrid starts at $3 per month. 

42. Clay Story Template Frames by Plexagon s.r.l. Create brandable visual assets for Instagram in minutes. The Clay app is free with affordable weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions (based on your region). 

43. Feed Preview for Instagram. Edit photos, upload multi-post photos, and plan the arrangement of your client’s Instagram feed. Feed Preview for Instagram is free to use.

44. Instant Save. Search, save, and repost Instagram content while adding your own description. Instant Save is 100% free.

45. Highlight Cover & Insta Story by Plexagon s.r.l. Put together Instagram Story highlights with custom icons, frames, and text. The app is free with premium subscription options that vary per region. 

46. Rafflecopter. Running contests with Rafflecopter (or any other tool) is a proven strategy on how to get followers on Instagram without following. Rafflecopter starts at $13 per month. 

47. FaceDance. Turn old photos into singing animations—perfect for Instagram Reels and Stories. FaceDance ‘s weekly subscription starts at $4.99 per week. 

48. HashTagsForLikes. In addition to generating hashtag suggestions, HashTagsForLikes also lets you analyze Instagram profiles. HashtagsForLikes costs $59 per month with monthly billing. 

49. SidesMedia. Give your client’s Instagram account an instant boost with on-demand followers, likes, views, and comments. Instagram followers on SidesMedia start at $2.97 for 100 followers. 

50. Shopify. Reap the full benefits of Instagram Shopping with Shopify—Instagram’s official eCommerce partner platform. Shopify starts at $19 per month. 

51. Wishpond. Supercharge user engagement with hashtag contests, Instagram caption contests, sweepstakes, vote contests, and more. Wishpond’s entry-level package starts at $75 per month. 

52. Brand24. Use social media listening and manage your reputation on social media, news websites, forums, and other websites. Brand24 starts at $59 per month for individuals. 

53. Talkwalker. Take brand monitoring to a whole new level with a platform that covers billions of conversations on social media, forums, blogs, and online publications. Talkwalker for agencies starts at $9,600 per year. 

54. Free Instagram Hashtag Generator. Influencer Marketing Hub’s unique hashtag generator provides a list of hashtag suggestions based on an uploaded image. 

55. Flick. This hashtag research tool recently got an upgrade with new features, including Instagram analytics, scheduling, and feed planning. Flick starts at £10 per month. 

56. Mojo. Create captivating Instagram Stories and Reels with animated effects, text effects, royalty-free music, and more. Mojo Pro starts at $9.99 per month. 

57. Simplified. Collaborate with your team to edit videos and publish content on Instagram using templates, stock videos, and a built-in animation tool. Simplified’s paid version starts at $15 per month. 

58. Pixlee TurnTo. Manage your Instagram influencer marketing campaign from the office or on the go with the Pixlee mobile app. Pixlee TurnTo’s pricing is available upon request. 

59. Unfold. Rapidly create Instagram content using templates, stickers, effects, filters, customizable color palettes, and more. Unfold’s monthly membership costs $2.99 per month. 

60. NapoleonCat. Automate your Instagram community management by creating auto-moderation features for comments. NapoleonCat starts at $31 per month. 

61. HypeAuditor. Streamline influencer discovery, campaign management, and analytics using an AI-powered platform. HypeAuditor’s flexible pricing depends on your needs. 

62. Inflact. Never miss engagement opportunities again by automating replies to DMs with Inflact (also comes with hashtag generator, content downloader, and profile analyzer). Inflact starts at $54 per month. 

63. ManyChat. Automate Instagram DM replies by creating conversation workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. ManyChat starts at $15 per month. 

64. InstaChamp by MobileMonkey. Automate replies to Instagram comments, DMs, and other messaging platforms, like Facebook Messenger, SMS, and website live chat. InstaChamp starts at $9.95 per month.

65. Layout from Instagram. Build photo collages for Instagram using templates and basic image effects. Layout from Instagram is free. 

66. trendHERO. Search, analyze, engage, and check influencer accounts for fake followers—all in one place. trendHERO Lite starts at $9.99 for one month.

67. Cover Highlights + Logo Maker. Easily design eye-catching logos and covers for your Instagram highlights. The Cover Highlights + Logo Maker app costs $2.99 per month. 

68. Picodash. Search for influencers, download your followers list, and export content analytics data into spreadsheets to discover more potential influencers. Picodash analytics start at $100 per report. 

69. INSSIST. This Chrome extension lets you run and manage Instagram marketing campaigns with features like post scheduling, content planning, and Reels publishing. INSSIST premium starts at $5 per month. 

70. 4K Stogram. Download every type of Instagram content for reposting, repurposing, or creating backups. 4K Stogram starts at $10 per month. 

71. App for Instagram. Enable Reels, IGTV, and Story uploads on desktops using the App for Instagram Chrome extension. 

72. Olapic. Collect, curate, and share user-generated content to augment Instagram marketing campaigns. Olapic is now part of Social Native, which is available on a quote basis.

73. Iconosquare. Track content performance, monitor channel growth, and analyze audience engagements from a user-friendly dashboard. Iconosquare plans start at $59 per month. 

74. SquareLovin. Comb through Instagram to quickly turn user-generated content into marketing materials for campaigns. Contact SquareLovin’s sales team for pricing information. 

75. ShortStack. Create buzz by hosting social media contests and leveraging user-generated content. ShortStack starts at $99 per month. 

76. Brand Collab Manager. Connect your client’s brand with powerful influencers using this native Meta tool.

77. Gleam. Host an unlimited number of contests and manage them with ease to grow your client’s Instagram following. The Gleam full package costs $97 per month. 

78. Hashtag Expert. Vibe with your audience and boost Instagram content visibility using AI-selected hashtags. Hashtag Expert starts at $2.99 per month. 

79. Ads Manager. Fine-tune your advertising strategy with dynamic creative, A/B testing, and audience segmentation. The Ads Manager is free within Instagram for Business. 

80. Creator Studio. Maximize the potential of social media posts and monetize them with this content management tool. Creator Studio is free for Meta users.

81. Buffer. Run Instagram campaigns using Buffer’s line of tools such as Buffer Start Page, Buffer Remix, Buffer Stories Creator, and Buffer Analyze. Buffer starts at $6 per month per social channel. 

82. StoriesAds. Create Instagram Stories and vertical ads with customizable templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. StoriesAds can be used for free. 

83. UNUM. Use this visual planner to edit photos, enhance videos, and plan your client’s Instagram profile grid. An UNUM membership only costs $4 per month. 

84. Avatan Photo Editor. Upgrade your photos with effects, filters, and an easy-to-use “Retouch” tool with this top-rated mobile app. Avatan Photo Editor Premium starts at $3.99 per month. 

85. A Color Story. Make your client’s Instagram profile pop with over 20 editing tools, 120 effects, 500 filters, and a grid planner. A Color Story is available for $29.99 per year.

86. Have2HaveIt. Use your Instagram content to convert your audience into email list subscribers and paying customers. Have2HaveIt starts at $5 per month.

87. AppForType. Create collages and postcard-style Instagram content with hundreds of unique stickers, fonts, and templates. AppForType starts at $2.99 monthly. 

88. Magisto Video Editor. Let AI build captivating Instagram videos based on your preferred video editing style. Magisto Video Editor starts at $9.99 per month. 

89. Woorise. Run Instagram contests, gather audience insights, and create high-converting landing pages on one platform. Woorise starts at $29 per month for 2,000 entries. 

90. Filmora Go. Create and edit Instagram video content with the professional editor and hundreds of ready-to-use templates. Filmora Go starts at $4.99 per month. 

91. Follower Insights: Profile+ by Anshun Lingyun Technology Development. Identify and mass unfollow your non-followers to maintain a healthy follower:following ratio. The Follower Insights app starts at $6.99 per month. 

92. Like2Buy. Build a virtual storefront with shoppable Instagram posts and quickly add a link to your client’s bio. Like2Buy’s pricing is available upon request. 

93. Surf for Brands (formerly Trufan). Gain follower insights, run giveaways, and collect zero-party web traffic data to measure the results of your Instagram marketing campaigns. Contact Surf for Brands for pricing information.   

94. Kicksta. Put Instagram growth on autopilot with subscription plans that use AI to generate real followers. Kicksta starts at $49 per month with their Standard plan, which targets 10 accounts at a time. 

95. A Design Kit by A Color Story LLC. Produce vibrant collages and single-image posts for Instagram with fonts, realistic brushes, stickers, and more. A Design Kit starts at $23.99 per year. 

96. AdEspresso. Optimize and split test your ad campaigns not just on Instagram, but also on Facebook and Google Search. The AdEspresso platform costs $49 per month. 

97. Unfollowers and Followers Track. Unfollow your client’s non-followers to keep a clean Instagram profile—or reward the best followers and bolster brand loyalty. The app starts at $4.99 per month.  

98. FeedLink. Integrate a custom bio link on Instagram or TikTok and present shoppable content. FeedLink’s Pro plan starts at $3 per month.  

99. InsTrack. Track social media analytics and get data-driven recommendations on how to optimize your client’s social media presence. InsTrack is available at $4.99 per month on the app store. 

100. Video Downloader for Instagram by ETM Video Downloader. Save Instagram Reels, Stories, and other video content for future Instagram marketing campaigns. The app’s core features are available for free. 

101. Letters by Belight Software. Design text art using fully-customizable, professionally-made templates, original fonts, and user-friendly design tools. Paid Letters sets start at £4.99 per month. 

102. Picmaker. Power through your visual content development backlog with a lightweight, drag-and-drop graphic design app. The Picmaker Starter plan starts at $9.95 per month. 

Best Instagram marketing tools: FAQs

Is Instagram an effective marketing tool?

With over a billion active monthly users, Instagram is one of the most potent marketing channels for businesses. There are also hundreds of tools you can use to optimize Instagram marketing strategies. 

What are Instagram professional tools?

The Instagram app provides business accounts with tools like contact information, post insights, and Instagram Shopping. Third-party tools include schedulers, analytics, hashtag research, and influencer marketing platforms. 

Which Instagram tool is best?

Top 10 Instagram marketing tools: 

  1. Vista Social
  2. Canva
  3. Analisa.io
  4. All Hashtag
  5. VEED
  6. Bitly
  7. Planable
  8. Combin Scheduler
  9. Upfluence
  10. Awario

Use the best Instagram marketing tools to dominate the socialsphere

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