Social Media Management Tool Pricing: Reduce Your Budget by 70%

Updated on June 15, 2023

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Marketing @ Vista Social

Published October 25, 2022

Social Media Management Tool Pricing: Reduce Your Budget by 70%
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Is your current social media management tool pricing higher than what people are paying for a new car payment or rent in the city?

It may sound like a Geico commercial, but brands and agencies that switch to Vista Social can save an average of 70% on their SMM tool budget. 🦎

The tech economy is booming in 2023, so why is social media management tool pricing at an all-time high when there are more options to choose from?

By analyzing dozens of SMM tools, we calculated pricing based on team size—so you can accurately evaluate if you’re overspending and find ways to get more of that money back in your pockets.

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How to compare SMM tools?

While some of today’s most well-known SMM platforms are charging major bucks, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the latest and greatest features.

Customers of other SMM tools could save 90% on pricing if they switched to Vista Social!

So, what is the average social media management tool pricing based on team size?

To provide a fair price comparison, we researched what a typical social media team may look like:

  • Small team: 3 users managing 15 social profiles
  • Med-size team: 5 users managing 50 social profiles
  • Large team: 10 users managing over 100 profiles

Depending on your current SMM tool, the features and social media integrations will vary. 

From a feature standpoint, Vista Social provides a ton of capabilities that most other platforms don’t yet have available.

This SMM tools list has 12 features you should have from your current platform that is already available in Vista Social today!

However, for the sake of accuracy, we’ve only included tools that provide the following features: 

  • Schedule social media posts to publish on Instagram, Facebook, Google Business, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Inbox that helps manage comments, mentions, and messages across the above social networks
  • Analytics and reporting features (ability to run reports, export, and customize them)

Ready to see how much you could be saving by using Vista Social? Let’s dive in!

Social media management tool pricing comparison

Small team: 3 users managing 15 social profiles

Mid-size team: 5 users managing 50 social profiles

Large team: 10 users managing over 100 profiles

So, what does this actually mean?

1. Be aware of social set vs. social profile pricing

Platforms like Later may be priced well, but there is a catch—their pricing is not based on the number of profiles.

Later pricing provides their customers with a “social set,” which means you can connect only one profile to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

So, if you have 7 Instagram profiles to manage, that’s not 7 profiles—it’s 7 social sets which makes the price significantly higher.

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Your social media management tool pricing may look affordable, but you often can’t access all of the features you need without spending a lump sum amount. 

2. SMM tools lack the latest features or have slow rollouts

Social media networks are always evolving by launching new features and algorithms to provide a better user experience for all. 

The problem is that since social media technology is such a fast-moving target, not many SMM tools can keep up! 

We’ve noticed that many platforms do not offer fairly basic social media management features that should be available. 

Must-have social media management features in 2023:

  • Trending audio tools
  • Auto-Publish to Google My Business
  • Auto-Publish to YouTube
  • Auto-Publish to Reddit
  • Create live links to your content calendar
  • Inbox with the ability to respond to messages, comments, and mentions
  • Fully customizable and exportable reports
  • Manage your online reviews across all major platforms
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Prompt live support

To learn more about what features are a must-have for any SMM tool, check out this post: Top SMM Tools List.

3. Most SMM platforms lock you in with annual contracts

A number of well-known social media management tools were launched around a decade ago at the very beginning of social media.

Once you become their customer, the monthly pricing plan increases, and someone from their sales team will then reach out.

Their sales team will try to lock you into your current price by switching to an annual plan! Sound familiar?

These contracts make it difficult for businesses to get out of without getting hit with, you guessed it, more charges.

A good tool wouldn’t have to lock you into using its platform. So, that begs the question—why are they?

We realize that some brands, agencies, and social media managers may be locked into annual contracts. 

So, we’re offering Vista Social pro plans for free for the remainder of your contract with a competing SMM tool!

Can’t switch to Vista Social because of annual contracts? Contact our sales team today and get a Pro plan for free for the remainder of your contract!

So, Which Social Media Management Tool Pricing is Best?

As much as you may be used to your social media management platform, it may be time to evaluate if your social media management platform is priced well!

When picking the right social media management tool for you, it’s important to think about what features meet your needs. 

With Vista Social’s free plan, you can: 

  • Connect up to 3 social profiles with 1 user
  • Auto-publish to 9 social networks (including Facebook and Instagram Reels scheduling)
  • Gain access to TikTok management solutions to schedule, moderate, and report
  • Publish Twitter Threads
  • Create live links to your content calendar
  • Access the Social Inbox to moderate comments and DMs
  • Access to a Social Media Report to track your performance
  • Monitor reviews for Facebook and Google Business
  • Customize your fonts on social posts
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Get priority support without having to get charged an additional fee

And if you upgrade to Pro, you’ll get even more features, including:

Basically, Vista Social is the ultimate social media management tool to save time (and money), post consistently, stay organized, and grow your business!

So what are you waiting for?

Now is the time to level up your social media strategy so your content can climb the ranks. Keep more money in your pocket by switching to Vista Social today—Sign Up

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