New Social Media Hashtag Tools to Boost Engagement & Stay Organized

Updated on August 5, 2022

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Marketing @ Vista Social

Published August 5, 2022

New Social Media Hashtag Tools to Boost Engagement & Stay Organized
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Hashtags are still a key strategy for marketers to reach new audiences and increase post reach on social media. Vista Social understands the struggle of coming up with new hashtags while trying to keep them organized and readily available for use. Today, we’re excited to spotlight our social media hashtag tools that will help you boost engagement and improve your workflow!

Social Media Hashtag Tools in Vista Social:

  • Hashtag Suggestions: tell us your go-to hashtag or keyword, and instantly receive trending hashtags to try
  • Saved Hashtags: organize your hashtags by saving them into groups and easily add them into your captions or as the first comment with one click
  • Hashtag Reporting: discover which hashtags are performing and find hashtags gaps between you and your competitors
  • Search for UGC by Hashtag: search for recent images for a given Instagram hashtag and quickly schedule it to your social media profiles

Modern social media management tools will come packed with features for every aspect of your social media management workflow. From discovery to the creation to auto-publish and analytics—Vista Social has everything you need.

Excited to learn more? Our social media hashtag tools eliminate switching between tabs and apps while helping you connect with new audiences, stay organized, and scale your growth.

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Are Hashtags Still Relevant? 

Hashtags are still relevant on social media and are a key tactic for your marketing strategy. But, this doesn’t mean to start adding #like4like and #follow4follow into your captions.

Instagram Hashtag Explore Page | Vista Social

Hashtags on any social media platform help increase discoverability and reach new audiences when used correctly. By adding niche hashtags, you’re optimizing your posts for the Explore page on TikTok and Instagram.

When your post gets added to additional placements across social media apps, it helps you get more impressions and views, which algorithms use as a key ranking signal.

Not only are you increasing your post reach, but by using niche hashtags, you’re targeting your post to get in front of a defined audience of people who are actively searching for that term.

Instagram Hashtag Engagement Rate | Vista Social

And by getting your post in front of people who actually want to see it, you’ll improve your chances of increasing engagement and connecting with potential customers. What more could a social media manager want?

Sign up for a Vista Social account to find the perfect hashtags for your Instagram strategy – in just a few seconds! 

New Social Media Hashtag Tools

1. Hashtag Suggestions

Feeling the hashtag fatigue? There have many debates on how many to use, the right ones, and where to place them—it’s hard to keep up! 

Luckily, Vista Social has done the leg work for you, so you have everything you need in one intuitive dashboard to save you from burnout. Finding viral hashtags for social media has never been easier!

Social Media Hashtag Tools | Hashtag Suggestions | Vista Social

Our social media hashtag tools will instantly provide you with relevant hashtags based on popularity. All you need to do is tell us a hashtag or keyword relevant to your post.

This eliminates scrolling through multiple profiles to research which hashtags others in your industry use. And the best part is that you can effortlessly insert them into your caption and save them as a group for future posts.

2. Saved Hashtags

Finding hashtags is half the battle; keeping them organized and in a place to be easily accessible is the hard part.

Social Media Hashtag Tools | Saved Hashtags | Vista Social

Saved hashtags provide you with a place to store your best hashtags based on different categories. Here are some ways to categorize your hashtag groups:

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  • Hashtags by Industry: for agencies, you can store hashtags for each industry your clients are in (i.e., fitness, consumer goods, beauty)
  • Hashtags by Social Network: each network is different, and this can reflect how many hashtags you use for that app (i.e., Instagram recommends 3-5 hashtags per post) 
  • Hashtags by Product or Service Focus: if you’re a marketer, you may provide services for email marketing, social media management, digital advertising, branding, and SEO—each service focus will have its own niche hashtags  
  • Hashtags by Location: reach audiences around the globe or within a specific city by grouping location-based hashtags together

As you can see, there are a number of ways to group your hashtags together! Our social media hashtag tools will help streamline your workflow and save you a ton of time.

Once you have your hashtags categorized, you can then play around with your strategy and test which groups drive the most engagement!

3. Hashtag Reporting

Let’s face it, some hashtags don’t move the needle, and nobody wants to have a spammy caption filled with hashtags that aren’t driving results.

In a matter of seconds, our hashtag reporting will quickly provide you with the number of interactions generated by hashtags used in your posts for each social media platform.

Social Media Hashtag Tools | Hashtag Reporting | Vista Social

You don’t even have to put hashtags in your captions to pull this information! If you schedule your post with your hashtags stored as your first comment, you still can get insights into their performance!

Additionally, you can also find hashtag gaps by running a competitor analysis report. All you need to do is add up to 3 competitors, and we’ll show you a detailed comparison of hashtags used across all of your profiles.

Social Media Hashtag Tools | Competitor Hashtag Reporting | Vista Social

So, if you see that your competitor consistently uses the same hashtag in their posts on a specific platform, you can add that hashtag to the applicable saved hashtag group and try it out in your next post!

VIEW your competitor analysis report

4. Search for UGC by Hashtag

User-generated content (UGC) is an excellent way of showing social proof. When people see content from real customers, it increases a business’s credibility and fosters social influence.

In fact, 60% of marketers see a higher audience engagement with UGC than branded content. Most successful UGC campaigns are tracked by a branded hashtag.

If you aren’t using a platform that has social media hashtag tools, resharing and tracking the UGC content becomes a manual and timely process.

Social Media Hashtag Tools | Search for UGC by Hashtag | Vista Social

Luckily with Vista Social, you can search by hashtag to quickly import UGC media and easily schedule it to your profiles—without ever having to leave the platform.

So, What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of using Vista Social’s hashtag tools are that you can save time, better evaluate your hashtag performance, and increase your reach to a defined audience.

By having a streamlined workflow, you’re eliminating time wasted on researching trending hashtags by instantly accessing relevant hashtag suggestions.

Social Media Hashtag Tools | Hashtag Suggestions | Vista Social

Additionally, you are also removing time spent on data dumps into spreadsheets and compiling that data to see post-performance. With our hashtag reporting, you can quickly see which hashtags are driving engagement and find hashtag gaps between you and your competitors.

This allows you to update your hashtag strategy in real-time, so you don’t miss out on getting your post in front of potential customers. And when it’s time to schedule your content, all of your top hashtags can be easily inserted in one click with saved hashtags.

Ready to take your hashtag strategy to the next level? Try out our social media hashtag tools to help streamline your workflow and boost engagement today! 

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Marketing @ Vista Social

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