Social Media Interaction Post Ideas This 2022

Updated on September 11, 2023

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Published May 25, 2022

Social Media Interaction Post Ideas This 2022
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Social media interaction posts can bring truckloads of engagement to your client’s social media profiles.

As a marketing agency, you know the value audience engagement brings.

It helps nurture relationships, generates leads, and even improve your sales.

With interactive content, social media users become more than just “audiences.” Instead, they become actual participants in interactions.

In this post, you’ll find ideas for the best interactive social media posts in 2022 that can help you supercharge the social media engagement on your clients’ profiles.

We’ll also cover a few other crucial things, like IG tools and examples, so it’s easier for you to use and incorporate interactive social media content in your campaigns.

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • What are social media interaction posts?
  • 5 Benefits of publishing social media interaction posts
  • 4 Types of social media interaction posts
  • How to create social media interaction posts for your clients
  • 12 Social media interaction post ideas this 2022
    • Facebook interactive post ideas
    • Instagram interactive post ideas
    • Twitter interactive post ideas
    • LinkedIn interactive post ideas
  • Best practices for creating interactive posts
  • FAQs for creating interactive posts
  • Use Vista Social to schedule your interactive posts

What are social media interaction posts?

Interactive posts on social media require users to interact with the content in order to move the experience forward.

An interaction may refer to any user input, be it a swipe, tap, click, key press, or any action that the user’s device can register. 

Social media interaction posts add a whole new dimension to the content consumption experience.

It makes users feel more in control and involved, which in turn creates more memorable experiences and makes value propositions more compelling in the eyes of users.

5 Benefits of publishing social media interaction posts

Apart from spicing up your reader’s content experience, here are 5 other benefits of publishing interactive posts on social media:

1. Deliver more information with less screen real estate 

Interactive content allows agencies and brands to pack more information in a single post. 

For example, the thumbnail or cover image of a post may contain a headline and a brief description of the topic. Further interactions will then reveal additional details that are helpful to the user experience. 

Rather than posting a link to the full post on social media, your audience can get the full content experience on the spot. 

2. Higher engagement rate

Statistics show that interactive content gets 2x more user engagement on average than traditional, static content. 

If your agency has been pumping out content for a while with no results to justify your client’s investments, interactive content might be the strategic pivot you need to turn things around. 

Keep in mind that interactive content offers a lot of legroom for creativity—much more than traditional formats like articles and graphics.

Every piece of information can be delivered in a unique way.

Plus, you can use design elements to capture the target audience’s attention while using interactivity as a novelty feature to boost engagement and keep them hooked. 

3. Reduce content fatigue

Content fatigue is when users have too much content to consume with very little time to do it. 

Social media interaction posts tilt the board in your favor by making your content stand out. 

They offer a breath of fresh air to users who are constantly exposed to hundreds—if not thousands—of run-of-the-mill posts from businesses and agencies. 

4. Combine content delivery with data capture 

Since interactive posts require user input, it only makes sense to use them for lead generation—specifically for obtaining information like email addresses and first names. Some types of interactive content like social media quizzes will also help you get to know their interests and goals. 

In exchange for information, interactive content offers users something immediately available.

This can be unique to each experience. For example, you can create interactive Facebook posts that will grade users based on their knowledge about a topic.  

Knowing the target audience on a personal level lets brands create personalized content that’s tailored to their needs and content preferences. You just need to review the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR guidelines to make sure you’re collecting user data safely and transparently. 

5. Get loyal followers 

As great as interactive social media posts are, they’re not something you see every day. 

If you incorporate interactive content as a long-term component of your social media marketing, your clients instantly become follow-worthy to users who love them. This is not only good for your client’s brand image, but it will also maximize the traffic potential of future posts.  

4 Types of social media interaction posts

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of social media interaction posts, let’s go over some of the most common types of interactive content. 

Sliders and text forms

Instagram features an emoji slider sticker that allows users to rate something, be it an experience, topic, or item being featured in the post. Alternatively, agencies can use the question sticker to collect feedback in the form of written text. 

Video streams

Live video streams allow social media users to interact with businesses through live chat. 

Digital marketing agencies can collaborate with clients to plan the content and handle the logistics side to make live streaming a profitable option. 


Contests on social media come in all shapes and sizes. For the interactive part, agencies and brands can require participants to tag friends, answer questions, and share a post—anything that can help raise brand awareness in exchange for a chance to win. 

Quizzes, surveys, and polls

If your goal is to collect information, quizzes, polls, and surveys should be your interactive content formats of choice. 

The experience of answering questions in a convenient and fun way is rewarding in itself. So, unlike contests, you don’t need to promise a reward to have users participate—satisfying their curiosity by sharing the results should be enough. 

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How to create social media interaction posts for your clients

Found an interactive content type you’d like to experiment with?

Before you get too excited, remember that creating interactive content requires more planning than your average social media post. 

It’s not something you jump into without establishing a strategy first.

Step 1: Have a goal in mind

Knowing what your client wants to accomplish helps you decide the type of interactive experiences to produce. It also helps you plan other factors of your strategy, like the distribution channels, posting times, and so on. 

Step 2: Get your content team ready

If this is your first time tackling projects that involve interactive content, chances are you’re undermanned for the job. 

Interactive content isn’t something your writers, editors, and graphic designers can create without training. For quick results, consider filling up skill gaps by hiring freelancers or even other social media agencies through platforms like Agency Vista

Step 3: Monitor your results 

Just like any social media campaign, interactive content doesn’t come with guaranteed results. 

You need to track your results, analyze the data, and plan your next move based on the numbers.

If your interactive content succeeded in accomplishing your goals, double down on it. Otherwise, explore other options or implement tweaks that could potentially lead to better results.

12 Social media interaction post ideas this 2022

Check out the posts below for interactive social media post ideas.

Facebook interactive post ideas

With nearly 3 billion active users each month, Facebook continues to reign as the biggest social media network on the planet. It’s also among the most versatile platform when it comes to the social media content types you can use for marketing purposes. 

Here are some of the best interactive Facebook posts you can use for your clients’ campaigns:

1. 360-degree content

Screenshot of 360-degree facebook post content from The Weather Hooligan
Image Source:, @theweatherhooligan

360-degree videos and images immerse social media users by encouraging them to look around as if they’re actually in your client’s content. 

Use cases: 

  • 360-degree videos of events
  • 360-degree tour video or photo of travel destination

2. Q&A sessions 

Hosting Q&A sessions is a classic strategy that incorporates the element of interactivity into user engagement. Agencies can also use apps like Surveys for Pages to run surveys straight from their client’s Facebook page.

Screenshot of Q&A sessions from Surveys for Pages
Image Source:
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Use cases: 

  • Q&A session for new product launches or projects in progress
  • Social media contests
  • Obtaining customer feedback 

3. Live videos

Facebook Live lets clients broadcast a live video while communicating with audiences in real-time via live chat. 

Use cases: 

  • Live product demos
  • Live auctions
  • Virtual Q&A sessions 

Instagram interactive post ideas

Instagram is popular among marketing agencies since it’s built for sharing visual content—the best format for user engagement.

4. Instagram Stories

IG Stories
Image Source:,

There are several ways to turn Instagram Stories into interactive experiences that guarantee more engagement. 

Use cases: 

  • Insert clickable link stickers and indicate “tap to read”
  • Use interactive stickers like Polls, “Add yours,” Questions, and Quizzes 
  • Upload multiple slides and instruct readers to “swipe left to learn more”
  • Interact with users with the best questions to ask on Instagram Story

5. Response videos

Look for the most viewed video on Instagram in your client’s niche and upload a response. Encourage others to join in the discussion to boost engagement. 

Use cases: 

  • Provide expert opinion on trends
  • Share alternative products
  • Respond to video content that mentions your client’s brand

Tip: Other than Instagram, response videos are also popular on other platforms—particularly TikTok. Response videos on that platform are called “duets,” allowing you to respond to TikTok questions, discuss trending topics, and be visible to more users.   

6. Hashtag contest

Screenshot of Twin for Health's Hashtag Contest
Image Source:, @twinforhealth

Run hashtag contests with unique mechanics like solving a puzzle, answering a trivia question, and writing a clever caption. 

Use cases: 

  • Run giveaways 
  • Run voting contests where other users decide the winner

Twitter interactive post ideas

Twitter is the go-to platform for users looking to get the latest updates from their favorite brands, celebrities, and influencers. It’s the least flexible platform in terms of content types, but there are still a few ways agencies can use it to create interactive posts. 

7. Twitter polls

Screenshot of Gaurav Sharma's Twitter Poll
Image Source:, @gaurav_sharma11

Twitter offers the most seamless poll creation feature out of all social media platforms. It also lets you instill a sense of urgency by adding a time limit to your clients’ polls.

Use cases:

  • Extract insights and feedback from Twitter users
  • Get content topic suggestions

8. Twitter contest

Screenshot of Twitter Contest
Image Source:, @filmio_official

Hashtag contests on Twitter are just as effective as hashtag contests on Instagram as far as building brand recognition and audience engagement for your clients.

Use cases: 

  • Get user-generated content for your clients by asking followers to write reviews for a chance to win
  • Ask followers to follow and tag other users to maximize reach

9. Twitter Q&As

Influencers often run Twitter Q&As where followers simply need to tweet their questions. 

Use cases: 

  • Win the audience’s trust and increase engagement by answering common questions
  • Prove your client’s expertise by sharing insights about pressing matters in the industry 

Linkedin interactive post ideas

LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform for B2B agencies and brands. After all, it is used regularly by 2.8 million business decision-makers—in addition to 280,000 C-suite executives.  

10. “Offer help”

Screenshot of LinkedIn Offer Help
Image Source:

Offer resume reviews, career coaching, referrals, and other kinds of assistance to help your client’s followers advance in their professional fields. 

Use cases: 

  • Offer free consultations to win potential clients
  • Build your client’s credibility as an expert 

11. Run polls

Polls on LinkedIn are guaranteed to be based on serious, professional knowledge—unlike polls on Facebook business pages or Instagram surveys.

User cases: 

  • Stay up-to-date with the state of your client’s industry
  • Figure out what potential leads are looking for 

12. Automated connection messages

Screenshot of LinkedIn Automated connection messages
Image Source:

LinkedIn lets you create automated message ads and conversation ads that reach out to new connections. You can also use tools like Vista Social to track conversations with leads in one place.

Use cases: 

  • Immediately turn interest into conversions
  • Offer self-guided experiences to potential leads
  • Automatically promote links to your client’s landing pages and website content

Best practices for creating interactive posts

1. Scout the competition

Top competitors already know what types of interactive content work best if your client’s goal is to increase social media engagement. Analyze their strategies to discover content ideas, understand your client’s target market and their pain points, and drive engagement. 

2. Cross-promote on social media

If you’re running polls on Twitter, run them on other platforms as well to gather more data and rapidly increase brand loyalty for clients across networks. Cross-promoting interactive content also lets you leverage existing social reach to build up new accounts. 

For example, if you’re researching how to get more views on TikTok after posting, simply share your clips with followers on other platforms. That should beef up your TikTok content’s user engagement numbers.

3. Shout out to other brands

Interactivity occurs if you reach out and communicate with other social media users organically. To make your client’s messages more visible to a wider audience, mention other brands or respond to their content through full-length posts or comments. 

FAQs for creating interactive posts

What does interactive post mean?

Interactive content pertains to anything that requires the audience to provide their input in order to move the experience forward. Any action at all, be it answering a survey or looking around a 360-degree video, all qualify as interactive.

What are the benefits of interactive content?

Using interactive content in marketing can maximize engagement rates, increase click-throughs, and drive traffic to your client’s website. Interactive posts like surveys, polls, quizzes, and contest posts are also effective in getting user-generated content and valuable audience insights.

How do you promote interactive content?

To effectively promote interactive social media posts, use a scheduler like Vista Social to publish them at the perfect times. It also enables you to synchronize content promotion efforts all over social media—ramping up the interactive post’s reach. 

For more information about Vista Social, check out our comparison on Loomly vs Hootsuite vs Vista Social

Use Vista Social to schedule your interactive posts

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Just like in any social media marketing campaign, it’s important to have a single dashboard that streamlines your efforts—from content planning all the way to analytics. 

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