Top 10 Loomly Alternatives & Competitors in 2023

Updated on September 11, 2023

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Published December 21, 2022

Top 10 Loomly Alternatives & Competitors in 2023
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Loomly is a social media management tool marketed as a “brand success platform.”

Its social media marketing toolset includes content scheduling, management for multiple accounts, and social media analytics.

However, there are better Loomly alternatives that can do more for less.

If you want to move away from Loomly and search for a new SMM platform, continue reading.

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • Top 10 Loomly alternatives for social media management
    1. Vista Social
    2. Hootsuite
    3. Buffer
    4. Sprout Social
    5. Later
    6. eClincher
    7. Agorapulse
    8. SocialPilot
    9. Zoho Social
    10. Sendible
  • What to look out for when choosing a Loomly alternative
  • Customers Also Ask
  • Resources You’ll Love
  • Supercharge your social campaigns with Vista Social

Top 10 Loomly alternatives for social media management

1. Vista Social

Vista Social's homepage

Vista Social is an all-in-one social media management tool with a scalable and budget-friendly price tag.

Our platform has the essential features you need to run successful social media marketing campaigns, such as post-scheduling, content editing, in-depth analytics, conversation tracking, and social media listening.

We also constantly roll out game-changing features that shape the social media marketing industry. This includes direct social publishing to short-form video platforms (TikTok, Instagram reels, and Facebook reels), in-app video editing, competitor analysis, font customization, and trending audio suggestions.

Vista Social provides trending audio suggestions

Vista Social features

  • Priority customer support. Get world-class assistance through live chat, video call, or email, depending on your preferred channel. 
  • Discoverability optimization tools. Reveal trending Instagram reels hashtags, set audience targeting options, use optimal posting time recommendations, find trending audio suggestions, enable location/product tagging, and more. 
  • Two-factor authentication. Keep your social media marketing campaigns secure with two-factor authentication using mobile authenticator apps. 
  • Best-in-business analytics. Generate reports on content performance, team productivity, profile growth, and competitor analysis—automatically deliver them to your or your client’s inbox weekly or monthly. 
  • Video editing through Vista Create. Spice up your video posts and other editable content for shareability or trim clips to the perfect Instagram Reels length.
  • Live calendar sharing. Share a link to your live social media calendar with your colleagues and clients (without creating a separate user account for them). 
  • Powerful built-in social media integrations, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Canva, and custom integrations via Zapier. 

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Vista Social pricing

Vista Social doesn’t charge per seat. For as little as $3 per profile per month, you can access almost all of our platform’s features, publish unlimited posts, and add unlimited users.

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2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite's homepage
Image Source:

Hootsuite is one of the oldest social media platforms. It has all the basic features for content scheduling, analytics, brand monitoring, and ad campaign management.   

Hootsuite features

  • Content templates. Borrow inspiration from content templates for audience education, conversion, and engagement. 
  • Custom content streams. Create custom content feeds or “streams” for social media monitoring for your brand, competitor tracking, and content ideation.
  • Third-party integrations. Hootsuite’s App library contains integrations with third-party apps and services, from eCommerce platforms to project management tools.

Hootsuite pricing

Hootsuite’s entry-level plan starts at $49 per month, but that’s only for one user and ten social accounts. To support up to three users and 20 social media profiles, you need the “Team” plan at $249 per month.

3. Buffer

Buffer's home page
Image Source:

Buffer is a lightweight Loomly alternative for scheduling posts, engagement tracking, and basic analytics.

Buffer features

  • Mobile start page. Use Buffer to create a shoppable social media feed for mobile users. 
  • Social media reporting. Track the performance of all your multiple social media accounts by tracking metrics like posting frequency, follower growth, and post reach.
  • Engagement management. Respond to comments and track conversations in one place.

Buffer pricing

Buffer’s “Essentials” plan, which has all the platform’s key features, starts at $6 per profile per month. 

4. Sprout Social

Sprout Social's homepage
Image Source:

Sprout Social is a social media management solution designed for large organizations and well-funded marketing agencies. 

Sprout Social features

  • Collaborative content scheduling. Work with your team to plan, create, manage, and schedule posts in a single platform. 
  • Employee advocacy tools. Use Sprout Social’s employee advocacy features to leverage your team’s social reach to spur growth.
  • Engagement tracking and management. Manage all your social media conversations from a unified inbox. 

Sprout Social pricing

Sprout Social’s “Standard” plan starts at $249 per month for up to 5 different social media profiles (additional users cost $199 per month extra).

5. Later

Later's homepage
Image Source:

Later is a creator-focused social media management software with several features for content creation, scheduling, and analytics.

Later features

  • Unsplash integration. Create Pinterest and Instagram drafts through Later’s Unsplash integration (though Vista Social connects with more content sources, including Canva, for custom designs). 
  • tool. Build a shoppable and engaging content feed that can be accessed from your TikTok or Instagram bio.
  • Find user-generated content. Locate and share UGC by hashtag, tags, and mentions (Vista Social offers similar features and more). 

Later pricing

The Later “Starter” plan costs $18 per month with a monthly cap of 30 posts and one user. If your team has three users, you need to bump up your subscription to the “Growth” plan, which costs $40 per month.

6. eClincher

eClincher's homepage
Image Source:

eClincher is a social media marketing solution created for organizations of all sizes. 

eClincher features

  • Reputation management. Just like Vista Social, eClincher helps you track and understand user sentiment by analyzing content in forums, review platforms, news sites, and other blogs. 
  • Visual content calendar. Plan content across multiple social media channels using eClincher’s visual calendar.
  • Automated content queues. Similar to Vista Social, eClincher lets you automate posting queues, including content pulled from RSS feeds. 

eClincher pricing

eClincher’s “Basic” plan starts at $65 per month, which supports one user and 10 social profiles. 

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7. Agorapulse

Agorapulse's homepage
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Agorapulse is a social media management platform for small and midsize businesses and agencies.

Agorapulse features

  • Social media publishing. Create content and collaborate with a team through custom approval workflows. 
  • Social media ROI. Analyze how social campaigns impact your bottom line through the integration with Google Analytics and UTM links. 
  • Manage conversations. Bolster your community-building efforts and social media strategy with Agorapulse’s centralized inbox and social listening features.

Agorapulse pricing

Agorapulse’s “Standard” plan with all the basic features starts at $59 per user per month.

8. SocialPilot

SocialPilot's homepage
Image Source:

SocialPilot is another team-focused social media management solution with useful collaboration features. 

SocialPilot features

  • Team roles and management. Assign different roles and access permissions to members of your social media team. 
  • White label dashboard. Instill branded elements into your SocialPilot dashboard to personalize the experience of your clients and team members.
  • Bulk scheduling. In addition to content scheduling, bulk upload content to your SocialPilot dashboard using a CSV file (Vista Social supports more content curation options and ways to bulk schedule Stories, Reels, videos, and other posts).

SocialPilot pricing

SocialPilot’s “Professional” plan (for one user and 10 social accounts) starts at $30 per month. For 30 accounts and six users, you need the “Agency” plan for $100 per month. 

9. Zoho Social 

Zoho's homepage
Image Source:

Zoho Social is the social media marketing solution of the Zoho Cloud Software Suite, which can be used to schedule posts, track brand mentions, analyze follower growth, and more.

Zoho Social features 

  • Zoho CRM integration. Zoho Social natively integrates with Zoho CRM, which consolidates your social marketing, sales, and customer service operations.
  • Collaboration board. Communicate with your team as you brainstorm content ideas, share reports, and discuss upcoming projects via an interactive collaboration board. 
  • Live stream. Manage social interactions in real time, including comments and direct messages. 

Zoho Social pricing

The Zoho Social “Standard” plan starts at $15 per month for one user and one social set (one brand with multiple social media profiles). To manage social media campaigns with up to three members, you need to pay for the “Premium” plan at $65 per month.

10. Sendible

Sendible's homepage
Image Source:

Sendible is a social media management platform that can help you with content publishing, social media listening, collaboration, and analytics. 

Sendible features

  • Canva integration. Similar to Vista Social, you can design and import content directly from Canva and into your Sendible calendar. 
  • Content suggestions and importing. Source content from relevant sources or quickly import content in bulk via a CSV file.
  • Create client dashboards. Give clients an inside look at their campaigns by creating custom, white-label dashboards. 

Sendible pricing

The entry-level Sendible plan starts at $29 per month, which supports six profiles but only one user. The “Scale” plan lets you manage up to 49 accounts with a team of seven.  

What to look out for when choosing a Loomly alternative

Consider the following points when choosing better alternatives to Loomly.

  • Functionality. What specific features are you looking for in a social media management platform? Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, and use it to compare various options. Consider other features, such as the platform’s ability to create and schedule social media posts, manage team members and permissions, collaborate on content, and track analytics. For example, Loomly requires integrating Buffer first for Instagram, but other platforms, such as Vista Social, allow you to connect your Instagram profile quickly and easily.  Also, Loomly doesn’t allow posting multiple photos or carousel posts, but Vista Social does. 
  • Ease of use. A social media management tool that is difficult to use can quickly become frustrating and hinder your productivity. Look for a platform that is intuitive and user-friendly, with a clean interface and clear instructions.
  • Integration with other tools and multiple platforms. Your social media management tool should integrate with other platforms you use, such as other social media networks and your CRM or email marketing software. Choose a platform that allows seamless integration with your other business systems and tools to save time and streamline your workflow. Ideally, your social media management platform should have built-in integration options so you won’t need to use a third-party tool to link the platforms and tools you want. 
  • Pricing. Consider your budget and what you’re willing to pay for a social media management platform. Some options may have a one-time fee, while others may have a monthly or annual subscription. Look at the long-term cost and whether it is a good value for the features you need.
  • Customer support. It’s vital to have access to good customer support in case of issues and errors with the platform.  Look for a company that offers multiple support channels, such as email, phone, and live chat. 
  • User reviews. Reading reviews from other users can provide valuable and actionable insights into the pros and cons of various platforms.  Look for reviews from users in a similar industry or with similar needs to understand better how the tool might work for you.
  • Scalability. As a growing business (or a business that can scale quickly), you need a platform that can grow with you. Assess whether the tool can handle an increase in team members or content volume, including its associated fees. 
  • Customization. Check if the platform allows you to customize it to meet your specific needs. For example, consider whether the tool lets you create custom fields or workflows or if you can integrate it with other tools through APIs.

Choose a social media management platform that addresses your needs, from functionality to customization options. 

Also, compare the pros and cons of each and look at what each platform has that the others don’t or what one tool offers better than other apps. 

Take the time to research and evaluate your options carefully to find the platform that best meets your unique business needs. 

Customers Also Ask

Is there a free version of Loomly?

No, Loomly doesn’t offer a free plan. But you can start a 15-day free trial to take its features for a spin.

What is the best social scheduling platform?

The best social scheduling platform has all the features of premium social media management tools—without the premium price tag. Vista Social, for example, has more features than the most expensive social media management platforms despite charging the lowest price in the industry. 

Is Loomly any better? 

Loomly can help you save time on important social media marketing tasks. However, there are more cost-effective tools and Loomly competitors like Vista Social that have more features despite being more affordable.

Resources You’ll Love

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