16 Ways You Can Use AI Writing for Digital Marketing

Updated on February 3, 2023

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Published February 3, 2023

16 Ways You Can Use AI Writing for Digital Marketing
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Calling all digital marketers! It’s time to wave goodbye to the dreaded blank screen and say hello to the future of content creation AI writing tools are here to stay.

AI writing makes it easier than ever to produce quality content that’s optimized for SEO, error-free, and tailored to your target audience. And the best part? You’ll do it all in a fraction of the time.


So sit back, grab a smoothie, and get ready to discover 16 ways to use AI writing tools for digital marketing.

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Table of contents

What is AI writing?

AI writing software, also known as AI writing generators, uses natural language processing (NLP), such as GPT-4, and machine learning algorithms to create written content. The AI writing tool takes into account keywords, user intent, and prompt topics to generate content that is optimized for SEO and user engagement.

AI writing tools come in many shapes and sizes. For instance, some AI writing tools focus exclusively on blog articles, while others specialize in creating engaging social media posts. You can also find tools to help with editing, and some provide excellent paraphrasing and citation tools.

Why use AI writing tools?

AI writing tools can save businesses time, money, and resources. While a blog may have taken you hours to write in the past, AI writing software can help you generate it in thirty minutes or less. Similarly, social media captions, email content, and other digital marketing materials can be quickly generated using AI writing tools.

AI writing tools also take the guesswork out of creating content by automatically suggesting topics related to your chosen keywords. Some of the best AI writing software even provides you with pre-written sentences and paragraphs to get you started on crafting a blog post, email, or social post.

Finally, AI writing software reduces the potential for human error and ensures consistency across all digital media platforms. From your Gmail inbox to your Instagram account, AI writing can help ensure that every piece of content you post is error-free and perfectly tailored to your brand identity.

Is AI writing free?

While many AI writing tools require you to pay to play, some do offer free trials or free plans with reduced features. 

For example, Vista Social’s AI Assistant is available on all free plans–for a total of 50 requests per month. ChatGPT is completely free (at least, for now). Other tools like Jasper.AI, WriteSonic, and Anyword offer free trials to get you started.

What is the best AI for writing?

The best AI for writing depends on your specific needs. While some AI tools offer general text generation abilities, others specialize in certain types of copy or are tailored for a particular industry.

If you’re looking for a social media AI tool, Vista Social’s caption generator might be the best option. For more general AI-generated copy, tools like ChatGPT and Jasper.AI offer advanced capabilities that allow you to customize your output.

You’ll need to research the different types of tools and determine which one best suits your needs. Before deciding, make sure to read and compare reviews from other users.

If you want to know what people are saying about Vista Social, check out our G2 reviews here.

16 ways to use AI writing for digital marketing

Ready to dive into the exciting world of AI writing? Here are 16 AI-driven digital marketing strategies you can use to your advantage.

1. Turn notes into fully-formed sentences

Hey, we get it. Sometimes life gets busy, and it can be tough to keep track of all your ideas. AI writing tools make it easy to turn notes into full-fledged sentences in no time, saving you both time and energy.

Using Vista Social’s AI Assistant, you can ask the tool to “Write a funny caption about heading back to the office after a week-long vacation.” Or, “Write an Instagram caption for a pizza restaurant. Mention New York. Include a joke.”

Not only will you have fresh, snappy copy in a matter of seconds, but you can give your big ol’ brain a break and get back to tackling your other digital marketing needs.

list of example prompts in Vista Social AI writing tool
Source: Vista Social

2. Rephrase sloppy copy

We’ve all had one of those days when our writing just isn’t clicking. Maybe you’ve stayed up late to meet a deadline or had to juggle too many tasks at once. Whatever the case, AI writing tools can come to the rescue, automatically rephrasing sloppy copy into quality content.

If you use tools like Vista Social, ChatGPT, or Jasper AI, you can simply input your sloppy. no-good copy into your AI Writing Assistant and use the prompt: “Paraphrase this…” or “Expand on this…”

For example, try out these prompts:

  • Paraphrase this: “We hope you loved staying with us!”
  • Expand on this:  “Get away from the snow with our Mexican vacation packages.”
  • Paraphrase this: “Phew, thank goodness for AI writing! Gone are the days of manual copywriting and hello to cranking out top-notch content like a boss.”
Vista Social AI writing assistant expanding on text about mexican vacation packages
Source: Vista Social

3. Speed up the editing process

Editing is one of the most tedious tasks of writing. Not to mention a task that takes a skilled eye. Luckily, AI writing tools provide a great way to make sure your content is both error-free and consistent. Forget pouring over draft after draft–it’s time to let the robots take the wheel.


AI-powered tools like Grammarly use algorithms to detect typos, grammar errors, and stylistic inconsistencies. While AI content generation tools produce high-quality content that’s ready to be published

paragraph shown in grammarly editor with suggestions for tone, style, and grammar
Source: Grammarly

4. Write engaging social media posts

Social media is a great way to reach your target audience, but creating unique and engaging content can be daunting. One of your clients might like a more feminine brand voice, while another sells complex B2B manufacturing equipment.

Don’t leave all this complex content creation up to just one brain. With AI writing tools, you can quickly generate short or long social media posts that are highly tailored to your target audience. 

Simply use an AI writing prompt that details the context of your post, the platform you want to share it on, and the tone and style you want it to follow–and bam! You’ve got a personalized post in no time.

Vista Social AI assistant prompt explaining why the tool works
Source: Vista Social

Plus, if you use an AI writing tool that’s paired with a social scheduling platform, you can even schedule your AI-generated posts to be posted at the best time for engagement *wink* Vista Social can even reduce your tool pricing by 70% *wink*.

5. Optimize social content for each platform

AI tools for digital marketing can automate cross-platform strategies, helping you create perfectly tailored posts for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can also paraphrase content you’ve already written so that you avoid duplication and always keep your followers interested.

For example, you can prompt the Vista Social AI Assistant to:

  • Write an Instagram post about a new tanning product at our Atlanta salon
  • Discuss the best AI writing tools in a Twitter thread
  • Advertise a new digital marketing service package on Instagram
  • Write a short script for a TikTok video about how waterproof sneakers are great for the snow

Your AI writing tool will know exactly how long, how detailed, and what type of post is best suited for each type of platform.

Vista Social AI writing assistant prompt about new tanning product at atlanta salon
Source: Vista Social
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6. Create high-converting ad copy

Ad copy can be tricky to write, but AI writing tools make it easier. AI-generated copy is designed to grab a reader’s attention quickly and keep them reading or watching until the end of your ad.

ad copy templates in jasper ai
Source: Jasper.AI

As well, AI writing tools can take keywords and phrases to help optimize the copy for search engines, so potential customers are more likely to find your ad. So, not only are you skipping the tedious process of crafting the copy yourself, but you’re also saving time on SEO, ensuring your ad gets seen.

7. Summarize content

Sometimes you have a long, overly wordy piece of content that you want to distill into a simple post caption or Tweet. Maybe it’s a report from your team about a successful campaign, or maybe a customer’s story about why they love your product.

The best AI content writing tools can take this kind of long-form copy and summarize it into a short, digestible caption or tweet that will capture the reader’s attention and get them to click or read more.

If you’re using the Vista Social AI Assistant, simply input, “Summarize this:” into the prompt bar, and let the tool do the rest.

Vista Social AI writing assistant summarizes what makes snow fall
Source: Vista Social

8. Translate text

For brands and businesses with a global reach, AI-powered translation tools can help rapidly and accurately translate text into multiple languages quickly.

Got a new Tweet that would totally resonate with your Spanish followers? Or maybe a new product description that needs to be translated into French? AI tools can quickly and accurately translate your content, making it easier than ever before to reach a global audience.

The Vista Social AI Assistant also uses advanced algorithms to maintain a cohesive brand identity no matter what language its writing in.

Vista Social AI assistant translating copy about wanting it to be summer into spanish
Source: Vista Social

9. Re-work your best content

Okay, let’s say you have a high-performing blog post, an amazing product description, or a fantastic white paper that you want to re-use on social media. Obviously, duplicating this content isn’t the best idea (Google hates that), but with the help of an AI writing tool, you can easily re-work your best content into something new and exciting.

AI content writing tools like Jasper, Copy.AI, ChatGPT, and Vista Social can help you generate fresh content with the same core message as the original, turning a single piece of content into several different iterations.

Vista Social AI assistant reworking instagram post into a tweet
Source: Vista Social

So, go ahead and repurpose your best content without losing its original spirit. AI content writing tools let you create unique, AI-generated versions of your work that are guaranteed to be as good (or better!) than what you started with.

10. Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is a big no-no when it comes to creative content. Luckily, AI content writing tools have algorithms that scan for plagiarism, meaning you can be sure your content is 100% unique and original.

Keep in mind, many tools like Jasper and Copy.AI charge extra for this feature. So, if your AI writing tool of choice doesn’t have a built-in plagiarism checker, you may need to purchase one separately.

Source: Jasper.AI

11. Write amazing web copy

Web copy shows off your unique value propositions, tells a story, and compels potential customers to stay on your website. AI writing tools can help you create engaging web copy that captures the attention of your audience and helps them understand why they should do business with you.

Pre-formed templates like headline generators, feature-to-benefit lists, and personal or company bio generators can help you craft amazing web copy quickly. Other tools like paraphrasing prompts can also help you avoid duplicate or unoriginal content.

Source: Copy.AI

12. Bulk-write product descriptions

E-commerce brands rejoice! Now you can quickly create product descriptions that accurately capture your product’s features and benefits without spending time writing each one individually.

Many AI writing tools like CopySmith, Jasper.AI, and Frase.io include AI-powered content assistants and AI-generated product descriptions for e-commerce sites. Simply input your target keywords, word length, and tone of voice, and AI will generate product descriptions that are readable, accurate, and optimized for SEO.


13. Create a blog post outline

Blog post outlines are an integral part of a good content marketing strategy. Not only do they help you create an SEO-friendly blog post, but it also helps you organize your thoughts and ideas in an effective manner.

Some of the best AI tools for digital marketing will include blog post outline generators. You can enter keywords, a description of the post, and any resources you’d like to include in the AI tool, and it will generate a detailed blog post outline. This AI tool can help make sure that your content is relevant to users, optimized for search engines, and properly formatted.

semrush graphic showing steps to creating an SEO friendly blog
Source: SEMRush

14. Generate catchy email subject lines

Want to make sure your emails stand out in the inbox? AI tools can help you craft the perfect subject line for each email. AI-powered marketing automation software can scan through content and suggest topics and keywords use in the subject lines, ensuring they are targeted toward the right audience.

Additionally, AI tools can ensure that you don’t use any words that could lead your emails to be flagged as spam.

email subject lines generated by copy.ai
Source: Copy.AI

15. Respond to online reviews

Need a quick and positive response to customer reviews? AI writing tools can help you craft personalized, timely responses that show customers you care. 

AI-powered software can scan through reviews and suggest relevant topics related to the review that can be used as part of a response. AI also ensures that your responses are grammatically correct and adhere to any brand guidelines or best practices.

chatgpt generated response for positive customer review
Source: ChatGPT

16. Build a video script

YouTubers, TikTok’ers, and Instagram Reel’ers alike are using AI writing tools to create scripts for their videos. AI-powered software can help you generate ideas, write catchy phrases, and create content that flows naturally. AI even helps optimize the size of the script for a particular type of video format so that it’s easier to plan out shots and overall production time.

You can also ask the AI to include certain keywords and phrases so that your videos are more SEO-friendly and get more views.

video script templates on jasper ai
Source: Jasper.AI

Jump on the AI writing trend with Vista Social

These are just a snapshot of how you can use AI for digital marketing. Now, all you need is a powerful free AI writing generator at your side.

Vista Social can handle a variety of AI writing tasks, from paraphrasing content to generating unique social media posts. The best part? You get 50 credits for free with the Basic plan and unlimited AI writing credits with the Pro plan. Try Vista Social today!

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