221+ Snapchat Username Ideas: Cool & Trendy Names + Tips

Updated on November 22, 2023

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Published November 22, 2023

221+ Snapchat Username Ideas: Cool & Trendy Names + Tips
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Are you looking for standout yet on-brand Snapchat username ideas for your clients?

We’ve got you covered.

Believe it or not, Snapchat usernames are more than what people call themselves on the platform—they can showcase a brand’s creativity and represent their identity.

So, if you want to help your clients shine on Snapchat, you need to come up with better usernames than just their company names.

Get your inspiration from the 221+ cool and trendy Snapchat username ideas in this guide.

We’ll also cover time-tested tips to help you create catchy, on-brand IDs that can draw more eyeballs to your clients’ Snaps.

Ready to snap into action? Let’s hit it.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • What makes a good Snapchat username?
  • Snapchat username ideas for real estate agents
  • Snapchat username ideas influencers for fitness experts
  • Snapchat username ideas influencers for marketing agencies
  • Food-themed Snapchat username ideas
  • Snapchat username ideas influencers for life coaches
  • Travel-themed Snapchat username ideas
  • Cute Snapchat username ideas
  • Funny Snapchat username ideas
  • Cool Snapchat username ideas
  • Short Snapchat username ideas
  • Unique Snapchat username ideas
  • Best Snapchat username ideas for startups
  • Random Snapchat username ideas
  • Tips to create catchy Snapchat usernames
  • Use Vista Social to dominate Snapchat

What makes a good Snapchat username?

An excellent Snapchat username that helps your clients’ brands pop should be:

  • True to the brand. Choose a Snapchat username that screams the brand’s identity, whether it highlights your client’s brand mojo, personal flair, or Snaps or content.
  • Catchy and memorable. Keep your clients’ Snapchat usernames short and easy to remember. The catchier the username, the more unforgettable it is to friends and followers. 
  • Unique. There’s only one of your client’s brands, and the Snapchat username should show this. Stay away from already-used names where you add numbers to make them “unique,” and stick with usernames that help your clients stand out and shine. 
  • Trendy yet relevant. It’s great to make a trendy username for your clients but ensure they still pass the vibe check years from now. No one wants a username that sounds old and outdated in two or three years. 
  • A whole vibe. Let your clients’ Snapchat usernames hint at their brands’ personalities. Are they professional, fun, mysterious, or a little of everything? Create usernames that reflect these. 
  • Cool but appropriate. Keep your clients’ Snapchat usernames generally audience-friendly, and avoid adding anything that might offend anyone. 
  • Consistent. Make it easy for your clients’ audiences to find and recognize them on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat using the same usernames across these platforms. 

Snapchat username ideas for real estate agents

Check out these awesome Snapchat username inspirations for your clients in the real estate industry.

  1. RealEstateSnap
  2. EstateWhisperer
  3. HouseScout
  4. RealtyStoryteller
  5. HomeHunterAgent
  6. RealtyProSnap
  7. HouseKeyMaster
  8. HomeInvestor
  9. PrimePropertySnap
  10. ListingChamp
  11. ProRealtorSnaps
  12. SnapHouseExpert
  13. CasaBroker
  14. DreamHomeAgent
  15. BuySellSnap
  16. HouseHustler
  17. PropertyPro
  18. SnapSoldSigns
  19. DealMagnet
  20. InvestInNest

Snapchat username ideas influencers for fitness experts

Get a load of these Snapchat username ideas for fitness expert influencers.

  1. NextLevelFitness
  2. FitnessQueen
  3. FunFitness
  4. WeightLossClub
  5. BurnBabyBurn
  6. UrbanWellness
  7. ToneUpGirl
  8. HealthyChoice
  9. GetFitWithMe
  10. FitHomeTraining
  11. MuscleMadness
  12. FitTreat
  13. HealthTap
  14. ExtremeMuscleFactory
  15. WalkInWellness
  16. TheCoreCollective
  17. WorkItWorkOut
  18. EvolveFitness
  19. MuscleTrainer
  20. WorkoutBuddies

Snapchat username ideas influencers for marketing agencies

If your clients are marketing agencies trying to reach influencer status, they can take inspiration from these Snapchat usernames.

  1. AdGuruSnap
  2. MarketingMogul
  3. MarketingMaster
  4. MarketingSavvy
  5. InfluencerWhiz
  6. InfluenceImpress
  7. AdAgencyAce
  8. SocialProMaster
  9. ThePromoPro
  10. AdvertEdge
  11. CampaignCaptain
  12. AdVibesGuru
  13. DigitalPromoPro
  14. MarketBoss
  15. ContentQueen (or ContentKing)
  16. TrendTacticSnap
  17. MarketingWhiz
  18. MarketNinjaSnap
  19. SocialPulsePro
  20. ThePromoPioneer

Food-themed Snapchat username ideas

Create tasteful (wink wink) food-themed Snapchat usernames for your clients with these name ideas.

  1. SweetandSpicy
  2. PizzaPrincess
  3. Tacobelle
  4. OrangeYouGlad
  5. AddCheesePlease
  6. NotAnImpasta
  7. CupCakePro
  8. CroissantCruise
  9. KitchenQueen
  10. LoveLinguini
  11. LetsTacoBoutIt
  12. JustDesserts
  13. LiveForCoffee
  14. LookAPenne
  15. EggcitingNews
  16. JustDonut
  17. DinnerMeatUps
  18. FeelSaucy
  19. BigDill
  20. RomaineCalm

Snapchat username ideas influencers for life coaches

Jumpstart your clients’ life-coaching influencer marketing efforts with the Snapchat username ideas below.

  1. SelfLoveJourney
  2. MotivateYou
  3. LiveAndThrive
  4. LifeCoachForYou
  5. MindfulMentor
  6. SelfGrowthPro
  7. EmpoweringYou
  8. InnerPeaceGuide
  9. InspireWellness
  10. BeYourBestSelf
  11. MindMotivate
  12. InnerStrength
  13. AWholeNewYou
  14. MindsetMentor
  15. PositivityCoach
  16. PositiveLife
  17. SelfGrowthGuru
  18. ClarityCoaching
  19. WellnessCoach
  20. TransformingYou

Travel-themed Snapchat username ideas

Help clients give off that #travelgoals vibe with these username ideas.

  1. (brand name)theexplorer
  2. NewDestination
  3. RoundTheWorld
  4. BagsArePacked
  5. TrendyTraveler
  6. AdventureAwaits
  7. PlaneModeOn
  8. TheBackpacker
  9. TravelGoal
  10. NextTimeZone
  11. (brand name)Traveler
  12. WhereToNext
  13. TraveLandAirSea
  14. ReadyForTravel
  15. FindNewPlaces
  16. NewWorlds
  17. NextAdventure
  18. LiveLaughTravel
  19. DreamLocation
  20. DiscoverTrip

Cute Snapchat username ideas

Make your clients’ audiences go “Awww” and click that Add button with these cute Snapchat username inspirations.

  1. SugarPetal
  2. SweetSnaps
  3. LittleSunBeam
  4. SnugglyBunny
  5. DimpleDreams
  6. PreciousPuff
  7. SweatPea
  8. PoofyPanda
  9. TwinkleTales
  10. CuddleBug
  11. SmileSparker
  12. CuteSnaps
  13. LittleMiss
  14. StarryGaze
  15. HeartfeltHugs
  16. RainbowKisses
  17. PlayfulPixe
  18. LoveBugLetters
  19. PreciousSnaps
  20. EndlessEverglow

Funny Snapchat username ideas

Draw some laughs with these funny usernames for your clients.

  1. PuntasticPaul
  2. PunnyGirl
  3. PunstoppablePat
  4. LaughyTaffy
  5. HahahaHappy
  6. LOLcano
  7. WittyWisdom
  8. LOLapalooza
  9. ComedyKing
  10. MemeMaster
  11. HumorHero
  12. SmileAndWave
  13. SillySally
  14. PunFactory
  15. JokeJungle
  16. ComedyCraze
  17. WittyWhisperer
  18. FunGuys
  19. QuirkyQueen
  20. JesterJokes

Cool Snapchat username ideas

Is it getting cold in here? Because you’re about to find out the cool Snapchat usernames to get inspiration from.

  1. GalaxyGlider
  2. UrbanNinja
  3. NeonNomad
  4. QuantumQuestor
  5. FireFrost
  6. EnigmaEnvoy
  7. TechTrailblazer
  8. SkySeeker
  9. CodeNomad
  10. SolarSamurai
  11. LegendaryLegion
  12. EchoExplorer
  13. WaveRider
  14. VortexVoyager
  15. RebelRiot
  16. SonicSleuth
  17. MindMarauder
  18. EquinoxEnigma
  19. DigitalDynamo
  20. PixelPirate

Short Snapchat username ideas

Keep your clients’ Snapchat usernames short, sweet, and easy to remember with these name ideas.

  1. SnapGuru
  2. SnapZap
  3. ByteMe
  4. SnapMuse
  5. SnapZing
  6. SnapWave
  7. SnapPulse
  8. SnapBlitz
  9. LensLuxe
  10. PixelIt
  11. JengaCode
  12. BitNinja
  13. AlphaBeta
  14. YODALayHeeHoo
  15. UniCorny
  16. 404IT
  17. ByteWave
  18. SnapPiq
  19. PixZest
  20. SnapZap

Unique Snapchat username ideas

Create one-of-a-kind usernames with these unique Snapchat ID ideas.

  1. TechnoTalent
  2. QuantumQuirk
  3. AeroXVerse
  4. EonEclipse
  5. CyberBoss
  6. CelestialCypher
  7. PixelPhantom
  8. GlitchGuru
  9. LunaMoona
  10. NebulaNomad
  11. CosmicCurator
  12. TrendTitan
  13. VlogVirtuoso
  14. BuzzBuilder
  15. ImpactArchitect
  16. ViralVisionary
  17. GlamourGuru
  18. RunwayRebel
  19. PoshPioneer
  20. StyleSavant

Best Snapchat username ideas for startups

Create catchy Snapchat usernames for your clients with the name ideas below.

  1. LaunchLuxe
  2. GrowthGround
  3. ElevateEntrep
  4. InnovateInc
  5. TechTrailblazer
  6. BizXBuilders
  7. VentureVoyager
  8. LaunchLoom
  9. GrowthGridX
  10. ProPioneers
  11. BizBloomer
  12. InnovateImpact
  13. StartUpSavvy
  14. ElevateEdge
  15. GrowthGlide
  16. IdeaIgniter
  17. StartSkyrocket
  18. SnapScaleUp
  19. SuccessSnap
  20. StartUpSurge

Random Snapchat username ideas

Don’t have a specific username “genre” in mind? Get some inspiration from these random Snapchat username ideas.

  1. SocialMagnate
  2. NebulaNetwork
  3. LuminaryLaunch
  4. LunchABunch
  5. SunnySide
  6. BizWhiz
  7. ModMarketing 
  8. ByteKing
  9. SnapItUp
  10. VisionXVibe
  11. CelebCraft
  12. UrbanElegance
  13. ChicCharm
  14. PoshPulse
  15. RunwayDiva
  16. FabFashion
  17. DapperDude
  18. GlamourGlow
  19. UrbanUtopia
  20. CoutureCulture

Tips to create catchy Snapchat usernames

Creating great Snapchat usernames for your clients can be as easy as pie with these tips.

Make it catchy but on-brand

Your clients’ usernames should give other users a good idea of who and what they are and what makes their brand unique.

Jason Hartman, CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network, highlighted this when he said…

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.” 

Weave in elements and keywords reflecting your clients’ brands or industries, whether music, art, fashion, tech, real estate, or sports.

Use your client’s brand identity and industry as a starting point to create the perfect Snapchat username.

Remember to keep the usernames catchy but short and memorable.

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Avoid using complex words, too many numbers, and long phrases, or your clients’ usernames can look like bots or seem spammy.

Leverage keywords 

Use keywords relevant to your client’s brand, business, and industry when creating Snapchat usernames.

Research the top keywords in your clients’ industry or niche.

You can also look at the competitors’ Snapchat usernames and how they incorporated keywords.

Remember, don’t copy but emulate what they do to create unique usernames for your clients.

Consider adding puns

Puns can be “pun-tastic” (see what we did there?) additions to your clients’ Snapchat usernames.

Play on words and puns add some wit and humor to your clients’ usernames, making them catchy and easy for Snapchat followers and friends to remember.

For instance, if your client is an influencer named Emma, her username can be “EmmaZing.”

Use username generators

If inspiration won’t come and you need to come up with Snapchat usernames fast, use free online username generators.

Provide the tool with a few keywords, and boom, it gives you username suggestions within seconds.

Snapchat Username Ideas1

You can go through the list and experiment with the username suggestions. You can combine some or switch them around until you find one that works best for your clients.

Include emojis

Sprinkle some personality and pizzazz to your clients’ Snapchat usernames by adding emojis.

For instance, a cute coffee cup emoji can be perfect for client usernames and brands in the coffee industry.

Emojis also help draw attention to your client’s Snapchat account, attracting more people to Snaps and boosting engagement opportunities.

Emojis are great, but try not to add random numbers irrelevant to your clients’ brands.

Only include numbers in Snapchat usernames if they mean something to your clients and their target audiences.

Ask for feedback

It never hurts to get honest feedback from target audiences, your team, your clients, and even your friends and family when creating a new Snapchat username.

After all, your clients’ audiences should be one of your go-to sources of valuable information.

As Scott Cook, Intuit co-founder, said…

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is.”  

A fresh set of eyes is always great for spotting something you missed or offering valuable insights to come up with the perfect Snapchat username.

Also, say your username idea out loud.

Some usernames can look good on paper but sound weird when said out loud.

You also want to ensure that audiences can say your client’s username. After all, if they can’t say it, they won’t likely remember it.

You can change your client’s username to improve it or if the brand changes or evolves.

Snapchat lets you change usernames once every 30 days.

Check the username availability

Coming up with unique and creative usernames can be challenging when there are 397 million active users on Snapchat.

You’re bound to create a username that already exists, so check its availability before you and your client get too attached to it.

You’ll know if the Snapchat username already belongs to someone else if you type it in when creating a username, and you’ll see a prompt telling you it’s no longer available.

You can also use third-party tools, such as a Snapchat username checker, to check whether your name idea already exists.

Snapchat Username Ideas2

Visualize it

Consider how your client’s username looks when used as a watermark on their images and videos on the Snapchat app.

Check whether it amplifies or distracts from your client’s content to help you decide if the username is “The One.”

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Snapchat Username Ideas3

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Snapchat Username Ideas4

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Snapchat Username Ideas5

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