Snapchat Analytics Ultimate Guide: What to Track, FAQs, Etc.

Updated on November 16, 2023

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Published November 16, 2023

Snapchat Analytics Ultimate Guide: What to Track, FAQs, Etc.
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If you want to know if your clients’ Snaps are killing it, you must get on Snapchat analytics like yesterday.

Snapchat analytics can tell you what caused your clients’ Snapchat success (or failure), making it a crucial part of your clients’ marketing initiatives on the platform. 

It gives you the insights to assess and improve your clients’ performance to get more engagement, followers (or friends), and potential customers.

This ultimate guide gives you the 411 on Snapchat analytics, including the key metrics to track and analyze to help boost your clients’ social media marketing game.

Ready? Let’s go.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • What is Snapchat analytics?
  • 8 Snapchat analytics metrics to track
  • Best tool for Snapchat analytics
  • Snapchat analytics FAQs
  • Gain Snapchat analytics insights like a boss

What is Snapchat analytics?

Snapchat analytics refers to the platform’s tools and data insights to help users measure and analyze their content and advertising campaigns’ performance.

It lets you capture valuable information about your clients’ content engagement, audiences, and marketing efforts’ effectiveness.

Snapchat analytics encompasses these primary elements:

  • Ad performance. If your clients run Snapchat ads, you can analyze their performance based on metrics such as swipe-up rates, impressions, and conversions.
  • Audience insights. Snapchat analytics can give audience demographic data, including gender, age, interests, and location. You can leverage this information to tailor your clients’ Snapchat content to reach target audiences better.
  • Snaps and Stories metrics. Snapchat analytics allows you to track the performance of your clients’ Stories and Snaps, including the number of screen taps, replies, screenshot saves, views, and reach.
  • Follower growth. You’ll get data to track your clients’ follower count growth over time through Snapchat analytics. It helps you understand whether your clients’ content and marketing efforts help them gain or lose followers.

Snapchat analytics eliminates guesswork and provides solid evidence of your clients’ performance on the platform.

Communications strategist Jason Miller conveyed this sentiment, saying…

“How do you know your content’s relevant? Increased social traffic, engagement & quality leads.”

8 Snapchat analytics metrics to track

Stay on top of your clients’ Snapchat performance and engagement by keeping your eyes on the following analytics metrics.

1. Story view time

The view time metric shows the number of minutes viewers watched your clients’ Snapchat Stories.

You can view the year-to-date information of Story view time in weeks or months.

Tracking the Story view time gives insights into your clients’ audience retention.

For example, if viewers watch your clients’ Stories to the end, the content retains their audiences’ attention, increasing their chances of engaging with your clients’ accounts.

Snapchat Insights lets you dive deeper into view times metrics.

You can see the average view time for each day of the week, including how long viewers watched your clients’ Stories before moving to the next.

Looking at View Time data helps you determine the following:

  • The best day of the week to share Snaps. View time data can tell you when your clients’ viewers are most active and watching your clients’ Stories. It helps you adjust your clients’ content publishing schedule for maximum views and get your Snap score up to drive more engagement.
  • Optimal Snapchat Story length. If most of your clients’ audience Story views last for ten seconds, this indicates how long viewers watch before moving on.

You can use this information to determine the Story’s optimal duration and tweak the content’s pacing, frequency, length, and tone.

2. Unique Story views

Snapchat Insights shows you the number of unique Story views—the total number of users who opened the first image or video on your client’s Story for at least one second.

You can see Story views based on weekly, monthly, or yearly data.

Tracking unique Story views helps you determine the total number of Snapchat users who saw your client’s content (each view from one user is only counted once for the same Story).

3. Story view percentage

The Story view percentage (or completion rate) is the percentage of users who watched your client’s Story from start to end.

A higher completion rate can help determine whether your clients’ Snapchat Stories resonate with their audiences.

Ideally, your clients’ Story view percentage should be as close to 100% since a dip in the figure can mean that the content isn’t engaging enough to viewers.

If your clients’ Story completion rate starts going down, consider trimming and adjusting the content.

4. Reach

The reach metric indicates the number of followers who saw your client’s Snaps and Snapchat content within the past week.

Like view time, the reach metric can give insights into when your clients’ audiences are more likely to engage with their content.

5. Screenshots

Screenshots can tell you how your clients’ content resonates with their audiences.

After all, most users take screenshots because they like, enjoy, or want to share the content.

Snapchat Analytics1

You can use the number of screenshots users take of your client’s content to measure audience engagement since Snapchat doesn’t have a share, like, or comment option.

Track the screenshots to determine which content types resonate the most with your clients’ viewers and followers.

You can also track the users who screenshot your clients’ Snaps frequently since they can be your clients’ biggest brand promoters.

6. Demographics

Understanding your clients’ audiences, including their age, location, and interests, can help you tailor your content to resonate with and engage them.

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It can also help you create targeted campaigns for your clients’ organic and paid posts.

You can see the percentage of women and men who watched your client’s Story and their age range at the bottom of the Insights screen.

You can dive deeper into your clients’ audience demographics by viewing their interests and locations.

Snapchat Analytics2

You can also use the data to compare custom audiences to determine your clients’ viewers and preferences.

7. Fallout rate

The fallout rate refers to the percentage of users who opened your client’s Story but did not continue watching.

You can leverage the fallout rate to determine if your client’s content engages audiences effectively and if it offers value to viewers.

For instance, high fallout rates mean you must refine your clients’ Snaps to engage viewers better.

8. Camera usage

Tracking other Snapchat users’ camera usage of AR lenses and filters helps you determine what’s trending among your clients’ audiences.

You can leverage Snapchat insights to determine the following:

  • The Geofilters your clients’ target audiences frequently use.
  • The most and least popular filters. 
  • The time of the day when users use these filters and lenses.
  • The AR filters that many Snapchat followers use the most and how often they use them daily.

Use these insights and incorporate them into your clients’ Snaps and Snapchat marketing strategies to create content that draws more eyeballs and engagement.

It’s vital to stay on top of trends to ensure your clients create relevant content and continue to connect with audiences.

As Zoetica Media CEO Kami Huyse says

“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.”

Best tool for Snapchat analytics

Snapchat’s built-in analytics features are great—but you need a more advanced tool to manage multiple Snapchat and other social media profiles and campaigns.

The solution? Vista Social.

The Social Media Management (SMM) platform’s Snapchat management tools for business include Snapchat analytics tools to help you gather strategic insights easily.

Snapchat Analytics3

Vista Social’s Snapchat analytics help you with the following:

  • Understand your clients’ viewer behaviors by visualizing their Snapchat profile data via visualizations and dynamic charts. 
  • Determine your clients’ best-performing Snapchat content based on audience engagement and viewing insights. 
  • Generate, customize, and export insightful Snapchat data reports you can share with your client’s team and other stakeholders. 
  • Track and analyze content engagement, user behavior, time, interactions, and subscriptions and follow metrics. 

The best part is that you can monitor, measure, and generate Snapchat analytics reports and insights from one platform.

This way, you won’t need to log in to each client’s account to track and analyze their Snapchat analytics data, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Vista Social is also the best Snapchat scheduling tool since it lets you schedule your clients’ Snapchat posts for auto-publishing.

Link your client’s Snapchat account, upload or create a Snapchat Story or Spotlight post, add captions and other details, and choose a posting date and time.

Snapchat Analytics4

You can also save the post as a draft if your clients need to review the content before it goes live, publish it immediately, or add it to a queue of already scheduled posts for a specific day.

You can easily keep track of all your clients’ scheduled Snapchat posts and drafts in the centralized content calendar.

Snapchat Analytics5

Seeing everything in one content calendar simplifies developing, planning, and scheduling your clients’ Snapchat content strategy, creation, and publishing.

Snapchat analytics FAQs

Below are the common questions people ask about Snapchat analytics.

How do you get Snapchat analytics?

Go to the Insights tab to access the analytics features within the Snapchat app.

You can learn more about your client’s audience and other metrics. For example, in the Recent section, you’ll see each Story tile showing the reach (unique viewers) and the number of Snaps within that Story.

Tap a Story tile to see their views, screenshots, interactions, reach, and swipe-ups per Snap.

You can see the latest trends by viewing the 28-Day Summary.

How do Snapchat Audience Insights help businesses?

Audience Insights helps you better understand your clients’ target audiences so you can develop relevant content and uncover more targetable segments and other custom user groups to grow your clients’ reach.

Snapchat’s Audience Insights data include demographics and interest information of other users, including external data from third-party data partners.

What is the Snapchat view rate benchmark?

Snapchat’s swipe-up rate benchmark is at least 1.9% (Google Ads’ Click-through Rate or CTR).

Snapchat CTR must be at least 0.35% to ensure a good Cost-per-Click (CPC) for ads within the platform, but you could go for 1.5% for a decent outcome.

Gain Snapchat analytics insights like a boss

Snapchat Analytics gives you the insights to help your clients rock the Snap world.

Dive into the data, play with the insights, and watch your clients’ Snapchat game soar.

Get ready to turn those numbers into stories and those stories into Snapchat gold with reliable SMM platforms like Vista Social.

These are the key features social media managers and agency owners love about Vista Social:

  • AI assistant
  • In-depth and highly customizable analytics and reporting
  • Advanced/sophisticated publishing features
  • Unified inbox
  • Etc.

Try Vista Social to see how it can supercharge your clients’ Snapchat marketing and audience engagement efforts.

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