What AI App Is Everyone Using on Instagram? The Viral AI Trend on IG

Dec 6, 2022

3 min to read

Brittany Garlin

Head of Marketing @ Vista Social

What AI App Is Everyone Using on Instagram? The Viral AI Trend on IG
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Have you noticed the viral AI trend taking over IG? You may be wondering what AI app everyone is using on Instagram to create those photos!

And you’re not alone; the hashtag #Lensa has amassed over 571K views in just the past week on Instagram and is growing. 🤯

The Viral AI Trend on IG

We have all the details on what AI photo app everyone is using, what you need to know about it, and if you should jump on the trend.

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What is the AI photo app everyone is using on IG?

Lensa is the AI photo editing app everyone is using on Instagram!

The app became massively popular this past week as this new trend continues to go viral on IG.

The trend includes Instagram users posting AI-generated images from their own selfies that have been uploaded into the Lensa app.

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Is Lensa AI app safe?

Many social media users are skeptical about how their data is being used with the Lensa AI app due to their unique privacy policy.

While the trending photo app says that it “do[es] not use photos you provide…for any reason other than to apply different stylized filters or effects to them,” the company retains personal data for a time not specified in the privacy policy.

People took to Twitter and Reddit to find out how they can protect themselves:

10 celebrities that have jumped on the AI trend on IG

The viral AI trend on IG is also being used by many celebrities such as Chance The Rapper, Bryce Hall, Steve Aoki, Dale Moss, and more!

1. Chance The Rapper

2. Bryce Hall

3. Steve Aoki

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4. Dale Moss

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt

6. Sonika Vaid

7. Skylar Astin

8. Taraji P Henson

9. Lilly Singh

10. Colton Underwood

Can you use Lensa for free?

Jumping on the new AI trend on IG isn’t cheap! Lensa app cost:

  • Annual $29.99/year
  • Monthly $7.99/month

There is a one-week free trial available, but remember to cancel immediately if you don’t want to get billed.

So, should you jump in on the viral AI trend on IG?

We recommend reading through the privacy policy to ensure you feel comfortable with their facial recognition and how your data is used.

You don’t necessarily have to post an AI selfie to jump on the trend; you could post a carousel on what tips people need to know about AI art!

And, in case you didn’t know, each week, our network of social media experts will round up the latest Instagram trends for you to try!

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