20+ TikTok Challenge Ideas Agencies Use to Get More Views

Updated on September 11, 2023

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Published July 25, 2022

20+ TikTok Challenge Ideas Agencies Use to Get More Views
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Participating in a Tiktok challenge helps your clients achieve “influencer” status.

These TikTok videos are fun, engaging, and extremely popular. They create a sense of togetherness between users and brands that regular TikTok posts will never achieve.

If you’re looking for TikTok challenges that you can have your clients participate in, then continue reading.

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • Importance of TikTok challenge
  • 20+ TikTok challenge ideas
  • TikTok challenge ideas for food brands
  • TikTok challenge ideas for business and finance coaches
  • TikTok challenge ideas for travel agencies and bloggers
  • TikTok challenge ideas for health brands
  • TikTok challenge ideas for beauty and fashion brands
  • Ace TikTok challenge videos with Vista Social

Importance of TikTok challenge 

A good chunk of TikTok trending videos are challenges users can participate in. 

Challenges boost your client’s searchability and discoverability on TikTok.

It can make your content appear whenever someone searches for the challenge hashtag or tries to use the associated sound clip. 

You don’t even need TikTok tools to make this happen.

By participating in challenges, TikTok itself will help any brand or agency become more visible to other users. 

For example, the Blinding Lights TikTok music led to the creation of the “#blindinglightschallenge.”

If users tried to search for the song’s name or hashtag, they’ll be presented with a list of related videos.

Screenshot of TikTok Challenge Ideas - #blindinglightschallenge
Image Source: TikTok.com

Participating or creating challenges also makes your client’s brand more relatable and authentic. This encourages users to engage your client’s brand by writing a comment, reacting to your content, or taking part in the challenge themselves. 

That’s how you blow up on TikTok.

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20+ TikTok challenge ideas

Here are 20+ engaging TikTok challenges you can use to create winning TikTok marketing campaigns:

TikTok challenge ideas for food brands

1. Emoji food challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Emoji food challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @markocozza

The goal of the TikTok emoji food challenge is simple: eat the real-life counterpart of emojis. It’s a fun challenge that can help food bloggers, TikTok influencers, and restaurants build a relatable brand. 

Most people use food emojis to make their TikTok challenge video more wholesome. Others, however, up the ante with emojis of raw vegetables, snow, lemons, and even non-food objects.

2. Chili challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Chili challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @lankeylukey

Food brands can leverage the chili challenge to increase brand awareness by combining it with a unique segment. 

A food blogger’s own version of the chili challenge may involve an interview section where they answer popular TikTok questions

3. Cooking challenge (five random ingredients)

TikTok Challenge Idea: Cooking challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @jondarius2

The five random ingredients cooking challenge allows food bloggers, chefs, and restaurants to show off their culinary creativity and resourcefulness. 

Your client can start their TikTok video with a fun way to draw five ingredients. It’s then up to them to decide how to show their cooking process and finished recipe.

4. Eating challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Eating challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @foodblogs

If your client is a foodie blogger, winning the eating challenge is a surefire way to connect with the TikTok community. 

The task is to consume the most amount of food in the least amount of time. Use this challenge to obtain user-generated content by inviting other users to participate. 

TikTok challenge ideas for business and finance coaches

5. Savings challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Savings challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @herplusgoals

If you have a personal finance coach client, the savings challenge is effective in attracting new audiences and engaging existing followers. 

Provide your target audience with a realistic target and an easy method of tracking their savings. For example, your own TikTok challenge may require the use of envelopes, a money box, or a printable tracking sheet that users can download from your website. 

6. Small business challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Small business challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @wanderlustsweets

This branded challenge from Wanderlust Sweets is designed to ramp up user engagement using TikTok comments. 

Participants need to share their small business and product in the comments. They’re also required to purchase something from one of the mentioned small businesses. 

7. Investing challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Investing challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @nozi_vanheerden

Personal finance coaches can run an investing-focused TikTok challenge campaign to supercharge user engagement. 

These challenges present an opportunity to promote your client’s products. To help users achieve their investing goals, your TikTok challenge content can mention their coaching service, eBook, online course, or affiliate products.

TikTok challenge ideas for travel agencies and bloggers

8. Travel friendship goals

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TikTok Challenge Idea: Travel friendship goals
Image Source: TikTok.com, @geronimomglenn

The challenge hashtag “#travelchallenge” leads to truckloads of travel TikTok videos that feature a specific location. 

Make your travel challenge stand out on social media by adding your own twist. For example, TikTok user @geronimomglenn made it a group challenge by focusing on traveling with friends. 

9. Clapping challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Clapping goals
Image Source: TikTok.com, @hangin_with_al

The clapping challenge is one of the trending TikTok challenges in the travel space. 

To participate, your client needs to shoot videos of them clapping in multiple travel locations. Weave these clips together using each clap as a transition. 

10. Luggage challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Luggage goals
Image Source: TikTok.com, @kayleenkellyorganize

Challenges around specific aspects of traveling provide real value to users who are planning a trip. For instance, the luggage challenge allows travel bloggers to share packing tips and showcase their expertise.  

TikTok challenge ideas for health brands

11. 75 Soft challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: 75 Soft challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @bzeurcher

The 75 soft challenge requires participants to perform a series of tasks over a 75-day period. This includes working out for 45 minutes a day, reading 10 pages of a book, and so on.

12. Plank challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Plank challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @rebel

The plank challenge encourages users to perform high-intensity core workouts. Get even more people to join by inviting them to use TikTok’s duet feature.

Just use a simple CTA like “duet this” to maximize shares. That’s one organic strategy on how to get more views on TikTok after posting

13. Raw vegan challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Raw vegan challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @hirawnick

Diet challenges on TikTok revolve around eating healthy for a specific period of time. Promote your client’s proprietary diet program by packaging it as a TikTok challenge.

14. Hydration challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Hydration challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @meganspriggss_

Health and fitness influencers can encourage their followers to hydrate properly with the water challenge. This may require a special jug that tracks water consumption or just a target amount participants must consume in a day. 

TikTok challenge ideas for beauty and fashion brands

15. Outfit challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Outfit  challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @jennxevanss

Show off your fashion client’s wardrobe with the outfit challenge. Use the TikTok challenge sound from Jessica Marak to make your challenge video discoverable to other participants.

16. One dip challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: One dip challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @meredithduxbury

The one dip makeup challenge involves doing a full makeup with just one dip for each cosmetic product. The challenge prevents makeup overuse and helps users achieve a more natural look. 

17. Makeup transformation challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Makeup transformation challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @voronina_valeria_

If your client is a beauty brand or influencer, show off their makeup skills with the makeup transformation challenge. Show a clip of them bare-faced then cut to a different clip with full makeup. 

TikTok challenge ideas for more views

18. TikTok dance challenges

TikTok Challenge Idea: TikTok dance challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @sia_jiwoo

Participating in a dance challenge will help your client boost their reach and build a more relatable brand. Look out for the next viral TikTok dance challenge and see if your agency or client is up for it. 

19. Guess the country

TikTok Challenge Idea: Guess the country
Image Source: TikTok.com, @crazeclown

The “Guess the country” challenge is exactly what it sounds like. You or your client needs to identify a country by piecing together two or more clues. 

20. Wrap challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Wrap challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @rachelspicer_

In this challenge, participants hold a mouthful of water, play rock paper scissors, and hit the loser with a burrito wrap. Losers can stay in the game if they keep themselves from spitting the water out. 

21. Stacking challenge

TikTok Challenge Idea: Stacking challenge
Image Source: TikTok.com, @imvalenciagrace

Augmented Reality (AR) games on TikTok, like the stacking challenge, are an easy way to be more discoverable to users who want to play the same game. It’s also a low-risk strategy for getting more views on your client’s TikTok page. 

Ace TikTok challenge videos with Vista Social

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