How to Blow Up on TikTok: Ultimate Guide

Updated on June 14, 2023

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Published March 8, 2022

How to Blow Up on TikTok: Ultimate Guide
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Do you want to learn how to blow up on TikTok and be the next big thing?

You’re in the right place…

We’ve put together this crash course to help you go viral, incentivize engagement, and improve the overall performance of your TikTok marketing initiatives.

You’ll learn the strategies for getting views, building your influence, and the tools that will help you achieve TikTok success. 

Let’s get started. 

Table of contents

TikTok trending videos agencies can learn from

Never used TikTok before?

Not sure what posts will make your audience watch your video multiple times?

Don’t worry—you can always borrow ideas from TikTok trending videos.

Studying trending video content gives you a better grasp of what your target TikTok user might want to see from brands.

1. “#JifRapChallenge” — Jif

Screenshot of Jif’s "#JifRapChallenge on TikTok
Image Source:

Trending hashtags, such as Jif’s “#JifRapChallenge” accumulated over 7.4 billion views.

Pretty sweet, huh?

The #JifRapChallenge took advantage of TikTok’s duet feature to make the challenge more engaging.

To participate, users simply need to eat a mouthful of Jif peanut butter and rap with Ludacris. 

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2. “Going for a run” — Gymshark

Screenshot of Gymshark's “Going for a run” TikTok
Image Source:

This next video by Gymshark managed to net an impressive 12.1 million views within a few months. 

Gymshark doesn’t rely on promoting products on TikTok. Rather, they focus on uploading relatable memes, fitness advice, inspiration, and “fail” videos to entertain their followers.

3. “#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt” — Home Home Plus

Screenshot of Home Home Plus  Tiktok
Image Source:

Home Home Plus is an eCommerce brand on TikTok that posts “satisfying” product videos to generate sales. 

In one particular video, they featured a vegetable slicer to create perfectly even slices of potatoes. It doesn’t sound too exciting, but it’s satisfying enough to garner 69.3 million views and 2.5 million likes. 

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How to get more views on TikTok after posting

Have a few TikTok video ideas in mind? 

Sometimes, posting a great TikTok video isn’t enough to spread your post like wildfire. 

There are many other ways established marketers and brands are using TikTok to encourage people to watch their short videos.

Below are a few tips on how to get more views on TikTok after posting your video.

1. Reshare videos at the right time

Proper scheduling is the key to maximizing the organic reach of social media posts. 

TikTok’s latest version allows you to schedule posts to publish at a later time. But if you want to schedule your TikTok videos in bulk, you can do it with Vista Social. 

Simply connect your TikTok, create a publishing schedule, and voila—you can start adding posts to your queue. 

Screenshot of Vista Social's scheduling tool

2. Share your TikTok on other social media

TikTok posts can be easily shared on other social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. If your TikTok videos are 15 seconds or less, they’re a perfect fit for your Instagram Stories. 

3. Use Promotions from TikTok’s Creator tools

You can use TikTok Promotions from the app’s “Creator tools” section to increase the exposure of your TikTok videos. 

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Use Promotions from TikTok’s Creator tools.
Image source:

Promotion campaigns can be tailored to specific goals, like getting more views or gaining more followers. TikTok can target your audience automatically, or you can define them yourself using demographics like age, gender, and interests.  

How to become a TikTok influencer

To build your sphere of influence on TikTok, you need more than just views. 

You need to develop a brand that’s personable, relatable, and authoritative at the same time.

Below are some of the best ways to do this:

Leverage trends

TikTok is a hotbed of trends.

Hundreds of thousands of challenges, effects, hashtags, and sounds go trendy on a daily basis. You can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility and authority by joining these trends.

Screenshot of TikTok trends.
Image source:

Start tracking your social media presence

Building a presence on multiple networks—not just TikTok—will help boost your brand’s authoritativeness. 

Rather than jumping from platform to platform for analytics, you can use Vista Social to consolidate your social performance tracking.

Screenshot of Vista Social's performance report

Make your posts interactive

To blow up on TikTok, you need the community’s help in sharing and spreading your content to a wider audience. You just need to create interactive videos that users will love to engage.

There are several ways to make your TikTok videos more interactive:

  • Encourage users to Stitch or Duet your video as a response 
  • Start interacting yourself by reacting to other posts
  • Take part in existing challenges and encourage your followers to do the same
  • Create your own challenge and turn it into a contest
Screenshot of a TikTok profile
Image Source:

Post frequently to garner more viewers

Hof often should I post on TikTok?

On TikTok, the golden rule is to post at least one video a day to get and maintain momentum. 

Some of the biggest TikTokkers post multiple times a day. But for new brands, posting any more than twice per day will have diminishing returns.

Answer relevant questions

In case you didn’t know, TikTok has a built-in Q&A feature that can help brands address their audience’s questions. 

To access this feature, go to your “Creator tools” and simply tap ‘Q&A’. 

TikTok should immediately provide you with a list of questions that you can answer for some social points. 

Screenshot of TikTok Creator tools.
Image source:

Remember that you can also ask questions to gather feedback and engage your audience. It will also make you discoverable through other users’ Q&A pages. 

For a more comprehensive set of tips, read our guide on “How to Become a TikTok Influencer.”

TikTok questions to get more views on TikTok

The best way to ask questions on TikTok is by creating an actual post about it. Doing so will make it easier for your question to reach your audience’s Discover feeds.

Check out some of the best types of TikTok questions you can ask on the platform:

  1. #funnyquestion — What’s your favorite company and why is it us?
  2. #groupquestion — Among friends: who drinks the most coffee?
  3. #embarrassingquestion — How old are you when you realized that (insert basic fact here)?
  4. #trivia — Multiple questions: How much do you know about (topic)? 
  5. #askmeanything — Rather than asking your audience, ask them for questions instead.

3 Best TiktTok tools to grow your followers this 2022

To help grow your followers, we’ve compiled a list of the best TikTok tools for marketers and brands this 2022:

  • Vista Social: All-in-one social media management. Schedule posts, track conversations, use social media listening, measure analytics, and more. 
  • Upfluence: Find and connect with content creators and influencers on TikTok. Discover influencers who already follow your brand or use the advanced influencer search tool. 
  • TokUpgrade: Automate engagement with TikTok users, including follows, likes, and shares. Encourage TikTok users to follow you back while you focus on content creation.
  • YouTube: Type in your target keyword in YouTube’s search box. Once the results show up, go to Filter then sort by views. YouTube will show relevant videos with the most views. Your job is to pay close attention to the nuances of the quality of the video. Study the comments, how the title was created, etc. Learn from other videos so you can create better TikTok posts.

Start branding on TikTok today

TikTok is a great platform for generating audience engagement. The TikTok community is very active and it’s filled with people who are ready to engage brands.

Take your first step to blowing up on TikTok by creating a TikTok account.

Once your account is created, sign up for a FREE Vista Social account so you can start creating short videos, scheduling your posts, tracking your links, and generating reports to have a clear idea of how your TikTok initiatives are performing.

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