101+ LinkedIn Post Ideas w/ Examples: Engaging & Unique Ideas

Updated on June 1, 2024

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Published December 12, 2023

101+ LinkedIn Post Ideas w/ Examples: Engaging & Unique Ideas
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Spice up your clients’ content with the top LinkedIn post ideas we’ll share in this guide.

We get it.

Creating fresh, engaging LinkedIn posts for your clients can be a real head-scratcher.

It can be challenging to figure out which type of content angle or topic works.

The good news is that we’ve got your back.

Drum roll, please!

Presenting: A treasure trove of LinkedIn content ideas that can turn heads and skyrocket your likes, comments, and shares.

Kick back and relax as we go over the 101+ LinkedIn post ideas that can turn your client’s feed into THE go-to place to get exciting, relevant, and engaging content.

Table of Contents

  • LinkedIn post ideas for startups
  • LinkedIn post ideas for marketing agencies
  • LinkedIn post ideas for personal and business coaches
  • LinkedIn post ideas for real estate companies
  • LinkedIn post ideas for ecommerce companies
  • LinkedIn post ideas for the food industry
  • LinkedIn post ideas for the healthcare industry
  • LinkedIn post ideas for finance companies
  • LinkedIn post ideas for the hospitality industry
  • LinkedIn post ideas for influencers
  • LinkedIn post ideas for the tech industry
  • LinkedIn post ideas for the cryptocurrency industry
  • LinkedIn post ideas for the education industry
  • LinkedIn post ideas for government agencies
  • Anatomy of a high-performing LinkedIn post
  • High-performing LinkedIn post examples
  • 4 Content types you should avoid posting on LinkedIn
  • Dominate LinkedIn with the top social media management tool

Table of contents

LinkedIn post ideas for startups

  • Product walkthroughs
  • Product or service updates
  • Mistakes you made and what you learned from them
  • Success stories
  • Customer testimonials
  • Webinar snippets
  • Interviews of executives
  • Top 10 lists

LinkedIn post ideas for marketing agencies

  • Marketing trends
  • How-to guides (e.g., How to Write A YouTube Script)
  • Marketing tips and tricks
  • Marketing dos and don’ts (e.g., Tips on using the right YouTube Shorts dimensions for marketing videos)
  • Feature an influencer
  • Quotes from marketing influencers
  • Case studies
  • Share first-party data and statistics
  • Top tools to accomplish marketing goals

LinkedIn post ideas for personal and business coaches

  • Client wins or success stories
  • Daily routine
  • Life or business hacks
  • Common challenges clients face and how to fix them
  • Prediction of the global economy
  • Dispel myths and misinformation
  • Personal take on certain issues
  • Book suggestions
  • Interesting facts that pertain to self-improvement
  • Inspirational or motivational quotes

LinkedIn post ideas for real estate companies

  • Real estate trends
  • Local amenities
  • What to look out for when acquiring real estate assets
  • Tips and tricks
  • Communities worth following
  • Your commentary on current news
  • Real estate tools and apps
  • Local area events
  • Home improvement tips
  • Quizzes and polls
  • Local amenities worth mentioning

LinkedIn post ideas for ecommerce companies

  • Product updates
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Tips on how to use the products
  • Upcoming products
  • Polls and surveys on what products your customers want
  • Discount offers
  • Top 10 products worth getting
  • Online shopping tips
  • User-generated content
  • Instagram marketing hacks for online retailers (e.g., Understanding the Instagram Following List Order Algorithm)

LinkedIn post ideas for the food industry

  • Top 10 foods to achieve certain goals
  • Top foods to avoid that cause certain problems
  • Food preparation tips
  • Interesting facts
  • Benefits and nutritional value of food
  • What type of food is best for certain people
  • Health tips
  • Recent findings
  • Food experiments

LinkedIn post ideas for the healthcare industry

  • Healthcare-related news
  • Health tips and hacks
  • Innovations and breakthroughs
  • Healthcare data and statistics
  • Common questions with answers
  • Up and coming health workshops and events
  • Debunk healthcare myths
  • Preventive healthcare strategies

LinkedIn post ideas for finance companies

  • How to build an emergency fund
  • How to reduce debt
  • Investment strategies
  • Financial planning for retirement
  • Income-generating opportunities or side hustles
  • Financial management strategies
  • How and where to get business funding
  • How to automate savings
  • How to get tax advantages

LinkedIn post ideas for the hospitality industry

  • Top restaurants and hotels worth visiting
  • Tips to attract more travelers and customers
  • Fun and exciting ideas to do in various locations
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Travel guide with maps and prices
  • Behind the scene tours
  • Interesting local events worth experiencing
  • Hospitality advice
  • Loyalty programs for customers
  • Interactive polls and quizzes

LinkedIn post ideas for influencers

  • Inspiration or motivational messages
  • Feature other influencers
  • Mention other influencers and share your thoughts about their posts
  • Industry-insider tips (e.g., How the Instagram Story viewer order works)
  • How to get more followers
  • Interviews and collaborations with other industry leaders
  • Tools that help solve problems
  • Challenges people are facing and solutions
  • Personal growth journey
  • Roadblocks and challenges you faced
  • Social media marketing tip: How to Get Notes on Instagram

LinkedIn post ideas for the tech industry

  • Tech innovations and news
  • Top software suggestions
  • Prediction of the tech industry
  • The tech stack your company use
  • Interview a SaaS founder
  • Inspiring stories of SaaS companies
  • Tips on how to get funding
  • Tech product reviews
  • Up and coming tech events
  • Tech memes and humor
  • How to find clients on LinkedIn: Tips for tech pros

LinkedIn post ideas for the cryptocurrency industry

  • Crypto event recaps and announcements
  • Comparative performance of cryptocurrencies
  • Industry news
  • Common questions (and answers) about cryptocurrencies
  • Market analysis and performance of cryptocurrencies
  • Trading strategies
  • Government mandates and policies that impact the crypto industry
  • The impact of AI in crypto
  • Important crypto-related meetups
  • Innovations in the crypto industry

LinkedIn post ideas for the education industry

  • Creative teaching methods and tips
  • Research results and updates that impact education
  • New tools that augment modern teaching methods
  • Student success stories
  • Teacher or educator spotlight
  • Effective study hacks
  • Book recommendations for a specific field of study
  • Alumni or student success spotlight
  • Educational institution fun facts and trivia
  • Quotes from famous educators

LinkedIn post ideas for government agencies

  • Behind-the-scenes content about the Government in action
  • Local government environmental initiatives 
  • Meme Mondays—Government edition
  • Infographics on Government successes
  • Constituent or citizen testimonials
  • Community Spotlight
  • Government policy highlights
  • Educational and informative content about the local government
  • Government collaborations and partnerships with other organizations
  • Creative Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
  • Environmental initiative highlights 

Anatomy of a high-performing LinkedIn post

A LinkedIn post that gets tons of engagement can include the following.

A catchy headline

The headline is the first thing people see—and it can either convince audiences to keep reading or click away.

So keep your client’s headline catchy and interesting to turn heads and encourage audiences to read to the end.

Create an engaging headline by including a problem, benefit, or something that sparks curiosity and interest.

If you include a problem or benefit your client’s post will address, keep the words simple and relatable to target audiences.

When adding the curiosity hook, throw in some spice to spark the audience’s need to learn more. A curiosity hook usually goes with a benefit or problem.

Essentially, create a headline that highlights a benefit or problem. Keep it curiosity-driven and relatable to your clients’ target audiences.

A value packed body or content

The post’s body or content should deliver the benefit or address the problem included in your client’s headline.

For instance, you can reinforce the benefit you want to offer your clients’ readers in your content and fulfill the purpose of creating the post.

Take it from American Business Executive, Beth Comstock, who said…

“Whether B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We all are emotional beings looking for relevance, context and connection.”

Get a load of these tips when creating your LinkedIn post’s body:

  • Focus on simplicity instead of adding too much jargon or technical terms.
  • Tell a story revolving around the content’s purpose.
  • Ensure seamless readability by keeping your client’s content simple and using an easy-to-follow structure. Include subheadings to break up long-form content or blocks of text and throw in visual elements to reinforce specific content. 
  • Tailor your client’s content to their target audience’s needs, keeping it relatable and valuable to readers. 
  • Include examples highlighting the benefits you want to share throughout the post’s story or narrative. 

A compelling CTA

Don’t leave money, or in this case, engagement and conversion opportunities, on the table by not adding a Call-to-Action (CTA).

A CTA is a specific phrase or line that encourages and leads your clients’ audiences to act on their desired actions.

Your clients can have great LinkedIn posts, but without a CTA, they can miss massive engagement and conversion opportunities.

Consider these time-tested tips when adding CTAs to your clients’ LinkedIn posts.

  • Create a direct yet encouraging CTA that entices your clients’ audiences to think, share their thoughts, and engage with the post. 
  • Your client’s LinkedIn post CTA should help audiences understand the next steps, whether it is sharing the post, commenting, or signing up for an event, email newsletter, or following your client’s account. 
  • To be effective, the CTA should be short and sweet and leave no room for confusion. 

Engaging elements

Include elements that boost engagement, such as:

  • Relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability and searchability of your clients’ LinkedIn posts. Use LinkedIn hashtag analytics tools to find the best hashtags. 
  • Tags of other users to encourage them to interact with the content and make your client’s post visible to their networks. 

You can also include links to your clients’ other social media profiles. This way, audiences can easily find Instagram URL and Facebook profile links to connect with your clients and engage with their content on other platforms.

  • Eye-catching and creative visuals such as videos, photos, and infographics to help your client’s content stand out. LinkedIn posts with images get twice as much comment rates as those without. 

High-performing LinkedIn post examples

Need some inspiration for your client’s first or next LinkedIn post?

Check out the high-performing LinkedIn content ideas and examples from notable users below. 

Matt Barker

Creator coach and international speaker Matt Barker’s LinkedIn post on How to Stop Overthinking As A Creator gained significant likes, comments, and reposts.

The hook reels you in, and it resonates with target audiences.

LinkedIn Post Ideas1

The carousel post showing the top tips to stop overthinking and writing lays out all the benefits of the content for audiences.

The catchy headline and captivating visual elements make the LinkedIn post engaging and valuable to readers.

Luke Matthews

Want to stop your client’s followers in their tracks with a compelling one or two-liner LinkedIn post?

You can do what copywriting and ghostwriting expert Luke Matthews did with his post below about how you can build an online business in 2024.

LinkedIn Post Ideas2

The content’s layout is simple and direct, with encouraging and powerful messaging:

You can build an online business in 2024. But you need a smartphone, hustle, and brutal accountability…” 

The post also sparks curiosity from readers, enticing them to know more and facilitating engagement.

Lara Acosta

Posts that share personal and professional experiences and wins can evoke positive emotions.

These content types help your clients connect with their audiences while inspiring them with their successes.

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Speaker and Consultant Lara Acosta’s How Networking Changed My Life LinkedIn post is a classic example.

LinkedIn Post Ideas3

The Short LinkedIn Story caption before the headline is a great way to spark audience interest, enticing readers to engage with the content.

Plus, adding the high-quality, official event photo helps make her seem more professional and credible, which is always great for boosting engagement.

Sophie Miller

A LinkedIn post can be a great way to promote your upcoming event, like a promo, flash sale, or webinar.

A good example is the Strategise for Success in 2024 webinar announcement post by social media strategy and content consultant Sophie Miller on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Post Ideas4

The post shows all the event’s relevant details.

The icing on top? The post includes the webinar’s main topics and other information, such as the Q&A and live teaching—all in one poster image.

It’s a great way to tell audiences and potential participants what to expect from the event, facilitating engagement and sign-ups.

Niall Cleaver

People love a personal story because it tugs on their heartstrings, gives people something they can resonate with, and inspires.

Cupsly founder Niall Cleaver’s post about being dyslexic and building a startup covers all these.

LinkedIn Post Ideas5

The post touches on the personal journey and triumph over having dyslexia. It helps inspire people with the same condition and other audiences to achieve their dreams and succeed.

An inspirational post like this is always a winner and can rack engagement quickly.

A high-quality photo is also a nice touch to help capture and lead the audience’s attention to the post.

4 Content types you should avoid posting on LinkedIn

While it’s great to vary your clients’ LinkedIn posts, not all content types or topics are appropriate.

Below are the LinkedIn posts you should avoid posting on your clients’ feeds.

1. Controversial topics  

It’s great to stir the pot once in a while and share content that makes audiences think.

However, don’t go overboard with posts that foster negative energy and can divide your clients’ audiences.

These posts can hurt your clients’ brands and reputations, causing them to lose leads and potential clients.

Examples of controversial posts include topics around or related to:

  • Environmental issues
  • Science
  • Celebrities
  • Media and Culture
  • Sexuality and gender identity

Unless these topics directly relate to your client’s industry, it’s best to steer clear of them and stick to valuable and relevant content for target audiences.

Additionally, don’t share information before fact-checking its credibility since this can be deemed false or misleading content that violates LinkedIn community policies.

2. Religious or political posts

Political and religious posts are not necessarily bad, but they can cause division, alienate some people, and spark heated debates.

It can also cause audiences to make assumptions about your clients, which isn’t always positive.

Instead of political or religion-related content, focus on industry-related posts that add value to your clients’ brands and provide benefits to target audiences.

You can also create posts that explain what your clients do and how they can solve potential customers’ needs.

Remember to keep everything professional and compliant with the LinkedIn Professional Community Policies.

3. Overly personal posts

Sprinkling personal content, such as announcing your client’s latest achievement or recent promotion, is great for connecting with LinkedIn audiences better.

Must read: How to Add a Promotion on LinkedIn [Step-by-Step + Pictures]

However, don’t go overboard and share overly personal details and content since these can make your clients seem unprofessional.

Stick to generally personal yet professional content, such as:

  • Work event photos
  • Team photos
  • Official event carousels
  • Latest achievement highlights

4. Sales pitch posts

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B platforms.

But LinkedIn can be a more effective platform to build relationships, networks, authority, and a following instead of a space to pitch your clients’ products and services.

Sure, the ultimate goal of your clients’ LinkedIn posts can be to boost conversions and sales.

However, LinkedIn users respond better to content they can trust and provide them value than to a post that’s too sales-y.

Instead of aggressive sales pitch posts, create content that shares industry knowledge, solves a problem, and other topics relevant to your clients’ target audiences.

Too aggressive sales posts can be flagged as spam content, which the platform can limit or remove.

Dominate LinkedIn with the top social media management tool

Driving significant engagement takes more than creating amazing LinkedIn posts.

You need to plan your clients’ content, know the best times to post, and schedule them to publish when the target audience is most responsive.

The solution?

A modern Social Media Management (SMM) platform like Vista Social.

Vista Social has everything you need and more to simplify and supercharge planning and scheduling your clients’ LinkedIn and other social media content.

The platform’s LinkedIn management tools for business include the following features.

Post scheduling

Vista Social’s Publisher lets you create your clients’ posts and schedule them for auto-publishing.

Click the publish icon after linking your client’s LinkedIn company page or personal profile.

You can create a new post, find content ideas, create multiple posts for bulk publishing, or use Vista Social’s Smart Publishing option to share third-party content such as videos and blogs, or add an RSS feed.

Select New Post when creating one post for auto-publishing.

LinkedIn Post Ideas6

Next, create your client’s LinkedIn page post by adding captions or text (maximum 3,000 characters), uploading the image or video, and adding hashtags.

You can also set up or turn on features such as:

  • The first comment and like that appear once the post is published 
  • Geo-targeting that allows the post to reach specific audiences based on their locations
  • Language targeting that allows the post to reach certain audiences based on language
LinkedIn Post Ideas7

After customizing your client’s post, set it to auto-publish on a specific time and date.

You can save the post as a draft if it needs further or client review, publish it now, or add it to a scheduled post queue.

Vista Social lets you schedule the following content types for auto-publishing on the LinkedIn platform:

  • Text-only posts
  • Text with in-line link
  • Text with link preview
  • Text with a link and image
  • Single image post
  • Multiple image post
  • Single video post
  • Document post

Content calendar

Plan, develop, organize, and manage all your clients’ drafts, published, and scheduled posts in one place with Vista Social’s collaborative content calendar.

LinkedIn Post Ideas8

Find content quickly using the filter by profile, tag, and date.

Vista Social offers a built-in approval workflow to streamline agency collaboration, peer and client review, and legal and compliance purposes.

The platform also has an AI LinkedIn post generator that instantly generates post caption options based on your preferred tone of voice, language, topic, and keywords.

Social Inbox

Instead of logging into each of your clients’ LinkedIn and other social media accounts to view and respond to comments and messages, use Vista Social’s Social Inbox to do everything in one place.

You can save time and effort while collaborating with your internal team using the feature.

LinkedIn Post Ideas9

Other key features

Vista Social’s other handy SMM features include:

  • An AI assistant that generates engaging social posts for you in seconds. The generated posts are tailored to your clients’ target audiences to ensure relevance and drive engagement. 
  • Optimization algorithms that let you automatically schedule content to publish at optimal times and dates proven to drive audience engagement. 
  • Media integrations via a built-in library where you can upload, store, and organize videos, images, and other client assets in one location. 
  • URL tracking that allows you to append tracking data to your client’s content links. It lets you determine social traffic (in Google Analytics) and track referral traffic, campaigns, and conversions from your client’s social posts. 
  • An AI hashtag generator that instantly generates relevant hashtags based on your network, language, topic, and keywords.

Create a Vista Social account now to see the SMM platform in action.

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