LinkedIn Marketing Tips for 2024

Updated on July 3, 2024

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Published July 4, 2024

LinkedIn Marketing Tips for 2024
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You need elite-level LinkedIn marketing tips to start racking up views, engagements, and sales at LinkedIn

After all, the platform is teeming with highly skilled ninja marketers who are vying for the same attention that you’re asking from your potential customers.

There are those with highly optimized profiles and killer profile copy.

Some have shark-like noses when it comes to smelling blood—except in this case, the ‘blood’ refers to topics your target audience is deeply interested in.

TL;DR: You need to know what you’re doing on LinkedIn to get meaningful results from your marketing campaigns.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • LinkedIn marketing tips for social media managers
  • LinkedIn marketing tips for marketing agencies
  • LinkedIn marketing tips for B2C companies
  • LinkedIn marketing tips for B2B companies
  • Master LinkedIn marketing like a boss

LinkedIn marketing tips for social media managers

Turn your LinkedIn page into a space that showcases your skills and industry networks and attracts new clients with these tried and tested tips. 

Revamp your LinkedIn profile headline

Ensure your headline includes your mini value proposition instead of just listing your job title. 

For instance, use “Helping brands skyrocket engagement and grow followers 🚀 | Social Media Manager” instead of “Social media manager.” 

Edit your LinkedIn headline to include more context to what you do while drawing more eyeballs to your page.  

Share data-driven insights

Regularly share posts about your latest social media campaigns. 

You can share data, such as how you used strategic content to boost a client’s Instagram engagement by 35%. 

Streamline your content publishing using social media management platforms like Vista Social

The platform has everything you need to manage and supercharge your social media tasks. 

The best part? Vista Social now supports LinkedIn personal profiles

Go to the Quick Add option on the left-hand navigation menu. 

From there, you can follow the prompts to connect your LinkedIn Company Page and Personal Profile to Vista Social.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips for 2024 Proven and Tested1

Once connected, you can easily do the following:

  • Create and schedule your LinkedIn posts via Vista Social’s social media publishing feature
  • Plan and manage published, scheduled, and drafted posts from a content calendar
  • Track, analyze, and gain insights into your LinkedIn content performance and engagement with the platform’s social media analytics feature. You can save  the reports and visualizations as PDFs and images and share them on your LinkedIn page
LinkedIn Marketing Tips for 2024 Proven and Tested2

Offer mini consultations and free tips

Post quick, actionable social media tips or offer to review campaigns and profiles for free. 

These help entice potential clients to engage with your content and act on your offers. 

Remember to include a Call-to-Action (CTA), such as “Comment your LinkedIn Profile below or send me a message, and I’ll give you one tip to boost your engagement.”

LinkedIn marketing tips for marketing agencies

Leverage your marketing agency’s LinkedIn page to stand out and draw in the right clients with the following best practices. 

Create a killer company page

Optimize your agency’s company page to boost its chances of attracting potential clients. 

Use a compelling banner image and a high-quality logo. Write a tagline that states your marketing agency’s value proposition.  

This way, followers can instantly see what your company does and the value it offers to potential clients. 

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Run LinkedIn ads

Target decision-makers and ideal audiences in your agency’s niche by running LinkedIn ads

You can run Message Ads, Sponsored Content, and Display Ads to reach potential clients using compelling copy and eye-catching visual elements. 

Leverage LinkedIn polls to boost engagement

Create polls on your agency’s LinkedIn page to encourage audiences to interact with your content while gathering insights. 

The LinkedIn poll below is a classic example.

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LinkedIn Marketing Tips for 2024 Proven and Tested3

The poll entices social media professionals and enthusiasts to vote while you get a good idea about what they consider the most effective strategy for boosting engagement. 

Manage your LinkedIn engagement to make the most of it. 

Leverage Vista Social’s social media engagement feature. 

It includes a Social Inbox that centralizes all your social media messages, comments, mentions, etc. 

LinkedIn marketing tips for B2C companies

You can leverage LinkedIn for your marketing efforts if you run an online retail store or ecommerce website with physical products. 

Start with these LinkedIn marketing tips. 

Post high quality product photos

Draw attention to your LinkedIn page and showcase your offerings by sharing high-resolution product photos.

Throw in a catchy caption that matches your brand’s tone and personality while highlighting your products and their benefits to potential customers. 

Avoid being too sales-y (save that for your ads) and focus on making your LinkedIn posts more relatable to your target audience. 

Use Vista Social’s AI Assistant to generate and improve your LinkedIn post captions in a snap. 

Host product demos through LinkedIn Live

Run LinkedIn Live product demos to showcase your product’s unique features and benefits. 

You can engage your viewers in real time by answering FAQs or doing Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions to answer questions about your products and how to use them. 

Share educational content

Post how-to guides, tips, and other informational content related to your products. 

For example, if you own a home decor brand, you can publish an actionable post about “Five Tips to Revamp Your Living Room On a Budget.”

Sharing informational posts and similar content helps position your brand as a helpful resource, boosting engagement and sales opportunities.

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LinkedIn marketing tips for B2B companies

Use your company’s page to generate leads and conversions with these strategic LinkedIn marketing tactics. 

Showcase wins by posting case studies

Showcase your company’s success by sharing snippets or links to your in-depth case studies. 

In your post, you can write a summary highlighting the challenges the client faced, the solutions your company provided, and the results achieved. 

Put more weight on your claim by including specific metrics, such as “Increased client’s lead generation by 45% within six months.” 

It’s a great way to highlight your company’s impact. 

You can also share client testimonials and reviews on your LinkedIn feed to spotlight your company and brand. 

Use Vista Social’s Review Management feature to simplify managing and responding to client reviews from various social channels from one platform. 

Share the expertise of your team

Humanize and make your posts more relatable by featuring your team members in your LinkedIn posts. 

In short articles or quotes, you can highlight their achievements and skills, including their experiences and insights. 

For instance, your post can say, “Meet Matt, our lead developer who’s taking our software solutions to the next level.” 

Analyze your performance 

Regularly track and review your LinkedIn analytics to measure your campaigns and posts’ performance. 

Leverage the data to refine your content strategy and LinkedIn marketing efforts to improve performance and drive better results. 

Master LinkedIn marketing like a boss

Hands down, you need the right strategies and tools to succeed on LinkedIn.

While there is no one-size-fits-all formula to ensure LinkedIn marketing success, the proven and tested strategies in this guide can jumpstart your efforts. 

Boost your chances of success with a platform like Vista Social, which supports LinkedIn pages and profiles, including other social media platforms. 

Create your Vista Social account to explore more of the platform’s sophisticated social media management features.

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