LinkedIn Carousel: How to Create a Engaging Carousel Posts

Updated on July 11, 2024

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Published July 11, 2024

LinkedIn Carousel: How to Create a Engaging Carousel Posts
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I kid you not, you’re missing out on a whole lot of engagement if you aren’t using LinkedIn carousels.

Let’s face it: LinkedIn’s 3,000-character limit or single-image posts don’t always fully convey what your clients want to share with their audiences. 

After all, there’s a limit to how much you can include in a LinkedIn post without overwhelming your audience or filling up your clients’ feeds, potentially decreasing engagement.

And if your clients lose engagement, then that means they’re losing leads and potential sales.


Fortunately, LinkedIn carousel posts can save the day. 

Keep reading to learn the nuts and bolts of LinkedIn carousel posts and how you can leverage them to help clients boost their engagement and conversions. 

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • What is a LinkedIn carousel?
  • Easy ways to create LinkedIn carousel posts
    • Using Vista Social
    • Using LinkedIn
  • Benefits of creating LinkedIn carousel posts
  • Boost engagement with LinkedIn carousel posts

What is a LinkedIn carousel?

A LinkedIn carousel is a content format on the platform that lets users swipe through to view multiple content in one post. 

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have this digital flipbook-like format for sharing a post with multiple photos or videos.  

Previously, LinkedIn carousel posts looked similar to Instagram carousels.

However, a LinkedIn announcement stated that the platform removed all carousels beginning December 14th, 2023. 

So, while you can’t create LinkedIn carousels that include multiple videos or Instagram carousel-like images anymore, you can still make document-based PDF carousel posts like the one below.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts1
Image source: Daniel C.

The good news is that carousels for ads remain the same, so you can keep including multiple images in LinkedIn carousel ads.  

Easy ways to create LinkedIn carousel posts

The methods below make creating and posting LinkedIn carousel posts quick and easy. 

Using Vista Social

A convenient way to create and publish your clients’ LinkedIn carousel posts is to use Vista Social

The bonus? You can schedule the carousel posts for auto-publishing via the social media management platform. 

Another bonus: Vista Social now fully supports LinkedIn Personal profiles. 

Start by connecting your clients’ personal profiles or pages to the platform.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts2

Once the LinkedIn profile is running, you can create the post by going to the social media publishing feature. 

Select the document icon in the Publisher to upload the PDF you want to include in your client’s post.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts3

You can even use the AI Assistant to come up with a description for the post quickly.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts4

You’ll see the PDF icon when uploading is done (a thumbnail will be added once the post is published on LinkedIn). 

You can also customize the post before setting an auto-publishing schedule.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts5

Choose your publishing schedule when you’re done, and you’re all set. 

The published PDF should now display as a post with swipeable slides on your client’s LinkedIn feed. 

Fun fact: Vista Social suggests optimal posting times that are proven to generate engagement based on your client’s data.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts6

The platform’s social media analytics feature can track, analyze, and generate reports on your clients’ LinkedIn company pages. 

The reports can give insights into audience growth, engagement, impressions, reach, and more.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts7

Don’t miss out on Vista Social’s other key functionalities, such as the social media engagement feature. 

It unifies all your clients’ LinkedIn and other social media platform comments and messages in one smart inbox, making managing and responding to interactions easy.

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Using LinkedIn

Publishing carousel posts directly on LinkedIn is pretty straightforward.

After logging in to your client’s LinkedIn account, go to their profile page and click Create a post.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts8

Click the Add a document icon at the bottom to upload the PDF file.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts9

Write a document title and click Done.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts10

Add a description, select Post, and your client’s LinkedIn carousel will be published on their feed.

LinkedIn Carousel How to Create Engaging Carousel Posts11

Important note: LinkedIn allows members who can view the post to download your published PDF for accessibility. 

Benefits of creating LinkedIn carousel posts

LinkedIn carousel posts can be game-changers for your clients’ profiles.

Below are a few reasons this content type can be a fantastic addition to your clients’ LinkedIn content strategies.

Educate audiences in a more engaging way

Multiple slides let your clients share in-depth tips, insights, and how-tos without overwhelming them with long blocks of text on their LinkedIn feeds.  

The slides are easier on the eyes and are more digestible content types than lengthy posts. 

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Plus, LinkedIn carousels with informative content can help position your clients as industry experts. 

Increase engagement rates

LinkedIn carousels naturally invite interaction because they’re swipe-able. 

It’s like flipping through a fun, informative digital booklet.

The posts can lead to more time spent on your clients’ content, increasing engagement opportunities. 

Higher conversion opportunities

Multiple slides mean more spaces to highlight Calls to Action (CTAs).  

LinkedIn carousels provide versatile engagement opportunities, whether the conversion goal is to lead audiences to your client’s website, invite them to comment, or download a resource. 

However, don’t overwhelm or confuse leads or potential clients with too many CTA variations. 

Keep the CTAs professional, relevant, and engaging while sprinkling them across the slides. 

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Stand out in the LinkedIn feed

PDF carousels can add a dynamic touch to the audience’s feeds, making them more eye-catching than text or single-image posts. 

LinkedIn carousel posts can help your clients’ content turn heads and encourage engagement and conversions.

Visual information sharing with a twist

PDF carousels let you create visually engaging content, perfect for breaking down complex concepts or ideas into more digestible formats. 

Think of carousel posts as mini-presentations for seamless information sharing from LinkedIn feeds. 

Boost engagement with LinkedIn carousel posts

Don’t miss out on the power of LinkedIn carousel posts.

Leverage PDF carousels to create dynamic content to help increase your clients’ engagement and conversion opportunities. 

Make LinkedIn carousel post publishing and management so much easier with Vista Social. 

The social media platform has all the essential and advanced features to make your LinkedIn content, profile, page, and campaign management efficient and hassle-free. 

Create a FREE Vista Social account.

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