Jasper AI Free Alternatives for Content Marketers in 2023

Updated on February 3, 2023

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Published February 3, 2023

Jasper AI Free Alternatives for Content Marketers in 2023
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Wondering the best Jasper AI free alternatives? Content marketers know the importance of creating high-quality content for their social media and blog posts, but piling on subscription after subscription can be a budgeting headache. 


That’s why we’ve rounded up Jasper AI free alternatives for you, that won’t break the bank. From content generation to caption creation, these AI social media tools will help you create top-notch content without spending a fortune.

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Table of contents

What is Jasper AI?

jasper ai robot smiling and waving with text overlay that says: discover over 50 writing templates to save time

Jasper AI is a content creation tool designed to help businesses save time and money by creating custom graphics, presentations, reports, and other types of content. It uses GTP 3 technology, a natural language processing method that enables users to generate content quickly and accurately.

Jasper AI features

Jasper AI users have access to a large library of templates and tools that can help them produce high-quality materials without writing every word themselves.

Jasper’s most popular templates include:

  • Blog Post Outline
  • Company Bio
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Facebook Ad Headline
  • FAQ Generator
  • Photo Post Captions
  • Personalized Cold Emails
  • and more
list of templates on jasper ai writing tool

New art generation tools were also recently added to Jasper AI. Use these tools to create visuals tailored to your brand’s color scheme, fonts, and style.

What is Jasper AI used for?

You can use Jasper AI for any number of tasks, from generating social media post captions to creating infographics and assembling data into visually appealing presentations. It’s also great for campaigns that require multiple pieces of content, like email newsletters or blog posts.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

Jasper AI has two main  pricing plans:

  • The Boss Mode plan is ideal for those just starting out. This plan starts at $49 per month for 50,000 words. You can up your monthly word count to up to 700,000 words for around $200-$400 per month.
  • The Business plan is ideal for teams or enterprise businesses looking for custom pricing. These plants start at 700,000 words per month and include multiple users and in-app document sharing. Business plans start at $499 per month.

Benefits of Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a powerful content creation tool backed by GTP 3, one of the most advanced AI technologies available today. It’s up to five times faster than other content creation tools, produces 100% original content that is totally plagiarism-free and generates SEO-friendly text.

With easy-to-use tools and templates, you can quickly create stunning copy or visuals that are tailored to your brand’s needs. Plus, it supports 29 universal languages.

Pitfalls of Jasper AI

Okay, so Jasper is probably sounding pretty good right now. But there are some potential drawbacks to consider. First off, Jasper isn’t great at tackling technical topics. So, if you’re writing for a B2B brand or if your content needs to be tech-savvy, you may want to look for a different AI solution.

Second, the cost of using Jasper AI can get expensive quickly. For example, if you need more than 50,000 words per month (which is pretty common), you’re looking at paying over $100 per month. While 50,000 words may seem like a big number, it’s important to remember that you’re charged for every word Jasper writes–not just the ones you use. This means if the AI deals you junk content, you may be wasting money.

Finally, Jasper’s plagiarism detectors cost extra. Each plagiarism check costs $0.03 for the first 100 words and $0.01 for each additional 100 words. If you’re checking all of your 50,000-word monthly limits, that’s another $500 per month! For most creatives, this cost is completely out of scope.

10 best Jasper AI free alternatives

For those who need a truly budget-friendly AI writing solution, the following are some great free Jasper AI alternatives.

1. Vista Social

vista social homepage banner with text: modern social media management tools for everyone

Why navigate out of your current platform to use an AI tool when Vista Social can do it all in one place? Vista Social is the world’s first social media management tool with ChatGPT technology, allowing you to quickly generate social media content within your Vista Dashboard.

Need a new social media caption? Generate it with Vista Social. Want to translate a post into a different language? Vista Social’s AI tools can do that too.

You can also personalize posts based on a user’s location, create short and concise posts for improved readability, expand post copy, add fact-checked statistics, and even prompt for humor with custom jokes.


We know, we know, it’s exciting for us, too.

The best part? All your social media data and analytics are neatly organized in the Vista Dashboard. That means you can identify your top-performing posts, use the AI Assistant to repurpose them for future campaigns, and track their performance with ease. It’s the definition of a one-stop shop!

Vista Social pricing:

  • Free plan: Up to 3 social profiles, 15 posts per profile per month, and 50 requests in the Caption AI Assistant.
  • Pro plan: $3.00 per social profile per month, or $24 per profile per year. Unlimited posts per profile per month and 50 requests in the Caption AI Assistant.
  • Pro+ plan: $5.00 per social profile per month, or $48 per profile per year. Unlimited posts per profile per month and unlimited requests in the Caption AI Assistant.

Learn more about the Vista Social AI assistant in the video below.

2. WriteSonic

Jasper AI free alternative | writesonic homepage banner with text: best ai writer for creating twitter tweets

WriteSonic is a great free Jasper AI alternative with a huge suite of templates, a handy paraphrasing tool, text expanders (for cross-posting to various platforms), and an article summarizer feature.

With its intuitive user interface, WriteSonic makes it easy for content creators to quickly create content that is both original and shareable. Plus, it’s tapped into GPT technology, just like Jasper AI, so you can expect the same high-quality outputs.

WriteSonic pricing:

  • Free plan: up to 6,000 words per month.
  • Paid plan: $10 per month for 30,000 words, or $13 per month for 47,500 words.
  • Paid plans can go up to 5,000,000 words, but that will cost you about $666.00 per month.

3. Anyword

Jasper AI free alternative | anyword homepage banner with text: copywriting ai with predictable results

If you’re looking for a reliable AI Instagram caption tool that offers a free plan, Anyword is the way to go. This AI assistant offers text generation and support for 25+ languages. It also includes the ability to train the AI assistant to write copy in your brand’s voice so that you can maintain a consistent voice across your social media platforms.

The downside of Anyword is that it doesn’t have a very robust feature set compared to Jasper AI. But, you will get your first two months free–which can be an attractive option for smaller businesses or those just starting out. Plus, Anyword offers a paid plan for increased functionality, so you can always upgrade as your business grows.

Anyword pricing:

  • Free plan: Your first two months with Anyword are free! Get 1,000 words per month and support for 25+ languages.
  • Paid plan: Pay $24 per month for 20,000 words. Or, $83 per month for 30,000 words plus Anyword’s predictive performance and analytics tools.
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4. ChatGPT

Jasper AI free alternative | chat gpt ai tool homepage showing examples of capabilities and limitations of the tool

For those looking for Jasper AI free alternatives, Chat GPT has finally touched down. ChatGPT has an integrated natural language processing (NLP) engine, meaning it can understand and respond to users through conversational text. 

You can ask ChatGPT to execute simple tasks, such as, “write me a YouTube video script about learning how to use AI tools.” Or “create a Facebook post about our new brand of coffee beans.”

ChatGPT offers an intuitive interface and support in 95 languages. In addition, this AI tool can learn from conversations and use that data to improve its answers. Meaning the more you use it, the smarter it becomes.


ChatGPT pricing:

  • As of 2023, ChatGPT is completely free.

5.  CopySmith

Jasper AI free alternative | copysmith homepage showing product video and list of partners, including google and zapier

Create compelling content with ease using CopySmith, the AI-powered tool designed to help writers of all skill levels. From generating articles from scratch or crafting unique social media captions, CopySmith makes content creation effortless.

CopySmith also includes a text analyzer, which helps optimize content for SEO and offers insights about audience engagement, an AI image generator to help you create custom visuals for your blogs or social channels, and a bulk product descriptions feature.

CopySmith pricing:

  • Free plan: Currently, CopySmith only offers a 7-day free trial of its core product.
  • Paid plans: Paid plans range from $19 per month for 5 users and 20,000 words, all the way up to $299 per month for 20 users and unlimited words.

6. SmartWriter

smartwriter ai homepage with text: generate 1000s of personalised emails that get you 8x more replies within minutes

SmartWriter is a Jasper.AI alternative that offers business content creation tools for email marketing, sales, and social media platforms like LinkedIn.

If you’ve ever sat at your desk, staring blankly at a cold email. Or, worse yet, wrote a long email only to realize it’s not very effective; SmartWriter AI can help you get past your writer’s block and create something that actually converts.

For LinkedIn, SmartWriter offers personalized content generated based on a user’s recent activity. This might look like a message tailored to the user’s job or contact list or even specific updates based on their company. 

Other online data can be used to create personalized emails that are customized for each individual customer. SmartWriter AI can identify a customer’s position, industry, profile information, and even the content they’ve clicked on in the past. This data is then used to craft highly targeted cold emails with personalization points that can help increase conversion rates.

SmartWriter pricing:

  • Free plan: Currently, SmartWriter only offers a 7-day free trial of its core product.
  • Paid plans: Paid plans start at $49 per month for 400 leads and can go up as high as $299 per month for 3500 leads.

7. Quillbot

text boxes showing how quilbot tool improves and paraphrases writing

Paraphrasing is one of the most important skills a content creator can have. That’s why Quillbot is an excellent Jasper AI alternative.

With its AI-powered paraphrasing tool, you can quickly and easily polish your writing, ensuring it has the right vocabulary, tone, and style for any occasion. Simply enter your text into the input box, and Quillbot will work with you to create the best paraphrase possible. 

Quillbot also offers a Synonym Slider, which allows you to quickly adjust your text’s accuracy and creativity level, as well as citation generators for more technical content.

Quillbot pricing:

  • Free plans: Get 125 words in the paraphrase, 3 synonyms, and 1,200 words on the summarizer, all free. Does not include a plagiarism checker, tone detection, and compare modes.
  • Paid plans: Paid plans start at $8.33 per month and can go up to $19.95 per month for added features.

8. Wordtune

wordtune homepage showing paraphrasing options for simple phrases

Another great paraphrasing and AI-based writing tool is Wordtune. AI21 Labs’ top-notch Artificial Intelligence scientists developed Wordtune to provide you with an array of inventive and fresh suggestions for restructuring your sentences. 

Unlike other grammar and AI tools available on the market, Wordtune doesn’t just search for grammatical improvements and synonyms. This software also uses AI to suggest different ways to say something while keeping the original meaning. 

The Wordtune free plan gives you 10 daily rewrites, and the paid plan gives you unlimited rewrites. For an effective and free alternative to Jasper AI, Wordtune is a great choice.

Wordtune pricing:

  • Free plan: Get up to 10 rewrites per day completely free.
  • Paid plans: Starting at $9.99 per month, get unlimited rewrites, premium support, and team billing options.

9. Headlime

man sits at desk holding head looking stressed with social media icons floating around him

Another worthy Jasper AI alternative is Headlime. This tool goes beyond simply writing copy and offers more than 1,700 comprehensive templates for landing pages, metadata, popups, and more.

Headlime is a great tool for website owners and builders, offering templates for 404 pages and cookie consent popups. Plus, a live chat prompt option to help your website visitors quickly resolve their queries.

Headlime pricing:

  • Free plan: Headlime offers a 7-day free trial of its core products.
  • Paid plans: After your trial ends, choose from an Individual plan, starting at $59 per month, or a Business plan, starting at $399 per month.

10. Copy.AI

Last, but certainly not least on our list of Jasper AI alternatives is Copy.AI. This AI-powered content creation software allows users to quickly generate social media captions, blogs, and email copy in just a few clicks.

Use Copy.AI to brainstorm ideas for your next post, whip up quick and catchy social captions, and more. Copy.AI has templates for YouTube scripts, Pinterest descriptions, LinkedIn posts, Facebook posts, Instagram captions, and more.

Copy.AI pricing:

  • Free plan: Copy.AI offers a free plan with 2,000 words per month. Unfortunately, you don’t get access to their language tools with this version.
  • Paid plans: Paid plans start at $49 per month with unlimited words, 90+ copywriting tools, and 25+ languages.

Wrap-Up: One Jasper AI Free Alternative to Rule Them All

Right now, there are so many AI tools on the market it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re considering jumping on the AI bandwagon, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Pick a tool that is multi-use, so you can get the best bang for your buck. Tools like Vista Social, which offer social planning, scheduling, analytics, and reporting, alongside AI content generation tools, will save you from hefty monthly subscription fees.
  2. Make sure the tool you choose has templates that suit your needs. For example, there’s no use paying for cold email templates if you’re not in sales. Likewise, long-form blog writing tools won’t do you much good if you only want to generate social media captions.
  3. Price matters. While many of the tools mentioned above offer free options, they are pretty limited if you’re not dishing out cash. Your best bet is to look for an alternative to Jasper AI that is low-cost but offers a more expanded suite of features. An all-in-one tool will save you money, time, and hassle.

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