Instagram Songs in Feed: How to Add Music to Your Feed Posts

Updated on December 1, 2022

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Head of Social Media @ Vista Social

Published December 1, 2022

Instagram Songs in Feed: How to Add Music to Your Feed Posts
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Major news: Instagram songs in Feed are now available! Now, you can add music to your Feed posts for up to 90 seconds of trending audio on Instagram.

Instagram Songs in Feed

Hello Myspace, is that you? 😜

ICYMI: Back in the Myspace days, you could add audio to your profile, and when anyone would visit, it would play them your favorite song.

We’re giving you all the deets and showing you exactly how to access this new in-feed trending audio feature so you can give your followers the ultimate experience when they come to your profile! ✨

While you’re here, did you know you can schedule your Reels with trending audio in Vista Social? It’s the ultimate hack to save time (oh, did we mention we’re the only tool with this option)!

Table of contents

Can you add music to an Instagram grid post?

Yes! Instagram just announced that you can add music to an Instagram grid post (i.e., Feed posts).

The new Instagram songs in Feed feature will help provide creators with more tools to bring their content to life!

This means that users can now enhance their Feed posts by adding trending music to them, as you could to Reels and Stories (and yes, there are business-friendly options too)!

Adding Instagram songs in Feed posts can enhance the storytelling elements that are key to building a community and cultivating trust.

Are you as excited about this new feature as us? Keep reading to find out how to use it! 🎶

How to add music to Instagram posts (not Stories)?

To add music to your Instagram posts (and not Stories), set up your in-feed post as you normally would; on the caption screen, there will be a new tab labeled ‘Add Music.’ Select the sound you want to add, and you’re all set!

Instagram Songs in Feed

A step-by-step guide to adding Instagram Songs in Feed posts:

  1. Go to your profile and click the “+” in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Next, choose the photo you want to post. 
  3. Just below the location, you should see a section called “add music” click here.
  4. Search for the sound or song you want to add through one of the available options.
  5. Once you’ve selected a song, you can choose which segment of the song you’d like to play when it shows on the Feed. 

Pro Tip: You can choose clips between 5 and 90 seconds long!

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Why can’t I add music to Instagram posts?

Right now, Instagram only allows music up to 90 seconds, and there are some limitations to what songs business accounts can use.

So, how can businesses start adding music to their Instagram posts? You’ll need to do it through a third-party tool like Vista Social!

Trending audio in Vista Social

We are the first approved social media management tool to offer trending audio for Instagram business and creator accounts. 🤩

How to find Instagram music for a business account in Vista Social:

  • Trending Audio tool: Find hundreds of the most popular audio on Instagram in the Trending Audio tab.
  • Upload from computer: Upload any MP3/WAV files to your media library so you can quickly find the right audio when you need it.
  • Upload from URL: Insert a link to an audio file, an MP4/MOV file, or a TikTok video, and we will extract the sound from it.
  • Find trending audio by Instagram hashtag: Enter a hashtag to browse through the latest Instagram posts, then save the audio to your Media Library for easy scheduling.
  • Find trending audio by Instagram users: Search for an Instagram username to skim through all of their posts, then add the song from a post to use in the future!

Quickly find and schedule Instagram music to your posts today! Sign up for free (no credit card required).

Should I add Instagram music to my Feed posts?

Yes! Adding Instagram songs in Feed posts can help make your content stand out and boost engagement.

With so much clutter and saturation on Instagram, businesses need to find new ways to stop their followers in their scroll.

Adding trending audio to your Instagram strategy is a surefire way to provide a better experience for your audience.

Don’t just take our word for it!

A Kantar study found that 88% of users said that music is essential to the social media experience, and 73% of respondents said they would be more enticed to stop scrolling on a post that included music.

So, there you have it. Adding Instagram songs in Feed posts, Reels, and Stories is the ultimate tactic in 2023!

Over to you!

In a world of endless amounts of content, you have to find ways to make yours stand out from the competition.

We recommend using trending audio to your advantage to captivate your audience and draw more people to your content for your upcoming 2023 strategy.

And don’t forget, you can now schedule your Reels to TikTok and Instagram with trending audio in Vista Social! 🎶

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Head of Social Media @ Vista Social

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