How to Get Followers on Threads: Tips to Grow on Threads

Updated on April 6, 2024

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Published April 6, 2024

How to Get Followers on Threads: Tips to Grow on Threads
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Pssst! Before you even think about growing on Threads, you’ll first need to learn how to get followers on Threads.

After all, increasing your clients’ Threads followers means more opportunities to:

  • Raise brand awareness and recognition
  • Engage audiences
  • Build connections with potential brand ambassadors and communities
  • Convert passive viewers into paying customers

So, how do you help clients raise their Threads follower count?

This guide spills the tips and tricks to skyrocket your clients’ Threads following. 

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • 6 Tips to get followers on Threads
  • Nail your Threads content development and planning with Vista Social
  • Additional resources
  • FAQs on How to get followers on Threads

6 Tips to get followers on Threads

While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for boosting your clients’ Threads following, there are effective tactics that can help you increase that number.

Start with the following strategies.

1. Know your target audience

Not all Threads users will be interested in or like your clients’ Threads content or posts.

To grow your following, focus on appealing to Threads users who enjoy your clients’ posts, making them more likely to become fans.

The first step in growing your Threads following is to know your clients’ ideal or target audiences.

Start by researching the basics, such as your target audiences’ demographics: Gender, age, language, and location.

Key demographics data can help you understand what appeals to your clients’ target audiences, which shapes your Threads content strategy.

Understanding your target audience’s interests and pain points can also tell you what potential followers are passionate about and the problems they want to solve.

It helps you tailor your clients’ Threads content to resonate with target audiences, making them more likely to follow.

For example, if your client owns a makeup brand, share makeup-related posts on their Threads feed, such as quick makeup tutorial videos—which can resonate with female audiences.

2. Learn from competitors

If your clients are new to Threads, you won’t have much data to jump off from that can help you determine what works or needs improvement.

One of the best ways to grow your followers is to learn from your clients’ direct competitors.

Get a few ideas from the content, strategy, and audience engagement efforts of your clients’ competitors.

Doing so can give you a good idea of what works in your clients’ industry or niche, a.k.a. the strategies that can increase the following of brands like your clients.

You can:

  • Analyze the competitor’s Threads profile, engagement level, content types, and posting frequencies.
  • Determine which content types resonate with the competitors’ followers and weave them into your clients’ Threads content strategies. 
  • Check out the followers and Threads community who engage with the competitors’ posts and consider targeting similar audiences.   

Effective competitor analysis can also help you spot gaps in your clients’ markets and fine-tune your content approach to gain followers on Threads ultimately.

3. Create engaging and top-quality content

One of the best ways to gain Threads followers is to engage them with captivating, high-quality content.

The more engaging your clients’ Threads content, the higher the chances of audiences becoming followers.

Post Threads such as:

  • Interactive polls and quizzes to encourage audience engagement
  • Quick tips and tricks to offer potential followers something valuable
  • Behind-the-scenes posts to humanize your clients’ brands, helping them connect with audiences better
  • Funny and relatable memes, GIFs, videos, and photos that entertain and resonate with your clients’ target audiences
  • High-quality photos and videos featuring your clients’ products, customers, employees, special events, promotions, and more.

On the Threads app, you can mix and match your clients’ content to find the best types that resonate with target audiences, drive engagement, and draw in followers.

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4. Set a consistent posting schedule 

Consistently posting content on the Threads platform helps keep your clients top of mind among target audiences.

After all, the more people see your clients’ posts on their Threads feeds, the more likely they are to engage with the content and ultimately become followers.

Plus, the algorithm tends to favor Threads accounts that post content consistently. It boosts the chances of the algorithm putting your clients’ posts in front of many potential and new followers.

Maintain a consistent posting schedule with these tips:

  • Create a content calendar to plan and organize your clients’ Threads posts and ensure you churn out content regularly. 
  • Automate posting content to reduce manual tasks while ensuring a steady stream of content so your clients don’t miss any opportunity to engage audiences and get more followers. 
  • Find the best times to post on Threads by knowing when your clients’ target audiences are most active and ready to engage. Consider various time zones and schedule your clients’ posts accordingly. 

5. Join trends

Trends on Threads go viral because people enjoy them.

So ride the popularity wave and weave trends into your clients’ content, from funny memes, challenges, and polls to engaging photos and videos.

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Include the hashtag used with the trend so more Threads users can discover and see your clients’ content.

Additional tip: To drive more followers, let your clients’ Instagram followers know they’re on the new platform, Threads.

6. Respond to comments 

Nothing engages followers more than getting genuine responses from people they follow (or want to follow) on Threads.

So jump into the comments section of your client’s profile on Threads and reply to them.

You can also share posts encouraging engagement, such as asking audiences questions to get the ball rolling.

Asking about your audience’s dream vacation can be start a long and beautiful connection. It’s one of the effective ways to grow your clients’ followers on Threads.

Nail your Threads content development and planning with Vista Social

Scheduling Threads posts for auto-publishing isn’t possible yet since the API isn’t available.

However, you can leverage Vista Social’s advanced features to plan and develop your clients’ Threads content. For now, you can use Vista Social for your clients’ Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and other social media posts.

You can use the platform’s AI Assistant powered by ChatGPT to instantly generate captions, taglines, and descriptions for your clients’ Threads posts.

How to Get Followers on Threads1

The AI Assistant also works with the platform’s unified Social Inbox. Use the tool to generate and improve quick responses to follower DMs, comments, posts, etc.

How to Get Followers on Threads2

Schedule your clients’ Instagram, Facebook, and other social media posts for auto-publishing with the platform’s Publisher.

How to Get Followers on Threads3

Leverage Vista Social’s collaborative content calendar to simplify planning, developing, and scheduling your clients’ content.

How to Get Followers on Threads4

Another handy feature is Vista Page, a sophisticated link in bio tool with customizable landing pages and micro websites. You can integrate forms, payment options, videos, and other lead-generation content and tools.

How to Get Followers on Threads5

Vista Social’s other features include:

  • Hashtag and username generators to simplify coming up with TikTok and Instagram username ideas
  • Social media data reporting and analytics
  • Social listening
  • Reviews management
  • Other tools to streamline your social media workflows and help your clients make money from their Instagram and other social media platform pages.

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Additional resources

Take your clients’ Threads and Instagram audience engagement and marketing efforts with these informative articles.

FAQs on how to get followers on Threads

1. How do you go viral on Threads?

Informative, entertaining, and inspiring posts generally do well and have huge viral potential on Instagram Threads.

You can also post content related to events, news, and current trends to get your clients’ posts noticed.

Using relevant hashtags, stunning images, and catchy titles can also work in your client’s favor.

2. How does the Threads algorithm work?

The Threads feed algorithm is based on user interests and the content’s relevance to the viewer.

Threads also uses a chronological Following feed.

3. When should you post on Threads?

The best time to post on Threads depends on your clients’ target audiences and locations.

Generally, the ideal time to post to get maximum engagement is in the morning or early afternoon since users will likely be online.

Get more followers on Threads using tried and tested tips

Increasing your clients’ followers won’t happen overnight.

However, implementing reliable tactics can accelerate your aim of increasing your clients’ following on Thread.

Of course, you also need reliable social media management software to augment your marketing strategies.

That’s where Vista Social comes in.
With Vista Social’s sophisticated and comprehensive social media management features, you can easily streamline your social media marketing campaigns without overspending.

Sign up for a Vista Social account now.

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