Digital Agencies: How to Get Clients for Digital Marketing in 2023

Updated on September 11, 2023

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Published February 16, 2022

Digital Agencies: How to Get Clients for Digital Marketing in 2023
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Do you want to learn how to get clients that need digital marketing services?

If you answered “yes,” then you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’ll cover several tried and tested methods that marketing agencies can use to win new clients.

Table of contents

What you’ll learn:

  • Client getting system for digital marketing agencies
  • How to find clients on Linkedin
  • How to get clients on Facebook
  • How to get clients on Instagram
  • How to get corporate clients
  • FAQs on how to get clients for digital marketing agencies

Client getting system for digital marketing agencies

Accepting that you need to level up your customer acquisition model is a step in the right direction. 

Next, you need to ask yourself this question. 

As a digital agency, what would you do if you were your own client?

Remember, even respected doctors can make terrible lifestyle choices that ruin their health. That’s because they don’t see themselves as patients that require their care. 

The takeaway here is simple: Do for your business what you do for your clients

Prove that your client getting system works by getting clients yourself.

If you help brands generate leads through social media, you can definitely help your own company do the same. 

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How to find clients on LinkedIn

Let’s start with the most obvious place where your next potential customer could be: LinkedIn

As a digital marketing agency, your target audience consists of other businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and so on. These folks like to use LinkedIn to expand their professional network. 

Screenshot of LinkedIn's page
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LinkedIn allows you to share content, join groups, and showcase your agency’s company page to its massive user base. Every single thing you do on the platform can help you attract potential prospects.

Ways to get clients on LinkedIn

  • Sending relationship-building messages. Sending cold connection requests on LinkedIn has a surprisingly high acceptance rate. Once accepted, send relationship-building messages like ‘thank you’ and congratulatory messages while promoting your agency’s services lightly.
  • Prospecting via LinkedIn groups. You can join LinkedIn groups to connect with potential clients who may be looking for your services. Build your authority by answering questions, sharing content, and contributing to conversations around relevant topics.
  • Publishing sponsored content. LinkedIn allows you to promote content that will look similar to organic posts in other users’ feeds. This is a great, non-intrusive way to reach new prospects who haven’t heard of you before.
  • Promoting your agency through your personal profile. After setting up your company page, connect your personal account, so leads can discover your services through your profile. Continue using your personal profile to interact with other users, establish your expertise, and build trust.
  • Using LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn lets businesses promote their services using various advertising formats. You can use carousel ads, video ads, message ads, and more.

We wrote a detailed guide on how to get clients on LinkedIn, which you can read here: How to Get Clients on LinkedIn

How to get clients on Facebook 

When it comes to client generation via social media, it’s a big crime to ignore the biggest social media platform currently existing: Facebook.

Facebook still holds the crown for most popular social media network—catering to billions of users worldwide. As such, countless businesses of all sizes made sure to build a presence there in hopes of raking in customers.

Screenshot from Facebook
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So, how to get clients on Facebook?

You can use Facebook to build a business page that educates leads about your services. Of course, it can also help you distribute content and engage users on a more personal level.

Ways to get clients on Facebook

  • Optimize your business page. Make sure your business page on Facebook has your agency’s complete contact information, description, and website URL. Don’t forget to create call-to-action buttons to encourage users to take action, like sending an email or viewing your website.
  • Promote offers. You can promote time-limited offers and free consultations that can convert warm prospects into paying clients. Configuring offers can be done within minutes using Facebook’s intuitive interface.
  • Host a Q&A session. Facebook now allows you to host virtual Q&A sessions where you can answer your target audience’s most pressing questions. This is a great way to build authority and garner attention for your business.
  • Use Automated Ads. Facebook offers a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses that want to reach new customers through the platform. One example is the Automated Ads feature, which automatically optimizes itself based on campaign results.
  • Join groups. Just like LinkedIn, Facebook also has a large network of groups where users can discuss specific topics. There are also groups where you can find brands directly looking for digital marketing services. 

To know more about client generation through Facebook, refer to the guide below: How to Get Clients on Facebook

How to get clients on Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform where agencies can use the power of visuals to connect with potential clients. 

Visual content, be it in image or video form, is undoubtedly a more effective medium of communication than text. Through Instagram, you can show your target audience what they can gain with your agency using different visual content formats.

Screenshot from Instagram
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Learning how to get clients on Instagram requires you to elevate your visual content strategy. Sharing random posts, following prospects, and sending direct messages won’t be enough to turn your prospects’ heads. 

Ways to get clients on Instagram

  • Upload meaningful posts. Share images that contain actionable marketing tips, quotes, and results to spark interest in your agency. You can also highlight your company culture by uploading photos of your staff, events, and achievements.
  • Build your Instagram profile. Make your Instagram page look official using a professional profile image and description with a link to your agency’s website. Also, check if you’re using a business account to unlock features like real-time analytics and contact information widgets.
  • Showcase results using Instagram Reels and Stories. Effective Instagram marketers use Instagram Reels and Stories to show off results with previous campaigns. You can do this for your digital marketing agency to reassure potential clients that your company can deliver.
  • Use Targeted Ads. Businesses on Instagram can use Facebook Ads Manager to launch hyper-targeted ads, making sure you reach the right people. Instagram ads are interweaved with organic posts like Stories, videos, images, and IGTV uploads to increase impressions.
  • Know your hashtags. Hashtags help the searchability of posts on Instagram, as well as other networks like Twitter. Use tools like and Hashtagify to spot the right hashtags for your agency.

You can learn the ins and outs of Instagram client generation by reading our guide here: How to Get Clients on Instagram

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How to get corporate clients with Vista Social

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Give yourself a pat on the back. 

You now know how to find companies that need marketing services by fortifying your presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Put it all together and you should be able to land big clients.

Remember, the key to corporate client attraction is building rapport with multiple—not just one—decision-makers across an organization.

Your agency’s sales leaders can fill this role by expanding their presence and establishing their authority all over social media. To do this, use Vista Social to keep their personal branding and messaging consistent across all networks.

Screenshot of Vista Social's page

Vista Social can provide your agency with a central hub for all social media marketing fronts.

You can link all your accounts within minutes using Vista Social’s intuitive Profile Management interface.

Screenshot of Vista Social's Profile Management

Here are a few tips on how to get corporate clients with Vista Social: 

Turn some eyeballs by automating content sharing

To grow your authority, Vista Social offers a selection of streamlined post publishing and scheduling tools. Stir conversations by finding and sharing the hottest content on the World Wide Web—without opening another tab.

Screenshot of Vista Social's Content Finder feature

You can even automate this process using Smart Publisher—giving you more time for more organic relationship building with clients.

Screenshot of Vista Social's Smart Publisher

To squeeze the most value out of content, optimize your posting schedule to match your audience’s behavior. 

You can learn about the best times to post on social media by reading this guide.

What you need to know, however, is how to set up your posting schedule. 

On Vista Social, you can create posting times by going to your dashboard’s ‘Publishing Settings’ page. Under “Publishing Queues,” select your entity and social network to build your schedule. 

Screenshot of Vista Social's Publishing Settings

That’s about it.

You’re now ready to share content that will put you on the radars of big-name prospects. 

Manage your reputation

If a high-profile prospect is interested in getting your services, rest assured they will do their homework. They will ask around, read reviews, and look at your current customers’ conversations. 

Vista Social social media listening will allow you to sift through all the noise and spot such conversations. 

All you have to do is create a “listener” and supply the keywords you want to monitor. It could be the name of your agency, an executive, or your products.

Screenshot of Vista Social's Listening feature

Vista Social will also help you manage reviews by consolidating them all in one place. The platform can pull reviews from major sites like Facebook, Google My Business, and TrustPilot.

Keep track of conversations

Selling to corporate clients can’t be rushed.

It often takes multiple interactions between you and your prospects before they consider hearing your pitch. In fact, there’s a good chance they’ll ask to meet face-to-face before they sign a deal. 

You need a single, convenient place to stay on top of your social media conversations. 

Vista Social’s Inbox can be that place and more.

You can track conversations, leave notes for your team, tag messages — anything that will ensure conversations move forward.

Screenshot of Vista Social's Inbox feature

Of course, there’s more to corporate client generation than just building a pristine and authoritative brand.

For the full, detailed guide, check out the post below: How to Get Corporate Clients

FAQs on how to get clients for digital marketing

To help you build a foolproof strategy, here are answers to frequently asked questions around client generation:

What is the best social network for finding digital marketing clients?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, as with most B2B industries, LinkedIn is the best place to find potential clients for digital marketing agencies.

LinkedIn’s user base is concentrated with companies, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other prospective targets.

What is the first question you should ask a potential client?

The first question you should ask potential clients could be “What problems are you facing?” or “Where are you stuck?” If you’re engaging a high-stakes corporate client, ask who the key decision-makers are and how approvals are done.

What other platforms can help you land more digital marketing clients?

Apart from Vista Social, agencies can use CRM software like Zoho and Salesforce to close more clients. These platforms help you manage prospects, identify important contacts, nurture leads, and track sales performance. 

Is cold calling and emailing dead? 

The short answer to the question is “No.” Both aren’t dead.

A slightly longer version would be this…

While some companies are still generating stunning results from cold calling and email marketing, both methods have limitations. It isn’t ideal to use both for brand visibility and awareness. Your reach is drastically reduced if you limit yourself to the number of people you reach during cold calls and the people on your email list.

Publishing and engaging your audience through social media platforms gives you a better reach.

Use Vista Social to power up your marketing initiatives

Building a client-getting system for your digital marketing agency doesn’t have to be hard.

See yourself as your own client and you’ll begin to form ideas you know will work. This includes leveraging the power of social media to form lucrative connections over the internet. 

Vista Social can help you through its sophisticated social media marketing and reputation management solutions. Start a free account today and watch it change how you do client generation!

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