Trending Now: Hottest Memes Taking Over Social Media

Updated on July 3, 2024

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Published July 3, 2024

Trending Now: Hottest Memes Taking Over Social Media
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Craving some fresh meme inspiration to spice up your social media game? You’ve just hit the meme jackpot!

Memes are the secret sauce to showcasing your brand’s personality — they’re hilarious, shareable, and a surefire way to engage your audience. If you’re one of our Instagram followers, you already know we have a knack for nailing those relatable memes.

Ready to dive into the meme-verse? We’re about to reveal the latest viral sensations sweeping social media, so you can stay ahead of the trend curve. Discover the biggest memes making waves online right now and get ready to make your followers LOL!


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The Top 5 Hottest Social Media Memes Right Now

Inside Out 2

The release of ‘Inside Out 2’ has unleashed a whirlwind of emotions on social media—quite literally! Fans are brilliantly using its characters to portray their everyday emotional struggles. Whether it’s Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, or Disgust, these characters are the perfect avatars for our daily drama, delivering laughs and relatability in spades. With the film’s release, these memes have skyrocketed in popularity, resonating with anyone who’s ever had an emotional rollercoaster kind of day.

What’s even more fascinating is the sheer creativity of the users. They aren’t just sticking to the basics; they’re blending these characters into all sorts of scenarios. From office stress to Monday blues, these memes are hitting home across the board.

The versatility of these characters makes them the ultimate template for expressing a myriad of feelings. It’s not just about sharing a laugh; it’s about finding a digital shoulder to cry on.

Take this post from Instagram user @junkkingpeninsula, for example:

Trending Now: Hottest Memes Taking Over Social Media. Inside out 2 meme created by the conpany Junk King showing the emotions labeled as "your junk" and another emotion as the "junk king" carrying a lot of bags.

Or The Marketing Millennials on LinkedIn:

Trending Now: Hottest Memes Taking Over Social Media. Inside Out 2 meme of one of the emotion characters holding a lot of bags each representing a different type of shoes or handbag as a funny response to "Marketing doesn't work on me".


If you’ve been scrolling through social media lately, you’ve probably been hit by a wave of lime green. That’s thanks to Charli XCX’s latest album, ‘brat.’ Fans are having a blast turning anything and everything into the album cover. There’s even a generator to make joining in on the fun a breeze. From office supplies to pets, nothing is safe from being ‘bratted.’ This meme trend not only celebrates the album but also showcases the boundless creativity of Charli’s fanbase.

The lime green takeover isn’t just a color trend—it’s a full-blown movement sparking incredible creativity. Some fans have turned their morning coffee into a ‘brat’ cover, while others have reimagined historical monuments bathed in lime green glory.

This meme format’s flexibility means anyone can participate, regardless of their artistic prowess. The only limit? Your imagination. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to pay homage to Charli XCX while having a blast.

Check out this post from Instagram user @lesbrarycard, who adopted the lime green theme to share a carousel of their summer reading recs:

Trending Now: Hottest Memes Taking Over Social Media. neon green nodding to Charli XCX's newest album Brat with "brat book recs" for the summer

Even restaurants like the The Cheesecake Factory @cheesecake on X have joined the trend:

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When the Hangout Has

We’ve all been there—you’re at a hangout, and something hilariously unexpected happens. Enter the ‘When the hangout has’ meme, capturing those moments with perfect comedic timing.

Whether it’s a friend resurrecting an old inside joke or an awkward silence that everyone collectively cringes at, this meme format has become a go-to for sharing those unforgettable social moments. It’s the ideal way to bond over shared experiences and laugh at the quirks of social interactions.

The charm of the ‘When the hangout has’ meme lies in its universal appeal. It taps into social scenarios we’ve all experienced, reminding us of those awkward yet hilarious moments that make social gatherings memorable. This meme encourages people to share their personal stories, creating a sense of community and shared laughter.

Brands can leverage this meme format to connect with their audience, highlighting the lighter side of social interactions and showing they’re in on the joke too. It’s a surefire way to engage and entertain, fostering a relatable and fun online presence.

Exhibit A by @yourmanhb on X:

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Exhibit B by @messedupfoods:

The World Tour

Justin Timberlake recently found himself at the epicenter of meme culture, all thanks to an awkwardly hilarious moment during an arrest. When the cop didn’t recognize him and Timberlake exclaimed, ‘This is going to ruin the tour,’ the officer asked, ‘What tour?’ to which Justin replied, ‘The world tour’ (read the full story here.)

This snippet of dialogue, paired with his mugshot, has ignited a meme frenzy. The internet has a knack for turning serious situations into comedy gold, and this incident was no exception. To add to the hilarity, Britney Spears’ ‘Criminal’ has shot back up the charts, fueled by a perfect blend of internet humor and nostalgia.

The virality of this meme highlights how quickly the internet can morph news into entertainment. Timberlake’s quote has been plastered over various images, from historical figures to everyday objects, creating uproarious juxtapositions. 

This meme underscores our collective obsession with celebrity culture and our ability to find humor in the most unexpected places. It’s a prime example of how a single event can spawn endless variations, each adding a new twist to the original joke.

Pair Justin’s mugshot with a relatable caption like: @slowpuke_:

Or opt to pair a well-known movie with dialogue like @Nwnysb:

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RiRi & Rocky

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are no strangers to the spotlight, but their latest Instagram video has catapulted them to the heart of meme culture. 

Rihanna, caught dancing and rapping to GloRilla’s ‘TGIF,’ teasing A$AP Rocky, created a moment of pure meme magic. Rocky’s bewildered reaction was meme gold, and the internet wasted no time turning this playful exchange into a viral sensation.

This meme trend has struck a chord with fans because of its authenticity and relatability. Rarely do we see celebrities in such candid, unguarded moments, and the playful nature of their interaction makes it even more endearing.

The meme variations have exploded, featuring everything from witty captions about relationship dynamics to hilarious parodies of the video itself. This trend is a perfect example of how real-life moments can ignite a ripple effect in the digital world, sparking endless creativity and laughter. 

Get ready to see Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s playful banter lighting up your feed with every scroll!

Like this post from X user @MazikodeThah

Or this one incorporating part of the video by @headnavy

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