6 Months of Social Media Content Ideas in Under 60 Minutes

Updated on June 6, 2024

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Published June 6, 2024

6 Months of Social Media Content Ideas in Under 60 Minutes
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It’s not easy to generate content ideas that can propel your clients to social media stardom.

After all, your clients have various content goals, requirements, brand guidelines, and target audiences (among other things).

You must also handle numerous responsibilities, including creating reports, engaging your audience, and forming strategic partnerships to benefit your clients.

With all the whirlwind you need to navigate as a social media marketer, generating content ideas can lead to burnout!

If your days are flooded with a long list of to-dos, and you’re struggling to come up with compelling content ideas for your clients, then continue reading.

We’ll help you develop six months’ worth of content ideas in under 60 minutes.

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • Use Answer the Public to uncover your follower’s questions
  • Use Google Suggestions to find search trends
  • Use blog title generators to create killer titles
  • Generate awesome content with ChatGPT

1. Use Answer the Public to uncover your follower’s questions

One of the best ways to develop content ideas is to know the questions your clients’ target audiences or followers are asking.

This way, you can create content that answers those questions, ensuring your clients’ social media posts resonate with their target audiences.

Enter AnswerThePublic, a social listening and keyword tool that helps you find data on what your clients’ audiences and followers are looking for.

Go to answerthepublic.com and select the platform from which you want to get audience data, such as Google, Bing, YouTube, TikTok, or Amazon.

Then, enter the keyword based on your topic, product, or brand.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone1

For instance, if your keywords are “Noise canceling headphones,” the tool will give you the top questions people ask about the topic under the Questions tab.

You can view the results in a list, table, or wheel like the one below.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone2

The tool also provides other crucial data, such as the search volume, Cost Per Click (CPC), and the keyword as prepositions, and comparisons with other terms.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone3

You can also view the results alphabetically and see related search terms. 

With the tool, you’ll have access to a wide range of relevant and trending content ideas to fuel your clients’ content production and development process.

Talk about a huge time saver.

The importance of relevant and top-quality content that resonates with audiences isn’t stressed enough.

Like what Marketing and Customer Experience Author Andrew Davis said…

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

But did you know you can speed up your social listening and keyword research WHILE publishing content seamlessly?

It’s absolutely possible to do this with a social media management platform like Vista Social.

The platform offers a Social Listening tool that helps you access and leverage insights into conversation topics among your clients’ audiences.

The platform’s social listening feature lets you track social media conversations based on specific phrases and keywords.

After connecting your client’s social media profile, go to the Listening tab and add a listener.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone4

Then, specify the keywords you want the tool to listen for (and exclude).

When you’re done, click Save.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone5

Once your Listener runs, you can select it to view all the posts that match the associated keywords.

You can use Vista Social’s listening tool with the Review Management feature.

You can track what people on social media and other platforms say about your clients’ brands and products and manage and respond to them in one platform.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone6

Vista Social’s Listening feature helps you better understand your clients’ target audiences and their industries.

You’ll get useful content ideas to tailor your clients’ posts to their audiences’ interests and preferences and schedule posts for auto-publishing with the platform’s Publisher feature (more on this later.)

2. Use Google Suggestions to find search trends

Another simple and underrated yet effective way to get content ideas quickly is through Google Suggestions.

Google Suggestions or autocomplete is a Google search engine functionality that gives users suggestions as they type in their queries into the search box.

It’s like Google finishing your thoughts or sentences to help you find things faster.

So, how does this help you get ideas for social media content?

Simple. Google Suggestions can help you find trending searches, a.k.a. the topics and keywords people want to know and are interested in.

Google handles more than 8.5 billion search queries daily, making it a reliable resource for trending searches.

Open the Google search engine on your phone or desktop and start typing your keywords or topic.

Google will instantly auto-predict what you want to search for, giving you the top suggestions based on the following:

  • The language of your query
  • The location where your query is coming from
  • Trending interest in your query
  • Your past searches
6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone7

The top suggestions give you a good idea of the search terms and keywords people look for online.

You can leverage these to create relevant social media content that resonates with your clients’ target audiences.

You can also look at the People Also Ask section in the search results to find related questions and topics related to your search term.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone8

One of the best ways to tell if your clients’ social media posts are succeeding is when they’re generating engagement, such as likes, shares, and comments. 

However, effective social media content takes more than publishing a fun and interesting post.

You must also engage with audiences to turn your clients’ followers into loyal fans, opening opportunities for higher engagement rates.

This is where Vista Social comes in handy.

The platform’s social media engagement feature allows you to view, manage, and respond to all your clients’ social media messages, reviews, comments, and mentions in one unified platform.

This way, you won’t need to log into each of your clients’ social media profiles, saving you a lot of time and energy.

You can stay on top of crucial audience interactions and continuously engage your clients’ audiences.

On the Vista Social desktop interface, click Inbox on the left-side menu and select the social media profile.

Click the message and send a reply right without leaving Vista Social.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone9

You can also add internal notes, assign your team members a conversation, and create a task to ensure each message gets a response.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone10

You can also like a follower’s mention or comment on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms right from the Social Inbox.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone11

A nifty Vista Social feature to determine whether your clients’ audiences are engaging with their social media posts is its robust social media analytics.

You can track your clients’ content performance and audience engagement and generate reports from one dashboard for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and X (Formerly Twitter).

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone12
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You can also schedule your clients’ social media reports to run automatically.

Click the Reports option in the left-hand menu and select a report.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone13

Go to Reports > Run Report > Schedule report. Then, click Select report type: Social media performance.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone14

The dashboard can include metrics such as the number of posts, fans, awareness, and engagement, which can vary depending on the social network you select.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone15

The best part is that Vista Social automatically syncs and refreshes your clients’ report data every five to six hours, so you get up-to-date information and insights.

The higher the content’s engagement, the more opportunities to convert audiences into paying customers.

Remember what LinkedIn Executive Editor Dan Roth said…

“If your content isn’t driving the conversation, you’re doing it wrong.”

3. Use blog title generators to create killer titles

Blog titles can make or break the effectiveness of your clients’ content to hook and reel in audiences.

After all, the title is what audiences see when you share the content in your clients’ social media posts.

Titles with six to 13 words attract the highest and most consistent traffic.

However, getting the number of words right in your clients’ blog post titles isn’t the only thing you must achieve.

If you want your clients’ audiences to click on through and consume your clients’ blog posts, you need to create catchy yet relevant titles.

The title also sets the stage for the blog post’s content, telling readers what to expect.

The key is to use a reliable tool like the blog title generator from IMPACT.

The tool provides blog post title recommendations based on your specific keyword.

Go to IMPACT’s blog title generator page.

Enter your keyword, specify the keyword type, and click Generate titles.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone16

The tool instantly generates title suggestions and labels them based on a category. You can also click and save the titles and download them.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone17

Click the Refresh titles button at the bottom for more blog post title suggestions.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone18

The tool can quickly give you title suggestions, allowing you to create blog posts for your clients faster and produce social media content more efficiently.

If you need a quick and easy way to share pictures, videos, links, and more while promoting your clients’ blog posts on social media, Vista Social’s Chrome extension is going to be your best friend.

The platform has a Google Chrome browser extension, making content sharing and publishing super easy for you and your clients.

After downloading the extension, you can share and schedule content, such as online articles, texts, and images, from anywhere online.

For example, right-click on a website article you want to share and select Share article over Vista Social.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone19

You’ll be directed to your Vista Social dashboard, where the article will automatically be added and ready for publishing.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone20

Select the profile (or profiles) where you want the article to be published.

You can add a description, leave a first comment, add the post to a queue, post it immediately, or schedule it to auto-publish on a specific time and date.

But wait! There’s more.

Vista Social also offers a mobile app version of the platform so you can do all your clients’ content planning, development, scheduling, and management on the go. 

4. Generate awesome content with ChatGPT

You saw this coming, didn’t you?

After all, we can’t NOT include ChatGPT with all the traction AI is gaining recently.

AI tools can do wonders when it comes to speeding up your social media content creation process.

Write your prompt, and the AI tool will create awesome content ideas in a snap.

Pretty sweet, huh?

To get better results from ChatGPT, consider adding these to your prompts:

  • Your target audience. Be as specific as possible and include their age brackets, job roles if possible, gender, etc.
  • Goal (what you want to achieve, engagement, sales, etc.)
  • Your target audience’s common problems
  • Your competitors
  • Context
  • Etc.

Here’s an example.

Instead of using the prompt, “Create ten social media content angles,” you can use this instead:

I’m a social media manager for a real estate investment firm targeting individuals aged 30 to 60. My primary goal is to generate more sales by addressing the main problem my target audience faces: finding tenants. Create 10 unique social media content angles tailored to this audience, focusing less on engagements and views and more on driving sales through effective tenant acquisition strategies.”

This prompt includes the target customers, your goal, the main issue of the target customer, and more.

Let’s compare the two prompts.

Here’s what ChatGPT came up with using the first prompt.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone21

As you can see, the generated content is fine but more generic and top-level.

On the other hand, ChatGPT generated the content below with the specific details in the prompt.

6 Months of Social Media Ideas in Under 60 Minutes Anyone22

You can see a huge difference in ChatGPT’s generated content.

The second one is more specific, making it more relevant to your target audiences.

Here comes the fun part…

Instead of going to ChatGPT’s website, you can use Vista Social’s AI Assistant (still powered by ChatGPT) to generate captions, descriptions, taglines, and more.

Select the AI Assistant tool within the captions section on the Publisher page. 

The AI Assistant has two options: The Guided and the Advanced mode. 

The Guided mode lets you customize your content’s tone, format, and brand voice. 

In Advanced Mode, you can create a detailed prompt like the example we used earlier for the AI Assistant, which can generate highly specific and relevant content. 

Writing compelling captions and catchy taglines is quick and easy with Vista Social’s AI Assistant. 

Generate truckloads of epic social media content in minutes

You don’t always need to spend countless hours just to develop content ideas for your social media marketing campaigns.

Follow the proven tips and tools in this guide to make your life as a social media marketer so much easier.

Also, remember to take advantage of how Vista Social can help supercharge your workflows and content strategies.
Create a Vista Social account to see all the platform’s features.

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