How a Social Media Approval Software Can Accelerate Approval Workflows

Updated on June 1, 2024

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Published June 4, 2024

How a Social Media Approval Software Can Accelerate Approval Workflows
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Using a social media approval software can do wonders for your marketing campaigns.

Between you and your clients, using an approval tool can:

  • Reduce the need for extensive back-and-forth communication
  • Improve your clients’ overall experience of working with you
  • Remove unnecessary friction from your interactions

Of course, the benefits above are just a glimpse of what your clients can expect to experience.

Internally, the software can:

  • Significantly boost your productivity
  • Streamline your workflows
  • Greatly reduce your workload


TL;DR: You need an approval software to streamline your social media marketing campaigns. Vista Social is your one-stop-for-all solution!

Table of contents

What is a social media approval software?

Social media approval platforms are tools designed to streamline social media content approval.

At times, clients prefer to be actively involved in approving content. Additionally, within the team, content approval may require input from various individuals, including proofreaders and legal experts.

In such cases, there would be too much back-and-forth communication from the people involved.

Without the right software, the approval workflow can become a mess, causing delays, approval stakeholder noise, and bottlenecks.

With a modern social media approval platform, your life as a social media manager becomes so much easier.

You can upload your posts to the platform, and they will be automatically routed to the right stakeholder for approval.

You can centralize everything in one place while tracking deadlines, ensuring each post is on-brand, and complying with your client’s brand and the regulatory social media content requirements.

Many social media approval tools also include audit trails and version control, which allows you to keep track of who said what and when.

Tips for streamlining workflows with social media approval software

Let’s take a look at how your content development process becomes significantly refined with the help of a social media approval tool.

Create seamless post approval workflows 

Social media approval tools let you create workflows that automate sending off and getting Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media posts approved before they go live.

For example, Vista Social lets you create multiple publication approval workflows that allow team members, clients, and other users to review and approve scheduled posts. 

Start by adding users to your Vista Social account, setting their roles, and assigning permissions.

Social Media Approval Software1

The users will get an email invitation that they need to confirm to complete the process.

After adding users, you can create your post approval workflows.

Go to Settings and Publishing Settings, then Approval Workflows.

Social Media Approval Software2

Select +Add approval workflow and add and name your steps.

Then, specify which user (or client) should approve requests at each step and click Save workflow.

Social Media Approval Software3

When creating posts via the platform’s social media publishing feature, click Assign > Assign to workflow and select the workflow you created.

You can also add notes for context or additional information to the reviewer.

Social Media Approval Software4

Click Assign and schedule the post for auto-publishing. 

Send posts for quick review

It’s easy to send posts for a quick review with a social media approval software. In the Vista Social platform, for example, admins and users with Manage permissions will receive an email alert with a link to the post.

Users (or your clients) can also check the posts that need approval by going to the Calendar and filtering posts by In Review status or the In Review list.

Social Media Approval Software5

Your clients can click on the post to review and edit it, reject it and leave a note, or approve it to schedule it for publishing.

Social Media Approval Software6

Vista Social also allows users to review posts without logging into the platform.

After creating your approval workflow, mark the specific step for your clients as “Anyone can approve.”

Social Media Approval Software7

You can assign a workflow to the post you created then start scheduling.

Go to your publishing calendar and click Share under the share icon.

Social Media Approval Software8

Choose your filters (if applicable) and switch on the Viewers can approve option.

Social Media Approval Software9

You can also select a date range for your post, set a date for the link to expire, and include a password for additional security.

Click Save and copy the shareable link once it displays.

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Share the link with your clients. They can use it to review your post without logging into Vista Social.

After accessing the shared calendar link, your clients can approve or reject the posts in review. They can leave notes for rejecting or approving the post and provide their names and email addresses. This way, you can track who reviewed the post.

Share your content calendar easily

Sharing your content calendar simplifies the process for clients to view and monitor all scheduled content for the week, month, or year, contributing to the efficiency of your approval process.

With Vista Social, you can easily share your content calendar with your clients to facilitate content review and approval.

Your clients can open the shared calendar link and view the scheduled posts in your content calendar for approval. They can see the posts in a list or calendar view.

Social Media Approval Software10

Your clients can click on a post and preview it to see how it will look on their social media pages.

If everything’s good to go, they can click Approve.

Social Media Approval Software11

You’ll get an alert if the post has been approved, and your post will auto-publish according to the schedule you set.

Your clients can also reject the post or leave a comment if they want it revised.

For example, clients may want to incorporate data or ideas you uncovered through social media listening into the post or use an image or video that matches a specific mood.

Social Media Approval Software12

All this happens within one shared calendar, simplifying post review, approval, and revisions.

Vista Social also allows you to show your social media content calendar to your clients without giving them full access to your account.

You can do this by sharing a view-only calendar with your clients so they can view your content plan within a specific period without logging into Vista Social.

Go back to the Share option in your content calendar.

Social Media Approval Software13

Next, set the parameters of your shared calendar link, such as the link title, post status, timezone, post authors, content type, viewer approval, internal comments, etc.

Click Save when you’re done.

Social Media Approval Software14

Copy the shareable link and send it to clients who need to view your calendar and review and approve scheduled posts.

Social Media Approval Software15

Manage your active and expired shared calendar links from your content calendar’s Share option.

You can copy active links and passwords to share them with other people, edit, or remove them.

Social Media Approval Software16

Create and manage drafts with ease

You can handle your drafts efficiently with the right approval tool.

For example, Vista Social simplifies creating and managing your clients’ social media post drafts.

Start by linking and choosing your client’s social media profile.

Then, create your post by uploading the video, photo, or other media and adding captions.

You can even use the AI Assistant powered by ChatGPT to instantly generate or refine your taglines, descriptions, and captions.

Social Media Approval Software17

Once you’re done creating and customizing the post in the Publisher, save the post as a draft.

Social Media Approval Software18

You and your clients can access and manage the Saved drafts in two ways.

The first option is to manage your draft posts from the drafts list view.

Social Media Approval Software19

Your clients can see a list of all the saved drafts and edit them by clicking View post.

The second option is to manage drafts directly from your content calendar. Your clients can click the Filter option and set the Status to Draft to view all your draft posts.

Social Media Approval Software20

Your clients can click each post to edit the drafts and save the changes when they’re done.

It’s worth pointing out that the ability to edit drafts simplifies the post revision process.

For example, instead of sending the post back to your team for revisions, your clients can edit it themselves.

Use the right social media approval software for seamless workflows

The quality and efficiency of your content approval process are greatly influenced by the software you employ.

That is why, to ensure your approval process runs smoothly, use a reliable and advanced social media management software like Vista Social.

Our platform offers robust features for smooth content approval alongside advanced social media management tools.

Start your free Vista Social account now to explore all our platform’s handy features, from approval workflows to post scheduling and content performance analytics.

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