Can You Schedule Collab Posts on Instagram? How to Add a Collaborator on Scheduled Posts in Vista Social

Updated on March 12, 2024

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Head of Marketing @ Vista Social

Published November 1, 2023

Can You Schedule Collab Posts on Instagram? How to Add a Collaborator on Scheduled Posts in Vista Social
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Have you been wondering, “can you schedule collab posts on Instagram?”

The feature, up till now, allowed users to co-author Instagram feed posts — a game-changer for creators and brands looking to magnify their reach and amp up engagement.

schedule collab posts on Instagram

But what if you want to time these collaborative masterpieces for when your audience is most active? Enter Vista Social, the first and only social media management tool to offer scheduled Instagram Collab posts.

We’re detailing how you can schedule Instagram Collabs using Vista Social, why this is a monumental leap in social media management and the undeniable benefits of this pioneering feature. Plus, we’re throwing in some tips to make your scheduled Collabs a hit.

Ready to be ahead of the curve? Let’s get your Collab posts not just published, but perfectly timed.

Savvy marketers and business 🤝 Vista Social. Try scheduling a collab post to Instagram in Vista Social today. Get started now!

Table of contents

Can you schedule collab posts on Instagram?

Absolutely, yes! With Vista Social, you’re not only able to schedule collab posts on Instagram.

This exclusive feature allows both you and your collaborator to reach wider audiences, boost engagement, and optimize your social media strategy—all from a single dashboard.

What are collab posts on Instagram?

Collab posts on Instagram are a feature that allows two users to co-author and share the same post on their respective feeds or Reels.

Take a peak at the example below, which shows a collab post of @karbrulhart and @vistasocialapp!

Now, imagine coupling that collaborative power with the ability to schedule your posts for peak times.

That’s where Vista Social comes into play as the first and only social media management tool that allows you to schedule these Collab posts in advance.

This means not only will your co-authored post appear on both your and your collaborator’s feeds, but it will also go live at a time that maximizes audience engagement.

You’ll combine views, likes, and comments from both communities, significantly boosting your exposure and interaction.

Talk about taking collaboration to a whole new level of strategic planning!

FYI: Vista Social is the first and only platform that allows for the scheduling of Instagram Collab posts. Create an account to start co-authoring, planning, and scheduling your collaborative content today.

How to add a collaborator on a scheduled post in Vista Social

As the game of social media evolves, so does Vista Social, bringing you the latest features to elevate your social media strategy.

Now, for the first time ever, you can add a collaborator to your scheduled Instagram posts right within Vista Social.

Here’s how to do it:

Step #1: Connect your Instagram Business profile

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to connect your Instagram Business Profile to get started.

Vista Social offers seamless social media integrations, making the setup a breeze.

Step #2: Create your post

Whether you’re uploading fresh content or pulling from your Media Library, Vista Social’s Publisher is your creative playground. Collaborators can be added to images, carousels, or even videos.

Lacking content inspiration? Vista Social’s content discovery tool is your go-to for finding media that resonates with your audience.

Step #3: Tailor your post with unique customizations

At Vista Social, we believe that every network has its own flair. That’s why we offer a rich suite of Instagram-specific customizations:

  • Show Reel in Feed: Opt to have your Reel appear in your main feed for added exposure.
  • First Comment: Schedule up to 10 first comments to spark that initial engagement.
  • Location Tags: Geotag your posts to boost local discoverability.
  • Comments Enabled: Choose to allow or disallow comments for additional user interaction.
  • Tag Products & People: Make your posts shoppable and relatable by tagging products and individuals.

With these features, you’re not just posting; you’re posting smarter.

Step #4: Invite your collaborator

Adding a collaborator in Vista Social is a cinch:

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  1. Click on your post preview.
  2. Select ‘Invite Collaborator’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. A second drop-down will display your list of followers; pick the account you want to bring into the collab.

Step #5: Time it right

Your meticulously crafted post is now ready to shine. Publish it instantly, add it to your content queue, or schedule for peak engagement times using Vista Social’s optimal time feature.

And there you have it! Your post will appear on both your and your collaborator’s feed, maximizing audience reach and engagement.

Are you set to redefine the boundaries of collaborative social media? Create a Vista Social account today and schedule your collab posts on Instagram with unparalleled customization.

Do collab tags affect algorithm rankings on Instagram?

Yes! Adding the collabs tag on Instagram does more than just double your post’s visibility; it potentially amplifies its algorithmic love as well.

Here’s the kicker: both you and your collaborator’s followers see the post, meaning there’s a wider pool of users who might engage with it.

Higher engagement typically signals to Instagram that your content is valuable, making the algorithm more likely to favor your post in feeds and the Explore tab.

However, like any aspect of Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, it’s not a one-size-fits-all guarantee.

The overall performance of your collab post will also depend on other factors such as content quality, posting time, and existing engagement metrics.

Psst…posting time plays a huge role in getting a nod from the Instagram algorithm! So, why not make the algorithm work in your favor? Schedule your collab posts in Vista Social for peak times today.

How do collab tags impact analytics?

Navigating the world of social media analytics can be a complex affair, but when it comes to collab tags on Instagram, the impact is noticeably multifaceted.

Here’s the rundown on how these tags can influence your data:

#1: Increased engagement metrics

One of the most immediate impacts you’ll notice is a surge in engagement metrics like likes, comments, and shares.

Since the collab post appears on both your and your collaborator’s feeds, the post gains access to a wider audience.

This, in turn, typically leads to higher engagement rates, which are crucial KPIs for many marketers.

#2: Broader audience reach

With collab tags, your post is exposed to your collaborator’s audience in addition to your own.

This translates to broader reach metrics, which you can track through Vista Social’s analytics suite.

Notice an uptick in follower count or profile visits? The collab post might just be the magic touch your strategy needed.

#3: Insights into a new demographic

Collab tags offer a unique opportunity to delve into the analytics of a different demographic.

You can glean valuable insights into how your content performs among your collaborator’s audience.

These analytics could include age, location, and engagement behaviors, helping you further tailor future content.

Can I use scheduled collab tags on Instagram Stories?

Because of restrictions in Instagram’s API, the option to schedule collab tags on Stories is currently not available. This limitation applies not just to Vista Social, but to all social media management platforms.

Though we’re eager to include this next-level feature, we’re waiting on Instagram to make the first move.

Don’t worry—when the feature does become available, Vista Social aims to be the industry’s early adopter.

Why are we so confident?

Take a look at our track record of being first-to-market with features like:

Ready to stay ahead of the pack with the most advanced features in social media management? Sign up for Vista Social today.

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