New Feature: Tagging Locations & Users in Scheduled Posts for Instagram

Updated on May 18, 2022

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Head of Marketing @ Vista Social

Published April 21, 2022

New Feature: Tagging Locations & Users in Scheduled Posts for Instagram
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We’re super excited to announce that you can now start tagging locations and users in scheduled Instagram posts on Vista Social! This is great news for businesses and agencies looking to increase their Instagram post engagement, and revenue! 

Tagging locations on Instagram through Vista Social

Tagging locations on Instagram allows businesses to expand their horizons and reach new customers without being limited by the physical location of a store and foot traffic.

This feature allows you to plan and schedule your Instagram content directly in Vista Social, without having to edit your post on Instagram after it’s published. Here’s how it works:

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Why Does Tagging Locations on Instagram Matter to Businesses? 

Often people on Instagram use locations in the same functionality they would when searching for a product or service. If someone travels out of town, they may put that location into Instagram’s location search to find things to do. If you’re planning to check out a new restaurant, people will also do this to see real photos of the menu, venue, and people’s overall experience.

But, this feature isn’t subject to just travelers and foodies. All businesses can benefit from tagging locations on their content. Locations are displayed at the top of every post once they’re published, right underneath the username of the brand.

Vista Social Instagram Scheduled Post

More than one billion people use Instagram each month worldwide. When you consider the magnitude of that number, you can truly see how easily tagging locations can become a sales opportunity.

Top 3 Benefits of Tagging Locations on Instagram

  1. They can expand your posts’ reach.
  2. Location tags can increase your engagement.
  3. Tagging locations helps foster social proof.

1. They Can Expand Your Posts’ Reach

50% of Instagrammers follow at least one business, this number overall represents a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their reach through having an Instagram account.

50% of IG users follow at least one business.

There are thousands of Instagrammers searching through location tags and interacting with content at any given time of day. Tagging locations on Instagram helps improve the engagement rate by opening up new placements for your post to appear and gives your brand more exposure. 

Think of tagging locations on Instagram as a similar use case as adding hashtags to your post. Adding a location to your post allows for your profile to reach a broader audience of prospects on Instagram, and makes it easier for people to find you! It also increases the number of placements your post can be found by appearing in more searches.

2. Location Tags Can Increase Your Engagement

Posts with a tagged location result in 79% higher engagement than posts without a tagged location. Can you guess the most geo-tagged city in the world?

People all over the world are tagging locations on their content, but Los Angeles, California receives the most tags. With Coachella, California receiving the highest engagement out of any tagged location. 

Vista Social Instagram Scheduled Post

One strategy that businesses can use is incorporating a trending post from a relevant or high engagement location in their content. For example, make a quick Google search to see what’s trending. Is it the Oscars? The Masters? The Grammys? Coachella?

If it’s relevant to your target audience, you can create a meme from an influencer or celebrity at that event and share it on your Instagram. Tagging locations like Coachella in your content (even if you aren’t actually there), is a great way to position your product or service in front of more people in your target audience.

3. Tagging Locations Helps Foster Social Proof

Nowadays, when you’re going to a new restaurant you typically check out the menu online to see what you might order (or if there is going to be anything you like). You may even take it a step further and go to Yelp or OpenTable to see real pictures from actual customers who have previously visited that restaurant. 

This part of the buyer’s journey is labeled the ‘consideration stage’. At this stage, prospects are researching and understanding all of the available options for their needs.

Tagging locations on Instagram provides prospects with another means for helping in their decision. People are savvy and will go to Instagram’s location search to see other people’s experiences at your location. If your business has a location available for customers to tag, then you can encourage more user-generated content and social proof.

Instagram location tag
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Social proof, also referred to as social influence, is when people look toward others for guidance in their buying decision. If you see a crowded restaurant, then you typically assume that place is good. The same goes for businesses with location tags on Instagram.

If your business location has tons of customer photos that showcase a positive experience, it can help persuade prospects into trying your product or service. 

How to Tag Locations in Scheduled Instagram Posts on Vista Social

As mentioned above, tagging locations on Instagram can increase your reach, improve your engagement, and foster social proof for your business!

Tagging locations on your post just got easier with Vista Social, here we’ll walk you through how to add location tags to your scheduled posts.

Log in to your Vista Social account and select the date you’d like your post published. 

Make sure that the Instagram profile of your entity is selected.

Tagging locations on Instagram through Vista Social

Set up your post as your typically would. Include a clever caption, add hashtags, and upload your media. 

Tagging locations on Instagram through Vista Social

Under the first comment feature, there will be an option to switch on locations. Click this button to enable tagging locations on Instagram. 

In the search bar, type in the location you’d like to have for your post. 

Tagging locations on Instagram through Vista Social

And you’re done! Your post will now be published with an Instagram location tag.

How to Tag Users in Scheduled Instagram Posts

If you are reusing another creator’s content, then tagging users in your Instagram posts is essential. Tagging relevant accounts in your Instagram posts can help boost engagement, increase your reach, and teaches the algorithm what accounts are important to you. 

To start tagging users on Vista Social, create a new post in your calendar. 

Tag users in scheduled post on Vista Social

Once you have uploaded your media, click on the image in the preview on the right side of your screen.

Tag users in scheduled post on Vista Social

The ‘tag a user’ prompt will appear, simply type in the name of the user you’d like to tag in your post. 

From the drop-down options, select the account you’d like to tag.

That’s it! Your scheduled Instagram post will now be published with tags added to your photo.

One thing to note is that Instagram will not allow you to tag profiles that are private in your content. 

Ready to optimize your Instagram posts? Upgrade to a Vista Social paid plan to start tagging today!

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