Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024

Updated on July 3, 2024

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Published July 5, 2024

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024
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It’s not easy to master LinkedIn marketing.

True story: Even battle-hardened social media managers sometimes struggle to develop a marketing campaign that yields meaningful results.

It’s no surprise at all…

With the myriad of tasks needed to create and execute a winning campaign, it’s common for social media marketers to be spread too thin, resulting in suboptimal execution.


Fortunately, there are LinkedIn marketing tools you can leverage to streamline and supercharge your marketing initiatives.

Hop in as we dive into the top seven LinkedIn marketing tools to elevate your content strategies and marketing efforts for clients on the platform. 

Table of contents

What you will learn

  • Why you need LinkedIn marketing tools
  • 7 Best LinkedIn marketing tools
  • Choose only the best LinkedIn marketing tools

Why you need LinkedIn marketing tools

Using reliable LinkedIn marketing tools offers several perks, including the following. 

Improved efficiency 

Juggling multiple LinkedIn client accounts can be a nightmare, especially when you have countless tasks on your plate, from scheduling posts to analyzing key performance metrics. 

LinkedIn marketing tools can streamline these tasks, making your marketing workflows more efficient. 

Advanced audience targeting

LinkedIn can be a goldmine of potential clients, professional connections, prospects, and more—but only if you do it right. 

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Many LinkedIn marketing tools can help you pinpoint your clients’ ideal audiences with advanced targeting options.

The tools help ensure your clients’ LinkedIn content reaches the people who matter most to them.

Save time with automation

You can leverage LinkedIn marketing tools to automate your most time-consuming yet crucial tasks. 

For instance, you can use a marketing platform to automate sending personalized connection requests or follow-up messages to your clients’ networks.

The tools frees you up to focus on more critical tasks, such as helping clients build meaningful LinkedIn connections or creating killer content. 

7 Best LinkedIn marketing tools

Elevate your LinkedIn marketing efforts with these leading solutions. 

1. Vista Social

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_1

If you want a social media management platform that lets you seamlessly manage your clients’ LinkedIn and other social media marketing tasks, campaigns, content, and profiles, look no further than Vista Social

After creating your Vista Social account, connect your clients’ LinkedIn profiles with a few clicks. 

The best part is that Vista Social now fully supports LinkedIn personal profiles.

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_2

Your client’s connected LinkedIn profile is on the Connected Profiles and Profiles Management page.

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_3

Once the profiles are up and running, you can start doing the following:

  • Create and schedule your clients’ LinkedIn posts with the platform’s social media publishing feature
  • Plan and manage content using the content calendar
  • Track and respond to comments and messages from one Social Inbox within the platform’s social media engagement feature

2. Built-in LinkedIn marketing tools

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_4

Image source:

LinkedIn offers several native marketing tools (free and paid), including the following:

  • Basic post scheduling (except for jobs, events, and services posts)
  • LinkedIn Page and Profile analytics that give you insights into your clients’ followers, visitors, and content performance
  • LinkedIn Ads that let you run ads within the platform in various formats, such as Sponsored Content, Sponsored Messaging, Dynamic Ads, and Text Ads
Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_5

If you prefer a centralized platform for tracking, analyzing, and extracting insights into your clients’ social media performance, use Vista Social’s social media analytics feature. 

Remember that LinkedIn constantly updates its tools and features, so stay tuned and don’t miss out.

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3. Canva

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Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_6

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With Canva, Creating LinkedIn marketing content, from banner images and video ads to infographics, can be quick and easy. 

You won’t need to start from scratch since the tool offers thousands of templates you can customize to fit your client’s brand, personality, and marketing campaigns.

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_7

You can pick a template, customize it using the editing tools, save it, and publish it to your client’s LinkedIn feed. 

Do you want to know what audiences say about your clients’ content, brand, or specific topics on LinkedIn?

Use Vista Social’s social media listening tool to uncover insights into audience sentiment and your client’s brand health.  

4. Terminus

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_8

Image source:

Terminus is a cloud-based Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solution that helps users identify, engage, and close deals with target accounts. 

The software’s LinkedIn integration helps you launch, optimize, and report on your ABM efforts on LinkedIn. 

Terminus is best if your clients are B2B companies that want to run LinkedIn ads and get comprehensive reports on the impact of their campaigns.

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_9

The software can help you improve target account data and matching and get campaign-level reporting. 

5. Linked Helper 2

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_11

Image source:

Linked Helper 2 is an automation platform that helps you automate tasks to maximize your cold outreach process on LinkedIn. 

The platform automates invites or connection requests, incoming invitation acceptance, and profile following, visiting, and extracting (among other things).

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_12

It also supports drip campaigns with reply detections and has a built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature.


Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_13

Image source: is an automation tool that lets you do your clients’ outreach campaigns to LinkedIn leads safely through an omnichannel approach.

The tool streamlines contacting your clients’ LinkedIn prospects via smart, automated sequences or email. 

For instance, the platform’s Smart campaign builder can automate endorsing your clients’ leads and following their company pages.

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_14

The tool also offers campaign priority management features, and it can automatically clean up LinkedIn lead names. 

7. Crystal

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_15

Image source:

Crystal or Crystal Knows is a tool that uses personality assessments and predictive analytics to help you understand the personalities of your clients’ contacts based on their interactions and profiles.

Top 7 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for 2024_16

You can leverage the data to tailor your communication and create personalized messages that resonate better with contacts. 

It can help boost your clients’ LinkedIn engagement and help them build stronger relationships with their connections.

You can weave personality data into your clients’ account-based marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

While countless marketing tools are available, remember to stick to reliable, compliant platforms that don’t belong to LinkedIn’s prohibited software and extensions.

Choose only the best LinkedIn marketing tools

Investing time, effort, and money into a LinkedIn marketing tool is no joke. 

So, choose one that best suits your and your clients’ needs before investing in a marketing tool. 

A LinkedIn marketing tool that you can confidently choose is Vista Social.

Create your Vista Social account to see how the platform can elevate your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

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