How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads Platform

Updated on July 12, 2024

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Published July 10, 2024

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads Platform
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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, where staying ahead of the curve is the name of the game, Threads has burst onto the scene, captivating over 175 million monthly active users!

As we dive into how these 7 brands are growing on Threads, you’ll uncover the secret sauce that’s driving their success on this dynamic platform.

*Picture this*

A digital stage where brands craft their narratives, and every thread weaves a story of innovation and engagement. Threads isn’t just another platform; it’s a playground for brands to redefine their content strategy, spark authentic conversations, and foster vibrant communities. 

Ready to be inspired? Let’s unravel how these 7 trailblazers are mastering the art of growth on Threads.

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Ulta Beauty

The beauty retailer Ulta Beauty has embraced Threads with a refreshing twist, prioritizing “Return on Vibes” (ROV) over conventional ROI. By fostering a vibrant community, they engage followers with polls, Q&A sessions, and by spotlighting content from influencers. This approach not only enhances visibility but also enriches engagement through fun and interactive content.

Ulta Beauty stays ahead of the curve by tapping into current events that resonate with their community, like the excitement surrounding major events like the Wimbledon tennis tournament: 

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Ulta Beauty uses the current Wimbledon tennis tournament as to relate to their audience with their skincare products.

They put their own spin on memes capturing the buzz around the latest news, example A (Looking for some meme inspiration? Check out our blog here!):

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Ulta beauty relates to Justin Timberlake's funny meme about ruining the world tour to forgetting SPF.


Nike, global powerhouse in athletic apparel and footwear, stays true to its brand ethos on Threads, consistently reinforcing its identity through inspirational quotes and athlete stories. 

Despite sporadic posts, they maintain high engagement by tapping into sports culture and leveraging compelling visuals and videos that resonate deeply with their audience

Nike connects with their audience through powerful partnerships, like showcasing basketball player Sabrina Ionescu’s line and tagging her for maximum visibility (and credibility) as a Nike ambassador:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Nike shares images from Sabrina Ionescu's ambassador line to share the launch of her shoes.

They connect emotionally with their community by sharing heartmoving quotes from athletes like tennis player Jannik Sinner:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Nike shares a quote by tennis player Jannik Sinner relating to the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

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Renowned for its fresh, never frozen beef burgers and sharp social media presence, Wendy’s brings its signature wit to Threads. 

Through frequent, humorous posts and playful banter with other brands and users, they’ve rapidly expanded their follower base. This approach not only entertains but also fosters genuine connections with their audience.

Wendy’s understands their audience, and called them to take action while offering daily specials within their own thread:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Wendy's posts on Threads relating to people in their 20's by sharing replies with deals for each day of the week.

Wendy’s uses humor and relatability even in unconventional situations, such as navigating through TSA, connecting with their audience through lightheartedness which actually grabbed the attention of TSA on threads:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Wendy's Thread jokes about going through TSA at the airport with a suitcase full of chicken nuggets.


The swipe-based popular dating app Tinder adopts a cheeky approach on Threads, sparking conversations with engaging questions and playful interactions. 

By staying attuned to trending topics and maintaining a lighthearted tone, they cultivate a strong community of active users who regularly interact with their content.

Tinder stays on top of pop culture trends, giving a nod to ‘Bridgerton’ with Season 3’s recent spring release and two more seasons on the horizon:

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How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Tinder posts a Thread as a funmy reference to Bridgerton to connect with fans of the show.

They tap into relatable dating mishaps while cleverly promoting the app’s social dynamics, with humor that resonates and is hard to forget:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Tinder posts on Threads humurously promoting the app's social dynamics through a dating mishap.

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The leading streaming service Netflix harnesses Threads to generate buzz around new releases, tapping into memes and pop culture references. 

By sharing user-generated content and fan art, they keep their audience engaged and eagerly anticipating their next binge-worthy release. All seasons of ‘Lost’ are back on Netflix again, so they cheekily shared two sides of John Locke:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Netflix's Threads post humorously shows the show 'Lost' character John Locke with a serious face next to the same picture with an orange slice smiling.

They also got nostalgic about ‘Sex and the City’, engaging longtime fans of the series while celebrating the show’s enduring cultural impact:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Sex and the City characters bring nostalgia to longtime fans.


The beauty retailer Sephora leverages Threads to provide beauty enthusiasts with valuable tips, tutorials, and product recommendations. Through live Q&A sessions and collaborations with influencers, they create an informative and engaging space that resonates deeply within their community.

As an ode to Tinashe’s song ‘Nasty’, Sephora uses the catchy and trending lyrics to resonate with beauty lovers:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Sephora posts a Thread relating to the trending song lyric "Is somebody gonna match my freak?" by Tinashe to draw in beauty lovers.

Sephora invites their audience to engage with their Threads by visually capturing their attention with a carousel of images. They share unique beauty perspectives, inspiring their community to embrace their own style:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Sephora posts a Thread asking their community about how they define self-expression accompanied by a carousel of images for visual impact.

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Beyond Meat

As a pioneer in plant-based meat substitutes, Beyond Meat uses Threads to advocate for plant-based diets, sharing recipes, health tips, and environmental benefits. Their content not only educates but also inspires their audience, fostering a connection rooted in shared values of health and sustainability.

Beyond Meat keeps their Threads engaging and humorous, showcasing the personality of their social media manager to blend fun and relatable content with brand messaging:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Beyond Meat's Thread relating to people on an emotional level reminding their audience the person posting is a real person.

For the Fourth of July weekend, they encourage playful interaction among its community, fostering a sense of camaraderie through humor and relatability:

How These 7 Brands Are Growing on Threads. Beyond Meat's Thread post in relation to the Fourth of July with a humorous response to relate to their viewers grilling over the weekend.

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In today’s dynamic social media landscape, these brands exemplify the art of leveraging Threads to not just broadcast messages, but to foster genuine connections and build thriving communities. By embracing creativity, humor, and timely engagement, they set benchmarks for others looking to make an impact in the digital sphere.

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