Guidelines for AI on TikTok: Labelling AI-Generated Content on TikTok

Updated on August 9, 2023

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Head of Marketing @ Vista Social

Published August 9, 2023

Guidelines for AI on TikTok: Labelling AI-Generated Content on TikTok
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Guidelines for AI on TikTok are now mandatory! Yep, you read that correctly. AI-generated content has a new place on TikTok, and it’s all about transparency.

Similar to how you would see a sponsored tag on a post, labelling AI-generated content on TikTok is a must! In fact, they may even take down your post if you don’t.

Just like we’ve adapted to pics and text posts on the app, it’s time to navigate the AI label wave! 🏄‍♀️ Keep reading to find out who’s mandated to use it and how it might reshape your content strategy.

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Does TikTok Allow AI-Generated Content?

Absolutely! TikTok embraces the future by allowing AI-generated content, but has started requiring users to label their AI-generated posts.

To maintain authenticity, TikTok has rolled out a new feature enabling creators to label their videos with “AI-generated content” tags.

Guidelines for AI on TikTok: Labelling AI-Generated Content on TikTok
(Source: Matt Navarra)

As AI tools become increasingly sophisticated and integrated into content creation, TikTok ensures viewers are informed.

With the recent launch of this feature, TikTok emphasizes a balance between cutting-edge innovation and clear communication.

For TikTokers, this means leveraging the power of AI while also being upfront with their audience about its usage.

Why Does TikTok Have AI Labels?

With AI tech churning out content that feels almost human, platforms like TikTok are putting steps in place to keep us informed.

Remember that wild moment with the “Fake Drake” video?

@lbks513 A.I MAKING HITS🫠🤯😶‍🌫️#drake #theweeknd #hiphop #rap #fyp #blowthisup #trending ♬ original sound – IBKS513

That’s what happens when AI-generated content gets too convincing. Fast forward, Universal Music Group (UMG) had the AI-generated track swiftly pulled from numerous streaming platforms, citing both breach of agreements and copyright law.

TikTok introduced AI labels to distinguish between authentic content and what’s AI-crafted. This move ensures that while creators can leverage cutting-edge AI tools, viewers stay in the know.

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How to Use TikTok AI Labels?

Wondering how to use TikTok AI labels, so your post doesn’t get removed? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Locate the AI Labels Feature: To get started, head to the settings of your video. Within these settings, you’ll find the option to add AI-generated content labels.
  2. Turn on the AI Label: Once you’re in the settings and have found the AI-generated content labels option, simply switch it on. This action activates the AI label for your video, informing viewers about the AI involvement.
Guidelines for AI on TikTok: Labelling AI-Generated Content on TikTok
(Source: Matt Navarra)
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Remember, these AI labels are more than just a feature — they’re a vital part of maintaining trust and authenticity in your TikTok content.

As you navigate this new dimension, remember the power of clear communication with your audience.

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Guidelines for AI on TikTok: Navigating Deepfakes, Voice Changers, and AI-Generated Text

Looking to leverage AI tools like deepfakes, voice changers, and AI-generated text on TikTok?

Here’s your playbook to ensure engaging content while upholding authenticity and ethical standards.

Tip #1: Optimize Content for Authenticity

Just as you tailor content for the For You page (FYP), ensure your AI-enhanced content maintains authenticity. Embrace AI for enhancement, not fabrication, keeping the user experience genuine.

Tip #2: Engage Within Your Niche

TikTok’s diversity invites all kinds of content. Engage with your niche audience by building connections, liking, and commenting on their videos. An authentic community fuels TikTok’s algorithm.

Tip #3: Use Trends with Your Twist

Riding trends? Don’t forget your unique spin! Incorporate AI tools to enhance trend-based content while preserving your creativity. Originality stands out in a sea of imitation.

Tip #4: Craft Strategic Captions

Keywords matter—both on TikTok and in AI-generated content. Optimize captions for discoverability while using AI text thoughtfully. Strike a balance between tech and personality.

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Tip #5: Collaborate Strategically

Just as brands collaborate for wider reach, join forces with AI tools and creators. Strategically integrate AI elements that resonate with your brand identity, contributing to a well-rounded presence.

Tip #6: Balance Fun with Accessibility

Voice changers bring fun, but remember accessibility. Ensure altered voices don’t hinder clear communication. It’s about engaging all viewers while infusing creativity.

Tip #7: Privacy and Responsibility

While using AI, respect user data privacy and ethical boundaries. Safeguard data and content integrity, aligning with TikTok’s community guidelines.

AI tools offer a dynamic edge on TikTok, but it’s your creativity that sets you apart. Stay true to your brand while embracing the potential of AI-enhanced content. Let Vista Social be your guide to mastering AI responsibly!

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